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modify delete 39333 - from Vinu135 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-02-07

Hi,I'm vinu from sri lanka.I like to be a fashion designer oneday I got to know the best country for fashion designing is france.I like to come to france and learn to be a great fashion these days I'm learning I want to know what are the qualifications to become a fashion designer,How to get into a good University in france.If you guys can get me any imformation it would be wonderfull.
Thank you!

modify delete 38512 - from anthea 4 C70 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-11-14
Fashion designer - "dessin"

Bonjours je voudrais des information pour faire du dessin car je suis très car j adore faire du dessin donc si vous avait des information pour des dessin.

38512 -
modify delete 38645 - Reply from Léna 4A214 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-11-18

Pour faire styliste je pense qu'il faut déjà commencer par avoir des techniques de dessin comme par exemple : les matériaux, les outils d'exécution et les supports. Il faut avant tout s'entrainer pour améliorer ses techniques.Pour finir il faut avoir beaucoup d’inspiration.

modify delete 37011 - from cedric244 (Belgium) - 2019-11-15
Fashion designer - "styliste"

plus tard j'aimerai etre styliste
qui pour parler vetement

modify delete 36401 - from Elena70 , 13 yrs (France) - 2019-02-01
Fashion designer - "Stylist for ever"

" Hi my name's Elena and I'm a fan of draw . And you ? Do you like drawing ? I made a stage in Paris , I created a blouse ... Before I made clothes for my doll , a pencil case and a trunks ! < 3

36401 -
modify delete 38728 - Reply from Cherrie184 , 17 yrs (Australia) - 2020-11-24

Hi Elena,

That’s so cool that you’ve already made some things and draw fashion on models! I draw, paint and have designed my own bed shorts, a bra & a sweater! I love all things fashion.
Wanna be friends??

36401 -
modify delete 36584 - Reply from Patience209 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2019-04-26

cool I love to draw fashion too

modify delete 36089 - from Tuulikki185 , 22 yrs (Finland) - 2018-10-08
Fashion designer - "pink en finlande"

Il suffit de demander où je peux acheter des vêtements Pink Victoria Secret en Finlande?

modify delete 36001 - from Mia212 (China) - 2018-09-10
Fashion designer - "Appreciation of the beauty"


modify delete 35152 - from Elise155 , 12 yrs (Great Britain) - 2017-12-26
Fashion designer - "Fashion"

Dear readers,
I love fashion so much and am thinking of creating a portfolio for the "London College of Fashion" (it would be fashion designing or buying and I wouldn't need the portfolio for some years cos I'm just 12). I don't know what this would include and I would love some advise. I want to also start a fashion blog and would love some tips!
Elise xoxo
Please can someone reply!!!

35152 -
modify delete 36643 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (Argentina) - 2019-05-25

Hello from student of Wirral Metropolitan College. I am studying here for Bachelor of Design. It was my dream and I really happy to live and study here. In our university we have practicing teaching staff, modern campus and high-quality education. What about your study place? If you want, you can know more about my university on Free-Apply. This web helped me to apply to this university.

35152 -
modify delete 35195 - Reply from Aysha180 , 26 yrs (Pakistan) - 2018-01-08

You have shared really an informative post.

modify delete 34869 - from -214 (Australia) - 2017-10-10
Fashion designer - "(Beware - non related post)"

Hi guys just wanted to pop in and say hi

You might not understand this post or where i'm coming from with this but that's okay you can skip this post

I actually was active in this forum years ago but I seem to abandon it sadly and it was one day I suddenly remembered this place and all the memories I once made here so I came back to see how it's all been

Obviously it ain't the same as it was when I was posting here but good to see it ain't neglected and people still come here to share their passions and dreams

However it's still funny to reminisce the times of myself when I was like 12 to 13 on here having the same dreams and goals as everybody else, posting inspirational fashion and whatnot and making friends on here

Now that i'm moving onto university things change alot which in return involve me not as keen on becoming a fashion designer anymore but that doesn't stop me from my interests because fashion is still a big part of me and will be a hobby of mine I tell you. Sometimes when you grow up you don't even realize whats there to come like when I was still on here, I thought I was gonna be a top designer making clothes for my family and friends and for the public, but kids like me grow up. Some of them stick to their dreams and goals and that's true passion so props to them

Also I made a friend in here who i've grown close too because of this website, but being a hoe I was I haven't talked to her again, because I left this website. And then I completely forgot about it for many many years. I don't even know if they come here anymore but if they do and ur reading this then how are you darl? I don't know if you remember me but I was the one that ran away and never came back 😢

Sorry If this sounds like a speech I just got too nostalgic after remembering this site bc this site has a special place in my heart and will always remain in my childhood + I got too emotional

I'm not sure where I started from here it seemed like 4 or 5 years ago now it's 2017 almost 2018 damn time flies fast

And i'm sorry Because this is a website for kids my words were probably inappropriate so i don't know if this is gonna get reported and also for barging in with a post that's not even directly fashion related but I wish everyone has a nice day and don't grow up too fast because it'll seem like it was yesterday when you made posts about fashion on this forum

34869 -
modify delete 34874 - Reply from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-10-11

Not being rude but if you've come back just to say this how come you haven't revealed who you are this whole time as you said you've been on this forum way back I'm just curious hun if your trying to get in contact with an old friend why don't you try contacting her yourself.

