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modify delete 18351 - from francis255 , 21 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-01-20

As we know that North Korea is very narrow-minded since the access to information are very limited. But, nowadays, I see that a lot of North Korean already know about outside world through illegal access in Jangmadang and South Korean drama, film and books. And according to many interviews in youtube and websites, a lot of defector said that they escaped North Korea after knowing the truth about outside world through movies and drama they watched under they blanket.

I just wanted to know your opinion about this:

Do you think Korean Wave can be an aspect that may crack the North Korean regime by giving pressure from the ground?

Please share your thought guys!

18351 -
modify delete 18353 - Reply from Doyeon226 , 17 yrs (Korea) - 2020-01-25

Hi, I am a high school student living in Korea.Of course, North Koreans are influenced by Korean dramas or other Korean pop culture, but they are just a few.Since North Korea has been receiving a strict education of communism since the 1950s, the brainwashing education that North Koreans have received since very young will not collapse so easily even if they encounter South Korean culture through illegal channels.

modify delete 18348 - from francis255 , 21 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-01-17

Hi, I'm Francis from Indonesia, currently an undergraduate student of Universitas Diponegoro majoring International Relations. I am writing a thesis about the Hallyu effect in North Korea that would change how the North Korean people see outside world especially South Korea. I'd like to know if anyone know some North Korean who are living in the South that would like to become my direct source of information. I will keep their name anonymous if they wanted it. I really need this to graduate, anyone please help!!!!!

18348 -
modify delete 18350 - Reply from Don16 (US) - 2020-01-19

Getting real and honest informaion out of North Korea is difficult to impossible. A very regulated country.

modify delete 18344 - from Régine203 , 53 yrs (France) - 2019-12-25
Society - "CHRISTMAS"

Merry Christmas to Nicolas and everybody !
I have celebratd my wedding with Jean Claude yesterday!!!
At least peace in our minds after a long period of doubt and problems.
I wish to all of you all the hapiness I have.

18344 -
modify delete 18363 - Reply from Régine203 , 53 yrs (France) - 2020-03-10

Nicolas, ah ah ah !!! :)

18344 -
modify delete 18362 - Reply from Nicolas17 , 55 yrs (France) - 2020-03-09

Corsica + Scorpio = atomic cocktail :-)

18344 -
modify delete 18361 - Reply from Régine203 , 53 yrs (France) - 2020-03-08

Yes, but today I have taken him again, I think he is a little bit wiser. Each time he is bad to me, bye bye. Jean Claude is Scorpio, ME AS WELL AND CORSICAN.

18344 -
modify delete 18360 - Reply from Nicolas17 , 55 yrs (France) - 2020-03-07

why? Did you already leave him?

18344 -
modify delete 18359 - Reply from Régine203 , 53 yrs (France) - 2020-03-07

His hope is to have babies. So, bye bye. He won't forget me, this is my vengeance.

18344 -
modify delete 18345 - Reply from Nicolas17 , 54 yrs (France) - 2019-12-25

Thank you very much Regine !
WOOOOW, a wedding??? What an amazing event for Christmas ; CONGRATULATIONS!!!

You are juste married with Christmas period too, so I wish for you a magic Christmas + happy new year, this year and also every year until end of times!!!

modify delete 18341 - from elisa102 (france) - 2019-12-16
Society - "la politique en corée"

hello! need help for an homework guys!!!
qqun a t'il des infos sur la politique de la corée du sud et si possible sur la corée du nord (;-;)
need information about south and north Korea plz help me (^_^)
insta: @antiphrase_78

18341 -
modify delete 18349 - Reply from francis255 , 21 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-01-17

what kind of information do you need? may be i have some references that may help you!

modify delete 18326 - from Guillaume 174 (France ) - 2019-10-15
Society - "Brexit"

What do you think of Brexit ?

