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modify delete 128520 - from Nadia32 (Great Britain) - 2020-11-24 >> NEW
Middle school - "Penpal Christmas card exchange French -English"

I am a French teacher who is looking for a French school to connect with my English students studying French. The main aim to be make language learning purposeful and ask the children to write in the language that they are learning. I am hoping to connect my year 7 students and organise an exchange of cards for Christmas. if this works, an ongoing exchange can be establish.
We are located in Tipton in the West-Midlands in England. Any French schools around the world would be welcomed. My students would write in French and your students would respond in English.
Please do not hesitate to contact me.

modify delete 128517 - from Marina215 (Belarus) - 2020-11-22 >> NEW
Middle school - "English-speaking penpals"

Hi everyone,
I'm an English teacher from Belarus. My students are groups of different ages, around 10-16 years old. We want to find new friends, learn about other cultures and improve our language skills. We are interested in sharing snail mail, postcards, email, Skype sessions in English. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

modify delete 128496 - from Laurence30 (France) - 2020-11-16
Middle school - "looking for penpals"

As an English teacher in a middle school in France, I 'm looking for English speaking penpals for my students (for 1 or two classes of 28 pupils aged between 13-14 ) to create a partnership and maybe do a student exchange next year.

modify delete 128483 - from Vera163 (Ukraine) - 2020-11-10
Middle school - "eager to find new penpals"

Hello, I teach students aged 13-16 at the collegium i Ukraine. My students are very creative and are fond of learning languages.We want to find friends to communicate in English from english-speaking countries not only to improve the language but also to exchange ideas about teens life and problems.It would be great to have online meetings.

modify delete 128474 - from Jina225 (Korea) - 2020-11-04
Middle school - "Looking for pen friends for my students"

Hi, I have 3~5 students who who can send letters for the coming winter vacation. It's a small group. The range of the ages are from 10 to 15. They are interested in K pop, Manga, computer games etc. I'd like to give them some fun way of learning English. If you are around the same age, and interested in Korean teens, please let me know. Thank you!

128474 -
modify delete 128522 - Reply from Diana 70 (USA) - 2020-11-24 >> NEW

Hello my name is Sofia I'm a student in the USA at 17 years old and I would love to connect with one of the kids. In school right now I have a project in which I talk to another student from another country and we have to share about our cultures, interests and how is life different for this instance in the USA vs Korea.

128474 -
modify delete 128494 - Reply from MALIKA197 (France) - 2020-11-16

I am a teacher in France and I am looking for a school in Corée to correspond with my students from the manga club (2 groups of 14 students). If you are interested, please contact us soon.

modify delete 128473 - from Marina215 (Belarus) - 2020-11-03
Middle school - "Looking for a school- partner from an English-speaking country"

Hello, everyone! I'm Marina, a teacher of English in a secondary school in Belarus. My students are of different ages, but we would like to start a Pen Pal Project to improve our English skills and learn more about other countries. We are looking for a partner from an English-speaking country to organize e-mail correspondence and talks via the Internet. Please, if you are interested, contact me to clarify the details.

modify delete 128464 - from Samara21 (USA) - 2020-10-28
Middle school - "History Teacher and Different Sides of History"

Hi I'm Samara, I am currently working to complete my student teaching experience and getting ready to graduate from college. In my middle school classroom we are currently learning about the Declaration of Independence, American Revolutionary War, and the American Constitution. I had a student ask about how the English side of the revolution was taught and was hoping to speak to a history teacher from Great Britain of a similar grade level. My students are around 13 years old and are in the 8th grade. Thanks for any and all assistance.

modify delete 128443 - from Martine185 (France) - 2020-10-17
Middle school - "looking for grade 8th penpals in Toronto"

I teach English to 26 8th graders in tne countryside, an hour drive from Lyon, France. We would love to exchange snail mail,email and skype sessions to learn more about your school.
Hope to talk to you soon,

128443 -
modify delete 128445 - Reply from AHMED96 (Algeria) - 2020-10-17

Dear Colleague
I am an ex English teacher in the secondary....
After a second career in Human resources Management with an oil company for 20 yrs, I summed up my both careers in one [ a freelance hr consultant ] both in French and English.
I am looking for a female English teacher with whom I can exchange my whole experience.