I also agree with you growing up you might of had an idea of what you were hoping for but then other things come along. Fashion is very hard to get into unless you know someone in the business, My boyfriend's mum knows someone I just gotta get back into it asap just been having a lot going on. I'm glad this was a part of your child hood.

Give me an email anyways xox

modify delete 34798 - from Jayde246 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2017-09-22
Fashion designer - "hey"

You wanna see my art just send me a email and I'll reply to you as soon as I can to show u girlz!✨😸😹👾👋💖

34798 -
modify delete 34873 - Reply from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-10-11

Hey there Cherry I am inlove with your name so cuteee!!
That's so creative and inspiring, so just all kids wear?
Have you made anything for yourself before like a dress or a skirt?
Yes this forum is for you lovely spend as much time as you want on here I haven't been
on this forum in a couple of weeks due to some personal stuff but hey I will be back really soon with something exciting of course! XOXO ~ P.

34798 -
modify delete 34868 - Reply from Cherry23 (Australia) - 2017-10-10

Hi guys,

I am new to this forum.One of my friends suggests me to join this forum.

I am a fashion designer. I designed clothes for newborn babies and kids. I have designed various casual, party wears dresses for kids. I have designed various frocks, baby rompers, jumpsuits, hoodies, jackets, jeans, pants etc for kids.

So, if anyone interested to purchase clothes for your kids, please contact me.

modify delete 34787 - from Lil136 , 12 yrs (Australia) - 2017-09-19
Fashion designer - "Hi"

Hello what do you do Here?💙

34787 -
modify delete 34824 - Reply from imalsha135 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2017-09-28

hi i'm interested in too much fashion designing

modify delete 34783 - from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-09-18
Fashion designer - "⚪ Halloween Mini mag part #1 ⚫"

Dear Spookies!🔮

Halloween is in 1 month and I am so excited I've been working on a Halloween collection but before I tell you the goss let me tell you there's going to be part two and maybe 3 of this mini magazine which includes do it yourself projects, competitions, facemasks, movies and munchies so stay tuned you don't wanna miss out.

Of course I draw my designs out first before I actually bring them to life, Im going to be using a range of markers, fine liners, gel pens, derwent pencils, watercolour paints, oil paints even mini swatches of materials and sometimes I like to get really creative and I use nail polish and always have a ruler and an eraser for the essentials. Now moving on....... 🔮☠👻

The materials I'm going to be using are magic skull candy cottons, afterlife alien fabrics, dark angel leather, haunted house crushed velvets, candy corn linen, supernatural silks, dark witchcraft velvets, potion in a bottle fabrics, Lantern lace, trick-or-treat Chiffon, masquerade fabrics, Spider-web satins and fairydust lace. 🎃

Names that I chose. ☪
- Skull candy
- Hocus Pocus
- Coffin
- Midnight Crypt
- Scary Fairy
- Moonlight shadow
- enchanted
- Genie in a bottle
- Creepers the cat
- pumpkin princess
- Dark and Spooky
- Casper
- Boo 👻

And lots more, what are you girls dressing up for Halloween? I have no clue what I wanna be but last year I was a fairy and the year before that I was Alice in wonderland. Also how do you's celebrate HALLOWEEEEEEN?!! That will be all for now hope you like what you see. Penelope VI ~ that means 6 weeks till the 31st yay!! 🐍

34783 -
modify delete 34913 - Reply from Lillian101 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2017-10-20

i love halloween! last year i was a vampire. no idea what ill be this year. maybe zombie princess, witch, or catwoman??? which one?!?!?!

modify delete 34763 - from Angeline211 , 16 yrs (France) - 2017-09-09
Fashion designer - "Mes études et le métier de mes rêves"

Bonjour, je m'appelle Angeline, je suis actuellement en 1ère STD2A (Sciences et technologies du design et des arts appliqués). J'ai pour but de devenir Styliste Modéliste, c'est pour cela que j'ai choisi ce BAC spécifique :)
Il y en a parmi vous qui font le même BAC que moi ? J'aimerais bien correspondre avec des personnes qui ont le même rêve que moi ou qui font les même études :)
I can also speak English. Puedo hablar Español tambien.

34763 -
modify delete 36324 - Reply from marie136 , 12 yrs (France) - 2019-01-02

salut! je m'apelle marie et j'ai 12 ans je suis francaise !! j'aimerais savoir ou fais tu ta 1ère STD2A ?

34763 -
modify delete 35626 - Reply from Vaïana 242 , 16 yrs (France) - 2018-05-08

Je fais un bac. pro. Métier de la mode et du vêtement (mmv).
Savoir se qu'on veut faire c'est le plus important 😊

modify delete 34666 - from Penélope & Vanessa33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-19
Fashion designer - "♡ ➳ Kawaiian Doll 💗 👄"

Hey Hunnies and Sugar bunnies!!❣
Let me introduce you to my bestie I love her so much and her name is Vanessa she is living with me for a short stay for personal reasons but I am glad to have her stay with me it's so fun having my best friend live with me it's a dream come true and she is exactly like me we share the same dream and both have a passion for fashion ♥♣ Vanessa creates collections just like me too except she is way better then me at sewing!🍉