18326 -
modify delete 18347 - Reply from Jack222 , 13 yrs (Australia) - 2020-01-11

It's not a good idea, the UK can't do a Full Brexit without breaking laws already set in place for Brexit. Northern Ireland just can't be separated from Ireland

18326 -
modify delete 18334 - Reply from Elizabeth198 , 18 yrs (United States) - 2019-11-02

it's a terrible decision for the uk to leave

modify delete 18321 - from kim222 , 19 yrs (South Korea) - 2019-09-09
Society - "Let's share the trend"

Hi, we are students of Global High School in Seoul. We're looking for someone to talk about one of the latest trends, retro-Newtro phenomenon! Retro refers to a phenomenon in which the past is back in fashion, and newtro refers to a phenomenon which combines the past with the present to create a new trend. We would like to share the retro-newtro phenomenon of each other's country. If you're interested, please contact me!

18321 -
modify delete 18337 - Reply from Cherish60 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2019-11-28

안녕하세요, please message me so we can talk, thank you!

modify delete 18314 - from Guillaume 174 (France) - 2019-07-22
Society - "Global warming"

What do you think about Global Warming ? And Greta Thunberg ?

I am really worried for the future of humanity I hope that we'll can live or rather survive and you ?

18314 -
modify delete 18343 - Reply from Aliyah207 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2019-12-19

Climate change is def a better term to use but its absolutely having a negative impact on the world around us.
I'm trying to do the best I can to help the environment as a 15 y/o who has a guardian who doesn't believe in climate change.
As for Greta Thunberg, I think it's great that she's advocating for a cause and that her parents support her!

18314 -
modify delete 18335 - Reply from Allanah225 (USA) - 2019-11-07

I think that Greta Thunberg is being taken advantage of by her parents to preach this message. She has Aspergers, which is a mental disorder. She has shown time and time again that she doesn't really truly know what she's talking about, it's just the media trying to push their agenda.

18314 -
modify delete 18324 - Reply from Malcolm195 (Australia) - 2019-09-29

The leader of my country is disgustingly ignorant of climate change and the tireless work that Greta Thunberg does compared to him. Some of the thoughtless things he's said to include that she's creating "needless anxiety" and that we should “let teenagers be teenagers,” and as a heartless and thoughtless stunt brang a LUMP OF COAL into the Australian Parliament.

18314 -
modify delete 18322 - Reply from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2019-09-14

France andsouthern Europe are said to have a tropical weather in a short future. But there is a possibility for hearth to cope with an ice age. Because of fading poles freezing the Gulf stream (warm stream)giving us our climate.

modify delete 18289 - from Anakin117 (USA ) - 2019-05-16
Society - "Is god real"

Is god real or not and which one is if god is real.

18289 -
modify delete 18306 - Reply from Eléonore186 , 15 yrs (France) - 2019-07-04

I think that God is just an invention of humans to reassure themselves. But it's not a "good" or a "bad" thing : if this belief can help them, all is okay ! For me, there is only a problem when somebody want to impose his "god" to others because for him he is the "best". Sometimes, this behavior leads to "just" disputes but unfortunately, it can lead to wars… But the "problem" is more deep : it's the urge to always be right… An other debate ^^

18289 -
modify delete 18301 - Reply from Anna170 (France) - 2019-06-26

For me, it's not a question. God is real. He is the master of all, and he likes you more than everything you can imagine.

Believe in god, it's just a feeling; but what happiness and love he can bring to you !!!!!
I know, it seems a little weird but I promise that : it is real.

If you aren't sure, talk with a young priest, or with a young catholic (who really believe !)
It's a reality, take your chance !

18289 -
modify delete 18295 - Reply from Alexis101 (United States) - 2019-05-26

Hi Anakin! Your question is a very controversial one. A lot of people all over the world believe in different things to the point where there is no right answer. We do not know if any Gods are real from a scientific point of view. However, some people believe that God is very much real, and that is okay. Religion and believing in a god is a guide for people to be nice and live happily. For the people who don't believe, that is okay too. It's up to you whether you want to believe in a God or not. I hope this helps.

modify delete 18267 - from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2019-03-20

ous savez quoi ? L'opération Sentinelle que propose le gouvernement est une opération SANTIBELLI.

modify delete 18264 - from bella 219 (uk) - 2019-03-05
Society - "Independant Scotland"

Hi my name is Bella i believe in an independent Scotland. The SNP party is over all superior and is the best party to vote for so come to Scotland to become a citizen to vote for the best political party.

