hi im holly. and this blog is all on the turtle. and a lot of info. so i hope you enjoy it.
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turtles are over 200 million years old. that means they were around when the dinosurs walked the earth. can you belive turtles were around that long!
there are many many kinds of turtles out there and here are some few.

~allagtor snapping turtle
~mississippi map turtle
~false map turtle
~common map turtle
~red eared turtle
~river cooter turtle
~mud turtle
~eastern box turtle
~musk turtle
turtles are in the reptiles area. reptile means cold blooded. that means that they surrvive depending on the tempature around them. like if it is too cold their blood will get to cold and they will die
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look at the amazing turtle.
turtles are amazing and beauitful animals.
a leatherback sea turtle can weigh up to 1,300 lbs! most sea turtles capture the humans attition. we are so fascinated by them.there are different kind of sea turtles like,

~longerhead sea turtle
~green sea turtle
~flatback sea turtle
~leatherbach sea turtle
and many more

like i said turtles are amazing and beautiful animals. so we can help save them from exstinction. by procting their habatits and homes. so save the turtles!!!!

save the turtles

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