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modify delete 38177 - from Veronica 34 , 19 yrs (Italy) - 2020-09-10
Lawyer - "Future lawyer!"

Hello everyone!
I just started attending law university and I’m very happy about it. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to study law in order to help people and make the world a better place.
I would love to meet someone who shares my passion for law and human rights so we could exchange opinions and knowledge.

modify delete 38089 - from Vidal antonio 95 , 15 yrs (Colombia) - 2020-08-11
Lawyer - "Penpal"

What do you like to do in your spare time?

38089 -
modify delete 38128 - Reply from Shenoli157 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-08-27

I also want to be a lawyer when I am big

modify delete 37714 - from Jessica 78 , 19 yrs (Togo) - 2020-04-18
Lawyer - "Trouver une personnalité"

J'adore ce métier et je trouve que c'est la meilleure qui existe. Non seulement tu défends une cause mais tu trouves ta personnalité en la pratiquant. J'espère devenir une bonne avocate

37714 -
modify delete 38074 - Reply from Soava Lucas126 , 9 yrs (Madagascar) - 2020-08-08

excelent idée

37714 -
modify delete 37820 - Reply from Méline16 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-05-05

Salut! je suis TOTALLEMENT d'accord avec toi!

modify delete 37002 - from Elina30 , 14 yrs (Great Britain) - 2019-11-08
Lawyer - "Lawyer"

I feel as though being a Lawyer gives you self-confidence and you get respected in society. I also feel that by becoming a lawyer you get new cases regarding many different topics ,which is quite thrilling. Last but not least,if you love having a debate(arguement)then being a Lawyer is the perfect job for you. I think most of these points fit me therefore in the future I'd like to be a Lawyer as it is a thrilling job.

modify delete 35776 - from jeri68 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2018-07-08
Lawyer - "family lawyer"

i want to be a lawyer to help people get the justice they need plus i want to help family out

35776 -
modify delete 37891 - Reply from Héloïse155 , 17 yrs (France) - 2020-05-22

I started law school this year and it really makes me feel I made the good choice. I've always wanted to be a lawyer !

35776 -
modify delete 37107 - Reply from jas2 (Australia) - 2019-12-18

on one hand beng a laywer would be so fun but what if we have to represent a bad guy and we are so good they get let off i dont wanna do that i wanna do good idk

35776 -
modify delete 36676 - Reply from Tristan192 , 15 yrs (France) - 2019-06-09

Somebody can give me advice for this job please.

35776 -
modify delete 36606 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (Antigua & Barbuda) - 2019-05-09

Hello. I am studying for Bachelor of Law & Jurisprudence in Kaplan UK, London. It was my dream to become lawyer! I want to help people! All information about how I can get to university, about the costs of living and a lot of other information I have found on Free-Apply. Good luck!

35776 -
modify delete 36595 - Reply from Tristan192 , 15 yrs (France) - 2019-05-02

Hello everybody, i have 15 years old, and lawyer it's my priority. I dream to become international lawyer mostly in asia countries(Japan,China,Russia...)

35776 -
modify delete 36091 - Reply from bradley133 , 17 yrs (Zimbabwe) - 2018-10-09

hie me too .do you want to be my friend for life

35776 -
modify delete 35963 - Reply from Emma131 , 16 yrs (France) - 2018-08-29

Mi too ! I dream of doing this job !

modify delete 35415 - from Oscar41 , 15 yrs (France) - 2018-02-19
Lawyer - "Serie"

I love Suits in Netflix 😂😂

35415 -
modify delete 36515 - Reply from Hayley197 (USA) - 2019-03-20

I love Harvey! Gabriel Macht plays him sooo well!

35415 -
modify delete 36240 - Reply from david154 (South Africa) - 2018-12-03

salut les amie et amies

35415 -
modify delete 35630 - Reply from Niamh9 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2018-05-09

OMG I was just about to post the same! No spoilers though! I am only into the first few episodes. Who is your favourite character? Mine is Harvey as he's so funny but serious at the same time.

35415 -
modify delete 35598 - Reply from Emma 253 , 13 yrs (Ireland) - 2018-04-30

same same same

35415 -
modify delete 35419 - Reply from grace60 (Kenya) - 2018-02-20

comment allez vous

modify delete 35266 - from Vivien1 , 12 yrs (Germany) - 2018-01-20
Lawyer - "HEy julia ich bins vivi"

HEYYYYYYYYYY hab die seite von dir geklaut ly

modify delete 34856 - from Eloïse235 (France) - 2017-10-08
Lawyer - "Hi guys"

Hi ! I'm french and I want to be an attorney. So if you want, I Can teach You some things about French Legacy and Rights ^^ or we can talk about another issues or things !