18264 -
modify delete 18305 - Reply from dong hun154 , 30 yrs (S.KOREA) - 2019-07-04

The Scottish province history of Britannia (Great Britain) and the fact that it is culturally different from England is true.
Nevertheless, it is doubtful whether Scotland will be able to successfully become self-reliant when it comes to the benefits and damages it would have if it were fully independent of international affairs ...
Would not it be better to have more local authority and autonomy?
Of course, this is a viewpoint of foreigners, I like Scottish independence in historical content.

18264 -
modify delete 18296 - Reply from Dolores197 (United Kingdom) - 2019-06-07

The Scottish Parliament already enjoys primary legislative powers so Scotland has already been granted a lot of independent decision-making, enabling policies such as the elimination of university tuition fees. Brexit surely has created issues as Scotland voted differently from the rest, but it’s unsure whether there would be a second referendum and whether Brexit would be carried out. Independence was rejected in the 2014 referendum, and if there’s another referendum it will lead to even more chaos and divisions. Scotland would lose its social-economic status in the world if it breaks free from the rest of the UK.

18264 -
modify delete 18265 - Reply from Ali229 (Turkey) - 2019-03-10

Scotland = the UK, Scottish people are Britons. Nationalism is a prejudice.

modify delete 18260 - from Alexandra238 , 18 yrs (Perú) - 2019-02-22

Ustedes, ¿Qué opinan acerca del K-pop?
¿Creen que esta inclusión musical con el tiempo se convierta en una inclusión racial? La verdad yo espero que sí.
He visto muchos comentarios xenofobos y racistas en muchas de las redes sociales, muchas veces sólo por su cultura o sus costumbres diferentes.

18260 -
modify delete 18288 - Reply from Anakin skywalker117 , 17 yrs (USA ) - 2019-05-16

El k-pop es el mejor

modify delete 18256 - from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2019-01-24
Society - "My boyfriend"

Hello, my boyfriend is attracted by my mother since he saw a photo of her when she was young. She was a beauty. Nothing to do, sometimes he preffer her. She has no merit : she has a smile of satisfaction, she wants other women to be ugly; and she wants every nice men. Noplace, nothing for me. She does magnetism for him to keep her as well. She try to proffit of everybody. She has a false charm, everybody like her. She finds normal to be loved by my boyfriend mainly because of his professional titles (he was a psychiatrist).
I cannot find an issue. If I leave him she will win and if I keep him my life will be a constant question and maybe an illusion. Can you help me ? Many thanks

18256 -
modify delete 18329 - Reply from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2019-10-24

Hello Natasha, thanks so much for your message. Yes,my boyfriend finds me amazing,but is still attracted by my mother.iN ANOTHER HAND WHEN I WANT TO LEAVE HE COMES BACK BUT EACH TIME HE SAYS HE LOVES HER; But today HE SEEMS A BIT KIND AND GIVES ME MORE FEELINGS; What about you, it's sad that you have broken your relationship.DO YOU ENVISAGE SOMEBODY ELSE ?
I would like an American penfriend. If you want to have a french friend YOU HAVE MY E-MAIL;
Best reguards.

18256 -
modify delete 18328 - Reply from Natasha232 , 47 yrs (USA) - 2019-10-18

Hi, Régine. :)

I'm so sorry you had to go through this.

No one should have to feel as though they are second best. Your boyfriend should treat you as though you are the most beautiful woman in the world. He should treat you like a princess -- and never compare you to other women -- especially someone like your own mother.

I had something similar in my life recently. Hence, I had to end a relationship of almost 7 years.

I'm so glad that you found your own answer.

Many blessings,

18256 -
modify delete 18259 - Reply from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2019-02-13

I have found a solution. I give him according to what he gives to me. Me as well I am pretty (I have a young face and look. Even if he is attracted by my mother, he is attracted also by me. I want from now a platonic relation. I hope this message will help people in the same situation who will read.

modify delete 18251 - from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2019-01-01
Society - "2019 !"

Happy New Year to Nicolas and everybody ! All my wishes of love, health, fortune and money!
The dishes were fish, duck potatoes, cheese, traditional cake, warm vine with canelle (spice). And you ?

18251 -
modify delete 18253 - Reply from Nicolas17 , 53 yrs (France) - 2019-01-01

Information about FORUMS: the "email" button is coming back since 2019 January 01 (today). It includes a new security system; that's why this button is allowed.

