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modify delete 128774 - from Lucille141 (France) - 2021-02-17
High school - "Looking for pen pals in an English speaking country"

Hi everyone!
I'm a motivated French teacher in the East of France and I'm looking for a French teacher in an English speaking country. I would like my (50) students around 13-14 to have a chance to exchange letters with pen pals every one or two month :)

modify delete 128732 - from Frank78 (Tanzania) - 2021-02-10
High school - "Looking for English pan pals for our students"

We are looking to establish a pen pals partnership for our school in Tanzania (East Africa, in case you are wondering!) who are in their Secondary school education studies at our school in Form 1-4 classes.

They are aged 14-18++. They are all trying to learn English as a second (foreign) language. It is very important that they understand English as all their subjects but one are taught in English.

They would appreciate a pen pals program with other English speaking students, or those learning as them. Our school serves students from disadvantaged families of our community. We are a small growing school but we have a good internet so we can sometimes do Skype calls as well.

128732 -
modify delete 128814 - Reply from Frank78 (Tanzania) - 2021-03-01 >> NEW

Hi Rebecca, I sent you an email.

128732 -
modify delete 128759 - Reply from Rebecca225 (USA) - 2021-02-16

I know you are a high school, but please see below if you have any younger students at your school or neighboring school that would like to write with my 9-11 year old students.
Hi. I am a 4th and 5th grade GT teacher in Charleston, South Carolina in the USA. I teach academically gifted 4th & 5th graders (9-11 years old). We are reading the novels A Long Walk to Water and I Will Always Write Back. We would love to have penapals and learn about where they live and the similarities and differences in their lives and ours. I think this year with the global pandemic and our studies of the global water crisis it would be so amazing for my students to connect with other students around the world. We are open to writing letters and mailing them traditionally or sharing emails and communicating that way as well. Please contact me if you would be interested in being our penpals!

128732 -
modify delete 128757 - Reply from Cristina120 (Spain) - 2021-02-16

Hi there,
I'm Cristina, I'm teaching English to Soanish students, they would like to meet other students using internet calls during our English sessions. I don't know if that fits in your proposal.
Keep in contact,

modify delete 128713 - from Sylwia173 (Poland) - 2021-02-08
High school - "Correspondence"

We are a secondary school in Warsaw, Poland and we are looking for students who would like to correspond with our school. We are looking for people aged 13-20 to exchange information on daily life issues by e-mail. Are you interested in cooperation from March to May?

128713 -
modify delete 128789 - Reply from Alla114 (Ukraine) - 2021-02-24

We are a professional lyceum from Ukraine. We are ready to coppespond with you. We are interested in communication into English. We are aged from 12 to 19. If you want to do this, write for email

128713 -
modify delete 128722 - Reply from Frank78 (Tanzania) - 2021-02-10

Hi! I am writing from a school called KIWOCE/Kilimahewa located in Moshi, Tanzania (East Africa in case you are wondering!).

This is a Secondary education school (we adopted the British system). Our students are in Form 1 to Form 4 classes. They are both learning English as a second language together with other subjects. It is very important for them to understand English as other subjects are in English. They are usually aged 14-19. We are really looking for a school with which our students can write to each other, as a way to help them improve their English but also get some sense of diversity that is in this world.

Our school serves students from disadvantaged families in our community.

Please let me know if this works. Frank Whatsapp: +255767015533

modify delete 128678 - from FADİME 244 (Turkey) - 2021-01-24
High school - "Looking for native speakers in English"

I am an English Language Teacher at a high school from Turkey. I have 22 students who want to practice their English with native speaker friends. They are 14-17 years old. They are open to learning new cultures. If you would like to be our pen pals, we will be so glad. My contact address:

modify delete 128617 - from Övgü236 (Turkey) - 2020-12-28
High school - "Kozakçpal"

English teacher in Tuekey looking for penpals for her students

128617 -
modify delete 128699 - Reply from Victor.He10 (Chile) - 2021-02-02

hello,I understand that you are looking for pen PALS for your students.So,I want to be one of your students' pen PALS.I've never had a forign frind,I want to make frinds with you.I hope you can agree to my request,thank you.

modify delete 128590 - from Romain88 (France) - 2020-12-19
High school - "[HIGH-SCHOO] English teacher from France looking for English students"

Good evening everyone,

I am a French English Teacher and am looking to exchange letters, or organise activities with foreign native English-speaking students.
The class I'd like to do that projet with is about year 10 (15-16yo). They're quite alright and lovely. Everything will go well.

