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modify delete 127388 - from Luannsa27 (Great Britain) - 2020-01-03
Others school - "Preschool looking for penpals all over the world"

We are a Preschool in the UK, looking to teach our children about children from all over the world. We would like them to learn about culture and diversity and are looking for lots of pen pals from different countries to learn from!
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modify delete 127359 - from Claire25 (Great Britain) - 2019-12-17
Others school - "English preschool video exchange with Spain"

I am a deputy manager at a day nursery in Stockport and we teach Spanish songs and games to the preschoolers (age 3 and 4). We are looking for a Spanish nursery/Preschool that would be willing to take part in a video exchange, similar to a penpal friendship but without the writing!
If you are interested or can point me in the right direction, please email me at:
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modify delete 127302 - from Carol117 (Great Britain) - 2019-12-03
Middle school - "Spanish and French penpals for students of a secondary school in London"


I am looking for a school exchange/partnership with France and Spain.
The secondary school is located in the borough of Greenwich in London.
We would like to begin after Christmas and prepare a presentation for the other schools periodically (on different topics) as a permanent project up to the end of the academic year.
If you are interested, please, get in touch as soon as possible!

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modify delete 127264 - from Katy129 (Great Britain) - 2019-11-20
Middle school - "Looking for penpals in Japan to set up an exchange scheme"

Hello - we have been teaching about Japan this year to our students aged 11-14, and as a result we are setting up a club to study the culture, language and history of such a beautiful country in more detail. We'd love to be able to send letters to students in Japan and exchange in a penpal scheme so if anyone is interested, please drop me an email! They are absolutely wonderful students and are so keen and enthusiastic! Thank you!
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modify delete 125763 - from Alex181 (Great Britain) - 2019-06-20
High school - "London school looking for French-speaking pen-pals"

I am a French teacher in a London school looking for pen-pals from France/French-speaking countries for our Y8 students (12-13 years). It would be great for our students to make some connections with their peers in your country!
Many thanks!
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modify delete 125722 - from Robyn25 (Great Britain) - 2019-06-07

Spanish teacher in a british school, looking for 26 Spanish penpals to send letters/cards every month or few months in order to allow students to practice their Spanish/English. Students are around 13/14 years old starting their GCSE.
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modify delete 125378 - from Carrie159 (Great Britain) - 2019-02-24
Primary school - "Primary school teacher looking for French speaking school"

I am a primary school teacher looking to set up pen pals with a French speaking school. If you are interested please email me.
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modify delete 125323 - from Emma64 (Great Britain) - 2019-02-13
Middle school - "Looking for Italian speaking penpals 11-15"

Ciao a tutti! I teach a small group of students Italian privately, as they are all from Italian heritage families, but Italian is not taught at their school. There are 3 of them aged between 11-15 (two girls, 11 and 1 boy, 15). I am looking for some Italian pen pals for them to exchange letters with in English and Italian.
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modify delete 125010 - from kirsty147 (Great Britain) - 2018-12-17
Middle school - "Looking for penpals from Spanish School"

I am looking for Spanish penpals for students in out school to swap letters, emails to help improve their language skills. Students at our school age from 5 to 16. Would love for someone to get in touch if you are interested in this project I want to get started.
Please contact here or email
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modify delete 125005 - from Joseph219 (Great Britain) - 2018-12-17
Middle school - "We would like a Spanish School to penfriend!"

Year 6 class. Limited Spanish practise (first year) and we would love a SPanish school to pen friend.

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modify delete 124976 - from kirsty163 (Great Britain) - 2018-12-14

I am a teacher from an independent special educational needs school in the UK. We are called Independent Educational Services (IES). We have approx 20 students ages from 5 - 16. The majority of our students are studying Spanish. I would like our students to have partners in Spain whom they can write to exchange emails and video's with to help improve their languages.
Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in and hopefully start this in the new year.
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modify delete 124596 - from Mina237 (Great Britain) - 2018-11-05
Others school - "More penapls needed"

Hi again to all of you,
We have found some penpals and we are happy for that but my students keep asking me if I could find them more penpals from Great Britain, Germany, Spain,Belgium, Norway or even far away countries like Taiwan or Korea.
I run a language center in Athens, Greece. If you are interested, please send me a message so that we can arrange the details.
Thank you in advance,
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modify delete 124534 - from Fay195 (Great Britain) - 2018-10-31
Primary school - "English speaking Pen-Pals age 6-8 yrs"

We are a Beaver Scout group in England who are wanting to connect with English speaking Pen-Pals outside of the UK. Our Beavers are ages 6-8 yrs old and we have @25/26 Beavers in our colony. We are doing various projects that this will help with, including letter writing, communication and friendships. We would prefer letters rather than emails for this age group. If you are interested in becoming a Pen-Pal with one of our Beavers, please email me at and I will provide our Scout Hut address details for you to write to. Yours in scouting xx
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modify delete 124450 - from Kelly D.64 (Great Britain) - 2018-10-25
Middle school - "Belgium-France-Germany-Netherlands-Spain penpals wanted for HIGH SCHOOLERS!"