18251 -
modify delete 18252 - Reply from Nicolas17 , 53 yrs (France) - 2019-01-01

Thank you very much Régine!
Best wishes to everyone, with health and hapiness above all.

modify delete 18249 - from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2018-12-25
Society - "Célébration"

Merry Christmas to Nicolas and everybody !

18249 -
modify delete 18250 - Reply from Nicolas17 , 53 yrs (France) - 2018-12-26

Merci Régine,
Merry Christmas to you too, and to all students of the World !

modify delete 18240 - from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2018-12-06
Society - "J'ai un problème"

Bonjour Nicolas, j'ai perdu le numéro de référence de mon inscription pour avoir des correspondants. Je m'étais inscrite deux fois; Peux-tu m'aider s'il te plait ? Merci

18240 -
modify delete 18242 - Reply from Nicolas17 , 53 yrs (France) - 2018-12-07

Bonjour Régine,

pour retrouver un compte, tu peux utiliser le formulaire de recherche tout en haut de la liste des correspondants. Tes 2 numéros REF sont : 1313197 et 1293611.

Par contre, en principe, il faut se limiter à 1 seul compte. Je sais, c'est écrit nulle part, mais on préfère éviter les inscriptions multiples.

Bonne journée à toi

18240 -
modify delete 18241 - Reply from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2018-12-06

Mon e-mail :

modify delete 18233 - from Head Salmon131 (Salmonistan) - 2018-10-28
Society - "Salmon Foreign Relationships"

Do you humans think we Salmons should make peace with Bassistan? They use cars with Mayonnaise we use cars with Gravy absolutely unacceptable!

modify delete 18221 - from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-09-18
Society - "Birthgiiving and horrible pains"


18221 -
modify delete 18246 - Reply from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2018-12-23


18221 -
modify delete 18245 - Reply from Samuel111 , 19 yrs (Ireland) - 2018-12-21

Hello. If you follow the bible, then if you check Genesis chapter 3 verse 16, when God was giving punishment to the serpant, Adam and Eve for disobeying him and eating from the fruit of life, he said to Eve "I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee." Hope this was somewhat helpful :)

18221 -
modify delete 18227 - Reply from Gabrielle20 (Great Britain) - 2018-10-10

Although men are the more dominant sex and portray as the stronger and braver gender. You have to remember that just because they don't look like their physically hurting they may be suffering from things like depression, anxiety an eating disorder, and for younger boys, bullying. The fact that women are designed to carry a child for 9 months and birth it doesn't deny the fact that men don't hurt mentally. Even though abuse is more common for a woman to experience doesn't mean they don't experience it either.

18221 -
modify delete 18222 - Reply from Lillian98 , 13 yrs (usa) - 2018-09-19

I don't understand what your asking. Men and Woman are just designed differently. And though you say woman suffer more pain, many men suffer just as much physical pain. THey just have more pain tolerance.

modify delete 18209 - from ALI178 , 31 yrs (maroc) - 2018-08-23
Society - "politicien ou savant_penseur"

quelle relation peut établir entre politicien et penseur

18209 -
modify delete 18257 - Reply from Zaidou66 , 25 yrs (Burundi) - 2019-01-27

i don't think that the two types of politicians are the ones who thinks right and the ones that thinks wrong but from what i think is that there is those politicians that lies for the benefit of they people and those whom lies for their own benefits

18209 -
modify delete 18220 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-09-18

Il y a des politiciens qui pensent bien et d'autres qui pensent mal.

modify delete 18201 - from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-07-23
Society - "Benalla affair"

I understand that they have to respect the right to manifest but I also think that manifestations can bring breakers and that the Government cannot control everything and everybody. It's only Benalla who is guilty, if there is a fault. The reporters and newspapers systematically attack the government because it is not left winged.

modify delete 18200 - from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-07-10
Society - "Euthanasy"

Not long ago a Professor has been charged in Court because he had helped some cancerous people to die. What do you think ?