So we are working on a collection together I a drawing most of the sketches while Vanessa is in charge of making the garments come to life and of course we both love going for trips to the fabric store which is like a candy heaven shop to us! We are going to be using baby glimmer Velvet, Aquamarine soft silks, salmon coloured satins, crushed velvet, dainty doile fabrics, ballet slippers Chiffon, pastel flamingo felts, Floral Chintz, Creamy soda coloured Crêpe fabrics, Georgette fabrics, Lilac mint Voile fabrics, Violet diamonds Tafetta fabrics, Mother of pearls Brocade fabrics, Classy coco Damask fabrics, Love able lemony Lace and much much more! ✄

It's an Kawaii collection💕 Here are some names. Doll Face♥, Moonlight♥, sweet tart♥, twinkle star♥, baby doll♥, princess pink♥, sugar plum♥, baby girl♥, Bambi♥, Rose petals♥, Milk & Honey♥, Fairytale♥, Cherry blossom♥, lullaby♥, heaven♥, Cotton candy♥, Candy floss♥, bubble tea♥, Marshmallow♥, Strawberi♥, Meow♥, yummi♥, tangerine♥, pink custard♥, Daisy♥, Panda♥ and Watermelon juicy♥.

we are also designing diamond 💎 go-go boots which we will tell you how to make them in our next duo post. And more we are going to design more shoes all kinds from high heels to platforms to wedged heels, to lace up booties.💎 Give a girl a pair of shoes and she can 💎 conquer the world! If you girls/fashion designers wanna see any of our designs and sneak peak email us and we will happily send you the process!We always have time for you all especially if you love what we do.💎 So excited to make a kawaii inspired collection. Can't wait to visit Korea & Japan one day! 😘

Also Don't forget to stay tuned to out really fun & exciting mini newsletter 💞
Love your fave designers Penélope & Vanessa Xox

34666 -
modify delete 34670 - Reply from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-21

Hi Rosalie
I love your name it's actually so pretty! My sister watches this movie and this girl is called Rosalie too but I'm so happy you want to join!

It's easy to subscribe, do you have an email? If not your free to join my club but first i need you to tell your friends who love fashion to join this site even family members that love fashion so we can get as many people as possible 2 join my fashion club. I haven't figured out a name but I will soon! Also as a member you must post on this fashion forum daily well as much as possible as I will be counting on you. Also you get to pick one nick name you cannot change this nickname but if you must you need to speak to me before you change your nick name.

Also when you join my club there will be fashion quizzes, fashion reports, Outfit of the day, Glam it yourself projects, I send out mini newsletters and mini magazines also there will be really fun competitions and I also send out birthday gifts to your mail box! It's so worth it ♡

Love Penelope xoxo

34666 -
modify delete 34669 - Reply from Rosalie237 (New Zealand) - 2017-08-21

Would love to subscribe!

modify delete 34630 - from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-15

Hey girls it's me Penélope I am back with some FABULOUS NEWS ❥
I am very busy designing a new collection I work on several each day but this idea came to me while I was playing with slime I know right how strange but something extremely creative is gonna come out of that idea of being inspired!
Here's my materials i will be using Crushed velvets, soda cream cottons, Shimmering silks, Lushious lace & Tulle, Holo fish scales fabrics, Sparkle ocean satins, mermaid and unicorn fabrics and the list goes on..

Here are the fash names of my collection, I name each design I first sketch then sew.
Beach shimmer ♡ Prom night blues ♡ Galactic waters ♡ Fish Food ♡ Sparkling Angelic waters ♡ Shimmering Oceans ♡ Summer Sparkle ♡ blue lagoon ♡ Tahiti breeze ♡ Paradise In Milano ♡ Waterfall ♡ Enchanted blaze ♡ Summer remains in my soul ♡ Mermaid scales ♡ Blue sea sparkles ♡ Blue raspberry ♡ Deep down in the ocean ♡ Golden ♡ Ocean trinkets ♡ Treasure chest ♡ Aqua bubble bath ♡ Ocean dreams ♡ Sea shells by the sea shore ♡ beach party ♡ The rainbow fish ♡ Seahorse waters ♡ Pink flamingo ♡ Sunset bay ♡ Siren tail ♡ Dolphin tears ♡ Shattered disco ball ♡ Sea wave ♡ Seaweed babe ♡ Hawaiian Holo ♡ Mystic moonlight on the sea ♡ And many more..

If you want to see my sketches for this collection and the finished garments when done, Please feel free to email me. Hope you liked my post and maybe inspire you to make your own collection My next post will be about how to make your on fash collection so stay tuned ♥ Penélope Xo

modify delete 34629 - from Jayde246 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2017-08-15
Fashion designer - "hi"

Im into goth style I love to draw there notrealy good desines but I would like to have a partner who can sew.
if ur interested leave me a message or 2 :)

34629 -
modify delete 35447 - Reply from Jayde246 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2018-02-28

Oh and I have taken a liking to Japanese and anime style as well!

