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The type of acid in grapes is...

  acetic acid
  lactic acid
  tartaric acid
  citric acid
  amino acid

Question 2 / 10
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What type of flask is required when heating is concerned?

  Flat bottomed flask
  Round bottomed flask
  Conical flask
  test tube flask
  beaker flask

Question 3 / 10
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Hooke's law states:

  Mass is directly proportional to elastic limits
  stretching and elasticity is indirectly proportional to density
  the extention of an elastic body is directly proportional to the applied force .
  the expansion of an object is directly proportional to the applied force given that the elastic limit is not exceeded.
  the extention of an object is indirectly proportional to the force appllied

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Like charges....

  attract while unlike charges repel
  repel while unlike charges repel
  attract while unlike charges attract
  repel while unlike charges attract
  magnet while unlike charges magnet

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Which radiation is the most ionizing?


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Which is not an other form of potential energy?

  Chemical energy
  Light energy
  Gravitational energy
  Electrical energy
  Elastic energy

Question 7 / 10
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He is known as "Father of Chemistry"


Question 8 / 10
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A soft magnet is one which...

  can never be magnetised and demagnetised
  can be magnetised but not demagnetised.
  can easily be magnetised and demagnetised easily
  can hardly be magnetised or demagnetised
  can easily be magnetised or hardly demagnetised

Question 9 / 10
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An alkene has...

  single covalent bonds
  tripple covalent bonds
  oxides and nitrides
  double covalent bonds
  6 covalent bonds

Question 10 / 10
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A step-up transformer...

  increase voltage and reduces current
  increases current and reduces voltage
  increase current
  reduces voltage
  increases both current and voltage

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