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modify delete 18317 - from soongmin163 (france) - 2019-09-02
Philosophy - "des questions"

bonjour, actuellement je me pose beaucoup de questions tel que:est ce que j'éxiste?est ce que le monde dans lequel je vie est réelle,est ce que je vie même?!
des fois,je m'amuse a reprendre mes profs de philosophie et maths sur des interrogations..(1+1=1?!)
j'ai peur de devenir bizarre là..

18317 -
modify delete 18319 - Reply from Nicolas126 (France) - 2019-09-03

Tu as tout à fait le droit d'écrire 1+1=1 ; tout dépend de la signification de l'opérateur "+".
En logique combinatoire (microélectronique), on raisonne en binaire car on ne travaille qu'avec des 1 et des 0 qui signifient OUI ou NON. Le "+" signifie "OU". Donc 1+1=1. On pourrait aller beaucoup plus loin, car c'est une discipline extrêmement sérieuse. Mais j'ai peur d'ennuyer tout le monde :-(

modify delete 18316 - from sacha161 (France) - 2019-08-30
Philosophy - "existentielle question"

les chats voient t'ils les étoiles? the cats can see thes stars? los gatos ven las estrellas?

modify delete 18304 - from Rebekah 230 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2019-07-01
Philosophy - "God is real! Here is my proof!"

God is real! The proof is everywhere! He made the world! How could the complex human body come into existence without him? How could the universe be formed by chance, in the exact way needed to sustain life? Without God there is no right and wrong, so He has to exist

I am willing to tell you about Jesus, or talk about anything. Just contact me. My reference number is 1410188

modify delete 18283 - from Asavior77 , 35 yrs (Usa) - 2019-04-26
Philosophy - "Reality"

Who is alive, but dies a thousand times, who is awake to this philosophical rhyme, for the soul is barried in gold, and only God, can begin its mold, to unsuffer, the life of who suffers, to enlighten the mind when it wonders, but wanders away, and these words like my life begins to fade...

modify delete 18225 - from Yasser155 , 26 yrs (Morocco) - 2018-10-01
Philosophy - "God"

There is a very interested quote:

"what ever comes to your mind, God is something else"

analyze and give your opinion.

18225 -
modify delete 18247 - Reply from thomas177 , 17 yrs (Belgique) - 2018-12-24

it means that god can not represent anything?

18225 -
modify delete 18226 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-10-05

God is infinity, mankind limited. God is perfection, mankind not.

modify delete 17811 - from Imen0 (Tunisie) - 2017-09-15
Philosophy - "Hello! I'am a tunisian student and i want to make an intellectuel echange"

Good morning,
I'am a student of law in Tunisia and I want to have freinds to exchange knowledges with others students.
Thank you.

17811 -
modify delete 18210 - Reply from Nicolas17 (France) - 2018-08-24

ok je l'ai supprimé

17811 -
modify delete 18208 - Reply from Régine113 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-08-22

Bonjour Nicolas, j'ai l'impression que mon message bloque les personnes qui le lisent. Penses-tu qu'il faille l'effacer? Les gens ne doivent pas savoir quoi penser, depuis que le salaud de Marseille me fait la réputation. AU PLUS LE MENSONGE EST GROS, AU PLUS ON LE CROIT.

17811 -
modify delete 18168 - Reply from Emmanuel215 , 19 yrs (Ghana) - 2018-04-29

That's great. We could be friends. I study philosophy though but I would love to exchange thoughts with you anyway.

17811 -
modify delete 17813 - Reply from Jonathan229 (Taiwan) - 2017-09-15

Are you a girl or a boy ))

modify delete 17658 - from Korla10 , 15 yrs (USA ) - 2017-08-06
Philosophy - "Experimenting with Life... Ethical?"

Many sciences over millennia has helped humankind find blueprints to make our lives better. Sometimes things that are intended for good is not always good. I am all for the advancement of the human race. When it comes to experimenting with life and life forces I believe it is especially important for us to be cautious and tread carefully. What is your opinion. Are some life experiments such as buman chipping, growing human organs in animals, animal cloning etc., ethical? Do you know of anything similar? I am appreciative of science, even though we may have over stepped our boundaries, in good ways amd6 bad

17658 -
modify delete 17996 - Reply from lillian101 , 13 yrs (usa) - 2018-01-30

Um, actually, wether you believe it or not, I do believe it happens.

17658 -
modify delete 17739 - Reply from Laura160 (France) - 2017-08-23

That all depends on people's beliefs...

17658 -
modify delete 17733 - Reply from Korla10 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2017-08-23

The body dies but the soul lives on forever, either in heaven or hell. There is no in between.

