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16701 -
modify delete 16733 - Reply from Régine193 , 49 yrs (France) - 2016-07-03

Je suis contre car l'Anglais est la langue qui permet de voyager partout. C'est impossible avec l'Arabe.

16701 -
modify delete 16724 - Reply from Auréo8 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-07-01

I already knew that ! But when you see my English professor you understand!

16701 -
modify delete 16723 - Reply from Jonathan115 (USA) - 2016-06-30

Aureo: Your English is a real disaster. Sorry, but true.

16701 -
modify delete 16709 - Reply from viki84 , 16 yrs (france) - 2016-06-27

Dans le milieu scolaire je pense que l'arabe n'est pas assez valorisé en france, là où j'habite je ne connais aucun lycée et collège qui propose l'apprentissage de cette langue même dans mon lycée qui est pourtant le plus important du département... À mon avis il faudrait déjà que l'arabe soit plus présent en LV2 et après en LV1 si on a le choix entre l'anglais et l'arabe je ne vois vraiment pas ou est le problème, tout est dans le choix...

16701 -
modify delete 16702 - Reply from Auréo8 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-06-26

A traduction for the don't french speaker😉:
Are you against or in favour at the Arabic class as the first foreigner language instead English !?

modify delete 16592 - from Endora172 , 17 yrs (China) - 2016-06-09
School - "college entrance examination"

I have just finish my college entrance examination,which matters most to Chinese students.
Not only us but also our teachers,parents even the whole social attach great importance to it.Before the examination,we have to study hard,give up your habbits just bury yourselves in endless homeworkes.It seems crazy during this time I always ask myself why I have to do this.The reason why we matter it is college entrance examination decides what kinds of college you will attend and this influence your job future.However many students regard it as a chance to improve themselves. Finally,i'd like to know what you think of college entrance examination in your country,does it matter or not(PS;China's large population, the employment pressure, resulting in fierce competition)

16592 -
modify delete 17150 - Reply from irbah78 , 17 yrs (Malaysia) - 2016-12-27

I've frequently watched Chinese dramas and had seen many competitiveness elements in finding jobs and doing jobs (must be a hard time for you, the pressure and all). Here, the system is the same in China, if we want to find the right college for us, we need to do well in our biggest exam which is on the last year of high school. It matters but here,in my country, but we haven't gotten the pressure (compared to China) yet.

Hope you stay strong, my friend.

modify delete 16542 - from Hanna240 , 16 yrs (Finland) - 2016-06-04
School - "IB-high school/program?"

I'll (hopefully) start in an IB-high school here in Finland next autumn, and was wondering if anyone had any experiences about the program? What did you like? Was it fun? What would be your tips for a scared 1st-year-student? I'd love to hear from you, here or with an email :)

16542 -
modify delete 18276 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (usa) - 2019-04-19

Hi! I am a student of University of Central Florida. I am from Ukraine and I know how hard to be freshman in foregien country. But evrything will de ok. I was received very well, I found a lot of new friends, the campus is cool and high-level studying. I am studing for Bachelor of Biological. Here we have very intresting and professional programs and courses. i love this place. Here is the information about my university on Free-Apply. Share with me your experiance. It`s so interesting.

modify delete 16432 - from abu148 (gambia) - 2016-05-07
School - "learning"

I am a gambian and official language is english. As globalization is inevitable,its wise for everybody learn and speak more than one language for convience .Best regards.

modify delete 16328 - from Sakku183 , 14 yrs (Japan) - 2016-03-25
School - "Do you think English is important?"

I think we must study English becouse we need to talking with world people in English.
How do you think about it?

16328 -
modify delete 18281 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (usa) - 2019-04-25

As for me, studying English is imoprtant. I am student from Eurpe and I can afford to study in USA. Because I know language!
Now I am international student in United Tribes Technical College and I really like to study abroad.
If you know English very well, you can study abroad too.
If interested in this question, use Free-Apply. Here you will find information about universitie all over the world.
Good luck!

16328 -
modify delete 17640 - Reply from Aella49 , 16 yrs (Greece) - 2017-07-27

I tottaly agree with that as well.nowadays we need to know english in order to communicate with people all over the world.moreover in greece its imposible to find a job even as a waiter due to tourism.children in greece have two hours of english classes at school per week but they also attend evening tutoring to master their english .