Hello teachers,

I am in charge of a penpal program that will start from next month (mid-Nov) till June or so. We are a middle/high school located in London (London City Schools) (, a great number of students (12 to 17 years of age) are interested in finding penpals. My preferred countries as of now are in the title of this message! Email me here: I don't mind other countries but these 4 countries will come on top. (time zone difference)

I remind you, email me at or just leave your email I will message back, and please I want teachers who check their emails, not teachers who check every fortnight!

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modify delete 124449 - from Kelly D.64 (Great Britain) - 2018-10-25
High school - "Belgium-France-Germany-Netherlands-Spain penpals wanted for HIGH SCHOOLERS!"

Hello teachers,

I am in charge of a penpal program that will start from next month (mid-Nov) till June or so. We are a middle/high school located in London (London City Schools) (, a great number of students (12 to 17 years of age) are interested in finding penpals. My preferred countries as of now are in the title of this message! Email me here: I don't mind other countries but these 4 countries will come on top. (time zone difference)

I remind you, email me at or just leave your email I will message back, and please I want teachers who check their emails, not teachers who check every fortnight!

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modify delete 124359 - from Jessie72 (Great Britain) - 2018-10-20
High school - "Pals from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and France"

I am a director at a Catholic school in Manchester. We are looking for penpals for our students.
The preferred countries would be Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and France.

If you are interested, please briefly describe your school down this ad and leave a way to connect.

Looking forward to your replies teachers of the world!
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modify delete 123656 - from Manuella85 (Great Britain) - 2018-09-17
Middle school - "Correspondance/ Mail exchange"

Bonjour, je suis une élève de France dans une classe de 3eme 13/14 ans, nous sommes 24 élèves. J'ai pour projet de trouver deux classe avec qui correspondre en Angleterre, nous vous parlerons anglais. De préférence Londres car nous organisons aussi un voyage en espèrent qu'il se réalise, ça serait un moyen de se rencontrer.
Une classe est: 11-12 ans et de 28 élèves
13-14 ans de 26 élèves
Ma professeure d'Anglais m'aide à réaliser ce projet.
Pour nous contacter:
Au revoir

Hello, I am a French student, in one class of 13/14 years old students. My project is to find two class for a mail exchange in Angleterre, we speak with you English. Preferably in London because we organise too a trip in London, hoping it comes true. This is one oportunity for meeting.
One class is: 11-12 years old and 28students
13-14 years old and 26 students
My teecher of English helps me to realise this project.
For contact us:
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modify delete 123368 - from Meg26 (Great Britain) - 2018-09-04
Primary school - "Pen pals"

Hi there! I work in a small school in a village called Llangorse in rural Wales. This year we would really love to make some contacts all around the world so our children can learn about what other countries are like through letters and emails. We only speak english (and a little welsh!) But it would also be great to learn some words in another language! I have a class of 25 7-8year olds, 30 8-9 year olds and 26 10-11 year olds.

Get in touch if you're interested,

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modify delete 122845 - from Louise69 (Great Britain) - 2018-08-16
Primary school - "Looking for English speaking pen pals"

Hello I am a Primary 7 teacher to children between the ages of 10-12. We live in Paisley, just outside of Glasgow, in Scotland. It would be lovely to link up with another school with a class of similar age to write to a few times and find out more about their school etc. I would be happy to communicate with schools in any country. Thanks
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modify delete 122242 - from Nadia103 (Great Britain) - 2018-06-25
Middle school - "Language exchange French/English"


I am looking to start a language exchange with a French school in any parts of world but preferably in France. This could commence with a PenPal letter exchange then could lead to a visit with the partner school. Below is the profile of our new school.

Our school is a Christian school which just opened three years ago in Birmingham West-Midlands. We have three year groups (Year 7,8 and 9). This is an all through school, which means, we have a primary and secondary school in the same building and hopefully in the years to come we will have students preparing their A levels with us.

Our students are of mixed background reflecting the diverse ethnicity of Birmingham city (African Caribbean, Asian/We have a minority of White students/Our oldest students are 14 years old).