34856 -
modify delete 36328 - Reply from Bethany188 , 22 yrs (USA) - 2019-01-05

My goal is also to be a lawyer but in the USA!

34856 -
modify delete 35991 - Reply from Maggie27 , 14 yrs (China) - 2018-09-08

Can you teach me something about French?I'm really interested in your country

34856 -
modify delete 35742 - Reply from Jonathan0 , 19 yrs (Tanzania) - 2018-06-17

Hi im jonathan from tz i speak kiswahili and fluent english i would like to request for friendship so that we can share languages i wish to knw french

34856 -
modify delete 35420 - Reply from grace60 (Kenya) - 2018-02-20

hello je mapelle grace

34856 -
modify delete 35253 - Reply from Annida138 , 17 yrs (Indonesia) - 2018-01-17

Salut Eloise, je m'appelle Annida et j'etudie le droit international a l'universite. Je suis tres interessant avec le loi francais. So please enlighten me :)

P.S Je n'ai pas le clavier francais so sorry about the accents

modify delete 34800 - from Emily70 , 14 yrs (Great Britain) - 2017-09-22
Lawyer - "The experience."


When I'm older than I currently am I'd like to be a humanitarian barrister with the role of prosecution but can anybody give me any advice on how to get there, or what it takes and the environment they work in. My grandfather was a barrister and then a judge so I know a little but do want to learn more.
Thank you.

34800 -
modify delete 36388 - Reply from Purba34 , 14 yrs (Great Britain) - 2019-01-24

I am in exactly the same position (although my grandfather wasn't a barrister or judge)!
I was wondering what kind of things we should do in high school to get there?

modify delete 33671 - from Mane khumsha114 , 18 yrs (South Africa) - 2017-02-26
Lawyer - "I want to be an actor"

I have an interest on acting .I would love to be an actor especially in soups like Isidingo,Uzalo and Generation The legacy

33671 -
modify delete 35080 - Reply from Tamia150 , 14 yrs (Canada) - 2017-12-04

Tu aimes danser ?

modify delete 33502 - from Chanju11 , 13 yrs (Korea) - 2017-01-22
Lawyer - "Hi!"

Hello, I am Chanju from Korea. I want someone to chat. I want one who wants to be a lawyer, judge or prosecutor. I also wanna chat with someone who has those jobs. Do you want to chat with me? I'd love to:D

33502 -
modify delete 36947 - Reply from Cassie8 (Australia) - 2019-10-03

Me too!!! Can we be friends? I want to try to become a Japanese lawyer, too.

33502 -
modify delete 35260 - Reply from Eli Harvey42 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2018-01-19

Hello, Chanju. I am Eli, living in New Mexico, wanting to be a lawyer as well, I am wanting to move to Luxembourg when I grow up. It would be nice to chat with you.

33502 -
modify delete 34512 - Reply from Molly15 , 14 yrs (France) - 2017-07-25

Me too ! I want to be lawyer, and..I'm new to this site :).

33502 -
modify delete 34457 - Reply from Shekoufeh227 , 14 yrs (France) - 2017-07-12

I want to be an lawyer too!!! The judge's job interest me too but i prefer lawyer! If you want to talk with me send me a message (sorry for my english😓)

33502 -
modify delete 34100 - Reply from abrar44 (Pakistan) - 2017-05-13

i want to be an advocate and i want to chat with any one

33502 -
modify delete 34068 - Reply from Zoria185 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2017-05-07

i could chat with you, i also want to be a lawyer, or even president when im 35 and i can get enough votes

33502 -
modify delete 33912 - Reply from Pia203 (Philippines) - 2017-04-10

Hi! I'm Pia from Philippines and I share the same interests with you. If you'd like to, we can talk about it more :)

modify delete 32787 - from Carolina 178 (Australia) - 2016-09-22
Lawyer - "Olá eu sou a Carolina eu moro na Austrália"

Olá eu sou a Carolina eu moro na Austrália e falo inglês eu poso te ajudar a falar inglês. I was born in Portugal but I've lived in Australia for 8 years ❤️

32787 -
modify delete 35992 - Reply from Maggie27 , 14 yrs (China) - 2018-09-08

Hey I'm Maggie from China. I am glad to chat witn you. I want to be a lawyer as well.

modify delete 32770 - from TRIANA22 , 33 yrs (Spain) - 2016-09-16


I would like to improve my english. I'm lawyer in Spain.

I think that it's a interesting job. You can help to others persons and it gives you much satisfaction.