16328 -
modify delete 16687 - Reply from edwin0 , 18 yrs (kenya) - 2016-06-25

yea i kind of stongly agree with that.

16328 -
modify delete 16501 - Reply from Sakku183 , 14 yrs (Japan) - 2016-05-28

I agree with you idea. I don't write or speak English without my father.
My father teachs English at junior high school. I think his English is very good.

16328 -
modify delete 16485 - Reply from Zhang151 , 24 yrs (China) - 2016-05-23

Of course English is important!Especially Oral English!many children learn English to pass all kinds of exams but don't know how to express themselves in Engliah!that's bad!

16328 -
modify delete 16457 - Reply from Lark70 , 16 yrs (Canada) - 2016-05-14

O' course english is important.

T'was a message from Canada's governement

16328 -
modify delete 16430 - Reply from Alojza254 (Poland) - 2016-05-04

English is just an universal language nowadays. Before it there was French, and even ealier the universal language was latin. Who knows what comes next... so yeah, for now it is.

16328 -
modify delete 16408 - Reply from meii23 (KOREA) - 2016-04-25


16328 -
modify delete 16330 - Reply from Sakku183 , 14 yrs (Japan) - 2016-03-25

I think so, too. So I want to speak English. English is not spoken in your country,is it? How do you study English to speak?

16328 -
modify delete 16329 - Reply from Andreas115 (Germany) - 2016-03-25

Very important, of course. And most Japanese are very bad at speaking English (unfortunately!)

modify delete 16226 - from M@®©U$54 (Brazil) - 2016-01-17
School - "Hey ya!"

Do you agree with the system education of your country/city?

16226 -
modify delete 18282 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (usa) - 2019-04-26

Hello. I am from Ukraine, but now I am studying in USA in New York University.
I didn`t agree with ukrainian education system, so I moved to USA. Now I have the opportunity to study in one of the most popular university in the world! I really happy to be the part of New York University.
If you want to study in another country, I recommend you to visit Free-Apply. It is great web for future students. This web helped me to know how I can get to New York University. What about your system of education?

16226 -
modify delete 17151 - Reply from irbah78 , 17 yrs (Malaysia) - 2016-12-27

I totally agree. Seems that an ideal education system could never exist. In my country, the education system keep changing (unstable). My batch would comment about how we were lab rats and we did not deserve such a system. But regardless of the complaints, we overcome the system and be who we are today.

16226 -
modify delete 16241 - Reply from Citoyenne248 , 18 yrs (France) - 2016-01-31

As a French, I must admit that I agree with Xia : Me neither, I'm not sure that any ideal educational system could exist. Because in the great diversity of people, the diversity of abilities, mind working and desires, I don't see how one system could suit to all pupils.
I think French educational system is quite close to British one. As I do not trully know another system I can't really judge this system. But just one thing I find very important, is that, apparently, university studies in France are far cheaper that in many other countries (especially USA : of pure curiosity, I recently searched how could one year of learning in a random American university, it's absolutely horrific). I think that, if we consider that "All men are born free and equal in rights", the very least governments should do is to make education totally free.

16226 -
modify delete 16236 - Reply from Xia172 , 18 yrs (China) - 2016-01-28

As a student takes sino-British collaborative major.
I find that the Chinese one makes students stressful but they can learn more and make few mistakes
The British one concentrates more on practice .It's more realistic but something is easy to forget .
I don't think there is an education system that I really like...

modify delete 16177 - from sixtine155 , 21 yrs (France) - 2015-12-05
School - "Citizenship at the primary school"

Hello, I am Sixtine Legroux, I am a French student and I would like to become a school teacher.
At the University, I have a subject « primary school enables the child to become a Citizen in the England ». So, I would like to know « how being a citizen is taught to the pupils ? In a 'direct' way or not ? » , « What are the values transmitted at school ? ».

Can someone help me, please

16177 -
modify delete 17037 - Reply from javad162 , 30 yrs (iran) - 2016-10-28

I'm a teacher too.I think I'v got experiments enough to talk you about the methods of teaching.So I suggest you contact with me by email or so and God willing we'll have a nice time to exchange ideas to each other.
waiting forward to hear from you.BYE

modify delete 16037 - from Alice224 , 15 yrs (France/ Francia) - 2015-10-27
School - "Esta aqui un(a) Costarricense ?"

