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modify delete 38012 - from Berry226 (USA) - 2020-07-11 >> NEW
Writer - "Hello!"

So, about writing, being an author is actually one of the things I would like to be!
I write a lot ( A LOT ) of fanfictions, and once wrote my own fiction!
People say i'm good at it, and have great ideas! (I mean they could just be trying to be nice, but uh-)
Anyways, I'm about to start writing an Avatar:The Last Airbender fanfic, and current I am working on a couple My Hero Academia fanfiction with my BFF!
What are you all up to?

modify delete 37989 - from Nuvini250 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-06-30
Writer - "Hello....."

Hi I'm Nuvini and I want to be a Writer. I can write songs and stories. How about you? If you like friend with me you can send me a message 😊😊. Triple Gem Bless you 😇.....
I'm........ Nuvini.....🦄👭🍿

modify delete 37979 - from Mark77 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-06-24
Writer - "Hello"

Hello, everyone. I'm looking for some fellow writers to talk to. I do not care about your gender, Racea, sexual orientation, etc. So as long as you are willing to talk to possibly one of the purest people on the planet, we can write each other. I always check my inbox!

P.S. if anyone you know is looking for a friend, tell them about me.

37979 -
modify delete 37982 - Reply from Beth140 , 20 yrs (Australia) - 2020-06-24

Hi Mark, I love writing too and would be happy to communicate with you. Feel free to send me a message via my inbox.

modify delete 37950 - from Krista176 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-06-11
Writer - "Hi!"

I love writing so much! I'm about to start writing a novel...any ideas??

37950 -
modify delete 38011 - Reply from Berry226 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-07-11 >> NEW

Well, I write fanfics a lot, and a while ago wrote my own fictional story!
What type of stuff do you like to write? Like what genre?

37950 -
modify delete 37955 - Reply from Mark150 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-06-14

Well, I'm starting a series called The Zodiac Murders, which is where kids of all signs try to take down killers who's victims are based on their signs, so, if you need anything, I can lend you some ideas.

37950 -
modify delete 37953 - Reply from Anwita71 (USA) - 2020-06-14

Hi! What is your novels genre?

modify delete 37890 - from AVA205 , 13 yrs (Canada) - 2020-05-22


37890 -
modify delete 37924 - Reply from Robert Thorne115 , 18 yrs (Great Britain) - 2020-05-29

I remember loving American Gods and Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman when I was your age. Not exactly witchcraft, but similar.

modify delete 37857 - from Mark150 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-05-14
Writer - "Hello"

Hello, everyone! I am Mark, a lad of 13 from the Sunflower State. I am always checking my email, both here and Gmail, and have NEVER been out of the United States.

I am willing to share knowledge about life and culture of the states under 1 condition- you must also exchange knowledge of your homeland. It's ok- this knowledge is for my eyes only and will not be shared. Hope we can write each other!

modify delete 37805 - from Anna66 , 15 yrs (Italy) - 2020-05-02
Writer - "Anyone out there"

Bonjour, Since i feel lonely like a island in the middle of the ocean i was wondering if ther's a good soul out there that is intrested in a conversation with this humble aspiring writer.
I like to read and talk about classics. I love Hugo's works, he's not as verbose as people claim, i can't stand Austen but her irony is slightly appreciable.
Oh, i like history too, and music, a lot of classical... and jazz! but i definetly need to work on that.
Discuss about french revolution politics and 19th century art is my favourite thing to do, but i do not disdain "funnier" topics.

