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What number is The Force Awakens?

  Episode V
  Episode VII
  Episode IX

Question 2 / 15
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What relation is Kylo Ren to Luke Skywalker?

  Luke is his father
  Luke is his son
  Luke is his uncle

Question 3 / 15
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What relation is General/Princess Leia to Han Solo?

  They're married
  They're siblings
  They're boyfriend and girlfriend

Question 4 / 15
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Pick the characters who are related (through family) to Kylo Ren.

  Darth Vader
  Queen Amidala
  Han Solo

Question 5 / 15
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True or false? Han Solo becomes Luke's brother-in-law.

  True; if you work it out
  False; it would say in the movie but it didn't
  Nobody knows - not even Luke and Han themselves!

Question 6 / 15
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How many children do Han Solo and Leia have?


Question 7 / 15
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What is Kylo Ren's real name?


Question 8 / 15
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Who plays Rey?

  Daisy Ridler
  Daisy Rid
  Daisy Ridley

Question 9 / 15
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Who plays Finn? Come on, if you watched the BAFTA awards 2016 you must know this!

  Jock Boyega
  John Boyega
  Jon Boyega

Question 10 / 15
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Who played Kylo Ren?

  Adam Driver
  Adam Diver
  Adam Drier

Question 11 / 15
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Who is killed?

  Kylo Ren
  Han Solo

Question 12 / 15
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I'm a massive Star Wars fan. Are you?

  YES!!! I'm the ultimate fan!!! STAR WARS=MY LIFE
  No it's boring boring boring boring BORING
  No it's for boys and not girls that actually CARE about spoilt looks during battles , like me
  It's annoying, especially that Varth Dader or whatever Imperial War March It's really ANNOYING!!!
  I guess it's alright, coz, like, I do NOT like watching the blood-filled battles and stuff but the rest is okay
  What's Star Wars?

Question 13 / 15
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Exuse me! I was talking!

  Oh yeah sorry
  Who cares about what YOU say, huh? Anyways, as I was saying... Oh yes! It's not my things coz if I was in a battle... bla bla bla

Question 14 / 15
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The final question... Is Chewie cute?

  In Chewie's own words, Haaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr
  Eww no he's ugly
  Err... Yeah, err, he's... Sweet?

Question 15 / 15
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Good bye. And may The Force be with you, my friend!

  Thanks! You too!
  Fool! the Force aint real
  It IS strong with me, I know
  What's the force

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