I'm used to exchanging letters, I just did so with a Canadian school for my older students. Now I would like to give them the same opportunity. They would love it. We could write in French or English.
They are about 32 students.

Thank you for your answer!

128590 -
modify delete 128608 - Reply from Ouatik225 (Canada) - 2020-12-25


Je suis enseignant à l’école secondaire André-Laurendeau à Saint-Hubert, au Québec (Canada). J’enseigne le cours de design, méthodologie et sciences. En ce moment, j’entame un projet d’écriture d’une carte de vœux numérique sur le logiciel CANVA et je souhaiterai avoir des élèves du même ages d’un autre pays francophone pour un éventuel échanges de récit sur des sujets d’actualité. Dans l’attente, je vous remercie pour votre disponibilité..
M. Ouatik

modify delete 128588 - from Zach87 (USA) - 2020-12-18
High school - "Les échanges culturelles, en vidéo / en Zoom"

Bonjour à toutes et à tous qui lisent ce message.

Je m'appelle Zach et je suis prof de français aux USA. J'ai des élèves qui apprennent le français, mais comme d'habitude, ils n'arrivent pas vraiment à parler français.

Ce que ce soit un échange entre des grands classes ou des petits groupes d'élèves, j'aimerais que les élèves ont la chance de parler avec des élèves en français et en anglais.

Mes élèves sont les élèves du lycée mais ils ne vont pas parler français trop bien. Quand-même, même en voyant les autres élèves réels du monde peut leur faire croire en ce qu'ils étudient.

Il y a environ 6h ou 7h de décalage entre la France et les États-Unis, mais on veut, quand-même, une opportunité pour partager juste des conversations.

Les conversations ne vont pas être trop élégants mais même des petits échanges de "comment tu t'appelles" ou "tu as quel âge" seraient vraiment bien pour les élèves. Mes élèves ne savent pas trop faire beaucoup... Des trucs *très* à la base (les numéros/chiffres, l'alphabet, je m'appelle, etc.)...

Mais si mes élèves font un échange je veux beaucoup que les élèves francophones soient du même âge, pour qu'ils puissent parler des trucs qui leurs intéressent.

Chaque élève de notre lycée a un iPad, et par consequence, ils peuvent facilement utiliser Zoom pour parler. J'aimerais beaucoup un prof qui peut aussi utiliser Zoom comme nous, ce que ça soit sur un ordinateur ou sur un iPad.

128588 -
modify delete 128773 - Reply from Luc23 (France) - 2021-02-17

Hello Zach,
I am Luc, I teach English in a high school about 150kms from Paris.
I am really interested in your proposition. I am currently looking for English speaking students for my students. They are part of a special course entitled "Euro class", they have extra English lesson to broaden their understanding of the world and improve their English.
Just like your students, they need practice.
As you pointed out, time difference is a bit challenging but we can figure it out, these kids are motivated (that's why they are part of this course)
If you are still interested in the project, let me know.

128588 -
modify delete 128616 - Reply from Delormas154 (Ivory Coast) - 2020-12-27

Bonjour Zach.
Je suis intéressé par votre projet de correspondance de classe. J'enseigne dans un lycée de jeunes filles, en Côte d'Ivoire. Nous pourrions definir les détails de cette activité par courriel. Voici mon email:
Best regards,

modify delete 128580 - from Géraldine 200 (France) - 2020-12-17
High school - "starting a correspondence"

I am a French teacher teaching English in a lycee in a small town in Occitanie ,not far from Toulouse. I'm looking for some native English speakers in order to exchange letters and mails with my two classes of 22 and 23 students in "seconde" . They are 15 years old and would be happy to make new friends abroad.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested!

modify delete 128571 - from Andreia48 (Portugal) - 2020-12-13
High school - "New friends for interculturality"