modify delete 128440 - from Nicole193 (Switzerland) - 2020-10-16
Middle school - "Looking for English penfriends"

Good evening,
I'm teaching English to 14-15 years old pupils (they are 17) who asked me to find English penfriends for them (their mother tongue is French and their English level about B1-B2); please contact us if you wish to be in touch with them, we would be grateful...
Nicole Marquis ; Ecole secondaire de Tavannes, Switzerland

128440 -
modify delete 128523 - Reply from SOfia70 (USA) - 2020-11-24 >> NEW

Hello, my name is Sofia I'm 17 years old and I'm currently a high school student in the USA I would love to connect with one of the students as I have a project right now in school in which I have to talk to a student from another country.

modify delete 128439 - from Elena42 (Spain) - 2020-10-16
Middle school - "Correspondance scolaire"

Bonjour, je m'appelle Elena et je suis prof de français langue étrangère et j'aimerais contacter avec un collège africain et si les élèves étudient l'espagnol encore mieux.
Mes élèves les plus petits ont 12-13 ans et les les plus âgés 14-15 ans.
On va travailler dans un projet qui s'appelle "Enseñar África" et on voudrait arriver à travailler avec un collège-lycéee africain car de cette façon le projet deviendra plus réel.
Mes élèves étudient la langue française comme deuxième langue donc ils sont de niveau débutant mais ils sont très sympas et curieux de connaître les pays africains.
D'autre part on habite aux îles Canaries qui se trouvent tout près de l'Afrique.
J'espère vos réponses avec impatience.
Elena Pérez

modify delete 128435 - from Mallaury166 (Belgium) - 2020-10-15
Middle school - "American penpal wanted"

Hello everyone,
As an English and Dutch teacher in Belgium (Liège) my pupils and I would like to correspond with American students.
Mine are in the first grade. They are between 12 and 13 years old (so real beginners). Nevertheless they are eager to learn a new language. The students themselves asked me to search for penpals in the USA.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Mallaury Maris - Liège (INDJ)

128435 -
modify delete 128454 - Reply from Jacob83 (Canada) - 2020-10-24

Hi! I teach a 4/5 split with 24 students (students are about 10 years old). We're looking for penpals for having many exchanges throughout the year. We can write in French or in English by email or post (personally, I think I'd prefer post; the students would be excited about receiving a package in the mail, but email is fine too!). I think the students will find corresponding with peers from around the world interesting and fun. It is a way to open their world, and to learn about other cultures. They will enjoy it as well as practice their writing skills, in both English and French.

modify delete 128432 - from Laurence30 (France) - 2020-10-14
Middle school - "Partnership with a British Middle school"

Hi everyone

We're currently looking for a middle school in Great Britain to work on a project concerning the British culture and traditions.
Our pupils are aged between - and will communicate in English and French

modify delete 128430 - from Stéphanie10 (Switzerland) - 2020-10-13
Middle school - "Recherche classe pour correspondre en Français"

Je travaille dans un collège international avec des élèves du monde entier qui apprennent le français dans un programme anglophone. Niveau intermédiaire ou avancé je cherche une classe d'ados de 14, 15, 16 ans avec qui correspondre.

128430 -
modify delete 128447 - Reply from Delphine163 (France) - 2020-10-17

Je suis professeure documentaliste en France et avec un collègue professeur de français, nous avons une classe de 4ème qui a un projet de classe presse.
Correspondre et pourquoi pas parler des médias, créer un magazine via Madmagz, voilà le projet !
Si vous êtes intéressée, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.
Comme vous, je souhaite la correspondance en français.
Belle journée,

modify delete 128414 - from Liesbet134 (Belgium) - 2020-10-10
Middle school - "correspondants francophones"

Bonjour! Je suis prof de français en Belgique. Je cherche des classes pour correspondre en français. Mes élèves ont 12-13 ans (ils sont nés en 2007)et ils sont 22 par classe. L'idée est d'envoyer 2 ou 3 lettres pendant l'année scolaire et peut-être se rencontrer via Skype à la fin. Si vous êtes intéressé(e), contactez-moi svp! A bientôt, Liesbet.