The main foreign language taught in our school is French however students benefited from Mandarin lessons during year 7 and year 8. The school offers extra-curriculum lessons after school and occasionally on Saturday through an enrichment program. At the moment, our year 8 students are more capable than our year 9 students. Some of them will be studying French and sit their GCSEs in two years’ time.

My main aim would be to show students the benefit of learning a new language and arrange a contact with a school in France so they can use the language they are learning via letters, mails, skype and if everything goes well, hopefully visits could be arranged with both schools. This could become a successful exchange where our students can practise their French in an authentic way and your students could also improve their English when performing the exchange.

Their level of French is quite low as they only have 1 hour per week. This will hopefully motivate our pupils to improve their language skills. They are offered a broad curriculum as they are taught Maths, triple Sciences, History, Geography, English, International Business, French, PE, Religious Education, Drama, Arts, ICT and Technology.

Finally our school ethos is based on the fruits of the spirit taken from the bible. Our children are encouraged to pray during assemblies and during form time. They are guided continually and it is common to see moments of prayer in the morning.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you would be interested to start this exchange with us.
Nadia Stanley
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modify delete 121560 - from Laura101 (Great Britain) - 2018-05-24
Primary school - "French club need pen pals!"

Hello, I have a group of 10 children aged 7-9 who would love to exchange letters or emails with a class in France in order to learn about cultural differences and practise their growing French.

I would be extremely interested in starting this as soon as possible.

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modify delete 121439 - from Charlotte145 (Great Britain) - 2018-05-11
High school - "French Penpals"

I am a French teacher at a school in Guildford, Surrey, and am looking for a school in a France (or a French speaking country) who would like to exchange letters with my students. I have 60 pupils between ages 11 and 15 and would like to find a school with pupils of their own age.
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modify delete 121359 - from Sarah168 (Great Britain) - 2018-04-28
Primary school - "Pre-School Class Looking For Pen Pals:"

Hey There
My name is Sarah and I work in a Pre-school Class in West Yorkshire, England that typically caters to children age 3-5. The company is very forward thinking, and socially responsible and we openly impart these views to the children we teach, thus diversity, being open and honest and curious and accepting of other cultures is vastly important ti us. To facilitate and support this thinking we are looking for a class to twin with, to share correspondence, ideas and meet new friends both teachers and students from around the world. Could you be interested, please post a message and I will get back to you!
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modify delete 121283 - from Tim68 (Great Britain) - 2018-04-15
Primary school - "Year 3 class 7-9 year olds"


I am a year 3 teacher in England. I am looking for a connection to a school in Australia and USA or New Zealand. The children in my class Re between 7 and 9 years old so it would be great if we could find children of similar ages. There are two classes so up to 60 children will be able to write letters or e-mails to your class of however many children you have.
We are in school until July 20th so hope to contact your from as soon as possible until then. We could even consider a Skype opportunity if the occasion arises.

I am looking for an opportunity for the children to simply be able to write to a child in a country far away where we could learn about their cultures etc.

Please get in touch if you could be my link school. I check my e-mails every day so will write back to you within 24 hours of your contact.

Many thanks.

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modify delete 121177 - from Emilia126 (Great Britain) - 2018-03-26
Primary school - "French Penpals"

I am looking for schools that might be interested in setting up a penpal scheme with my year 5 classes (aged 9-10). We would be interested in learning about what it is like growing up in France and different cultural experiences.
Looking forward to hearing from you. :)
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modify delete 120588 - from Anna159 (Great Britain) - 2018-01-21
Primary school - "Looking for Penpals who live in a Spanish city with a river!"


I am a Year 6 Primary School Teacher in Liverpool, I have 30 pupils in my class (aged 10/11) who are learning Spanish and would like to write letters to children who live in a city that also has a local River. Please contact me if you would like to start a project with us, sharing information about where we live: its similarities and differences.