I'm a teacher at a Portuguese school and I work with eight grade students, aged 13-15. We are working on a project on interculturality, where students want to make friends all over the world.
We would like to communicate with students in English and Spanish.
The goals are:
- to learn about another country (culture, habits, customs, traditions, places, food...);
- to share some facts about our country;
- to get to know other children (likes, dislikes, dreams, hobbies, ...) and look for similarities and differences.
If you are interested, please send me an e-mail to so that our students can start to know each other.
Best regards

128571 -
modify delete 128783 - Reply from Andreia48 (Portugal) - 2021-02-21

My students have had English for some years now, so they are more advanced. I appreciate the attention but I wanted a little more advanced students.
Thank you anyway.
Andreia Luís

128571 -
modify delete 128780 - Reply from Emmanuelle241 (France) - 2021-02-20

Hello Andreia,
I am Emmanuelle, an English teacher in a college in a small town in the South East of France near St Tropez. I'm looking for some penfriends in order to exchange English letters with my class of 26 pupils(12 years old) . They would be very happy to make new friends . They have been learning English for only 2 years
Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested!
See you soon !

modify delete 128559 - from Nikolas198 (USA) - 2020-12-07
High school - "American classroom looking for French-speaking penpals!"

Bonjour, bonsoir,

Je m'appelle Nikolas, je suis professeur de français à un lycée aux Etats-Unis. Je cherche un·e professeur·e dans un pays francophone qui enseigne l'anglais afin d'organiser une correspondance entre nos classes. S'il vous plaît, écrivez-moi un mail à l'adresse suivant si vous vous y intéresseriez:

Merci !


128559 -
modify delete 128751 - Reply from Nikté148 (Guatemala) - 2021-02-16

Hola mi nombre es Nikte tengo 16 años soy del pais de Guatemala mi mayor sueño es estudiar en los Estados unidos seguir mis estudios alli y luego lograr mi mayor objetivo que es ingresar a la Universidad de Havard espero su apoyo en mi pais no hay oportunidades para crees cree en mi the light in my life

modify delete 128470 - from Laura145 (USA) - 2020-11-01
High school - "Looking for Arab School in Arab Country for Pen Pal Project"

Hello. I am a leader of an Arab Culture Club at my school in the United States of America. Our club focuses on Middle East / North Africa. We are looking to start a Pen Pal project with another school in an Arab Country. We would have about 5-12 Students between the ages of 12-18. We can exchange letters monthly. All emails/letters would be in english. We would love to learn more about Arab culture and share American culture as well. If you are a teacher at an Arab school in an Arab country, and you are interested, please respond. Thank you!

modify delete 128456 - from fadime 162 (Turkey) - 2020-10-25
High school - "english speaking students for my high school grade students."

l'm an English teacher. l have 14- 18 -year - old students. They want to improve their English. If you want to be our penpals, please contact me.

128456 -
modify delete 128536 - Reply from Vera163 (Ukraine) - 2020-12-01

Hello Fedime! I am a school teacher from Ukraine, it is so difficult to find penpals!My students are 14-15 they want to exchange the emails and videos or organise video conferences.If you are interested please write back.

128456 -
modify delete 128461 - Reply from Amanda212 (USA) - 2020-10-26


My name is Amanda Durell, I am a speech/language pathologist in Massachusetts, USA. We are looking for penpals for our students to email and video chat. They are working on social skills and writing. We have 7 students between the ages of 13 and 20. Let me know if you would like to talk more!


modify delete 128363 - from Ghislaine23 (France) - 2020-09-29
High school - "looking for English-speaking 15/ 16 / 17 YO students"

I'm an English teacher from Burgundy, France. I am looking for penpals for my 10th grade students (16 Y-O). They are fluent in English and willing to learn about new cultures.

Our long-lasting exchange with a MA High School near Boston has come to an end - my American colleague just retired - and I'm currently looking for a replacement :). I

We don't mind the country as long as the students are about the same age as ours and they can speak English and are interested in learning about French culture and traditions.

Feel free to ask for more details if you are interested.

128363 -
modify delete 128495 - Reply from imelda68 (Kenya) - 2020-11-16

what age do you mean

128363 -
modify delete 128393 - Reply from Kamilah178 (Canada) - 2020-10-06

Hello !