128414 -
modify delete 128425 - Reply from Gianni D'Amico171 (Italy) - 2020-10-11

Bonjour. Je serais intéressé. Je suis prof de fle dns un collège de Venise.
J'attends de vos nouvelles.

128414 -
modify delete 128422 - Reply from Gianni D'Amico171 (Italy) - 2020-10-11

Bonjour. Je suis prof de fée à Venise, en Italie. Je serais intéressé. Mes élèves ont 13-14 ans mais je pense que ce n'est pas un problème. Je préfère des rencontres webcam dans les salles de classe à travers skype ou autre moyen de communication.
J'attends votre réponse.
Merci bien

128414 -
modify delete 128416 - Reply from madeleine179 (Burkina Faso) - 2020-10-11

Nous avons vu votre annonce et nous sommes interréssés. Merci de nous écrire à : whatsApp 0022677975737

128414 -
modify delete 128415 - Reply from madeleine179 (Burkina Faso) - 2020-10-11

Nous avons vu votre annonce et nous sommes interréssés. Merci de nous écrire à : whatsApp 0022677975737

modify delete 128408 - from Marie-Thérèse253 (France) - 2020-10-08
Middle school - "English-speaking penpals"

I am a teacher of English in a small middle-school in the Auvergne. This year our Year 9 class (30 pupils aged 13-15) are involved in a project SUSTAINABLE FOOD. Once a month on a Tuesday afternoon they have a two-hour session with various activities (in French) but we are looking for an English-speaking partner class to organize 2 videoconferences (one on November 10th 2020 and the second one in February or March 2021) and to include English in the project. We can also exchange letters (although the COVID-crisis makes it more difficult.... Our pupils are of mixed abilities but are keen on trying!
looking forward to hearing from you

modify delete 128406 - from Roxana170 (Italy) - 2020-10-08
Middle school - "penpals in french - correspondants francophones"

Hello, I'm a french teacher in a middle school in south Italy. I would like to give my students the opportunity to exange letters with other students from anywhere in the world who are learning french as a second language. My students are aged from 10 to 14 years, they are curious about other cultures and I'm sure that this type of activity will increase their interest for french. So please, french teachers from other countries let us get in touch!

modify delete 128381 - from Marie-Thérèse253 (France) - 2020-10-02
Middle school - "English-speaking penpals"

I am a teacher of English in a small middle-school in the Auvergne. This year our Year 9 class (30 pupils aged 13-15) are involved in a project SUSTAINABLE FOOD. Once a month on a Tuesday afternoon they have a two-hour session with various activities (in French) but we are looking for an English-speaking partner class to organize 2 videoconferences (one on November 10th 2020 and the second one in February or March 2021) and to include English in the project. We can also exchange letters (although the COVID-crisis makes it more difficult.... Our pupils are of mixed abilities but are keen on trying!
looking forward to hearing from you

modify delete 128368 - from Marie-Thérèse253 (France) - 2020-09-30
Middle school - "English-speaking penpals"

I am a teacher of English in a small middle-school in the Auvergne. This year our Year 9 class (30 pupils aged 13-15) are involved in a project SUSTAINABLE FOOD. Once a month on a Tuesday afternoon they have a two-hour session with various activities (in French) but we are looking for an English-speaking partner class to organize 2 videoconferences (one on November 10th 2020 and the second one in February or March 2021) and to include English in the project. We can also exchange letters (although the COVID-crisis makes it more difficult.... Our pupils are of mixed abilities but are keen on trying!
looking forward to hearing from you

modify delete 128350 - from Modiaby Koné233 (Ivory Coast) - 2020-09-25
Middle school - "Partage de culture et recherche des correspondants"

Coucou 👋 !