37805 -
modify delete 37981 - Reply from Beth140 , 20 yrs (Australia) - 2020-06-24

Hi Anna,
I enjoy writing and classical music too and would be happy to chat. Feel free to message me via my inbox.

modify delete 37761 - from Sufun164 , 15 yrs (Malaysia) - 2020-04-27
Writer - "i love to write"

hi, i really like to write. I like to write a lyrics, novel and recently i learn how to write a screenplay. so if anyone have interest like me maybe we can cooperate eachother😂. sorry for my bad english. btw stay safe!🌻 have a nice dayyy

37761 -
modify delete 37798 - Reply from victor164 , 23 yrs (France) - 2020-04-30

salut mane je suis un nouveaux coréspondant je souéte te fair ouvrire ton bisnnésse au fur et a meusure je tenverré de largent et toi tu bossera pour moi faudré juste que tu sache aprendre tous se que je te diré d'aprendre si taime le rape je conné les rapeur les plus for

modify delete 37747 - from Roukaya188 , 13 yrs (Mauritania) - 2020-04-24
Writer - "Wriiitingg"

Soo, hello.
My dream is i want to be a writer, i want know your story tell me, all of your lifes interesting me because we are unique and you have differents cultures.

P-S I learn english and spanish i speak french and arabic

37747 -
modify delete 37906 - Reply from Eliza223 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2020-05-25

Do you mind if I share mine

modify delete 37705 - from Holly20 (Great Britain) - 2020-04-16
Writer - "Writing enthusiast"

Hello! I myself love to write and it helps me express myself without any limits! Personally I have no favourite genre but I am useless at writing romantic pieces and much prefer fiction to non-fiction. Feel free to reply with your favourite genres and consider messaging me!

37705 -
modify delete 37744 - Reply from Holly20 (Great Britain) - 2020-04-24

Haha yes. I really like writing about that sort of stuff too! :D . I love when I get to be gory in whatever I'm writing and I sort of like poetry but it's such a vast medium its really hard to say.

37705 -
modify delete 37730 - Reply from Em108 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2020-04-21

Oh my I can't imagine trying to write romances. I love to write short stories that get especially vivid, and poetry which end up being fairly vague. I think my favorite genres would have to be fiction and non-fiction, I prefer magical realism and realistic fiction though

modify delete 37686 - from Daniela237 , 16 yrs (Peru) - 2020-04-09
Writer - "Meet friends around the world"

Hello everyone!
I like new about costumes and traditions in different countries and meet new people around the world. Knew about your history country and practice my English more.
I love writing and reading fiction, adventure...
Sincere I'm new doing this and I'm nervous. :)

37686 -
modify delete 37694 - Reply from Daniel96 , 17 yrs (United Arab Emirates) - 2020-04-12

Hi! I love reading everything and writing non-fiction(like editorials and opinion pieces), but I'm not really good at writing fiction :/
Have you written something? I'd love to read anything over the quarantine. I think I can give pretty useful critiques if you'd like.

modify delete 37671 - from Romain241 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-04-06
Writer - "Devenir ecrivain"

Je ne comprends pas les gens, quand on veut devenir écrivain, il faut de l'ispiration, donc quand je fait des travaux écrit au collège, les profs et les élèves sont surpris car la taille des textes sont ENORME.

37671 -
modify delete 37701 - Reply from Emmanuel Macron241 , 42 yrs (France) - 2020-04-14

Bonjour Romain, des textes énormes pour une expression écrite peut être un désavantage, mais aussi un avantage pour ta carrière d'écrivain. Continue à croire en tes rêves, c'est le plus important, et bonne fin de confinement.

modify delete 37640 - from Shruti77 , 16 yrs (India) - 2020-04-03
Writer - "Hi fellow writers!"

Hello writers from world, greetings from India!
I'm a sicker for anything remotely related to Christie, mystery and I'm currently Sherlocked on House of Silk on reading.

I write stories with whimsical or half hearted protagonists or usually trio. In all I write what I read.

Anyone else in troope here?

Will love to have another mystery lover or just someone who wants a pal with similar interests feel free to message me!

modify delete 37567 - from Azul143 , 15 yrs (Argentina) - 2020-03-30
Writer - "Penpals"

Hola y Hello! My name is Azul and I'm from Argentina. I love writing poetry and suspense stories. I would like to have a friend who likes writing with sentiment ;). I like a lot 1800 movies so if u want to write like we are in one... I'm in! (Sorry for the bad English) XOXO Azul

modify delete 37329 - from Adèle42214 (France) - 2020-03-11
Writer - "devenir écrivain"

bonjour je voudrais devenir écrivain mais beaucoup de personnes disent que ce n'est pas un métier car le salaire est aléatoire. Je voudrais donc faire libraire à côté.