I'm a student from Canada and i would really like to help you. I'm also 16 so it would be great ! Je parle aussi français si c'est pertinent, je viens du Québec !

modify delete 128352 - from léonore169 (France) - 2020-09-26
High school - "cherche correspondants italiens"

je suis professeur d'italien lv3 dans un lycée de la région parisienne , mes élèves ont entre 15 et 18 ans et je souhaite mettre en place une correspondance avec un lycée italien pour cette année scolaire 2020/2021.
n'hésitez pas à me contacter
à très bientôt

modify delete 128342 - from amandine162 (France) - 2020-09-23
High school - "looking for a e-partnership with an English group of students"


My name is Amandine, I'm an English teacher in France ( Limoges) and I'm looking for a group of students aged between 14 and 16( with their teacher!!) living in England who would be willing to start an email exchange.
Would you like to become our partners??

Thanks for your reply


modify delete 128313 - from Dolores192 (Spain) - 2020-09-16
High school - "Correspondance et échanges virtuels avec Barcelone"

¡Hola! Je m'appelle Dolores et je recherche une classe pour correspondre avec la mienne de 4º de ESO (=2e) dans un lycée tout près de Barcelone.
Idéalement des étudiants d'Espagnol en France, mais cela peut être une classe d'étudiants de français dans un autre pays...
L'objectif, c'est de parler a quelqu'un de réel autour des sujets travaillés en cours et faire ensemble ou échanger de petites tâches et projets, à travers les lettres/e-mails, vidéos, padlet, diaporamas...; j'en ai une batterie que j'ai utilisé d'autres années et aussi pour mes projets eTwinning.
Nous avons fait aussi des voyages et des échanges, mais avec le covid-19 :-(, je mise seulement sur ce projet de correspondance.
Alors, si vous voulez qu'on travaille ensemble, j'attends votre réponse.
¡Saludos, hasta pronto!,

128313 -
modify delete 128334 - Reply from Karèle159 (France) - 2020-09-22

Je suis intéressée par cette annonce. J'ai deux classes de Seconde : des français apprenant l'espagnol.
Ce serait super si nous pouvions entrer en contact.

A bientôt.


modify delete 128311 - from Margaret236 (France) - 2020-09-16
High school - "looking for 2 Australian students for mail exchanges"

I'm French but have been an English teacher for years. Now I 've retired but still have students from high school to help them and work as an independent teacher.I had an exchange with a High school in Victoria for several years and I've also contacted former teachers. I have two of them who would love to start pen pals writing with two Australian girls, they're 15 years ols and attend year 10. If anyone is interested please contact me at :


modify delete 128307 - from Cristina78 (France) - 2020-09-15
High school - "Correspondence"

Hola, soy Cristina, trabajo en un instituto cerca de Barcelona, busco profes que quieran hacer intercambios francés-español o alumnos de cualquier país que quieran practicar el inglés.

Mis alumnos tienen entre 14 y 18 años. Espero muchos mensajes de profes que quieran hacer cosas chulas. Mandadme ideas!


modify delete 128306 - from Cristina78 (France) - 2020-09-15
High school - "Correspondence"

Hola, soy Cristina, trabajo en un instituto cerca de Barcelona, busco profes que quieran hacer intercambios francés-español o alumnos de cualquier país que quieran practicar el inglés.

Mis alumnos tienen entre 14 y 18 años. Espero muchos mensajes de profes que quieran hacer cosas chulas. Mandadme ideas!


modify delete 128292 - from Sitti122 (Mayotte) - 2020-09-13
High school - "Correspondance avec l'Espagne"

J'enseigne l'espagnol à Mayotte et je cherche à correspondre avec l'Espagne. Mes élèves sont en seconde et ont entre 14 et 16 ans. Ils sont 34.
Si vous êtes intéressé par la correspondance avec Mayotte contactez-moi.

A bientôt!

modify delete 128278 - from Maria del Pilar229 (France) - 2020-09-10
High school - "Correspondencia"

Soy profesora de español en Ploërmel(Francia).Me encantaría que mis alumnos (15-16 años) pudieran corresponder con alumnos españoles o latinoamericanos.
Un saludo.

128278 -
modify delete 128304 - Reply from Cristina78 (Spain) - 2020-09-15

si no has encontrado alumnos yo tengo un grupo de alumnos de 16-17 años que aprenden francés con los que podríamos practicar también.