Je suis professeur de sport dans un collège à l'ouest de la Côte d'Ivoire dans une superbe petite ville. J'aimerais mettre en place un projet de correspondance entre mes classes et celles d'ailleurs. C'est une nouvelle année qui débute et avec la situation sanitaire qui a restreint les vacances je veux faire découvrir d'autres cultures à mes élèves. Si vous voulez prendre part à cet échange nous en serons très ravis car j'en ai eu en classe de CM2 personnellement.

Merci bien et d'ici là bonne rentrée.

128350 -
modify delete 128383 - Reply from Montserrat215 (Mexico) - 2020-10-03

Ça me paraît intéressant, j'ai un groupe d'enfants de différentes parties du Mexique et une élève des États Unis. C'est un groupe de francais niveau débutant,il parlent très peu francais, surtout espagnol sauf Celle des États Unis. Ages: 6 _10 ans.

128350 -
modify delete 128375 - Reply from Jessica185 (France) - 2020-10-01

Bonjour !

Nous sommes de France vers marseille et nous recherchons des élèves pour correspondre par courriers. Notre école comporte des élèves de 6 à 11 ans :)

modify delete 128336 - from Katia23 (France) - 2020-09-22
Middle school - "Intercambio de cartas o mail"

Hola, son profesora de español en St jean d’ Angely cerca de La Rochelle en Francia. Este año , con la covid me parece difícil organizar un viaje a España para mis alumnos. Me gustaría hacer un intercambio de cartas o de mail ( a ver con zoom) con clases en España. Tengo dos clases de 5 eme ( primero de eso) con 22 y 15 alumnos , una clase de 4 eme ( segundo de eso) con 21 alumnos y dos clases de 3ème ( tercero de eso) con 12 y 17 alumnos.
Muchas gracias por las respuestas.

modify delete 128331 - from Brahim184 (Tunisia) - 2020-09-20
Middle school - "correspondance scolaire"

Bonjour, je suis un enseignant de Français, j'ai une classe de 7ème année (12-13ans) (l'équivalent de 5ème en France); Je souhaiterais faire une correspondance avec des élèves français. L'idée est d'encourager les élèves à apprendre la langue et découvrir d'autres cultures.

modify delete 128323 - from Mathilde55 (France) - 2020-09-17
Middle school - "Correspondance élèves d'occitan - élèves suédois - Correspondance France-Suède"


Je suis professeur d'occitan dans un collège à Tarbes, dans les Hautes-Pyrénées. Cette année avec mon groupe de 3ème-4ème, nous travaillons autour de Bernadotte, le Béarnais devenu Roi de Suède. Je souhaite en effet, faire découvrir et mettre en valeur notre histoire commune.

Pour plus d'informations, merci de m'écrire :

128323 -
modify delete 128420 - Reply from madeleine179 (Burkina Faso) - 2020-10-11

Nous avons vu votre annonce et nous sommes interréssés. Merci de nous écrire à : whatsApp 0022677975737

modify delete 128315 - from rhania176 (France) - 2020-09-16
Middle school - "correspondants anglophones pour élèves français"

Je recherche des correspondants anglophones( langue maternelle) pour mes élèves de 3ème euro. Je suis professeur d'anglais dans un collège du Val d'Oise.
J'ai 23 élèves de 13/14 ans qui seraient ravis de correspondre par lettre. Il s'agirait pour mes élèves d'écrire en anglais en réponse aux lettres écrites en français/anglais à définir selon vos objectifs.
N'hésitez pas
a très vite

modify delete 128279 - from Mathilde171 (France) - 2020-09-10
Middle school - "Correspondance Suède France"

Adishatz ( Bonjour )

Je suis professeur d'occitan dans un collège du Sud de la France et je recherche des correspondants suédois pour mes élèves car nous allons travailler sur Bernadotte.

A lèu ( A bientôt )

modify delete 128255 - from Marion18 (France) - 2020-09-08
Middle school - "Looking for Englishspeaking penpals (13-14 years old)"

Hello, I teach English in France and my class aged between 13 and 14 would love to write and exchange videos with students from another country.
Thank you !