37329 -
modify delete 37672 - Reply from Romain241 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-04-07

Mélanger les deux est astucieu, tu pourrais créer un site pour exposer tes livres

37329 -
modify delete 37610 - Reply from Flora 4290 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-04-01

Bonjour,je pense aussi qu'il est préférable que tu faces un mélange des deux. Mais fonce vers ce métier, regarde se qu'il pourrait t'aider sur internet, et si tu aimes écrire vraiment va vers ce métier !!

37329 -
modify delete 37603 - Reply from augustine4230 (France) - 2020-04-01

Bonjour il me semble que en effet il est préférable que tu combine ces deux métiers et surtout que tu ne te décourage pas si c'est vraiment ton rêve il faut que tu ailles jusqu'aux bout.

37329 -
modify delete 37340 - Reply from NP17 (France) - 2020-03-11

Tu as tout à fait raison. La combinaison des deux me semble excellente si tu aimes la littérature.

Un conseil : quand tu voudras écrire ton premier livre (que ce soit un roman ou une étude quelconque), commence par trouver un éditeur en lui parlant de ton idée, avant même de commencer. Parce qu'il faut savoir que 95% des livres (rédigés par Mme X ou Mr Y) n'ont jamais été publiés. Des centaines d'heures de travail à la poubelle... de la part de personnes qui avaient pourtant la meilleure volonté de monde et la meilleure idée du monde...

J'irai même plus loin : s'ils ne te connaissent pas, certains éditeurs ne vont même pas faire l'effort d'ouvrir ton ouvrage, même si c'est le meilleur ouvrage du monde. C'est pour cela que certains écrivains impriment et éditent leur ouvrage eux-mêmes (on appelle cela une édition à compte d'auteur), mais ça coûte cher, et il faut se débrouiller pour vendre les livres soi-même. Heureusement, aujourd'hui, avec internet, ça peut marcher... tout dépend du sujet, en fait. Il faut un sujet attirant.

Bref : le mieux, c'est de prendre des contacts avec des éditeurs sérieux, et trouver le moyen de CONSERVER ces contacts afin qu'ils finissent par te connaître d'une manière ou d'une autre.

Si je parle d'éditeurs sérieux, c'est parce que le monde de l'édition, c'est la jungle : on peut aussi tomber sur des escrocs. Dans ce domaine, tout est possible, donc méfiance.

modify delete 37317 - from Seah15 , 11 yrs (Korea) - 2020-03-03
Writer - "My dream"

Hello! My hobby is to write fantasy book like magic. I also love to write stories about detecting and investigations. And one of my favorite books are Harry Potter series and Ruby Redfort series. Nice to meet you all!

modify delete 37290 - from Sarah20 , 13 yrs (Australia) - 2020-02-15
Writer - "Hi fellow Writers!"

Hi Guys!
I love writing!
I also love Marvel (Comics and movies) and just superheros in general.
I also enjoy reading the Percy Jackson series and anything else by the same author!
I like writing in the genre of fantasy and action.
And I am currently writing a novel involving Greek mythology and I am up to around 9000 words!
I would love a friend who enjoys these things too!
Cant wait to hear from you guys!
Sarah < 3

37290 -
modify delete 37297 - Reply from Gabrielle113 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-02-18

Hello, My name is Gabrielle. I come from the USA. I love the Percy Jackson books and love to write. I am also writing a fantasy book called [the beast awakens] I don't know how many words are in it yet though, but it dose have two full sized chapters! I also love to read, the I survived books,and the Redwall books. Well I can't wait to hear a response, Goodbye!

modify delete 37248 - from Caitlin 27 , 14 yrs (Jamaica) - 2020-02-02
Writer - "Looking for a penpal."