128278 -
modify delete 128296 - Reply from Assumpta230 (Spain) - 2020-09-15

Hola Pilar,

Soy Assumpta Meseguer, profesora de Francés en un colegio de Valencia. Tengo un grup de alumnos muy reducido (7 personas). Podríamos ayudaros a practicar en castellano y vosotros ayudarnos con francés. ¿Qué te parece? Escríbeme un correo si te interesa la propuesta, ok?


modify delete 128258 - from Marta126 (Spain) - 2020-09-08
High school - "Correspondants 12-16 ans"


Je cherche des classes de collège ou lycée qui apprennent l'espagnol pour correspondre ou faire des projets collaboratifs en utilisant les outils numériques en espagnol et/ou en français.

J'ai plus de 100 élèves de 11-12 ans qui commencent l'apprentissage du français et 45 apprenants de 14-16 ans qui ont un niveau A2-B1.

À bientôt!

128258 -
modify delete 128702 - Reply from Melanie122 (France) - 2021-02-05

Je suis intéressée. J’ai des débutants en espagnols qui ont 12 ans, également des élèves de 15-16 ans qui ont un niveau A2 - B1.
Je suis davantage intéressée pour le collège

128258 -
modify delete 128611 - Reply from Ouatik225 (Canada) - 2020-12-25


Je suis enseignant à l’école secondaire André-Laurendeau à Saint-Hubert, au Québec (Canada). J’enseigne le cours de design, méthodologie et sciences. En ce moment, j’entame un projet d’écriture d’une carte de vœux numérique sur le logiciel CANVA et je souhaiterai avoir des élèves du même ages d’un autre pays francophone pour un éventuel échanges de récit sur des sujets d’actualité. Dans l’attente, je vous remercie pour votre disponibilité..
M. Ouatik

128258 -
modify delete 128291 - Reply from sitti122 (Mayotte) - 2020-09-13

Bonjour Marta,
je suis professeure d'espagnol dans un lycée situé à Mayotte, département Français de l'outre mer. Je cherche à correspondre avec des lycéens espagnols. J'ai une classe de 34 élèves de 14 et 15 ans et qui ont le niveau A2+ et allant vers B1.
Si vous cherchez toujours une classe pour correspondre, et si travailler avec l'outre mer vous parait intéressant contactez-moi.
A bientôt!

modify delete 128249 - from Ryan 31 (USA) - 2020-09-07
High school - "Epals in Wyoming"

I have been teaching Spanish 25 years in Burlington, WY, USA. I have about 50 students, ages 13-17 that would like to communicate with Spanish speaking students. They are mostly at the Spanish 1 and 2 levels. They are excited about communicating in Spanish by writing, speaking, and creating friendships with classrooms that are also learning English or Spanish. We could e-mail, video chat, or use snail-mail. Let us know!

128249 -
modify delete 128596 - Reply from Silvia47 (Italy) - 2020-12-20

Hola, soy profesora de español en un instituto del Norte de Italia. Tengo cuatro clases de estudiantes entre 14 y 18 años (más o menos 100 alumnos) que necesitan practicar y al mismo tiempo abrirse a nuevas culturas. Seguro les encantaría conocer a estudiantes de español de otros países. Si te interesa escríbeme, estudiaremos alguna actividad.

128249 -
modify delete 128462 - Reply from rocio67 (Peru) - 2020-10-27

Hello, my name is Rocio I´m from Peru. I would like to help your students. I want to learn English. I think I can learn teaching SPANISH

modify delete 128241 - from Jihène145 (France) - 2020-09-05
High school - "French students of 12 looking for penpals from the Commonwealth"

Hello! I am an English teacher from France and I have a group of 25 12-year-old students looking for penpals from the UK.
My students have a beginner's level in English (A1-A2) so I would love for them to discover the countries of the Commonwealth through the eyes of other teenagers. Corresponding would be part of a unit to discover the UK and the Commonwealth, and to learn how to introduce themselves to others.