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modify delete 120577 - from Nadia Stanley150 (Great Britain) - 2018-01-19
Middle school - "Letter exchange with a French school/Videos"


I am a French teacher in a Christian school in Birmingham UK. I am looking for a French school who would love to correspond with one of my year 8 class. This group consists of 30 students aged 12 to 13 years old. My students will need to write to their French pen pals in French and receive letters in English. In the long term, we would try to use video conferencing to communicate, we could have sessions where students from the UK ask questions to their penpals in French for around 10 to 15 minutes, then French students could do the same in English. This for me will show the value of language to our students and will raise their enthusiasm for language learning. If this project is successful, a school visit could be organised at a later stage.
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modify delete 120576 - from claire13 (Great Britain) - 2018-01-19
Primary school - "Penpals from Italy for class of 7-8 year olds"

I work at a school just outside of Sheffield in England. I am in year 3 and the children are aged between 7 and 8 years old.
We have been looking at Italy in our geography topic and would like to write letters to a school in Italy. We would like to send photos ect of our class and wondered if anybody would be interested?
Thank you
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modify delete 120264 - from Miss Fuller135 (Great Britain) - 2017-12-17
Primary school - "Pen pals from Colombia"

Hello, I teach ages 7-9 and am looking for some penpals in Colombia. We are looking at informal letters but our host country is also Colombia. However, I am open to penpals all around the world. Thanks!
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modify delete 120242 - from Alex203 (Great Britain) - 2017-12-14
Primary school - "French penpals wanted"

I teach 12 classes of Juniors 7-11 @ 20 pupils in a class a week for French. I am looking for French classes worldwide to write to... there are 3 parallel classes in each year and we are prepared to be busy. Ideally I would like 2 contacts in France and 2 not within mainland France eg Canada and per halos Africa. Is anyone interested in getting this project going by email and Skype or by post.
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modify delete 120100 - from Sara60 (Great Britain) - 2017-12-06
Primary school - "Penpals"

We are going to be teaching a project about India to our year 5 pupils (aged 9- 10) through February and March 2018 and would to have a school to exchange letters with through out this period.
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modify delete 119832 - from Susan13 (Great Britain) - 2017-11-16
High school - "Looking for French penpals please!"

Hi, I am a languages teacher at a school near Manchester and would like to try to set up a letter exchange with a French school. I have a class of 26 12/13 year olds and 34 14/15 year olds that would love to send and receive letters and greetings cards in French /English.
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modify delete 119642 - from JO122 (Great Britain) - 2017-11-06
Primary school - "French penpals required aged 9-11"

I have 60 children aged 9-11 who would like to write letters and send videos to French children.
We have done it before and it was very successful. Merci!
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modify delete 119637 - from Fflur81 (Great Britain) - 2017-11-06
Middle school - "Looking for Spanish students for penpal letter exchange!"

I have a two groups of low- ability pupils who have just started to learn Spanish. I would love to get them to write in Spanish to a penpal and for them to receive letters in English (to practice their language too!)
I have one group of 19 students who are 11-12 years old and another group of 21 students of 12-13 years old.
Please get in touch if you think you can help us :)
Shropshire, England
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modify delete 119357 - from Veronica 60 (Great Britain) - 2017-10-20
Primary school - "Italian Primary School wanted!"


I am looking to make contact with an Italian Primary school who would be willing to create epals or have a class conference over Skype. My class are 9 and 10 year olds.

We are in the lovely English county of Dorset on the South Coast of England.
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modify delete 119333 - from Claudia227 (Great Britain) - 2017-10-18
Primary school - "English/German primary penpals"

Hi there,

I'm a native German speaker who is teaching German to a small island primary school once a week. The ages range from 4 to 11 years old and there are 9 children at our base. The children absolutely love their German lessons and some of them are progressing very fast. I'd love to set up a penpal friend for each of the children- ideally in similar ages (the younger two children would mostly be drawing pictures with some German words here or there. The older ones would be writing short sentences).
Up to you whether you'd like your children to respond in German or English.

We live on the small island of St Martin's on the Isles of Scilly- perhaps something that your kids might find interesting? :-)

Many thanks
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modify delete 118827 - from Mme141 (Great Britain) - 2017-10-01
Middle school - "Correspondant"

Je cherche des correspondants
pour ma classe de 5e(12-13).
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modify delete 118391 - from Caroline253 (Great Britain) - 2017-09-16
Primary school - "English-French pen-pals"

Hello everybody !

My name is Caroline, I am the English teacher of 8 kids aged 9-10 and 12 kids aged 7-8, in a small Catholic school in Brittany, on the west coast of France.

I think it would be interesting to link up with one or two English classes who study French at school.

We could send pictures, talk about our daily routine, and if they want to, our kids could have their own pen-pal ! I have so many good memories of the US pen-friends I had when I was young, it was very helpful !

I don't teach religion, so it doesn't matter if you are in private or public school.

If you are interested, please let me know.

Thank you,
Kind regards,
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modify delete 118266 - from Anne151 (Great Britain) - 2017-09-13
Primary school - "Five Scottish students looking for snail mail penpals (writing in English!)"