Sometimes you have to work very hard but later you obtein your recompense.

How are you?

32770 -
modify delete 35262 - Reply from Eli Harvey42 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2018-01-19

I would love to help you learn English, I am interested in European Law as well, see I want to Move to Luxembourg when I have a chance. Message me anytime

32770 -
modify delete 34006 - Reply from Kendall253 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2017-04-25

Hi I am fluent in english

modify delete 32621 - from Clifford211 , 40 yrs (Nigeria) - 2016-08-21
Lawyer - "Hello"

I want to chat with a law professional.

modify delete 32325 - from MAATE73 , 23 yrs (Uganda) - 2016-06-16
Lawyer - "i want to chat"

halo everyone, Am a law student doing my final year at Makerere university in Kampala UGANDA. Any one there to share their school experience with me?

modify delete 31935 - from dilara228 , 16 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2016-04-06
Lawyer - "lawyer"

lawyer is a good job for all one.I like to be a lawyer one day. i working hard to success my goal. lawyer has to be patience. and he/she help to good people.

31935 -
modify delete 36607 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (Antigua & Barbuda) - 2019-05-09

Hello. It was my dream to become a lawyer. Now I am studying for Bachelor of Law & Jurisprudence in Newcastle under Lyme College. It is amaizing place for international student. I would like to recommend you to apply to Newcastle under Lyme College. On Free-Apply you will find all detail information about how you can get to this university. Good luck!

31935 -
modify delete 32321 - Reply from MAATE73 , 23 yrs (Uganda) - 2016-06-15

i love to be a lawyer, my training is ending two 3 years from now. i can wait to argue the law before a judge

modify delete 31301 - from Khadidja8 (France) - 2015-12-26
Lawyer - ""Droit de l'Homme et du Citoyen""

Hey tout les monde,
Comme plusieurs personnes,j'ai un projet en tête,et je compte bien y arriver,mais pour m'y entraîner,j'ai besoin de vous!Plus tard,je voudrai faire avocate,(vous allez me dire que votre vie ne me regarde pas,et je suis bien d'accore),si vous avez un problème (intimidation,injustice etc...)vous pouvez me demander conseil!Car ça fait toujours du bien d'en parler!Je vous fait à TOUS d'immenses biouuus et à la prochaine!< 3

31301 -
modify delete 31827 - Reply from melissa113 , 14 yrs (Haiti) - 2016-03-21

Salut ,vous avez que l'on pouvait vous demandez conseil alors je voudrais savoir comment vous voyez le droit de l'enfant dans le monde.

modify delete 30570 - from Indah124 , 21 yrs (Indonesia) - 2015-08-17
Lawyer - "Law student"

Hey everyone, I'm currently a last year university student majoring Law. Hope we can share anything about law, who's with me?

30570 -
modify delete 37269 - Reply from krishan108 , 31 yrs (India) - 2020-02-08

Hello, I hope you would be fine. I have read something about you here at this site. I have holding a Law degree and i have also practice as a Lawyer. I have much interested about legal or Law in other countries or about its study. we can share something or many things with each other. so if you have wish to know something. pls write me back.
Thanks & regards
Krishan Kumar

30570 -
modify delete 34716 - Reply from Patricia63 , 24 yrs (Madagascar) - 2017-08-28

I'm a lawyer and i prepare my Master in public law. Are you interested?

30570 -
modify delete 34101 - Reply from abrar44 (Pakistan) - 2017-05-13

i am a lawyer and i want to chat with any one about law and about the profession lawyer

30570 -
modify delete 33570 - Reply from angela202 , 20 yrs (China) - 2017-02-02

Hello !l am a chinese undergraduate majoring in law .
l will accomplish my university work .
l have finished my Graduate Record Examination last year.
As an lagal scholar in China , English is important to me,but my English is very poor.
l sincerely wish to be your penpal.
look forward to your reply.
thank you!

30570 -
modify delete 32322 - Reply from MAATE73 , 23 yrs (Uganda) - 2016-06-15

am just left with one year doing bachelor of laws at Makerere University then i will joining the law development center for a practicing license

30570 -
modify delete 31902 - Reply from DILARA167 , 16 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2016-04-02


30570 -
modify delete 30939 - Reply from Yezia80 (Indonesia) - 2015-10-24

Hay Indah... I'm indonesian too ... kuliah dimana?? Where do you study?

