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Vous aimez ce pays ? Dites-nous pourquoi (lieux à découvrir, les habitants...) :
AL (US) - 08/02/2004 : Great site just needs more pictures about sudan
Whitley (Sudan) - 26/02/2004 : I hate this country. Just because it is too much trouble. compliments of RACHAEL P. HEATH
Josey (US) - 09/03/2004 : I want to know more about the lives of the people in Sudan, please get more info.
rafik (MOROCCO) - 15/10/2004 : viva sudan I find that this country is great and I feel sorry to find my brothers have a lot of troubles there
timmy (england) - 21/10/2004 : I like sudan it is bangin Bo selscra!
Ralph (Belgium) - 21/10/2004 : I think Timmy is right Sudan is Bo Selscra
Hello (I Don't Know) - 22/10/2004 : hi
() - 30/10/2004 :
Borat (Kazakhstan) - 02/11/2004 : Yes I like
Tina (China) - 22/11/2004 : Hello everybody!! is there anyone can tell me anything about Sudan. If you are Sudanese or working, studying there!!Thank you very much
Kenny (USA) - 10/12/2004 : We might be going to Sudan to help people and I want to know if it is true that There are huge spiders their called Camel spiders? They are as big as a dinner plate and they live in Iraq I know one of my friends has a pivture of one
Tina (China) - 13/12/2004 : Hello everybody! Is there someone will go to Sudan?
Tina (China) - 13/12/2004 : Spiders? What did you mean?????? Is it very dangerous?
presley (Canada) - 15/12/2004 : cest bien mais il devrait avoir des info sur les habitations en ville ou en campagne.
presley (canada) - 15/12/2004 : bravo
oi0lu (usa) - 18/01/2005 : it's a very poor
Arielle (Canada) - 21/02/2005 : I don't like Sudan because it's a very poor country and there are many troubles over there !
anil (india) - 02/03/2005 : may i know about its technological advancement in communication.
Victoria (US) - 15/03/2005 : My prayers go out to the Darfurians. Sudan could be a magnificent place if other countries would step up to help with the crisis within the government and with the Janjaweed. It is only poor because the Europeans stripped them of their wealth. Do your research before you make a judgement!!!!!!
Alex (USA) - 26/03/2005 : Hi i think the war in this contry is going on for a long time.
stanley chibuzo ochiagha (nigeria) - 16/04/2005 : i want to come to sudan
????? ((India )) - 02/06/2005 : Great site but need for info...... I really feel sorry for the people of sudan if there is some way i can help the peole of sudan i will.ohhh and one more thing the peopel that don't like Sudan just because it's poor i think there losers!!!!!!!
Geraldine (Usa) - 01/10/2005 : I like this country a lot .
audrey (CANADA) - 20/10/2005 : i make some recherche on Soudan and i think it's really borring to live there ( i'm french and my english is sorry)
paula (england ) - 09/03/2006 : i think Sudan is great
mustafa (egypt) - 16/04/2007 : am sudanese , and anyone wants info. of sudan just contact me on , am living in egypt right now , was great trip from sudan to egypt really fascinating will never be forgotten
ll never be forgotten

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