Hola, queria saber si aqui esta un(a) costarricense porque el verano proximo, voy a Costa Rica y estudiaré en una escuela local. Por eso necesito ayuda porque no encuentro ninguna informacion en cuenta al sistema educativo. Por favor, podeis decirme como pasa ? Tendré que llevar un uniforme ? A que hora empezan las clases por la manana ? Y a que hora terminan ? Cambiamos de companeros cada hora o guardamos la misma clase todo el dia ?
Otras informaciones importantes ?

Perdon por mi espanol :( Ademas, no puedo escribir palabras con los acentos :/
Gracias por todo !

modify delete 15992 - from tourist115 (europe) - 2015-10-11
School - "Why most Japanese speak so poor English?"

Why most Japanese speak so poor English?

modify delete 15964 - from ali229 (turkey) - 2015-10-02
School - "opinion of the francophones on learning English"

Dear francophones, i'm interested to hear your opinion on the following topic.
Is English indeed a complicated language for you (i mean francophones in general) to learn?

15964 -
modify delete 17000 - Reply from Alex51 (France) - 2016-09-13

I think English is difficult for anyone who is not speaking because we are not used to it

15964 -
modify delete 16951 - Reply from Victoria134 , 18 yrs (France) - 2016-08-22

I don't think english is very complicated to french when comparing it to other languages . We actually have common expressions and a similar way to say things , in my opinion at list .

15964 -
modify delete 16287 - Reply from keyan193 , 25 yrs (india aka india) - 2016-02-27

Its never going to be harder while learning english with your focus on ur forehead.

15964 -
modify delete 16267 - Reply from Alice224 (France) - 2016-02-13

In mi opinion, english is'nt the most dificult language to learn (grammar is quite simple) but it's very difficult to pronounce correctly the words and we have a very very bad accent (I speak very bad english).

15964 -
modify delete 16240 - Reply from Anne155 , 17 yrs (France) - 2016-01-31

No not exactly. When you learn english at school that's no really difficult for us but I think,if you go in England or in America, this language becomes harder ... :)
Such is my opinion about this !

modify delete 15869 - from Régine193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2015-08-08
School - "seeking for an American (usa) or English penfriend"

Hi there would you like to be my new penfriend? I can help with French. I have Corsican and european origins. My hobbies are playing electric guitar keyboards and I'm able to play drums as well. I have a dog and a cat. I sing as well but I don't want to create a band for the moment. I support abortion and I love animals.

15869 -
modify delete 16688 - Reply from edwin0 , 18 yrs (kenya) - 2016-06-25

yea am in all also be glad to teach you any language that i know

15869 -
modify delete 16224 - Reply from Alex223 , 14 yrs (America/USA) - 2016-01-13

I would be glad to help you learn English. I'm from Arizona, USA.

15869 -
modify delete 15876 - Reply from Rudolf229 (Slovakia) - 2015-08-14

Corsicans are Europeans, no need to put it separately from each other.

modify delete 15739 - from CHEN176 , 22 yrs (CHINA) - 2015-07-20
School - "find a friend"

Bonjour tout le monde,je suis chinoise ,j'etudie en FRANCE maintenant ,mais je ne parle pas bien le francais. Donc ,je voudrais chercher un ami£¨e)pour relever mon niveau de francais . Si tu interesse la culture francaise ou tu veux apprendre chinoise, je peux t'aider. Je pense que c'est une bonne idee. Si tu interesse,m'envoyeras un message .Email

15739 -
modify delete 16320 - Reply from Léa104 , 15 yrs (France) - 2016-03-16

Bonjour je m'appelle Léa, j'ai 15 ans. La langue francaise et ma langue maternelle je pense donc pouvoir t'aider.

modify delete 15712 - from Eliza23 , 16 yrs (China) - 2015-07-14
School - "Practicing and learning"

Hi,everyone.I am a 16-year-old girl from China,I want to talk to an English speaker to practice my English.I also want to learn some French and Italian.And if you want,I can teach you Chinese.Please send e-mail to me if you want to talk with me,my e-mail address is

15712 -
modify delete 16689 - Reply from edwin0 , 18 yrs (kenya) - 2016-06-25

hi am edwin,
all be glad to be your Chinese student and i promise i won't disappointft you.

modify delete 15664 - from carlie239 (uk) - 2015-06-11
School - "french school"

Bonjour, je suis anglaise mais je voudrais apprendre des les colleges Francaises. Vouz ne potez pas l'uniforme, oui? Et aussi, trouvez vous les profs tres stricte? Je sais que j'aime les profs à mon college, mais c'est tres différent pour mes amis, qui deteste leurs profs dans les autres colleges!