34629 -
modify delete 35446 - Reply from tessa7 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2018-02-28

girl i always wanted to be a fashion designer sense i was 5! so i would really love to help you

34629 -
modify delete 34631 - Reply from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-15

Hi Jayde its Penélope
I like gothic styles to one of my best friends is a pastel goth and she's one of the most nicest and genuine girl i know! So i really don't mind gothic styles they have some pretty cool styles like the ripped jeans and black clothes and platformed shoes with buckles and straps, and also they're chockers i have done a couple of gothic sketches before i also love halloween and i design halloween sketches every year. I might design a gothic collection or we could do one together? what do you think honestly? we can send each other our drawings and work on something together, I know how to sew but im not good at it or explaining how to but there are plenty of videos on youtube!!

modify delete 34590 - from Ana198 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2017-08-10
Fashion designer - "I'm ready to do this"

My name is Ana and I'm 12 💁I've been designing A LOT for many years and people actually like my designs and for graduation for 8th grade (next year) I will design my own designer dress and look for a career in freshman year ;freshman year is alway the hardest thing about being a teen and I need to decide what I need to do with my life it either that lawyer (very recommended) president maybe even CIA , FBI or SWAT or a secret agent I'm so ready to take on anything that ready for me 😉😤😾

34590 -
modify delete 34628 - Reply from jayde246 , 14 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2017-08-15


34590 -
modify delete 34593 - Reply from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-10

Dear Ana!
I'm Penélope and you have made my night! I usually post on this fash forum daily and not many girls post on here as they use to but I am new aswell to this forum you should post more things here daily like me too? Also that's so amazing what have you designed your dress to be so far ?? TELL ME EVERY DETAIL IM A VERY GOOD LISTENER..!! ❥
I have designed soooooo many dresses for school Debs, proms, formals etc and even weddings!I just talk about fashion like almost, everyday!
I look at magazines, design cute sketches, look in websites, learn some fashion tip, and lot's more! I'm working on a fab new collection called itsss barbie full of fabulous pink fluffy materials, shiny tulles, princess silks, and for finishing touches big statement bows and sequins lots and lots of sparkles i just love glitter don't you Ana? I was inspired by my VICTORIA SECRET collection I have handbags, perfumes and many moree!

Anyways my dream is to become a Fashion Designer/Artist but basically I already am in my town every one asks me where do I get my clothes I smile and I say I made them so I make clothes for anyone who requests me to ღ I'm very good at it too! Penélope ♛

modify delete 34580 - from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-08
Fashion designer - "MY NIGHT ROUTINE ☪"

So this isn't a fashion related post, So I am going to tell you a bit about my night routine.

So twice or once a week i will have a bubble bath with rose petals, tea light candles, an essential oil either Rain, lavender, rose or Honeysuckle. Then I put my bath oil which has coconut oil and other sweet smelling ingredients, I also have a little tray for my magazines I want to catch up on, fresh fruit in a bowl, and some yummy drink and my phone. My spa bath also has a led light in it that goes blue or pink and i have a couple of massaging settings and I can listen to the radio and change the temperatures of the spa! Lush provides me with the goodies I have so many lush products from shower jellies, to hair products, lip balm, make up, body butters and scrubs, gels, bubble bars and lastly I adore lush bath bombs they are so unique and I love trying new ones I get a lush subscription box every month filled with new lush products so i get t try them all!! My favourite one so far is called Lava lamp it literally turns your bath into a lava lamp it's also so pretty the colours and the citrus scent ➳

I like to cleanse my face every night and use a face mask every night sometimes washing your face to much can dry out your skin and pores so make sure to throw in a DIY face mask if you wanna do what i do and use a face mask everynight, I have a big tub full of facemasks i have so many !! SO MUCH LOVE !!

Then what I like to do is boil the kettle and make myself a nice tea, I LOVE TEA SO MUCH TOO my favourite tea is Herbal tea so fruity tea, chamomile tea is my fave i have brought so much tea that i have filled my parents tea cupboard up, tea completes my night and i drink about 10 cups of tea every day it's so healthy and I also like green tea..

While my tea is cooling down I like to watch some Netflix or read a book.
I am currently reading about Moon and Sun signs. I am very spiritual as well!
Also every night I light 2 candles onne that crackles and one that smells like Vanilla the other one is currant but I change my candles once I finish them which lasts me 3 weeks maybe longer, I also burn some incense, and put some lavender oil in my air diffuser, i also spray my pillows with this mist from perfect potion it smells devine. Wax melts are my fave i also use them lots right now i'm using one called baby powder i order mine online i have a whole drawer full of them and they make my room smell so good they last upto 4 hours.

I also use lots and lots of moisturiser and a spritz of Victoria secret body mist
I also own a big collection of Victoria secret but i will tell you all about it another day!

I brush my teeth and my hair and then usually I am ready to go to sleep
if I can't sleep I will youtube my fave ASMR artists my fave are ALBINWHISPERLAND,
WHISPERSRED, GENTLEWHISPERS, HEATHERFEATHER and a few more, if you don't know what asmr is please google it now!! Anyways, I'm off to enjoy my hot cuppa tea it's called sleepy time vanilla and a custard tart for dessert. Goodnight my fashion Designers. ♡

34580 -
modify delete 34640 - Reply from Vanessa33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-16

I'm going to post my night routine tomorrow, thanks for the idea and omg i just love your post i love reading your stuff it inspires me, talk to ya in the morning love ya gaaal xoxoxo

modify delete 34557 - from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-05
Fashion designer - "∞ UPDATE ∞"

Dear Fashion Forum ❣

It has been a long time since I last posted here so I decided to write an update for ya all!! I have been very busy and I'm always doing something productive I will be answering all my emails this week so be sure to give me an email it can be anything fashion or beauty related.

~ OOTD ~ Outfit of the day
I'm wearing a white turtle neck long sleeved top and a black tennis skirt with frilly socks.