You have my email in case you are interested :)

modify delete 128219 - from caroline128 (France) - 2020-09-02
High school - "correspondance entre jeunes agriculteurs"

Je dispense l'anglais dans une école agricole et je recherche pour ma classe de seconde (jeunes agés de 14 à 16 ans) une classe américaine étudiant dans l'agriculture afin de pouvoir échanger avec eux par mail, scape...sur les différentes cultures et pourquoi les methodes de travail.
thank you very much.

modify delete 128204 - from Mahomed180 (Burkina Faso) - 2020-08-30
High school - "Recherche de correspondants enseignants"

Je suis un enseignant de Mathématiques vivant au Burkina et parlant l'italien et l'anglais,je voudrais correspondre avec des enseignants pour échange d'experience professionnelle et culturel

modify delete 128189 - from Emmanuelle119 (France) - 2020-08-29
High school - "Looking for penfriends from UK/The USA/Canada/Australia"

Hello !
I teach English in a French high school in the South East of France near Nice; I'm looking for English penfriends for my pupils aged 11/12(year 7) (about 26 pupils).We could exchange through letters or emails . If you are from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the Bristish Isles it would be wonderful !
See you soon,

modify delete 128167 - from Joanna241 (Poland) - 2020-08-25
High school - "High school students looking for friends"

Soy profesora de español en una escuela secundaria en Polonia. Nos gustaría organizar una correspondencia en inglés y español (cartas, e-mails, postales, proyectos, películas, videollamadas, etc.) con mis alumnos de 15-19 años. Somos una escuela que se encuentra en el norte de Polonia- Gdañsk, en una ciudad marítima, antigua, muy preciosa con muchas zonas verdes, lagos, bosques y parques. En nuestro centro los alumnos tienen la oportunidad de aprender- el inglés, español, alemán y otros idiomas. ¡Estamos abiertos a cada forma de colaboración!
I am a high school Spanish teacher in Poland. We would like to organize a correspondence in English and Spanish (letters, e-mails, postcards, projects, movies, videoconference, etc.) with my students from 15-19 years. We are a school located in northern Poland Gdańsk, in a beautiful sea with many green areas, ancient city, lakes, forests and parks. In our center, students have the opportunity to learn-English, Spanish, German and other languages. We are open to every form of cooperation!

modify delete 128166 - from Lo127 (Puerto Rico) - 2020-08-24
High school - "Puerto Ricans PEN PALS (in PR or abroad)"

I am an English teacher working in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, France. I teach English to 10th and 11th graders and most of our students learn Spanish as well. My curriculum usually tackles issued related to the US and this year Puerto Rico (I did spend some time on la Isla del Encanto when I was younger and love the island and its bilingual culture).
I am interested in starting a penpal project with Puerto Ricans high school students whether in PR or abroad so we can discuss our topics and get some authentic testimonies!
Opening up to other parts of the world is the key element to live together.
Read you soon! ¡Ojala podemos coïncidir!

128166 -
modify delete 128575 - Reply from Isy176 (USA) - 2020-12-16

Looking for a snail Mail pal or 2 for my 9th grade daughter. Speaks English but is learning Spanish also.

modify delete 128074 - from D234 (Hawaii (USA)) - 2020-08-05
High school - "High School Special Education Students looking for global friends!"

Aloha! I am a high school teacher in Beautiful Hawaii. I teach Special Education students who would like to correspond with High School students around the world.

Please contact me to see what we can come up with to benefit our students.

128074 -
modify delete 128365 - Reply from Amanda 212 (USA) - 2020-09-29

I am a speech/language pathologist at a private special education school in Massachusetts. We are looking for pen pals for our students, preferably video chat and email. We are open to special or regular education schools, anywhere in the world, but students will need to speak fluent English.

128074 -
modify delete 128164 - Reply from Lo127 (France) - 2020-08-24

I moved back to France a while ago - after teaching in CA for quite some time. Now I'm teaching English in the beautiful city of Bordeaux and am looking for penpals for my high school students (10th and 11th graders + an advanced English-level group). Groups vary between 27 to 35 students.
I'd love my students to open up to other English speaking countries particularly in the Pacific area. My curriculum often tackles issues specific to the USA (question of identities and integration, and the upcoming election of course!). If interested, please contact me so we can talk about the profile of your students, the overall academic level, as well as language expectations. Our school year starts in Sept. and runs thru June 2021. Read you soon, Lo

Please contact me if it is of any interest to you.