Hi, I'm Caitlin and Im a fourteen year old girl looking for a penpal who's willing to exchange pocket letters and/or snail mail. I love writing, music and movies (mostly Marvel) as well as reading Harry Potter. Let me know if you're interested. :)

modify delete 37197 - from Nadya90 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-01-18
Writer - "2020?"

hey, i am nadya from indonesia. i like writing and i am looking for some penpals with the same passion as mine so we can learn together. anybody followed annual essay competition held by GOI Peace Foundation Japan? i am also one of their contestants! but i am not the winner yet:)

37197 -
modify delete 37228 - Reply from cristopher232 , 14 yrs (Mexico) - 2020-01-27

Hi, I'm a student from Mexico and I would like to make friends in other countries

37197 -
modify delete 37209 - Reply from Nadya90 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-01-21

thanks a lot! you can read my mind:D

37197 -
modify delete 37202 - Reply from angie229 , 20 yrs (USA) - 2020-01-19

I would like to recommend you Center for Advanced Legal Studies as a future study place. I spent twist year in Center for Advanced Legal Studies as an international student last year. So, I can highly recommend it to you. By the way, a lot of information about education, universities, studying abroad and many other things you can find on Free-Apply. This web I found when I was an international student. So, it`s really cool. Good luck!

modify delete 37165 - from Shruti33 , 16 yrs (India) - 2020-01-07
Writer - "E mail penpals"

Hiii everyone! I'm studying humanities with interest in psychology and world history ( Current read - The French Millennium) I want to write and publish my cozy mystery penpals before- write snail mail ones later. Someone around my age and interest.

37165 -
modify delete 37198 - Reply from Nadya90 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-01-18

hey! we are in the same area. i like to learn about world history too. nice to meet you

modify delete 37113 - from creesalie16 (France) - 2019-12-21
Writer - "Ma fiction Wattpad !"

Hello tout le monde !

J'écris une fiction sur Wattpad. Mon pseudo est @creesalie et mon histoire s'appelle Now or Never.
N'hésitez pas à voter pour les chapitres et à commenter !

modify delete 37049 - from Gabe66 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2019-12-03
Writer - "Writing And Friendship Are Both Adventures"

If you apply a pen to paper, you can be sent literally anywhere. Does anyone agree? I would like to meet someone from another country who agrees with me. I like to write fantasy and retellings of folklore. Friendship is an exceptionally powerful force. I would like to conjure it.

37049 -
modify delete 37318 - Reply from Seah15 , 11 yrs (Korea) - 2020-03-03

Hello^_^My name is Seah Hong and I am from Korea. My dream is to be a writer and I would like to be your pen pal!

37049 -
modify delete 37311 - Reply from Vanessa116 , 14 yrs (Germany) - 2020-02-23

Hi there,
I'm actually not a real writer, but I love to write in my free time. I started several booksbut never ended one, yeah that's not a good Impression but at least I'm honest :) So Maybe we can help each other and I'm finally going to finish a book. Do you know Wattpad, it's a really cool app, where you can publish your books.

modify delete 37047 - from Manjeet Singh149 , 22 yrs (India) - 2019-12-02
Writer - "I'm in search of German friend"

Hallo. Ich bin Manjeet . I know a bit of Deutsch. I am very much willing to know the Deutsch language and culture and also in search of good buddy. Shall be highly grateful to it. You can email me at or Whatsapp me at

modify delete 36962 - from niuy142 , 20 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-10-18
Writer - "Hi! i'm nuiy and looking for penpals!"

Halo, i'm looking for penpals from around the world (i would really love to meet someone from Germany so i could practice) especially for 17-20 years old users. I love writing fanfictions genre and used to love reading lots of books (roman, traveling, sci-fi) in my entire life hehe. Reply me if you interested to be my penpals.

modify delete 36928 - from Beth49 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2019-09-23
Writer - "Hi, I'm Beth!"

I love writing and I want to make friends all over the world, so if you have the same interests, please contact me!

36928 -
modify delete 37285 - Reply from grace26 (Canada) - 2020-02-13

hi i am

modify delete 36845 - from Nefertari88 , 15 yrs (China) - 2019-08-21
Writer - "Hi,I'm Nefertar. I want to make more friends over the world."