~ Hairstyle ~
two neat french hair braids

~ Make up ~
Kat Von D and Dior foundation
Natio bronzer
Sportsgirl contour pallette
lime crime Hi-lite opals highlight
Burberry powder
The body shop down to earth eye palette colours are Sahara dune, Peru clay, Aztec gold and Kilimanjaro rock.
Too Faced eye-liner
Mecca and benefit they're real mascara
Kylie's mini kit velvet liquid lipstick
urban decay setting spray

~ Face mask ~
Lately I've been obsessed with face masks i would highly recommend using the Blaq face mask which is a paste and the Baroness Pearl mask sheet.

~ bath bomb ~
I love baths they're my favourite i enjoy baths a lot and lately I have been using lots of Lush products there's this bath bomb called Lava lamp which basically turns your bath into a lava lamp and smells like sweet citrus, if you have a Lush store make sure you ask or buy this bath bomb right away it's a must!!

~ Nails ~
A pale blue with a bronzed rose pattern

I will be posting much more this week and also my friend Vanessa is moving in and she loves fashion like me too we will be doing a duo post together and we will be posting more for you girls, remember we do care about you all so make sure you keep in contact.

Penelope xo

modify delete 34240 - from Penelope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-05-30
Fashion designer - "extraterrestrial aliens!👽❣"

So basically i've been really sick with the cold weather out in Australia so i have been staying home and designing lots of outfits and drawing. And now i'm going to tell you about my latest news!

My newest collection is inspired by all things extraterrestrial 👽
So there is galaxy print slippers and galaxy print jumpsuits, out of this world outfits, aliens, shooting stars, starry night clutches, ufo tee shirts, green graphics and diamond go-go boots!

Also I am designing a fashion collection for my favorite website!

I am holding a competition! I want you to come up with a design drawn on paper inspired by aliens and all things extraterrestrial 👽 I will pick one winner and you will get a prize sent to you by mail or i can send you mini email treats including mini magazines, newsletters, fashion reports, fashion style quizes, puzzle games etc And I will pick one other winner running up for the prize! :) Totally outtaspace cadet 👽❣

Thanks for staying in tune!
Penelope 👽❣ xo

modify delete 34238 - from Nakita (nikki)166 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2017-05-29
Fashion designer - "HELP"

Hi, i am a kid who has a dream to be a fashion designer. Everybody is not taking me seriously about my dream, maybe they think i am still to young to be a fashion designer. I WANT TO PROVE MYSELF. If anyone knows a web where we can post our design sketch, please tell me. I need this.

34238 -
modify delete 34556 - Reply from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-05

Hi Nikita, My names Penelope and I'm here to help you :) Did you know its never too late to start doing something you love! That's right, age doesn't matter you can make all your dreams come true at any age! If you google Cecilia Cassini she was the worlds youngest fashion designer who started at the age of 6. You need to do alot of practice and study lots about fashion to acheive your dream. I'd love to see your designs email me them!! Hope this helps!! Stay tuned for more, from Princess Penelope xo

modify delete 34022 - from John113 , 33 yrs (USA) - 2017-04-27
Fashion designer - "Technical Fashion Designer Job"

Hi All,

I graduated from a fashion school last year and am currently working as an assistant designer in fashion industry. Just wanted to let you know that you are going to use graphic design tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop more than hand-drawings, which is called "Technical design, flat sketch, and cad design".

If you are curious about what the fashion flat sketch is, check website "" for my flat sketch.

Thanks for reading

modify delete 33998 - from yaren105 (Great Britain) - 2017-04-24
Fashion designer - "fashion"

okay so I really want to become a fashion designer and I really hope one day my dream comes true, I'm only 12 btw. So I have few sketches in my art books and I want to one day bring those sketches to life. The thing is I have no idea how to use a sewing machine or anything like that. My moms got a sewing machine she said she will teach me the basics and I can't wait!. I'm also going to pick textiles for my GCSE option. but yehhh thanks for reading ♡

33998 -
modify delete 34558 - Reply from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-05

Hi Yaren

My names Penelope and we have one thing in common that is FASHION!!
Also My dream is to become a Fashion designer to, a famous one.
I would love to see some of the sketches you have done send me an email with the sketches or you could make a blog and I will have a look at them and I can tell you what I think, I can tell you how to improve but there is no right or wrong way to fashion you just have to express yourself and your own style I love designing clothes I'm not very good at sewing but I have made quite a few things using a sewing machine and if i can sew you can too all it takes is LOTS OF PRACTICE!! You need to study lots about fashion and google lots and there's plenty of youtube tutorials telling you how to sew, I can make a post later this week about how to sew but if i do you have to promise me you will join me and write daily and tell your friends who like fashion about this forum to start joining today < 3 You have my support and all my friend's support, we will treat you like your famous, if ypu join my club we will send you surprises in the mail, and fashion related emails and so much more all you have to do is let me know you could also email me if you want to tell me more about yourself in email. Penelope

modify delete 33965 - from welile maphalala226 , 13 yrs (South Africa) - 2017-04-18
Fashion designer - "fashion designer"

hi everyone,my name is Welile i am 13 yrs old i live in south Africa in the city called Durban. Since i was 7 yrs old i loved designing,my dream is to be a fashion designer.i know how to design and sew but i do not have support.i love designing but mom doesn't love it as much as i do.i know that am good but no one trust me but i want to show them that am good please help.

yours truely:
welile maphalala

33965 -
modify delete 34559 - Reply from Penélope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-08-05