128255 -
modify delete 128423 - Reply from madeleine179 (Burkina Faso) - 2020-10-11

Nous avons vu votre annonce et nous sommes interréssés. Merci de nous écrire à : whatsApp 0022677975737

modify delete 128254 - from Laurent58 (France) - 2020-09-08
Middle school - "Looking for middle schools in Europe to compare our school systems"

I am looking for some schools to work with and to exchange various documents between our pupils to discover new cultures and other school systems.
I want to make my pupils aged 12 to 14 take part to this project for a year.
Thank you for your answers.

modify delete 128250 - from Laetitia231 (France) - 2020-09-07
Middle school - "Looking for pen pals anywhere in the world"

I’m an English teacher in Niort, in France. I am looking for pen pals for my « 4eme » class to send e-mails or letters in English to pupils anywhere in the world! My 28 pupils are 13/14 years old.
Please send me an e-mail if you’re interested.
Best regards

128250 -
modify delete 128280 - Reply from Kat49 (USA) - 2020-09-11

I teach Language Arts to 13 and 14 year-olds in Austin, Texas. I would love to expand their cultural horizons and connect them with students in France through email correspondence. On a personal note, I LOVE France. I have visited several times and my daughter lives in Lyon!

modify delete 128220 - from Sophie138 (France) - 2020-09-02
Middle school - "Looking for Irish penpals"

I am an English teacher in a lovely town in Brittany. I am looking for Irish penpals for a one of my classes. They are 13-14 years old (a group of 22 pupils). Maybe we could even organise an exchange in the future. Thank you.

modify delete 128177 - from Lucrezia69 (France) - 2020-08-26
Middle school - "Cerco corrispondenza con scuola media Italiana"

Buongiorno! Sono professoressa di italiano in Francia. Insegno in Savoia, dal 2017. I miei alunni hanno dagli 11 ai 14 anni. Vorrei instaurare una corrispondenza con una scuola media italiana, per l'anno scolastico 2020-2021, che comprenda invio di lettere, mail e videochiamate (se possibile).

Bonjour! Je suis professeur d'italien en France. J'enseigne en Savoie depuis l'année 2017. Mes élèves ont entre 11 et 14 ans. Je voudrais mettre en place une correspondance (échange de mails, lettres, appels vidéo si possible) avec un collège italien pour l'année scolaire 2020-2021.

128177 -
modify delete 128359 - Reply from Gianni170 (Italy) - 2020-09-28

Salve! Sono Gianni D'Amico e sono insegnante di lingua francese presso una scuola media di Venezia.
sarei interessato a far corrispondere i miei alunni di terza con i vostri alunni. Se possibile tramite videochiamata utilizzando la Lim in classe. Magari un incontro al mese o più.
Che ne pensa?
Forse anche via mail ma in questo caso avrei bisogno delle autorizzazioni delle famiglie. Non sarebbe comunque impossibile.
Che ne peensa.
Gianni D'Amico

128177 -
modify delete 128247 - Reply from elisabetta53 (Italy) - 2020-09-06

Bonjour, je suis prof de français en Italie. Je cherche des correspondants pour mes éléves de collège.

128177 -
modify delete 128205 - Reply from Mahomed180 (Burkina Faso) - 2020-08-30

Salut.J'ai vu votre annonce.Je suis un enseignant vivant au Burkina , je parle un peu l'italien et je voudrais correspondre avec vous pour améliorer mon italien.
Je suis impatient d'avoir votre réponse.

modify delete 128153 - from Rhania176 (France) - 2020-08-21
Middle school - "Lookinf for English penpals for my French Studentq"

Hi everyone!
I teach English in a French middle-school.
I'm looking for English penpals for my students aged 13/14( year 10) for the upcoming school year ( from September 2020 to May 2021).
It would be great for my students to exchange with British students through letters or emails.

If you're interested send an email to:
Look forward to hearing from you!

128153 -
modify delete 128206 - Reply from Mahomed180 (Burkina Faso) - 2020-08-30

Hi Dear Rhania,I'm Mahomed a Maths
teacher living in Burkina Faso and I like a lot English.I would like to have correspondance with you to improve my English skills.