I am a private tutor based in Scotland with currently five students aged 8-12 who would be keen to write letters to children of similar ages in the USA or Australia/NZ to improve their writing skills and make friends, learn about different cultures etc! I realize it's a small group but wondering if anyone out there would be interested at all. As I am an English reading and writing tutor, correspondence would have to be in English 😊 my tutoring business website is Thank you.
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modify delete 118236 - from Miss Goddard168 (Great Britain) - 2017-09-12
Primary school - "Pen Pals"

Our school are looking for French pen pals for our children in key stage 2 (ages 8 -11). If this is something that your school would be interested in, please contact on me on the e-mail provided.
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modify delete 118180 - from Ian148 (Great Britain) - 2017-09-10
High school - "Letter/email exchange with French class sought"

I am a Secondary School French teacher in London looking to partner up with a school in France or French speaking country. My class is only 15 pupils aged 13-14 and we could exchange letters, cards, videos messages and get involved in projects. Please email me on
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modify delete 117785 - from Ashley22 (Great Britain) - 2017-08-31
Primary school - "Looking for French Year 3 Penpals"

Good evening :)
I am a year 3 primary school teacher looking for a class of year 3 English speaking French students to pen pal with my class. They begin to learn French this year and our first IPC topic is linked to learning about different nationalities.
I know they would be so very excited to have a French pen pal and would love to be able to create such an opportunity for them (I still remember my Spanish pen pal and how exciting it was every time a letter came).
My school is based in Swinton (just outside Manchester) and I have 28 children in my class.
I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in a similar thing.
Many Thanks and Kind Regards,
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modify delete 117308 - from Freya97 (Great Britain) - 2017-08-13
Primary school - "Pen pals"

I teach a class of 23 children, aged 7-8. We are in a rural village in Oxfordshire in the middle of England. We are looking for a class of children in France to exchange letters with. Would anybody be interested in corresponding with us?
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modify delete 117062 - from Victoria 197 (Great Britain) - 2017-08-03
Primary school - "French pen pals please"

I am a year 3 teacher in England and also the French coordinator. I am hoping to exchange letters with a primary school in France. Our children are aged from 7 to 11. Our year 3 children have a basic grasp of French, but our older children have a better understanding. It would be fantastic to give them an opportunity to improve their knowledge of the French language. Please do get in touch if you can help,
Thank you
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modify delete 116324 - from Carrie99 (Great Britain) - 2017-06-13
Primary school - "Pen pals"

Hi I am a primary school teacher from Yorkshire, England and am looking for another school in France to link up with. I am wanted to set up pen pals that both students can practise their French and English. If you are interested in linking up please contact me.
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modify delete 116141 - from Kathryn101 (Great Britain) - 2017-05-24
Primary school - "Infant pen pal class wanted in the Caribbean."

We have recently learnt about the Caribbean ad would love to send a school some letters to describe our school and ask about theirs.
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modify delete 115988 - from Keith82 (Great Britain) - 2017-05-05
Middle school - "Schule in Schottland sucht....."

Ich bin Keith und bin Deutschlehrer in einer Gesamtschule in Schottland. Ich habe 2, vielleicht 3 Klassen, die einen Brieffreund / eine Brieffreundin aus Deutschland, Oesterreich oder aus der Schweiz suchen. Die erste Klasse ist sehr begeistert und lernen auch im naechsten Schuljahr wieder Deutsch. Sie sind 12/13 Jahre alt. Es gibe vielleicht 26/27 in der Klasse. Eine aehnliche Klasse gibt es auch normalerweise.
Die zweite bzw dritte Klasse ist ein Jahr juenger, zwischen 11 und 12 Jahre alt. Wir koennten per Email schreiben, Bilder senden usw. Die Klassen koennten vielleicht spaeter per Facetime oder so was aehnliches einander sehen. Das waere bestimmt lustig!
I am always trying to encourage my kids to study German. We have a good number at our School, I am sure they would be interested in writing to you!
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modify delete 115719 - from Catherine121 (Great Britain) - 2017-03-14
High school - "German and French penpals wanted!!"


I teach French and German to pupils aged 11-16 at a large secondary school near to Manchester, England.

My pupils are looking for both French and German partner schools for letter and email exchanges, class Skype meetings etc. We would like partners who wish to write in French/English or German/English.

We would love to hear from you.

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modify delete 115643 - from Melika23 (Great Britain) - 2017-03-05
Middle school - "Recherche correspondants français."