128074 -
modify delete 128102 - Reply from CECILIA184 (France) - 2020-08-10

Hi! Are you still looking for penpals? I'm an English teacher in France near Paris and I m looking for penpals for my students who will be in 9th grade (13/14 years old, one year before high school). I will have 25 kids in one group (their English level in quite good) and about 24 in another one. Feel free to contact me!

modify delete 128068 - from Christine199 (France) - 2020-08-01
High school - "Correspondencia"

Soy profesora de español en Albi (Francia) y me encantaría que mis alumnos pudieran corresponder con alumnos latinoamericanos.
Un saludo.

128068 -
modify delete 128305 - Reply from Cristina78 (Spain) - 2020-09-15

Hola, yo tengo un grupo de alumnos en Barcelona que estudian francés y quizás podríamos colaborar.

modify delete 128039 - from John Vianney85 (Uganda) - 2020-07-24
High school - "St. Francis of Assisi High School"

I am a director of a coeducational high school found in Uganda, East Africa. I am looking for a school for twinning. E-mail me in case you know of an interested school.

John Vianney

modify delete 127990 - from Caroline165 (France) - 2020-07-05
High school - "Looking for penpals"


My name's Caroline. I teach English in France, in the city of Rennes (Brittany), in a high school. Next september, I'll have a group of about 35 pupils (15-16 yo) with quite a good English level. I’d like to set up a partnership with a high school in an English-speaking country.
We could start with letters, emails, video conferences... and if things are all right, why not end up with a real physical exchange? Speaking French is not required as I'd like both groups/ countries to express themselves in English.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you're interested!

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modify delete 128108 - Reply from Isabelle 237 (France) - 2020-08-13

Hello Neely,
I have just read your mail. My name is Isabelle and I teach English in France, in Dijon more precisely ( Burgundy) . I have been teaching for a certain number of years .
I had the opportunity to set up exchanges with a school in the USA and in Canada years ago.
Next September I will have a group of 23 students ( 14/ 15 years old) and I would like to set up a partnership with a high school in an English -speaking country ....
I am interested in your proposal . We could start with emails, letters , videos etc
I guess it would allow students who will have just left junior high school to seize the opportunity to have 'real' partners.
Please do not hesitate to reply and tell me if you are interested . Or if you know anyone who would be.
Thanks a lot
See you

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modify delete 128025 - Reply from Neely80 (USA) - 2020-07-17

Bonjour! Hello, my name is Neely. I am a French teacher in the USA. I teach high school students ages 14-18. I would love the opportunity to connect our students to communicate in both English and French. This year, due to Coronavirus, we will be conducting virtual school until October 30 at the earliest. I think this is a great way for my students to learn while not being able to be in the classroom. Let me know if you would like to work together. Thanks!

modify delete 127935 - from May Reyes Alba45 (Spain) - 2020-06-26
High school - "High School in Spain looks for English learners penpal friends"


I'm an English teacher in a high school in Spain (13-16 year old students). I'm looking for an exchange with English learners/speakers of the same age. Traditional letters would be very nice at first, kids could even send typical things from their own countries, and later videoconferences could be fun.
It would be a project for the whole academic year, in which students exchange letters every two months or so.

Please, if you are interested, contact me at

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modify delete 128632 - Reply from Rachel10 (USA) - 2021-01-05

Would you like to join me for a pen pal exchange? Tengo 5 estudiantes con una variedad de intereses. Son estudiantes de español (segundo nivel) y quisieran ayudar a unos estudiantes de inglés que tienen 12-14 años. Pueden escribir en español y/o en inglés, y, si es posible, hacer mensajes de vídeo cortos. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you so much!

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modify delete 128502 - Reply from Virginie120 (Great Britain) - 2020-11-17


I am a Spanish teacher of students of 13-14 years old in England. We are looking for penpals in Spain and I thought maybe we could get in touch if you're interested in partnering up? We have three groups of 33 students.