128153 -
modify delete 128154 - Reply from rhania176 (France) - 2020-08-21

A few mistakes in the title " Looking for English penpals for French students" Sorry.

modify delete 128144 - from marta197 (Switzerland) - 2020-08-19
Middle school - "je cherche dans la SUISSE ROMANDE une classe pour échanger des lettres"

Salut, je cherche dans la SUISSE ROMANDE une classe pour échanger des lettres. Mes élèves écrivent les lettres en Français et votre classe en Allemand. Notre école est publique, secondaire et dans le Canton de Zurich. Les élèves doivent avoir entre 12-13 ans. On peut considérer des rencontres en Suisse pour faire la conaissance. Vous êtes bienvenue chez nous à Zurich.

128144 -
modify delete 128242 - Reply from nadia233 (France) - 2020-09-05

Je suis professeure de français en France. Nous pourrions correspondre en français uniquement. Je ne sais pas si cela t'intéresse...
Bonne journée

modify delete 128127 - from camille198 (France) - 2020-08-15
Middle school - "Recherche correspondants hispanophones"

Hola a todos,

Soy Camila, profesora de español en una isla francesa que se sitúa al sureste de Africa y que se llama isla de la Reunión. Enseño a adolescentes en un colegio tienen entre 11 y 16 años y sería un sueño encontrar a correspondientes hispanohablantes para intercambiar por cartas, mail...
Si te interesa, enviame un mensaje!

Hasta pronto


128127 -
modify delete 128382 - Reply from Montserrat 215 (Mexico) - 2020-10-03

Hola Camila, tengo un grupo pequeño de 7 alumnos de 11 a 15 años, toman clases de francés nivel A1. Nosotros nos encontramos en México. Te interesa?

modify delete 128099 - from Delphine136 (France) - 2020-08-09
Middle school - "Looking for penpals from the UK"

I'm a middle school English teacher from France and I'm looking for British penpals to improve my students writing and understanding skills in English. The idea would be for our pupils to exchange emails, videos, audio recordings to first get to know each other better (that would be sometime in September), then to speak or write about what they usually have for breakfast (sometime in October/November) , then in December what they usually do over Christmas etc... This project would be a long-term project that would run from the end of September 2020 to April/May 2021. Who's on board? Please contact me at if you are! Thanks.

modify delete 128076 - from Bruno120 (France) - 2020-08-06
Middle school - "Projet européen"

Je recherche un (ou des) collège (s) européen (s) pour développer un projet sur les couleurs de l'Europe en géographie et en arts avec des élèves de 4ème de de 3ème.

modify delete 128071 - from Bénédikte6 (France) - 2020-08-05
Middle school - "Middle School: French students/ English-speaking students"


I'm Bénédikte, an English teacher in a collège (middle school) in Montauban. It's a town in the south-west of France. I teach pupils (11-12 and 13-14 years old).

I'd be interested in a snailmail exchange with one (or why not,several?) English-speaking class(es) of the same ages, and if possible, in meeting one another on Skype (or any other platform: I know students get very excited about the experience !)

If any Irish teachers are interested, I plan to work a little on Irish history with my 13-14 year-olds this year (Irish Independence anniversary !!), but any other English-speaking country would be just AWESOME !

We could learn about one another's schools, one another's cultures, send one another photos, postcards, or even little gifts... but we'll talk about all this, of course!

You can e-mail me at :

Thanks a lot, take good care,


128071 -
modify delete 128141 - Reply from Diane10 (Jamaica) - 2020-08-19

Hi, I am a teacher of Engish in Jamaica. I teach high school students ages 11-15. I am very interested in having my students linking and communicating with other students across the world. I believe this exercise will widen their experience and contibute to the development of their creative expressions.

modify delete 128069 - from Angèle10 (Switzerland) - 2020-08-02
Middle school - "Correspondance en Suisse"

Je suis enseignante en Suisse. Je recherche des correspondants ( en français) pour des élèves entre 12 et 14 ans (qui ont des difficultés scolaires). Nous sommes environ 15 élèves . Nous désirons découvrir d'autres régions, cultures et écoles.
Notre projet d'échange se fera sur 2 mois ( septembre - octobre) .
Merci d'avance pour vos réponses

128069 -
modify delete 128426 - Reply from Gianni D'Amico171 (Italy) - 2020-10-11

Bonjour. Je serais intéressé. Je suis prof de fle dns un collège de Venise.
J'attends de vos nouvelles.