Je suis professeur de français dans une école secondaire située au nord de Manchester au Royaume-Uni.
Je suis intéressée à l’idée de commencer une correspondance avec des élèves français.
Une classe de 10-11 ans +/- 26 élèves
Une classe de 14-15 ans +/- 26 élèves
Je n'ai jamais organisé ceci auparavant et je suis ouverte à vos propositions, expériences, idées.
Nous pourrions écrire nos courriers en français et recevoir les vôtres en anglais et vice-versa, ceci permettrai un focus sur la lecture et l'écriture, nous pouvons également pratiquer l'oral et l'écoute via des mini conférences sur Skype/ appels. Nous sommes une classe motivée et les élèves sont très enthousiastes!
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modify delete 115594 - from Jacqui 31 (Great Britain) - 2017-02-26
Primary school - "Pen Pals wanted - French please"


My Y3 class are looking for a class to write letters to, practising their French language skills. If you are a teacher of children aged around 7-10 and would be interested in emailing letters between our two schools then please let me know.

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modify delete 115518 - from Sabrina44 (Great Britain) - 2017-02-18
High school - "Italy-UK summer exchange 2017"

Hi everybody,

I'm a teacher in Bologna, Italy. A student of mine (15-years-old, B1-level with Latin and

Mathematics in English)is looking for an English-speaking girl her age for a 2-weeks-

exchange in summer. Thank you for asking your students if someone could be

interested in spending some time in Italy and hosting the girl on return. Bye, Sabrina.
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modify delete 115465 - from AC81 (Great Britain) - 2017-02-13
Primary school - "Wanted - Pen pals in France :)"

I have a class of 16 pupils aged between 8-10 who have been learning basic French and would love to write to some children of a similar age in France. Our school is small and based in the Scottish Highlands. We would love to find out about life in a school in France :)
Please get in touch if you are interested.
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modify delete 115418 - from Julie255 (Great Britain) - 2017-02-07
High school - "Penpals"

Hi there,

I am a teacher in England and I teach teenagers between 14 and 16 years old. I am looking for teachers of similar age students to become penpals with mine.

Please reply soon, my class can't wait to write to you!
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modify delete 115257 - from Shirley251 (Great Britain) - 2017-01-27
High school - "Penfriends in Edinburgh wanted!"

Hello everyone,
I am an English teacher in a private school the south of France (Sète to be exact).
My kids are between 14 and 16 and we would be delighted to exchange in English with your pupils.
We are to visit Edinburgh in April so it would be a great opportunity to meet after some mails between them.
They are all very nice kids, polite, respectful and most of all pro-active!
They have been taking as a facultative option for 4 years.
We have a computer room and their parents have already agreed on the use of videos or skype sessions.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.
See you very soon,
Miss Shirley Tournier (
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modify delete 115092 - from Ciera24 (Great Britain) - 2017-01-15
Primary school - "School in London looking for a French partner!"

Hi there,

I am a class teacher at Gonville Academy in South London looking to partner up with a school located in France to enrich the learning of French across Years 1-6 in our school. This could be achieved through live webcam discussions and lessons, pen pals, video messages and more. Our school and children are very excited to meet some excited French children.
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modify delete 115025 - from Kirsty225 (Great Britain) - 2017-01-07
Primary school - "Pen pals needed"

Hi, I'm looking to form a link with a school who are interested in exchanging letters so that pupils can find out more about the wider world. I have 128 (or 4 groups of 32) children aged 9-10. The children have some basic French but we would be hoping to write in English.
Can't wait to hear from you!
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modify delete 114838 - from Emma16 (Great Britain) - 2016-12-20
Primary school - "Looking for a penpal school in France"

Hi there, I am a French teacher in a primary school near London. My pupils would love to partner up with a school in France, so that we can write to you and learn more about the lives of children in France. It would be great if we could find a school that would like to write back to us too!

Kind regards,
Mrs E Hicks
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modify delete 114462 - from Lisa Hamstead231 (Great Britain) - 2016-11-15
Middle school - "English school looking for Spanish school for email/letter exchange"

I have a group of 15-20 11 year old students who attend my languages club (mostly girls) who would love to practice their Spanish by writing letters or emails to students in Spain/any other Spanish speaking country. I would expect that each letter would include some English and some Spanish to give each side of the exchange an opportunity to improve their skills and learn about culture. We could extend to Skype in time if the letters go well! If you think this could be a fit for what you are looking for , please contact me.
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modify delete 114233 - from Lisa213 (Great Britain) - 2016-11-01
Primary school - "Year 3 (7/8) pen pals wanted"

