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what does mulan bring back to her father after she defeats shan yu?

  The emperors crown
  Shan Yus coat
  The emperors necklace and Shan yus sword
  her armor
  a sword

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what are the Princesses names in Mulan 2?

  Lee, Shang, and Mushu
  May,Sue, and Ting Ting
  Po, Lin, and Shoa
  Tao, Ann, and Linda

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what is mulans fake name in the war?

  A Chu

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Does Mushu have a pedestal?

  Not in either movies
  He does in the second movie, but not the first
  the movies never mention pedestals

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how does the emperor react to mulan defeating shan yu?

  He is angry that she destroyed his palace
  He is sad that shan yu is defeated
  He honors mulan for defeating shan yu
  Shan yu is not defeated in the movie

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how do mulans parents compare shang and mulan to each other?

  Like snow and hail
  Like gem and jewl
  like sun and rain

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