Hello Welile
My names Penélope and I have two things in common with you that is Fashion and my dream is also to become a fashion designer, a famous one :)
I would love to see some of the sketches you have done send me an email with the sketches or you could make a blog and I will have a look at them and I can tell you what I think, I can tell you how to improve but there is no right or wrong way to fashion you just have to express yourself and your own style I love designing clothes I'm not very good at sewing but I have made quite a few things using a sewing machine. You Have my support, so keep designing girl!!

modify delete 33831 - from acacia140 (Australia) - 2017-03-22
Fashion designer - "hallelujah fashion"

fashion is like my religion, i live off it spiritually, physicially, mentally. thank god for fashion!!! - acacia

33831 -
modify delete 35151 - Reply from Elise155 , 12 yrs (Great Britain) - 2017-12-26

I love fashion illustration as well as designing. At the moment I am making a shimmery move/silver biker jacket. I really love in control of the clothes I wear and creating my look without having to spend loads on good quality clothes. I really want to start a fashion blog but I not sure where to start. If anyone else has one I would love to check it out and does anyone have any tips for me?
Elise xoxo

33831 -
modify delete 34241 - Reply from Penelope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-05-30


modify delete 33777 - from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-03-16
Fashion designer - "Runway inspired collections"

Hey girls,

Penélope is back!
So I have been really inspired by runways and i have been watching lots of fashion shows on youtube and i wanted to make my very own run way inspired collection and so far I have only sketched out my designer dress, I might make it sometime, basically it's a musk pink silk and with white lace cut outs all over the dress, I am thinking about drawing every single colour. I think it's really classy but weird in a way with all the random cut outs from the front and back of the dress. If you'd like to see a picture please contact me! Also I'm throwing my very own runway inspired competition < 3
So I want you and your friends to come up with one sketch and think of the craziest designs you can, you could have shiny neon scale fabrics, green tissue paper effect dress, a shell graphic printed top with a mini black pencil skirt get inspired by anything, also make sure to contact me and send me a photo. The best winner will be picked and will get a surprise from myself! Today is raining in Australia, So these are my fave days to catch up on shows, bake something yummy and of course draw and design.
I am wearing my fluffy pajamas and have a messy bun. What about you, what do you like to do on rainy days?

Stay tuned with Penélope xo

modify delete 33728 - from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-03-06
Fashion designer - "Penélope in fashion-land!! < 3 la la la"

Hey!! I couldn't help myself i just have to post on the fashion forum !!
So recently I have been working on mini projects.
At the moment i'm making hair scrunchies.
From random scrap fabrics.
I'm using this ruby red satin, black and gold stretchy fabric, strawberry printed cotton, leopard print, black with rainbow shiny fabric and candy stripe from my mothers quilt as she had spare fabric for me to use and most of this material is from 20-30 years ago, it's in great condition too.
I've been trying out the no sew and sewing.
I haven't done much sewing before, like yeah I've made a couple of things but each project takes time for me as i'm a perfectionist and every time i sew i think of it as a special project, some people are quicker then me and that is okay! So Scrunchies are basically everything i wear in my hair!! I'm making some for my mum and my little sister! If you wanna learn how to make these comment below and i will make up a post in the next hour or two! I'm quite happy for anyone to make a request they want fashion related and i'll post it oh this forum, if your from another country just wait a day or two. Tomorrow I'm taking a trip to the art store with my mum. I'm working on a bigger project so i need to get all the material I need! Is any one making something new? maybe a skirt? handbag? or ripped jeans? TELL ME MORE!! I'm a very good listener and i can help you with whatever your stuck on.

From your new fashionista Sistah! Penélope Xo

modify delete 33710 - from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-03-02
Fashion designer - "Penélope's day!!"

Hey girls!
So today I'm setting up my art studioooo < 3
I just love the feeling of new pencils in packets, it's my favorite.
There will be coloring books, paper, paint and heaps of other art supplies :)
Yesterday I brought a mini green pastel crop top, 2 new nail polish in pink and orange.
I also visted the art store and got heaps of new supplies.

I'm making it up to you by designing a new collection based on your likes!!
So for example if you like daises and peacocks i would be drawing up all new designs.
How exciting yay ! I'm going to be very busy soon, and i might not be online, because it's a big secret, i might post a few sneak peaks at that;s it for now.

Stay tuned with me Penélope xo

modify delete 33701 - from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-03-01
Fashion designer - "Penélope's Castle!!"

Hey girls,
so today has been a crazzzzy day !! wow... so literally i just moved into this nice new big house and i have been unpacking like crazy !! I love finding things in my room, i'm actually quite messy but i know where everything is, are any of you girls like me? x
I'm actually having a real bad day, need some chickas too talk to!! aw

Glam it yourselfff project!!
so grab an old box medium size and tape glittery sticky tape all over the box, stick on gems or sequins or even buttons you can decorate it how you like but if you wanna be like me i got a versace tag and pasted it onto the box with rhinestones stickers and pearls, and then paint the inside white, silver or any colour you want!! Done,, quick and easy project my mini chickiess!!

I'm so sorry this is really rushed but i promise to make it up to ya all!!!
Penélope xo

modify delete 33688 - from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-02-28
Fashion designer - "Your all invited to Penélope's pool party!!"