Hi, I am a year 3 (7/8) teacher in a junior school in Essex, England. We are starting a unit of work on letter writing and it came up in discussion about pen pals. Is any class interested in writing and then possibly emailing my class of 32 boys and girls of varying ability and interests? I am keen to widen their horizons within this country but also from abroad, as long as the children can converse in English.
Would love to hear from you !
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modify delete 114196 - from Jacqueline 178 (Great Britain) - 2016-10-29
Primary school - "French Pen Pals needed"

Hi there,

I am the subject leader for French in a Primary School. I only have a basic knowledge of French but would love to talk to a teacher from a school in France about setting up correspondence links. The children in my school are aged between 7 and 11 and would enjoy writing to similar aged children using their newly acquired French skills.
Please respond if you can help in any way.
Many thanks. Jacqueline


Je suis le leader du sujet pour le français dans une école primaire. Je dois seulement une connaissance de base du français, mais aimerais parler à un enseignant d'une école en France à propos de la mise en place des liens de correspondance. Les enfants de mon école sont âgés entre 7 et 11 et auraient plaisir à écrire à des enfants âgés similaires en utilisant leurs compétences françaises nouvellement acquises.
S'il vous plaît répondre si vous pouvez aider de quelque façon.
Merci beaucoup. Jacqueline
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modify delete 113530 - from Kirsten148 (Great Britain) - 2016-09-29
Primary school - "French penpals - 9-11 years old"

J'enseigne le francais dans une ecole primaire dans l'Essex, pres de Londres. Je voudrais trouver une ecole primaire francaise avec laquelle mes eleves en cinquieme et en sixieme pourraient corresponder. Je pensais a echanger les lettres concernant l'information personelle - nom, age, famille, animaux etc. et aussi l'information concernant l'ecole. Veuillez me contacted si cela vous interesse.
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modify delete 113331 - from Steph154 (Great Britain) - 2016-09-22
Primary school - "Recherche ecole francaise"

Bonjour a tous,
J'enseigne le Francais dans une ecole de Londres a des eleves de 8 a 11 ans (3 classes de CE2, 2 classes de CM1, 2 classes de CM2) et recherche des ecoles Francaises avec qui les enfants puissent correspondre, en Francais et en Anglais afin d'enrichir leur connaissance et de leur faire decouvrir d'autres horizons. A bientot.
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modify delete 112817 - from Hannah31 (Great Britain) - 2016-09-07
Primary school - "French-English Pen Pal Exchange"


I am a Modern Foreign Languages Co-Coordinator at a school in England. I'd love to find a school in France that would be willing to exchange letters from our classes of students to theirs. The ages of the children would range between 7-11.

This would be a great opportunity for us to practice a few french sentences in writing and also for your students to practice writing in English.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

Many thanks,

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modify delete 112816 - from Danielle9 (Great Britain) - 2016-09-07
Primary school - "Looking for a class"


I have a class of Year 3 pupils aged 7-8. We are a school in the North West of England. We are looking to exchange letters with a primary school in France.
Hope to hear from you soon.
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modify delete 112561 - from Sarah105 (Great Britain) - 2016-08-30
Primary school - "Pen friends"

I am a primary school teacher of a class of 30 8 and 9 year olds. I am looking for pen friends in another part of the world for my class to write to. I want them to learn what life is like in different areas of the world and to give them an opportunity to write letters to people and to receive letters back.
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modify delete 112326 - from Sarah19 (Great Britain) - 2016-08-23
Primary school - "Looking for a class."

My name is Sarah and I have a class of Year 3/Grade 2 pupils. They are aged 7/8. We are a small village school in the north of England. We would love to engage with another class and communicate through letters/emails etc.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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modify delete 111979 - from Olivia8 (Great Britain) - 2016-08-05
Middle school - "Exchange in the UK"

If any of your student (preferably a girl, age 9/13) is interested having a language exchange in Germany, in return willing to host a very successful English and German speaking girl, please get in touch. Thank you.
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modify delete 111367 - from halpage134 (Great Britain) - 2016-06-26
Middle school - "teacher/volunteer progarmme with the animal world"

i am a teacher from sri lanka and I am looking for penpals for students 12-17 children in the school. also i am looking for students volunteers for an art and wildlife ad eastern music project. even the teachers can participate. i can send details on request please
thanks you
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modify delete 111262 - from Olga Jackson179 (Great Britain) - 2016-06-19
Primary school - "French Penpals"