15664 -
modify delete 17001 - Reply from Alex51 (France) - 2016-09-13

Coucou . L'uniforme dépend des établissements , et en général nous n'en portons pas . Mais ce que je peut dire pour les professeurs stricts , je suis actuellement dans un lycée avec une règle d'or qu va peut être de faire peur " Excellence , Travail et discipline mène à la réussite " .Et oui ce que je peut dire c'est que c'est un lycée très strict en général . Mais cependant , cela est mon lycée , je ne connais pas celui des autres . Mais c'est vrai que en général , nos lycée sont assez réservés sur l'éducation et sont justes ici pour faire leurs cours . J'espère t'avoir aidé .

15664 -
modify delete 16952 - Reply from Victoria134 (France) - 2016-08-22

Comme dit précédemment nous ne portons pas d'uniforme , par contre oui l'école française est stricte et personnellement je trouve les écoles américaines bien meilleures .

15664 -
modify delete 16038 - Reply from Alice224 , 15 yrs (France) - 2015-10-27

Coucou !
Non, nous ne portons pas d'uniforme en France, ce qui est très bien d'après moi :D
Je trouve les profs un peu stricts mais ça permet de bien travailler. La plupart des étrangers que je rencontre me disent que les profs français sont plus "froids" et distants avec les élèves que ceux de leur pays. Les profs viennent, ils font leur cours, puis s'en vont: ils ne discutent pas vraiment avec les élèves comme aux Etats_Unis par exemple.
Voilà :)

15664 -
modify delete 15677 - Reply from Airi12 , 14 yrs (Japan) - 2015-06-16

Hi,Sia! I'm Airi from Japan. I study English, Math, Social stuies...and so on.
I want to do home work in alone. Because, I can study hard in alone. And I can think in
my brain. But, home work in group can't study hard. And I talk bad things. If I have
a question, I can use internet. Or ask person.
I think, home woek in alone is for me.

I hope to hear from you again.

15664 -
modify delete 15676 - Reply from Minami12 , 13 yrs (Japan) - 2015-06-16

How do you think?
Group is doog
Friend teaches
I hope to hear from you again

modify delete 15591 - from Josh17 , 9 yrs (Ireland) - 2015-05-12
School - "Primary school education"

Hi I am doing a project for my school on primary education in different countries. Can you let me know some info on the following areas

Times school starts and finishes
What you eat in school
How many children are in your class
Do you enjoy school
Do you get homework and how much do you get



15591 -
modify delete 16458 - Reply from Katharina129 (Germany) - 2016-05-14

I live in Germany. In the primary school (4 years) the school starts often at 8 o´clock and ends often at 12 o´clock. The kids take their breakfast from home. In my class were 20 pupil: 10 boys; 10 girls. The primary school was for me great: a lot of friends and funny teachers. We got everyday homework, it wasn´t much. After the fourth grade changes a lot. Most of schools start at 7:45 o´clock and end at 15:45 o´clock. There´s one hour lunch, where you can buy something or eat your bread from home. Often there are 30 kids in the class, sometimes 31 or 32. The lessons are sometimes very hard, and of course the teachers aren´t so funny anymore. Sometimes you get homework, not everyday. The teachers give you sometimes a lot of work: doing the homework can take one or two hours of your free time. And you don´t have a lot of free time.
I hope that I helped

15591 -
modify delete 15805 - Reply from Rika111 , 17 yrs (Indonesia) - 2015-07-30

hello, im rika. feel free to contack me. i will tell you the education in indonesia.