HEY!! I'M SO EXCITED YAY !! TO TELL YOU I'M CURRENTLY HAVING A POOL PARTY WITH MY GIRLS!Anyways it just wouldn't be fair without any of you not to be invited. So lets pretend your here isn't that fun!! So I will tell you how i decorated my pool party and some diy snacks and drinks and outfit of the day, oh and i'm going to be saying giy which stands for glam it yourself!!

So i have a really big pool and an indoor spa i have put pink balloons in my pool and really big flamingo balloons you can sit on and unicorns too, jellyfish pinatas blue noodles for the pool and theirs beach chairs and a mini emergency bar with everything you need for a pool party like sunscreen, leopard print hats, pink sunshades plus moree!

GIY ~ SNACKS and DRINKS galoree!!
I made jelly in pink lemonade, blueberry and lime and put into a cup with a chocco frog and a mini umbrella with a mini spoon. I also brought some glow in the dark wine glasses and poured some lemonade in it with some blue food dye to make mermaid blue lagoon drink i also made watermelon cordial with little fish that float around in the cup (not real fish) I also made a cheese platter with crackers and dips and mini hot dogs and for dessert yum i made Milo ice-cream in cute little tubs that i have decorated in shiny mermaid scales.

My outfit consists of a hot pink fringe bikini with leopard print that i have actually made myself, shell jewelry and a watermelon beach towel. In my bag that i made myself which i used yellow polka dot fabrics with a mint green fabric with a blue bow, is my body shop lotions in frosted berries, my nail polish kit, water balloons, tanning lotion and heaps of girly magazines.

All my lovely friends are here to join me !! Why not join too !
Tell me all the things you'd bring and wear and even make for a pool party?!!
Stay tuned for more with the Princess Penélope xo

modify delete 33676 - from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-02-27
Fashion designer - "Princess Penélope at your command!!"

Hey Hunnies.. My name is Penélope and I am an aspiring fashion designer for girls.
I decided I wanted to be your new fashion role model! For now on any of you girlies can ask me anything fashion related!! I really wanna tell you about myself but I'll do that another day. I want to know all about yourself actually?

So i am new to this forum, but I want to earn being the best fashionista chicka!
I have a group of friends who love doing what do i do best, design and i will introduce them all here another day as well but here we go i'm going to tell you that it's still a very hot summery day and i wore special fabrics to help me sweat in less. I am wearing a pearl glimmer shimmer turtle neck dress that i made myself and a beautiful real Japanese purple silky gown oh it's quite gorgeous.. And in my posts in the future i will be telling you all how to be an fashion designer by telling you step-by-step instructions on making clothes how exciting and fun for you all, i am so making all your dreams come true my lovelies!! As you should all vote for me in the competition me and some girls will be doing quite soon. :))

I also just visted my favourite store in town, i brought all these fabrics, sequin materials, and just rolls of overloading cottons and silks. I love sewing and drawing fashion drafts, it's my everyday passion and anyways I have to keep this sweet and simple because I am working on a HUGE surprise for all of you lovely girls!

Stay tuned with Princess Penélope. Xo

modify delete 33366 - from Jessica216 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2016-12-30
Fashion designer - "Doubts"

So my dream is to become a fashion designer like the winner of Project Runway Junior "Maya Ramirez". And before I wanted to be surgeon so my mom helped me and gave me a medical dictionary and she was so proud of me for learning all the terms but once again I want to be a fashion designer and she said here we go again. So I can tell that she don't believe I will stick with this. I designed a cute skirt and showed it to her and she gave me a disturbing look like she hated it so now I am having doubts that I can't design or draw.

33366 -
modify delete 33678 - Reply from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-02-27

Hi Jessica!

Remember to chase your own dreams not other people's dreams..
Keep staying true to your inner self and follow your heart.
What do you prefer to do for the rest of your life, i know that i would pick

Soon i will do a topic in this forum about getting into fashion careers.

love Penélope!

33366 -
modify delete 33651 - Reply from Alexandra63 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2017-02-19

be who YOU want to be! don't let your mother push you around! Everyone is special. is there any chance that your mother work's in a medical field? if so, your mother just probably wants you to take after you. I want to become after her, but, if you want to become a fashion designer you have to follow your dream's. on time when I made a skirt for myself, my mother almost yelled at me because of the seem's weren't straight.and you know what she had no experience. your mother just wants you to be successful in life.

modify delete 33259 - from Jane177 , 17 yrs (Argentina) - 2016-12-09
Fashion designer - "Someone to talk"

Hi Im Jane and Im so neet someone to understand me. I feel like nobody take seriously my talent. Its bigger then they think. Even a success designer told me I have to wait because I only 17

33259 -
modify delete 33679 - Reply from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-02-27

Dear Jane!

Your too right.
You have to be really good at fashion to get into the job.
Or you have to know someone either way to be famous or you could just make your
own business.

Love Penélope xo

33259 -
modify delete 33626 - Reply from Anissa249 , 17 yrs (France) - 2017-02-12

Hi, I'm Anissa and like you I am 17 years old and I would like to be a fashion designer. I read your message and I think that you should go straight about the studies because I know that you can start designer studies at 14 or 16 years old in France and that is what I did when I was 16 in a Fashion school but I didn't like it because it was just to be Modelist so I left these studies to begin others and next year I shall begin studies to become a fashion designer in a big design school.
So don't wait anymore !!! because if you wait too long it will be too late so go ahead !