127935 -
modify delete 128411 - Reply from Andrea Mangan150 (Great Britain) - 2020-10-09

I am looking for a teacher and a class of Spanish speakers who are keen to improve their English. As I am a Spanish teacher in London, I am hoping to begin a pen pal exchange with a group of Year 9 students (aged 13-14) with the aim of improving reading, writing and motivation levels in my classroom.
Please email if interested.

modify delete 127877 - from Anne66 (France) - 2020-06-18
High school - "English speaking pen pals : 14-16 years old"


Our French high school students (14-16 year olds) are looking for English-speaking penpals of the same age, starting September 2020.

Looking forward to youR repies!

Anne, Paris, France

127877 -
modify delete 128394 - Reply from Kamilah178 (Canada) - 2020-10-06


I know it's a little late but i'm willing to help !

I'm from Canada and i'm 16. Tell me if you're still interested !

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modify delete 127943 - Reply from Maryna239 (Ukraine) - 2020-06-29

Dear Anne,
My name is Maryna. I am an English teacher at one of Ukrainian primary and secondary schools and also run private English classes. My students are from 5 till 25 years old (sometimes even older). I am looking for other groups of students or teachers who are interested in students communication and doing different educational activities or projects. I am looking forward to hearing from any teachers or students from any country. I would be glad if we find some common interests in teaching our students. My email is
Best wishes,

modify delete 127853 - from Maura164 (Ireland) - 2020-06-09
High school - "French penfriend 13-15 yrs old wanted!"

I am a teacher of French in a Secondary school in Ireland who is looking for penpals for a group of 16 girls who are learning French in my school aged 13-15 yrs. We are living in a lovely country town in the West of Ireland. They would love to communicate in French and English.Ideally i would like to correspond with an English teacher from France who teaches pupils of this age. We may perhaps even carry out an exchange in the future! Thank you. Merci.

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modify delete 128567 - Reply from Marjorie184 (France) - 2020-12-10

Ihave read your message and I'm teaching English to pupils between 13and 15 and I'm looking for a penfriend partnership. We zre located in the southern alps. It's a rural but lovely place . If you are interested in our school please contacte me. I'll be very glad to read you.

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modify delete 128239 - Reply from Jihene145 (France) - 2020-09-05

Hello! I am an English teacher from France and I have a group of 25 12-year-old students looking for penpals from the UK. I saw your add and was wondering if you might be interested?
My students have a beginner's level in English so I would love for them to discover Ireland through the eyes of other teenagers. Corresponding would be part of a unit to discover the UK and the Commonwealth.

You have my email in case you are interested :)

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modify delete 128175 - Reply from Anne161 (France) - 2020-08-26

Hi Maura,

Are you still looking for penpals for your class? I'm an English teacher in a small collège in the Paris suburbs. I have students aged 13/14 and would love to see my students correspond with Irish students, learning about their culture and way of life.
Let me know if this could work.


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modify delete 128032 - Reply from Magali12 (France) - 2020-07-20

Hello ,
I've alerady sent a previous message. I forgot to give you my mail addres if you want to contact me.
This would be a perfect match ( number of students and the age group ) the with my students who take part in the correspondence club. We meet once a week.
Best regards.

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modify delete 128014 - Reply from Magali12 (France) - 2020-07-13

Dear Maura ,

I've just seen your ad on this site.I teach English in a secondary school in the West of France. I would love to find partners for my students for the next school year . My students are between 11 and 15. I teach different classes.
Best regards,

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modify delete 127864 - Reply from ANNE1 (France) - 2020-06-15

Hello, I teach french in a little college in south of France and I would be glad if my pupils could correspond with you next year. I would like my pupils write in french, but they can also write in english sometimes if you want because I know my collegue enjoyes this kind of projets. We could work together. If you are interested, answer me!

modify delete 127806 - from Lynn Flannery232 (Australia) - 2020-05-18
High school - "Pen Pals wanted for High School Students"

I have several classes of high school students who would love to have pen pals to write to. The classes are as follows -

Year 7 - 15 students (12 years)
Year 8 - 22 students (13 years)
Year 9 - 25 students (14 years)
Year 10 - 23 students (15 years)

As most are not very strong students academically, it would probably be best to have English speaking pen pals.

Lynn Flannery

127806 -
modify delete 128401 - Reply from sumbal 22 (Korea) - 2020-10-07

Can you tell me if you are still looking for pen pals?

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