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tashi tshering (bhutan) - 14/04/2004 : Bhutan is a very nice place covered with mountains in the himalayan range. The people of my country Bhutan are very friendly.And there are many scared places to be viewed..
Loïc (France) - 03/05/2004 : Hello tashi, I have a lot of question for you about your country. How many people live in Bhutan? Is it really that the stranger can't go to you beautifull country? I want a lot of information. PS: where are you living for?
Tara (United States) - 06/10/2004 : Hello Tashi. I also have many questions about your counrty. It seems like a very interesting place. Would you mind helping me to learn about your country?
Dawa (Bhutan) - 28/10/2004 : Most of the facts and figures given by CIA fact books are correct. But the Independence of the Country, which has been given as 1949 from India is totally untrue and can only mislead the readers. Bhutan has enjoyed since Sovereignty since time immemorial. If you want better facts and figures on Bhutan, please visit
Vivek krishnan (India) - 09/06/2005 : Please do send me the details regarding the language, population, when to visit. literacy percentage etc
kshiteej pant (nepal) - 15/08/2005 : he fren. i like ur country very much. please send me the details about bhuta ok
lily ( China) - 19/03/2006 : I am very interested in this country and people there .
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