I am the Deputy Headteacher of a very small rural primary school. I have only 12 pupils in the juniors; mixed aged 7-11. French is the language we are learning at school. I am trying to find a primary school to correspond with in France or any other French speaking countries. If you are interested please can you get in touch.
Thank you,
Olga Jackson
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modify delete 110886 - from Jenny2 (Great Britain) - 2016-05-10
Primary school - "French penpals"

Hi, I'm currently teaching a class of 21 9-11 year olds. We are looking to set up a penpal link with a school in France with children of a similar age. Please get in touch if you'd like to exchange letters with us!
Thank you
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modify delete 110341 - from Nikki249 (Great Britain) - 2016-03-02
Primary school - "English primary school partnership"

Hi there,

I am a primary school teacher in a school in Birmingham, England. I am looking for primary school age children who would be willing to exchange emails, letters and skype chats in English and in Spanish.

Pupils here will be aged 7-11 and it would be great for them to meet children of their own age in Spain too.

If you are interested, please send me a message.

Nikki Latham
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modify delete 110286 - from kingsley13 (Great Britain) - 2016-02-25
Higher school - "Masters degree research"

Good afternoon, I am a teacher presently studying for a masters degree, I am trying to collate research on global education and pupils ideas for change. As adult educators we all have areas we would like to change but this research is looking at the areas our pupils would like to change (I can guarantee their ideas will not be the same as ours!!). I am primarily interested in 11-19 age group but I will look at 8+ and looking for a global response. If you would be interested in helping with my research I would be very grateful. Please message me if you are interested in assisting. Many thanks.

Kingsley Carlserg
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modify delete 109824 - from Ruth10 (Great Britain) - 2016-01-04
Primary school - "Looking for penpals in the USA for my class of 30 year 5s"

Hello, my class and I are just beginning a topic learning all about the USA. We're interested in exchanging letters via post to hear about your lives, interests and hobbies, and share some of our own. Please get in contact if you're interested.
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modify delete 109778 - from Mark29 (Great Britain) - 2015-12-27
Primary school - "Looking for pen pals from Australia!"


I have a lovely class of 23 year 5 children in Surrey, England; we are learning all about Australia next term and I would love for the students to set up an email link with Australian pupils of a similar age. This will hopefully help them to explore the culture of Australia and practice email skills.

Please let me know if anyone can help out - thanks!
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modify delete 109531 - from James26 (Great Britain) - 2015-12-07
High school - "Looking for Spanish Pen pals for my pupils age 12 - 14"


I am a Spanish teacher at school near Manchester. I am looking for pen pals for my students in year 8 (age 13 to 14). We would like the to exchange hand written letters with pupils of a similar age in the first instance, perhaps with a view to organising an exchange in future years.
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modify delete 109435 - from Inma 89 (Great Britain) - 2015-11-30
Middle school - "Year 9 Pen pal exchange"


I am a Spanish teacher in an Independent Catholic Girls school in Oxford. I am currently looking for a pen pal letter exchange for 25 girls in year 9 (13/14 years old)so they can practise their Spanish with other Spanish students that would like to practise their English. They have studied Spanish for just over a year.

Many thanks,

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modify delete 108585 - from Alan195 (Great Britain) - 2015-10-18
Primary school - "looking for penfriends for a year 5 class (9/10 year olds)"

My year 5 class (9/10 year olds) of 33 children and I will be starting a new English topic, letters, after our half term break. I would love for them to experience the excitement of writing letters to a penfriend. Any schools interested please reply.
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modify delete 108558 - from Kaitlyn144 (Great Britain) - 2015-10-16
Others school - "Looking for pupils aged 10-15?"

I am a geography teacher looking for students aged 10-15 if possible! I am trying to get them to understand how different country's are and hopping they will find long lasting friendships! My students are very hopeful and excited! Please email me or message me if your a student!

Thank you
Kaitlyn Johnson
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modify delete 107303 - from Becky14 (Great Britain) - 2015-09-02
Primary school - "African school pen pal"

My year 6 class (10 and 11 year olds) will be studying Africa this term and we were wondering if there were any African schools who would like to become our pen pal? We would love to continue writing to the class/students throughout the school year.
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modify delete 106854 - from Caroline110 (Great Britain) - 2015-08-24
Primary school - "English and French (early learning) pen pals please"

Hi. I'm a year 3 (age 7-8) teacher in a small primary school of 210 children in a semi rural location in South East England. I would love for the children in my class to be able to exchange letters with children of a similar age in the UK and beyond. The aim is to enrich both their undestaniding of other people's lives and their use of written English.
They will also be taking their first steps in French this year and it would be fabulous to be in touch with some French speaking children who are also beginning to learn English so we can learn together!
Please do get in touch,
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