18200 -
modify delete 18352 - Reply from Silvia238 , 54 yrs (Peru) - 2020-01-24

I think euthanasy is not the best way of ending our lives. Your life will always have a purpose, even in the last minutes. Suffering makes living harder but nowadays there are many options to diminish the pain. And who knows, maybe your recovering was coming and you cut your lifetime, losing a precious opportunity to stay with your beloved ones for a while more.

modify delete 18199 - from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-07-05
Society - "French elections and political future"


modify delete 18185 - from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-06-03
Society - "ECONOMIC WAR"

Trump has decided to put taxes on Europe and China steel. Maybe he will do the same for cars. I think it's a scandal.

modify delete 18184 - from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-06-02
Society - "SELF-DEFENSE"

In France an old man, owner of a jewellry, has been taken to Court because he had killed with a gun a bugglar who robbed him and had a knife. What is your opinion ?

18184 -
modify delete 18254 - Reply from Abram15 , 16 yrs (United States) - 2019-01-10

Hi Asta!

I agree that your suggested method for dealing with robbers is much more peaceful than the method chosen by the jeweler and far more desirable because it would not result in death. However, neither of us no the circumstances of the robbery or what threats the robber made against the jeweler. It is very likely that the robber threatened to kill the jeweler if he did not hand over his goods. In that case, the action that the jeweler took is certainly justifiable as self defense. Maybe the robber tried to kill the jeweler first just to make it easier to take what he wanted.

Using lethal force should always be a last resort, but it is necessary in some circumstances. I hope this helps!


Abram Leyzorek

18184 -
modify delete 18216 - Reply from Asta19 (Denmark) - 2018-09-07

So, the law is there so that we don't decide what is rigth or wrong ourselves. The robber was there, not to kill the man, but to steal. The man should have given the robber what he wanted, waited to he left and then called the police. He would probably had had his stuff back and the robber would probably had gone to prison, but it would have been by the law. If we just start to kill each other, by proclaiming our own rigth and wrong, society will collaps into anarchy.

18184 -
modify delete 18206 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-08-20

I add that nothing goes right here and the government will have to make new laws to replace the existant ones that often give more rights to the riff and less rights to the victims. I remember that last President François Hollande had made the best he could for security. I think HE WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.

18184 -
modify delete 18205 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-08-20

I completelly agree. I wonder why things are like that, it seems like an occult conjuration TRYING TO DESTROY FRANCE.

18184 -
modify delete 18204 - Reply from Lily43 (Great Britain) - 2018-08-19

I think this is simply self-defense. The man would probably have been badly injured if not. I think that law about the same weapon is pretty ridiculous, even if it is to prevent murder.

18184 -
modify delete 18203 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-08-10

In France self defense exist only if the defender uses the same weapon than the attacker.
Everything is made for the riff !!! (racaille)

18184 -
modify delete 18192 - Reply from Abram15 , 16 yrs (usa) - 2018-06-12

"I am confident that this is the rule in France as well," but please correct me if I am mistaken.


18184 -
modify delete 18191 - Reply from Abram15 , 16 yrs (usa) - 2018-06-12

Bonjour Laura!

The robber was making threats on the jeweler's life; Was the jeweler to wait till he was killed? It was probably not the jeweler's intention to kill the burglar, incapacitation would have been sufficient to protect himself and his goods. But if the jeweler had intended to kill, then he is at fault because thievery does not carry the death penalty nor is it justifiable to take a life only to defend possessions. However, the burglar did wield a knife and it is easy to imagine how the jeweler may have feared for his life and taken measures to neutralize the threat.

Is that what they teach you in France, that it is wrong for an individual to take initiative and do what is right? Must it be a government institution decides what is right, acts as the sole instrument of justice? What the founders of the United States held was that the true legitimacy of the law comes from God, not from the government. And government institutions are (1) made up of people and (2) not above ordinary citizens in interpreting God's law. They laid upon ordinary individuals great responsibility in keeping order and preventing tyranny by affording the right to keep and bear arms and reemphasizing their God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Christianity has influenced many man-made legal systems around the world, and in almost all of them violent actions that would otherwise be considered crimes are justified in the context of self defense when (1) the threat to life is imminent and (2) the fear of harm is reasonable. In this situation, the defender may take violent actions proportional to the level of threat to defend himself or other people. I am confident that this is the rule in France as well.