15591 -
modify delete 15618 - Reply from Hannah47 , 13 yrs (england) - 2015-05-28

email me if you want to know about England education, but i guess it isnt that dissimilar to that in Ireland xx

15591 -
modify delete 15607 - Reply from Agyemang145 (Ghana) - 2015-05-26

hello im a teacher in ghana and ready to help you. stay blessed

modify delete 15488 - from Hakizimana139 , 29 yrs (Burundi) - 2015-03-28
School - "How to improve English language as native English speaker"

I am new student in program of online liberal studies at Regis University. As we learn from distance, we improve more especially in writing, thinking and reading academically but as English is not our my first language, I fail every time to communicate as well as i write my assignments or i discuss with other students on discussion forums. so I want you to show me the way how I can be a good speaker as native. Thank you a lot

modify delete 15477 - from Olivera95 , 19 yrs (Italy) - 2015-03-10
School - "In search of a pen-pal :)"

Hi everybody, I'm Olivera, I want to improve my english and know a lot of things about other cultures.
If you're interested to talk with me send me an email :)

15477 -
modify delete 15608 - Reply from Agyemang145 (Ghana) - 2015-05-26

hello im a ghanaian and a teacher by profession. i would love to be your penpal. stay blessed

modify delete 15432 - from Zied0 , 23 yrs (Tunisie) - 2015-02-06
School - "Situation Critique"

5 semaines de grève nationale des étudiants ingénieurs sans aucune une décision sérieuse de la part des responsables de l'état a propos des problèmes juridiques qu'on rencontre.

modify delete 15397 - from Abigail130 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2015-01-19
School - "What do you think about Common Core?"

The new system in education is Common Core, where everyone learns the same thing, and teachers teach the same way, not letting children learn the way that works for them. I would like to know your thoughts on the subject.

15397 -
modify delete 15437 - Reply from Mel233 , 17 yrs (United States) - 2015-02-15

Hi, Abigail. I'm a High School Student in the Northeast. Personally, I despise it. It makes sense for some regulations to exist (because otherwise many more students would be underserved at school), but I don't think all of the restrictions that they created are practical or sensible. For example, they require that 50% (might be a different number, I can't remember) of all material read by students is nonfiction. That prevents teachers from distributing a lot of classic literature - so we end up missing out. The standardized testing stuff means we are taught to take tests, rather than to actually learn. If teachers could write their own curricula, they would be more passionate with their teaching and students would be more engaged in learning it (that would fix the dropout rate, somewhat).

The stuff that you mentioned about all students needing to learn the same things also is a big "no" to me. What happens when students already have mastered the curriculum. Especially in the lower grades, my experience was that teachers are reluctant to give separate, more-challenging assignments because the curriculum leaves no margin for it.

Students in the United States learned well for many years. What evidence shows that the common core isn't diminishing the educational quality?

modify delete 15391 - from Carol91 , 15 yrs (China) - 2015-01-17
School - "Education"

I'm just asking students around the world about their opinions about education.It has always been a heated topic.
We'll have a debate on it next week.
What do you say to the education in your country?What is your ideal education like?

15391 -
modify delete 15517 - Reply from Lee224 , 17 yrs (Taiwan) - 2015-04-15

Hi,Carol,I am a high school student.In my country,there is core idea of education--exam!I go school at 7:20,then I have a test to 8:00.Every Tuesday I have a science test,every Wednesday I have an English test,every Thursday I have a Chinese test,and every Friday I have a math test.In addition,there are many quizzes in a week.Every day passes in exams.I think this way of education is wrong,we won't be interested in knowledge any more when we get bad grades after studying all night.

modify delete 15360 - from Gaheun117 , 12 yrs (Korea) - 2015-01-13
School - "Hi~~"

Hi! I'm Gaheun from Korea. I've always wanteed to have a penpal from an another country!
Please email me__!

15360 -
modify delete 15882 - Reply from Madison102 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2015-08-17

Hi I have always wanted one to maybe we could become pen pals? If so you can just email me.

modify delete 15281 - from Rut72 (Indonesia) - 2015-01-08
School - "Do you guys really pay attention?"

Hey people, because this is debates forum, I will bring you up a topic to discuss.
It's about education. What do you think about violence that teacher do to discipline the pupils? Does violence still exist in your country's education?