I like to make different friends. I like my country, so I don't want anyone to denigrate her. Although everyone thinks differently, we also need to respect the opinions of all kinds of people. But I hope to make friends who also like China. I want to be a writer. I love reading, and every word in the writer's writing makes my heart beat. I love the characters that I like. Thank you so much for seeing this, and if my words offend you a little, please forgive me.

modify delete 36836 - from Mathilde161 , 13 yrs (Canada) - 2019-08-17
Writer - "Coucou!"

Je suis à la recherche d’un ou d’une correspondante pour discuter (à travers des lettres) de littérature et bien plus📝

36836 -
modify delete 37301 - Reply from Asta139 (Ivory Coast) - 2020-02-21

Coucou Mathilde je peux bien t'aider

modify delete 36808 - from Xen77 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2019-08-10
Writer - "Looking for a pen pal!"

Hi there! I'm just your average person who enjoys writing bad poetry and aspires to someday write a comic book. I'm kind of awkward but I'm working on putting myself out there a little bit more so I thought maybe a pen pal might be a good idea!

36808 -
modify delete 36820 - Reply from Isabelle 248 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2019-08-13

Hello Xen, I too really love writing poetry and I am currently looking for a pen pal as well and I think you're pretty cool. I would enjoy getting to know you better!

Hope you can write back soon. -Isabelle

modify delete 36806 - from Jasmine156 , 12 yrs (Australia) - 2019-08-10
Writer - "Hello Everyone!"

Hey everyone!
My name’s Jasmine and I’m from Australia! I love writing and might publish a book next year! If any of you want to do writing with me, you can send me a message! Or if you just want to talk then I’d love to hear from you!

36806 -
modify delete 37246 - Reply from Teresa138 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-02-01

hello! i like writing, 2!

36806 -
modify delete 36921 - Reply from Gwen173 , 14 yrs (Australia) - 2019-09-22

I live in Australia and am also an aspiring author. I wish you the very best of luck in either getting through a publishing house or getting yourself out there in the self publishing route.

36806 -
modify delete 36830 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2019-08-14

Hello. I love writing too. Also, I am a student of Ohio Wesleyan University. Ohio Wesleyan University is one of the most popular university to study Journalism. I highly recommend you to apply to this university. Also, I know cool web - Free-Apply. On this web I have found information about the best universities to study Journalism in United States.

modify delete 36787 - from Jasmine220 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2019-08-04
Writer - "Hi"

Hi! I am a young writer/artist, I was wondering if anyone is interested in being my penpal.

36787 -
modify delete 36927 - Reply from Beth49 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2019-09-23

Hi! I would definitely be interested in being pen pals! I love writing and art too so contact me if you think similarly!

modify delete 36742 - from Lily43 (Great Britain) - 2019-07-15
Writer - "Hola beans < 3"

Hey all! I'm Lily and, you've guessed it, I am a young writer. But I'm a struggling one at that :/
I'm stuck for inspo right now. I don't believe it's writer's block - I've got no fault with doing the writing, but I have just nothing to write about. I usually stick to novels when I write. If anybody has any advice on how to overcome this, or even any good ideas up for adoption, please don't hesitate to comment them here or drop me a message on this webiste! My reference is #1427254.

36742 -
modify delete 36978 - Reply from Lily43 (Great Britain) - 2019-10-31

Thanks for the advice! :)`

36742 -
modify delete 36961 - Reply from Vellee and her mom232 , 7 yrs (USA) - 2019-10-18

Hi, Lily. :)

We saw your writing dilemma. A lot of times, the best way to think of new ideas to write about -- is to read books by other authors... or to watch tv & movies … or even look at works of art or listen to music... You could even go to plays. All of these things can give us ideas to write about.

For example... if you see a work of art, what do you think is the story behind it? You can write a poem, a short story or even a whole novel based on that one idea! Also -- brainstorming is a fun idea that can help! The world needs more creative people!

Best of luck!