It is, however, up to the court to decide whether or not the danger was imminent and whether or not his response was proportional to the threat. There is also a doctrine called imperfect self defense which applies when the latter criterion is not met, i.e. the person had an irrational fear for their life. In this situation the person will still be charged with a crime, but the sentence will be less severe.

What do you think? And thanks for your input!

18184 -
modify delete 18188 - Reply from Laura160 (France) - 2018-06-05

The burglar did not kill him. Simply robbed him. And the basic rule in justice is that you can't do justice yourself... So yeah of course he's got to go to court!

18184 -
modify delete 18187 - Reply from Lillian101 , 13 yrs (usa) - 2018-06-05

he shouldn't be charged in court. He was defending himself and his store.

I was about to say he was protected my the seccond amendment then I realized it was in france. XD

modify delete 18175 - from203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-05-18
Society - "US ambassy"

What do you think about the US ambassy settlement in Jerusalem ?There have been many shots on the palestinian side. It will increase tensions and hatred. We will see how Iran , for instance, will react. I don't understand that decision. Trump has fogotten Jesus'memorial place.

18175 -
modify delete 18178 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-05-19

Yes, but among palestinians there are Christians. Do you think jews will keep them in this high symbolic place ? Will Christians be safe there ? Jews, while colonising, will destroy ANYBODY's own, without any distinction. Christians are concerned.

18175 -
modify delete 18177 - Reply from Korla10 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2018-05-19

Some people say "don't tell me, show me." Well, the United Sates of America stands with Israel, and I think that we have proven just that. Shifting the U.S. embassy from the Mediterranean metropolis of Tel Aviv, to the religious hub of Jerusalem, was an overdue promise. Every U.S. president, from H.W. Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, had given their word to place the embassy in the Jerusalem, Israel. Yet for some reason or another, every six months, extensions were signed, crippling that expectation. During his first year of being in office, President Trump publicly acknowledged Jerusalem, as Israel's rightful, capital city. Within only five months later, he has done what others had procrastinated to do in two decades! I commend the United States and President Trump, for not only approving of the relocation, but for it bringing into physical manifestation.

Over 35,000 Palestinians and protesters, lined the Israeli border, rioting and trying to break through the border. Like most any other nation would do if on the precipice of invasion or massacre, Israel set up a line of defense. I don't understand why, sympathy, and attention was given to the Palestinian side, as though Israel was in the wrong. Sixty-two lives, is the death toll from violent protest in the Palestinian's "March of Return". At least fifty of the people, were from Hamas. Though the loss of life is lamentable, Israel did not intentionally kill innocent people, only defend their territory.

Tension has always been in the Middle East. Hatred is what many people thrive on. Death and threats are a daily part of living. The Palestinians were just pitching a hissy fit. Summer has just started and temperatures are rising. Hopefully soon things will balance out, and possible solutions be found.

18175 -
modify delete 18176 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-05-18

It's me, Régine, who have written the message.

modify delete 18157 - from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-04-09
Society - "Limited births"

I think birth control should be done in the world, should be limited, because stuff is not for share infinitivelly. When they are poor, many children are the problem. What is your opinion ?

18157 -
modify delete 18215 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-09-03

My e-mail :

18157 -
modify delete 18214 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-09-03

The more people are poor the more they have children. I think it's because of religions that prohibite contraception. Sisters burn pills and imams preach to have numerous children.I think your ideas are the result of your education,maybe religious.
Yes I would like to discuss and share points of view with you. YOU CAN E-MAIL ME.

18157 -
modify delete 18213 - Reply from Soph182 (USA) - 2018-09-01

If a woman doesn't want or can't take care of a child she shouldn't have a sexual relationship. A child has never nor will a child ever be a problem. Children should not be murdered because a person doesn't want that child. Please email me if you'd like to talk more on the subject. I'dlike to talk whether you are for or against the situation.

18157 -
modify delete 18198 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-06-25

Would you love to reborn girl in a islamist familly and be forced to cope with birthgiving, young and without the help of healthcare ? Would you love not to be allowed
to go to school, to die of starvation, because of the poverty of your parents ?
I didn't mean abortion, but contraception. In these countries there are virus, sexual deseases, dirtyness, that's all.

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