17658 -
modify delete 17724 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-08-21

Death does not exist. The proof is that some people who had experienced death had seen a beautifull sweet light full of love.

17658 -
modify delete 17672 - Reply from Laura160 (France) - 2017-08-10

Have any of you seen read the book or the film "Never Let Me Go"? That's an example of a scientific "progress" I am TOTALLY against!

17658 -
modify delete 17670 - Reply from Korla10 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2017-08-10

In the case of barren or infertile couples, I believe artificial wombs would be a very hopeful invention.

17658 -
modify delete 17661 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-08-09

I am against pain. All experimentations bringing pain for humans or animals must be banished. However, experimentations in the aim to devellop artificial wombs are welcome. Steps have been made and it's very good in my opinion. I fear the ethic council to be against.

modify delete 17512 - from Korla10 (USA) - 2017-05-22
Philosophy - "Color.and Noise"

Clear and transparency shows the color of things around it.
Silence takes makes the sound of things around it.
Is there such thing as clear and silence?
What about when it comes to the "dark stuff" in outer space?
Your thought and philosophies are welcomed.

17512 -
modify delete 17650 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-08-04

I have some more lyrics : Hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again ... is creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains And touch the sound of silence...
I think the message is that the end of things is silence. Or that nothingness which could be silence has a sound and so exists and waits for us.

17512 -
modify delete 17613 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-07-07

No I don't know. I suggest you to listen to this song.

17512 -
modify delete 17584 - Reply from Korla10 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2017-06-26

I read the lyrics. It was very interesting. Darkness come to think of it does have a sound. Do you know the message they were trying to portray through the song?

17512 -
modify delete 17576 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-06-22

Just listen to the song of Simon and Garfunkel "the sound of silence"."Hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again..."

modify delete 17285 - from Soph182 (United States) - 2017-03-10
Philosophy - "Christianity"

What are your thoughts on Christianity? I am a Christian and would like to know what other people think of it. And why some of you think it should be completely destroyed? I want this to be a civilized debate. I don't want any one beingredients rude or mean to the other.

17285 -
modify delete 18303 - Reply from Rebekah 230 (USA) - 2019-07-01

Jesus is real! I believe!

17285 -
modify delete 18224 - Reply from Yasser155 , 26 yrs (Morocco) - 2018-10-01

I think jesus words got mixed with all the added words after he was gone especially when he didn't write the bible himself.
Christianity just like any other religion has defects in it since we live in another time. We have new problems, new systems and new ideas. We have to rethink about old religions (all of them) analyze them and see what we should keep and what should we throw away.
in my opinion I can see the nowadays we also have new religions like (spirituality. deism ... ) but we always has to ask more questions about any sort of believes that we adopt.
I still find valuable wisdom in the bible besides some other nonsense as well just like any religion that I looked into
as I said before read and question and read again and question again

17285 -
modify delete 18169 - Reply from Emmanuel215 , 19 yrs (Ghana) - 2018-04-29

God exists. There's more proof that this world didn't just come about and there are principles governing this beautiful world. I think some people get it wrong when it comes to matters of Christianity. Christianity is an act of fellowship ( following Christ ) and there are divine principles governing the Christian life. Secondly Christianity is a relationship the individual has with God through Christ Jesus. Looking at the religious point of view I think sometimes some people really undermine Christianity. It goes beyond being a religion. Christians believe that this world has a creator in charge of everything we see. Christians believe not just the material or physical part of this world but the spiritual that's unseen. Christians also believe that someday everything is gonna end. God is seated in heaven and he watches the wickedness and evil in this world but someay he will come here on this earth to pick up his children( those who live to please him) not all people who claim they are Christians are Christians: in God's kingdom you're either a follower or not. Some people just love being called such but I say its their freewill and cannot be taken away from them but those who live the Christ-like ( christian) life are ones we call Christians. Again some people claim they belong to Christ but they don't realize they are just in the hypocritical business. God reigns he created the man to invent things with his given knowledge and the truth is; he created science but there are greater things unexposed and beyond the power of science. It's appointed to everyman to die once and after death there's judgement and I don't think anyone can escape that. God is alive. This is real.

17285 -
modify delete 18129 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-03-31

Jahd, I think religions are wishdom, and humans need tobelieve in a superior entity, a creator. But have a wrong interpretation. God is against murder Are you atheist ?

17285 -
modify delete 18041 - Reply from Jahd90 (Kenya) - 2018-02-11

I don't particularly hate Christianity but I certainly don't like it. And this is my attitude towards most if not all religions. Why? This is because religions are most often used to justify some of the biggest and worst atrocities in human history. I believe there is moral and ethical living that doesn't rely on religious thought as religious thought tends to be closed out and averse to debate and critical thinking. And while I do respect people who practice all sorts of religious belief. I despise those who would attempt to chain my spirit and soul into any religion. Man is most free when he has the most freedom to think.