Good luck


modify delete 33186 - from Jayandi134 , 14 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2016-11-28
Fashion designer - "Hi ^^"

I am Jayandi from Sri Lanka and I love sketching designs and making clothes. I would like a friend who I can chat about fashion. I would also love a snail mail penpals.I would prefer people around my age from wherever around the woSo plz send me a message:-)

33186 -
modify delete 33689 - Reply from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-02-28

Hello Jayandi

My name is Penélope
I totally feel the same fashion is my daily passion!!
I sketch mostly and design my garments one by one. I love it!!!
Recently I just made the cutest shopkins quilt with cute cookie fabrics for my lil niece.
We can be really good friends? Give me an email and I'll reply as quick as i can.


33186 -
modify delete 33260 - Reply from Jane177 , 17 yrs (Argentina) - 2016-12-09

Im 17, but I do like to chat with you😊

modify delete 32980 - from iriyonna80 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2016-10-26
Fashion designer - "fashion"

i love to become a fashion designer because it a dream fashion is putting some together and make a master piece i love fashion i have the best idea of fashion i go to the and bye thing then i cut it and make my own style my style is a princess style and model style i wish i can be a fashion designer.

32980 -
modify delete 33690 - Reply from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-02-28

Dear iriyonna.

my name is Penélope and i just seen you seem exactly like me!
You should follow your dreams and remember not to compete with anybody
who's competitive or else you will be exactly like them just follow your own style for the good, however fashion is very hard to get into!! You must know someone or you could just post your designs on social media!

Recently I have just finished designing a whole new collection which i have to keep it a secret, but i just made a top that can be a dress or a top at any time which is pretty cool, and i just finished making a coco fur jacket with mocha leather and latte silks. it's so uniquee !!

Love Penélope xo

32980 -
modify delete 33418 - Reply from Anne171 , 9 yrs (China) - 2017-01-06

When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer too.

32980 -
modify delete 33261 - Reply from Jane177 , 17 yrs (Argentina) - 2016-12-09

Im so understand you, perssonaly, I feel the same

modify delete 32469 - from Gloria23 , 18 yrs (China) - 2016-07-25
Fashion designer - "I LOVE DRESSES"

Hello everyone,today I want to introduce some of our Chinese silk robe,such as Tang suit,cheongsam,and Hanfu.I love women's hanfu best,it was made up by straight lapels,waist-high,breast-high,crossed-collar,parallel/straight-collar and so on.
What do you think about our Chinese silk robe?

32469 -
modify delete 33691 - Reply from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-02-28

Hi Gloria

I love my Japanese purple silk gown and my other Korean robes
from floral fabrics ohhh it's gorgeous.

love Penélope

32469 -
modify delete 32582 - Reply from Amsa121 , 15 yrs (Algeria) - 2016-08-13

Hi Gloria, I like the chinese clothes they are very beautiful ♥

modify delete 32210 - from claire214 , 17 yrs (France) - 2016-05-25
Fashion designer - "de nouveaux mots"

bonjour je suis en bac pro maroquinerie et j'aimerais beaucoup apprendre des noms de mon métier en anglais.

modify delete 32017 - from Lily236 (Great Britain) - 2016-04-19
Fashion designer - "Does anyone like TOPModel?"

Coz I like it, although it gets a little boring sometimes. Bye!

32017 -
modify delete 33717 - Reply from Sweta210 , 11 yrs (Malaysia) - 2017-03-04

I love modelling and I totally want to become a model someday too.....

modify delete 31868 - from Asha87 , 10 yrs (Saint Kitts & Nevis) - 2016-03-28
Fashion designer - "Hi guys!"

Hello I am Asha and I don't have any idols I just design with inspiration.I mostly like to draw(sketch)and see clothes.I mostly make clothes for my dolls and they look fab.If you want to be friends friend me and you can achieve anything you were born for a purpose!

31868 -
modify delete 34078 - Reply from Penelope32 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-05-09

Hey Asha yes of course i can make a site or a blog and i will be doing that very shortly!
If you could design a fashion collection based on a cafe/bakery what would your fashions look like? xo

31868 -
modify delete 33906 - Reply from asha81 , 11 yrs (Saint Kitts & Nevis) - 2017-04-09

hi penelope i would love to join ur girl group.i dont have an email however.Can u make a sit here?If not i am afraid i cannot write and correspond with u

31868 -
modify delete 33692 - Reply from Penélope33 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2017-02-28

Dear Asha,

My name is Penélope
And I design almost every day, from sketching pieces, to making garments to making dolls clothes for my niece, sewing techniques, and draping lots of fabrics, mood board styles and plus so much more!! You should join me and be in my girl group not sure of the name yet but we are for now the aspiring fashion designers. I would love to get to know you and be friends, you should give me an email and tell me all about yourself and even send me some designs for some back in return, i could even design you a whole collection on paper!! And I will send you tips, style quizzes, fashion reports, news, magazines and newsletters, or you can stay tuned with princess Penélope xo

31868 -
modify delete 33140 - Reply from zinaida197 , 10 yrs (Belize) - 2016-11-20

hi I love fashion designing but any ways i am looking for a friend to talk to will you be my friend asha

31868 -
modify delete 32000 - Reply from Arella0 , 10 yrs (Indonesia) - 2016-04-16

Hi every one,if you want to take a look at my picture gallery ,there one that I made for my toys and one of my dresses .Look for me in east Asia Indonesia section for me as a pan pal .

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