15281 -
modify delete 15313 - Reply from Valentine16 , 14 yrs (France) - 2015-01-11

Hi !
I live in France (so far of Indonesia !). In my country, violence is THEORICALLY forbidden. But there's of course some teachers, but a minority, who still use this kind of "education".
In my opinon, that's simply incorrect. I'm for peace and I don't think violence is the solution to solve any problem. Pupils are too talkative ? Maybe that's because lessons are sometimes boring. What about make more interactive lessons ? Pupils are impolite ? Maybe that's because the teacher is too. What about speak peacefully. Pupils are violent ? So, if they are punished because THEY ARE VIOLENT, why do the teachers punish them WITH VIOLENCE ??? There are some mysteries in the universe.

And in Indonesia, are the teachers violent ?
Bye !

modify delete 15159 - from Alba228 (Spain) - 2014-11-26
School - "School project"

Hello! My name is Alba and I am in my last year of high school. During this year we have to do a big research project and I chose mine to be about English. I have a survey for students around the world and it would be awesome to get this survey as many people as posible. Here is the link:

Thank you very much in advance!

modify delete 15156 - from sia.171 , 15 yrs (malaysia.) - 2014-11-26
School - "Group Work vs Alone"

Hi guys, i'm sia. What do you think is better? Doing an assigment/homework/studying alone or do it with a group of friend especially in your assignments.

15156 -
modify delete 15679 - Reply from Rinnka12 , 13 yrs (Japan) - 2015-06-16

I thing group is good friend
But it very b difficult because i piay with friends
Butwhen you hare a probiem you can ask frien d
so group is good
Of course i try to study hargd

15156 -
modify delete 15678 - Reply from Ayu12 , 13 yrs (Japan) - 2015-06-16

I just wanted to say hi.
I'm for with friends
Because, I like friend.(*^_^*)
I'm not smart.
I need friends.
Bye for now.

15156 -
modify delete 15674 - Reply from Toshi12 , 14 yrs (Japan) - 2015-06-16

How are you doing.
I think alone is good.
You can study without the extra talking.
You can use internet when you have any question.
I hope to hear from you again.

15156 -
modify delete 15672 - Reply from Ryousei12 , 13 yrs (Japan) - 2015-06-16

Alone is very good.
Because I can study in alone

15156 -
modify delete 15671 - Reply from Mayu12 , 14 yrs (Japan) - 2015-06-16

How's everything?
I talk with friend in group.
But I can study hard in alone.
Bye for now.

15156 -
modify delete 15669 - Reply from Airi12 , 14 yrs (japan) - 2015-06-16

Group is goodI
Because I enjoy studying with friend.
I think enjoying study is importantI

15156 -
modify delete 15668 - Reply from Rei12 , 14 yrs (Japan) - 2015-06-16

I just wanted to say hi.
I'm Alone.
I can study hard.
I can't study in group.
I play something.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Rei< ^_^>

15156 -
modify delete 15667 - Reply from Daisuke12 , 14 yrs (‚i‚‚‚‚Ž) - 2015-06-16

‚gi,i`m Daisuke.Because it`s quiet round.‡Tcan study my favorite subject.
‡Thope to hear from you again.

15156 -
modify delete 15486 - Reply from Valentine224 , 15 yrs (France) - 2015-03-27

If the homework is recorded/rated (I speak very bad english, I know :D), I prefer do a homework alone, because it's more quick and there are no tensions. But during the class time, if the work isn't rated, I prefer do this with my friends, it's funnier ;)
Sorry for my bad english :(

15156 -
modify delete 15442 - Reply from alondra133 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2015-02-16

Personally I think it depends. If your doing some sort of project that requires research then it would be better and also fun to do it with friends. They might help you out with certain things and they might have facts that you need and vise versa. Certain projects should only be done with close friends as certain friends could back stab you and steal your ideas. That doesn't just happen in movies you know! Essay assignments and smaller projects should be done alone. Some times friends can distract you when you doing homework, essays, or small assignments. These are the worst kind because they are small but require a lot of thinking. You just want to get them done and don't want any distractions. I learned that the hard way.

15156 -
modify delete 15282 - Reply from Jak Gum Po72 (Korea) - 2015-01-08

with friends of course. This is how i study, i must use some gestures and explain the lesson to someone, then i can remember it all.

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