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Vous aimez ce pays ? Dites-nous pourquoi (lieux à découvrir, les habitants...) :
karina (somalia) - 23/02/2004 : it is an ok country.
cali (Somali) - 16/03/2004 : i like my country, but i don't like the leaders of the countery, becouse they destroyed us and they don't take of it.
Beatriz (Georgia) - 25/04/2004 : i like what i'm reading about Somalia
Neller (Canada) - 29/04/2004 : I think somalia is a cool country, im doing a social studies project on it, we got to pick a country off of the African Map. I have learned a lot and i hope you all get a better leader instead of a Starvation problem because your leader has a cold cold heart... I wish the best to you all God bless and take care. Thoughtfully, Neller, age Thirteen
Trevor Douglas (Canada) - 15/05/2004 : I think Somalia is a good country with the potentail to be a great world power. Under the right government they could be much better then they are now.
cass (canada) - 26/05/2004 : Somalia' flag is so pretty. A light blue background with a star in the middle!
blink182 (usa) - 31/05/2004 : Somalia is a very intereting country i learned a lot.
Muqtar katiitow (America) - 22/07/2004 : i love my coutry it has most beutyfull beach, gardens and farmers
() - 30/10/2004 :
Faisal (UK) - 07/11/2004 : Somalia trully has a beautiful Landscape. Unfortunately the people in power have not got the capacity to think of anything else other than themselves.
Jem Jordan (America) - 20/02/2005 : I never knew Somalia exsisted until I looked in the Atlas. Then when I went to research it, I found really cool info. about the culture and its people.
Somaligirl (USA) - 27/02/2005 : Thanks so much for those who read about Somalia and think it is a great place. Because it is, and I am proud to be from there but as you all know we are going through taught times and may God help us to get over those problems. FYI- Somali's flag is a light blue with white start in the middle as you already know: The blue color stands for the beauty of its sky and the optimistic we have for the future. The 5 pointing star – represent the hope of achieving the Greater Somalia (which is, the South, The North, Djibouti, The land under Ethiopia rule, and the land under the Kenyan rule) and it is white because we want to leave together peace and prosperity. Insha Allah!
IBRAHIM MAQABILE (SOMALI) - 18/09/2005 : IAM SOMALI AND LEAVE IN NORWEY AND WHAT BROUGHT ME IS LUCK OF PEACE in my country i hope those who call them self leaders realise there mistake and bring peace my country.and beliave me she is abitfull land,and i well come otheres to no about us
samira (somalia) - 22/10/2005 : well Iam so proud to be somalian and I think you all should be,I love my country but there is a people who call them selfs we are the leaders which they are destroying our country anyway I wish all you luck and salaamacalaykum.
Ashley (Somali) - 25/11/2005 : Somalia is a pretty good country to get research off of. There are lots of infomation about his country you could probably get hundreds of notecards done.
abdikadir (kenya) - 12/04/2006 : i love somalia coz its wer im from
zack (somalia) - 08/05/2006 : I lake Somalia it is good country smalia is like my country
Kristin (USA) - 15/11/2006 : I'm doing a Social Studies Project on Somalia and I found out so many interesting things. I hope I can visit there sometime. I do hope they stick with one form of government. I hope the UN (United Nations) will help the starving people there. Somalia seems like a great place to live.
D Hizzle (america) - 15/03/2007 : Your country is ok. But i would stick to ours.
Paul Kartenfeld (Germany) - 27/06/2007 : nature is great, have a look at
Salma (Somalia) - 23/02/2016 : Somalia is a beautiful country, close to nature, fresh food, clean air. Hope it gets better

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