30570 -
modify delete 30858 - Reply from Marcellin145 (Congo (Dem. Rep)) - 2015-10-04

i'm there

modify delete 28914 - from Jescycca192 , 22 yrs (Malaysia) - 2015-07-15
Lawyer - "Close on becoming a lwayer"

Now it's near for me to be a full fledged lawyer. Haha not that close really. After I succeeded obtained the certificate in license, I need to chambering first which should be next year. Looking foward to it! Lawyer,fighting!! :D

28914 -
modify delete 34102 - Reply from abrar44 (Pakistan) - 2017-05-13

i am a lawyer from pakistan and i would love to chay with any lawyer of any other country to discuss law and about the profession as lawyer

28914 -
modify delete 32267 - Reply from Josh104 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2016-06-04


28914 -
modify delete 28920 - Reply from Jack167 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2015-07-16


modify delete 28834 - from beastrid-astrid20 (France) - 2015-06-28
Lawyer - "meilleur pour être resonable et responsable"

Je dois me défendre et le meilleur moyens de commencer ses appliqué une règle de conduite difficile ou beaucoup ce trompe les aider avant de commencer et puis j'ai créer une vrai association pour entreprendre des moyens et ou je peu en parler et aider et être utile et responsable l'association se nomme Vanswicht P.I.A.FFAAK

modify delete 28300 - from Adriana49 (France) - 2015-03-18
Lawyer - "?"

Pourquoi Avocate?

28300 -
modify delete 36630 - Reply from sarah215 , 10 yrs (France) - 2019-05-19

Salut à tous j'aimerais être avocate pour plus tard et j'ai besoin d'information sur ce

métier précisément dans la branche pénal.P.S j'ai 10ans.

28300 -
modify delete 28651 - Reply from Mirki3 , 11 yrs (Philippines) - 2015-05-16

Moi aussi, je choisirais d'etre une avocate parce-que c'est une travail qui est vraiment important et donnerais des nouvelles chances aux ceux qui n'ont pas (comme les criminels qui veut de la justice).

28300 -
modify delete 28419 - Reply from adame243 , 13 yrs (France) - 2015-04-05

Je pense que c'est le meilleur métier qui puisse exister ... Tout simplement parce que , je suis une grande fan des super héros (surtout green lantern *_* ) et que pour moi , le domaine du droit et tout ce qui s'y rapporte , c'est des genres de supers héros :)

modify delete 28239 - from Limpho77 , 17 yrs (South Africa) - 2015-03-07
Lawyer - "Wanna be a lawyer soooo bad"

I also want to be a lawyer. I first want to be a lawyer then become either a judge or a prosecutor. Would like a bit of guidance if possible please.

28239 -
modify delete 28266 - Reply from Limpho77 , 17 yrs (South Africa) - 2015-03-13

Hello :) Wanna chat?

28239 -
modify delete 28257 - Reply from Lori87 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2015-03-10

Hi ;)

modify delete 28200 - from Panhia215 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2015-03-02
Lawyer - "Lawyer"

I want to become a lawyer because there needs to be more justice in this world! I need people to respect other people! I hate that there's racism in this world! Someone has to defend the weak! I am determine to be that person! My dream is to become an honorable lawyer!

28200 -
modify delete 36645 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (Australia) - 2019-05-25

I am student of Valparaiso University Study Center, Cambridge. I am studying for Bachelor of Law & Jurisprudence. I really love this place and recommend to apply to other student.The main benefit of my university is care for international students. Pay your attanton on Valparaiso University Study Center, Cambridge. On Free-Apply you can find detail instruction about how you can get to this university.

28200 -
modify delete 34801 - Reply from Emily70 , 14 yrs (Great Britain) - 2017-09-22

'Racism is a part of life. Get over it.'

No it's disgusting and at the age of 15 you should of grasped that by now but clearly you are unsure about what makes a good person with good values. Maybe you should take some time to learn just how degrading your comment was.

28200 -
modify delete 32326 - Reply from MAATE73 , 23 yrs (Uganda) - 2016-06-16

The world is full of injustice, rights are violated on daily basis. i want to be remembered for having fought for justice for those that deserve it. that's why a studding to be a lawyer

28200 -
modify delete 32141 - Reply from Navi121 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2016-05-11

Racism is a part of life. Get over it.

modify delete 28016 - from Milla219 , 13 yrs (Finland) - 2015-02-10
Lawyer - "Hello~"

I dream of being a criminal prosecutor, and since I'm only 13, I would appreciate if someone older and more experienced would like to chat and give me advice and all that :) Thank you~

28016 -
modify delete 28919 - Reply from Jack167 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2015-07-16

Hi I am jack and I also think it would be cool to be a forensic investigator so yah it would be neat to like look at the after damage of a murder am i right?

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