Vellee & her mom

modify delete 36738 - from siyuan124 , 16 yrs (China) - 2019-07-13
Writer - "╰(*´︶`*)╯"

Like European and American literature, Chinese classical literature.

modify delete 36713 - from Ces7 (Peru) - 2019-07-02
Writer - "Books"

Hello. Are there anybody who want to chat about literature?
I'm a teacher of Peruvian literature.

modify delete 36706 - from Tilio246 , 13 yrs (France) - 2019-06-25
Writer - "tilio"

I love writing.

modify delete 36684 - from dafny angelic54 , 18 yrs (Philippines) - 2019-06-16
Writer - "black hawk's msg."

hi everyone.. im dafny.. im just a simple girl living in a simple life.. but then one day, i realized that i really want to do such a thing like this.. just like the other people here..

36684 -
modify delete 36886 - Reply from Kao230 , 18 yrs (Taiwan) - 2019-09-07

Hi, my name is Kao and I'm 18. I like writing my family story and some book reviews. I think you're a interesting person. Maybe the storis you created can attract me. By the way, what kind of things you like to write? Could you be my penpal?

modify delete 36683 - from Sylvan200 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2019-06-15
Writer - "Hi"

Hi! My name is Sylvan and I am 14. I enjoy writing and I'd love to find a partner so that we could help each other improve perhaps? We could start a collaborative piece over google docs, if you are interested. If you have an interesting idea, message me!

36683 -
modify delete 36897 - Reply from Alexandra23 , 15 yrs (France) - 2019-09-12

Hi, my name is Alexandra and I love writting too. I started to write some books (sci-fi and detective novels ) and if you're interested I got time, so we could write something maybe, if you want, when we will know each other better. I'm also looking for an english correspondant because I want to improve my english : i'm basically french ( my goal is to speak fluid english so...)
Think about it :))

modify delete 36579 - from Gabby48 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2019-04-23
Writer - "I love writing"

I don't really know what to say, I love writing! I hope anyone else who really loves writing can shoot me a message. I specifically write fantasy with humans or animals.

36579 -
modify delete 36634 - Reply from Angel56 (France) - 2019-05-20

I love writing to! My name is Angel, and I write fantasy as well as adventure. Most of my characters are girls, to inspire young females to do what they believe is possible.

modify delete 36574 - from Duan112 , 14 yrs (China) - 2019-04-21
Writer - "I like writing."

Hello, everyone. I am a junior high school student from China. Duan Youhui. You can call me Jane. I like writing, and I hope to make many pen pals who like writing as much as I do. My email address is I only go online on weekends, because I am a resident. Nice to meet you.

modify delete 36572 - from Luke50 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2019-04-19
Writer - "How to chat?"

Hello! I love writing (I'm actually working on a story right now,) and I'm trying to find people with similar interests. I'm new to this website, and I'm unsure how to talk with people besides in forums. Any advice?

36572 -
modify delete 36575 - Reply from Duan112 , 14 yrs (China) - 2019-04-21

How do you do. I am a junior high school student from China. Duan Youhui, you can call me Jane. I want to be a pen pal with you, haha. My email address is Happy to meet you.

modify delete 36546 - from maria179 , 15 yrs (Brazil) - 2019-04-05
Writer - "meet email friends!"

im just a simple brazilian 15 years old girl who likes to write kpop fanfics. lets talk about it?

36546 -
modify delete 36547 - Reply from Leila210 , 13 yrs (Uganda) - 2019-04-05

Am from Uganda and I write letters and it is my best thing in my life

modify delete 36498 - from Orion198 , 16 yrs (Great Britain) - 2019-03-08
Writer - "Fantasy writing penpals"

Hello! I've written a fantasy novel and I absolutely love writing, and I'm looking for a snail-mail penpal who'd like to talk about writing fantasy stories, preferably around my age. If you'd like to, please message me!

36498 -
modify delete 36539 - Reply from Rebekah 13 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2019-03-30

Hi! I just love fantasy!
Would you like to write letters to each and we could share our ideas for books

36498 -
modify delete 36516 - Reply from Noann172 , 15 yrs (France) - 2019-03-20

Hi ! I just like the fantasy !!! Do you like also the fantastic books of XIX or you prefer the most recent ones?I like writing too but I'm not sure I'm very talented... ,:)

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