128069 -
modify delete 128200 - Reply from Losseny232 (Ivory Coast) - 2020-08-30

Bonjour je suis interesse par ton projet.J'attends ta reponse avec impatience.

128069 -
modify delete 128075 - Reply from Sarah167 (France) - 2020-08-06

Une correspondance en français m'intéresse. Je travaille dans un collège à Perpignan (France) et j'ai des également des élèves de 13-14 ayant des difficultés (SEGPA).
Ce projet pourrait être riche. Seul petit problème, la période d'échange me paraît compliquée, serait-il possible de le faire sur novembre-décembre ? Si ça t'intéresse, n'hésite pas !


modify delete 128050 - from Alecio224 (France) - 2020-07-27
Middle school - "Middle School Penpals from anywhere in the world"


My name is Alecio and I'm an English teacher in a collège in Northern France, teaching pupils from 12 to 15 years old. I am looking for a simple and informal cultural exchange in English on a free virtual platform (Padlet, Drive, you name it...) with any class in the world to let pupils introduce themselves in English, talk about their school, their favourite singers, post pictures of their timetables, etc.

If you are interested in running such an exchange in the coming 2019-20 school year, please e-mail me at :

Thank you !

modify delete 128030 - from Magali12 (France) - 2020-07-19
Middle school - "Looking for penpals - Recherches des correspondants"

I teach English in a secondary school and I'm looking for penpals from a middle school for my students. Next year ,I will teach 8th and 9 th grades but I also look after a penpal club which meets once a week.The students are very motivated by the English language and the culture. They're aged 12-15.There are usually about 15 et 20 students in the club.We love writing , sending cards , postcards and cultural documents, well sharing our culture and learn about another culture. We're looking for a school to work with. We would like to communicate regularly.
Here's my mail address:
We're looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards

modify delete 128026 - from Anna Maria23 (France) - 2020-07-18
Middle school - "Cerco una classe italiana di terza media per scambio linguistico"

Sono una docente d'italiano in una scuola media francese, vicinissima a Lione, Francia.Cerco una classe di terza media che abbia il francese come prima o seconda lingua per effettuare uno scambio linguistico: ricevere gli alunni italiani nella nostra città e nella nostra scuola e allo stesso modo dare la possibilità ai miei alunni di conoscere dal vivo la mia meravigliosa terra italiana.Il progetto è previsto per la primavera 2021 per la durata di una settimana circa.Non esitate a contattarmi, i miei alunni sono molto appassionati dell'Italia e dell'italiano e vorrei tanto portare a termine questo progetto.

128026 -
modify delete 128369 - Reply from Gianni170 (Italy) - 2020-09-30

Salve. Sono un insegnante di francese presso una scuola media di Mestre. Molto interessante la proposta didattica dello scambio. In realt, vista l'emergenza Covid, cercherei uno scambio di tipo virtuale (chat. mail, Webcam usando la Lim nelle classi).
Che ne pensa? Mi piacerebbe realizzare questo progetto con le mie due terze.
Attendo sue notizie.
Gianni D'Amico

modify delete 127995 - from thibaut50 (France) - 2020-07-07
Middle school - "Pen pals for French students"

Hello ! I am an English teacher based in Nantes (France). My 18 students (14 years old) will be thrilled if we find English, American, Canadian, Australian... students to talk with (either by mail, letters, skype). My students will speak in English and yours in French.
If you are interested, please send me a message :

Best regards

modify delete 127989 - from Zoe130 (USA) - 2020-07-05
Middle school - "Cherchant des penpals"

Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Zoe et je suis prof de français aux États-Unis. Je cherche un/e prof d'anglais dans un pays francophone qui veut échanger des mails avec mes élèves. J'aurais environs 300 élèves, entre 11 et 13 ans, débutants. Je pense que ça serait excellent faire une échange culturel et pratiquer lire et écrire en anglais et français.
J’attends votre réponse !

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modify delete 128521 - Reply from marie nivet195 (France) - 2020-11-24 >> NEW

Bonjour, je suis professeur d'anglais en France dans un petit collège de montagne avec une section snowboard et ton projet e plait! Je te propose 34 élèves niveau A2 pour correspondre en snail si possible ( pour les timbres!) Tien moi au courant!

127989 -
modify delete 128329 - Reply from Katherine169 (France) - 2020-09-20

Bonjour Zoe,
I am a 5th grade EFL teacher looking for penpals for my 18 students. We are located in Paris. Perhaps you would be interested in corresponding?

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modify delete 128158 - Reply from Sébastien170 (France) - 2020-08-23

Bonjour Zoé,

Je recherche également une correspondance scolaire pour mes 22 élèves de CM1/CM2 (9-10 ans) et votre projet m'intéresse. Nous sommes dans une école du Nord de la France.

A bientôt peut-être !

127989 -
modify delete 128017 - Reply from Elizabeth169 (France) - 2020-07-15

Bonjour Zoe,
Je suis professeur d'anglais dans l'est de la France (près du Luxembourg), et j'aurai une classe d'élèves de 6ème (11-12 ans) à la rentrée. Nous serons ravis de correspondre avec vous!

127989 -
modify delete 128004 - Reply from Carole100 (France) - 2020-07-10

Bonjour Zoé,
Je suis professeure d'anglais dans un collège en France (à Mâcon au nord de Lyon) et mes élèves seraient ravis de communiquer avec des élèves américains. J'aurai 170 élèves à la rentrée de septembre.
Si vous êtes intéressée, écrivez-moi à
Merci et à bientôt

modify delete 127983 - from Mariano166 (New Caledonia) - 2020-07-04
Middle school - "Collège à Poindimié en Nouvelle Calédonie cherche correspondants"


Somos una escuela secundaria (chicos entre 12 y 15 años), que busca tener correspondencia en español y / o en francés con chicos de otras escuelas,

127983 -
modify delete 128384 - Reply from Montserrat215 (Mexico) - 2020-10-03

J'ai un groupe 7 enfants de 11 a 15 ans, ils Sony en traían d'apprendre le francais niveau débutant. Nous sommes au Mexique, Nous pourrions faire un échange Français-espagnol!

127983 -
modify delete 128002 - Reply from luis231 (Peru) - 2020-07-10

Hello my name is Luis and I live in Peru And I speak Spanish very well and I also look for help in English ... THANK YOU

modify delete 127878 - from adama sankara179 (Burkina Faso) - 2020-06-18
Middle school - "president association cherche des correspondants au canada ou europe"

bonjour je suis président de l’association action Faso facile du Burkina Faso cherche des correspondant pour mon association école ou association .

127878 -
modify delete 128131 - Reply from Lene243 (Norway) - 2020-08-18

Bonjour, je suis enseignant en Norvège. Mes etudiants cherchent des correspondents dans un pays africain. Mais - ils ecrivent en anglais. Est-ce possible?

127878 -
modify delete 127901 - Reply from Vanessa65 (France) - 2020-06-19


Quel type de correspondants cherchez-vous ? De quels âges ?

modify delete 127861 - from ANNE88 (France) - 2020-06-12
Middle school - "correspondance en français"

Je suis enseignante en français, latin et grec ancien. J'anime aussi un atelier théâtre chorale. Je prévois un voyage en Grèce continentale en mars-avril 2021 (Athènes, Olympie, Epidaure, Delphes). J'aurais souhaité établir une correspondance avec une classe grecque pour mes élèves : 13 élèves en 5ème (12-13 ans) , 27 élèves en 4ème (13-14 ans), 12 élèves en 3ème (14-15 ans).
Nous pourrions correspondre par mail, lettre, par visio-conférence, et se rencontrer peut-être sur place!
Dans l'attente de vos réponses,
Anne Vogt

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