17285 -
modify delete 17867 - Reply from Angela28 (Macedonia) - 2017-11-07

I consider myself a non-believer, not because I think it is nonsense, but because it hasn't been proven to be true. I honestly respect Christianity, since it presents a very precise statute on how one is supposed to be acting in order to be considered a "good" person, based on rationality. However, I can't believe in the story itself considering the fact that there is none actual proof of the existence of Jesus Christ and his life path. Though I am not a judgy person, and respect other persons thoughts and opinions on this matter. I also understand the theory that believing in something helps the person because it is some sort of a consolation, which I think that in this complex society is very important.

17285 -
modify delete 17864 - Reply from Lillian101 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2017-10-24

i believe there is a God. There is proof there is and no proof that anything else is real.

17285 -
modify delete 17675 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-08-10

A beleif that is prooved can be a reality. It is not just a dream.

17285 -
modify delete 17673 - Reply from Laura160 (France) - 2017-08-10

Religion is a belief. It is not a science, so it doesn't need to be "proved".

17285 -
modify delete 17649 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-08-03

Do you beleive in reincarnation ? What is your opinion about extraterrestrial coming to Earth and giving the technology to antic people ? What do you think about the universe we have created in laboratory ? And the fact that the 10 commandements have been written with laser ? Can you give me a proof that God exists ?

17285 -
modify delete 17514 - Reply from Korla10 (USA) - 2017-05-22

There is no proof God doesn't excist. There is proof that He does. Tons and tons of proof.
Religion is mans way get to God. Relationship is God's way to get to man.
If God had a god or creator then He wouldn't be God. Example if I took a piece of wood and made an image out of it it wouldn't do me zip. How would one look praying and bowing to something it created begging it for daily provisions? Quite foolish I'd say. I do believe there is two dimensions in life, the natural and the
supernatural, angels and demons, the righteous and the wicked, heaven and hell. Everybodies going somewhere and I am glad I know where I'm going when I die. Heaven. If you don't know where you're going and reject the cross there is only one other way to go and it ain't gonna be fun...

17285 -
modify delete 17289 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-03-11

I was born catholic and raised in a private middle school and high school. Now I wonder if there is a god because we have no proof, and it has been prooved that god laws have been writen with laser. And if there is a god, who created him ? I think we have been created by extraterrestrians. Jesus in my opinion was one of them. Before Bible there were many lost civilisations and lost worlds. And traced of extraterrestrians exist all around the world. But maybe an omnipotent force can exist. An energy maybe.I beleivethe universe has a soul. I think as well that cosmic beings exist.But the big bang could have been createdin a gigantic laboratory, the same way that scientists did in France several years ago. We have created a big bang and an universe in which stars, planets and black holes have begun to appear. According to me the after life is another dimension,a parallel world.

modify delete 17166 - from Amélie16 , 18 yrs (France) - 2017-01-22
Philosophy - "Liberté"

Est ce que chaque individu est libre ?
Même les enfants ? Quand acquirent-t-ils la maturité pour être libre eux-même, conscient des conséquences de leurs actes ?!
mh, it's so mysterious..

17166 -
modify delete 17206 - Reply from Ibrahim164 , 19 yrs (England) - 2017-02-10

One is only as free as one wills.

17166 -
modify delete 17168 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-01-22

Je pense que nous sommes libres de dire, de penser et de faire ce qui nous est possible. Tout dépend de notre éducation, de notre environnement, de notre santé et des lois du pays où nous vivons. Une fois quelqu'un m'a dit que notre destin est ce que nous avons et notre libre arbitre est ce que nous en faisons. Chaque action a une répercussion, bonne ou mauvaise. Par exemple nous avons une orange et nous sommes libre d'en faire un jus, une tarte, etc.

modify delete 16875 - from Régine113 , 49 yrs (France) - 2016-07-25
Philosophy - "Arc of Alliance mystery"

Several days ago I have watched a tv report about the Arc of Alliance, who is said to contain Laws of God. UFO's have been seen over Jerusalem and one of them would have sent to it a very strong electric charge. Reporters wonder if the aim was to charge the Arc.
But it is said as well that there would be several Arcs in the world. In Ethiopy the guardian of one of them has told that the Arc is very hot and he has problems at the eyes since he is near it. I think it's radioative and my dad who was electrician thinks it's
electricity. What is your opinion about all of that ? Do you beleive in extraterrestrial coming in the past, in the present and maybe in the future, will the "apocalypse" of Saint Jean ?

16875 -
modify delete 16920 - Reply from Régine113 , 49 yrs (France) - 2016-07-31

Your words are right. And accrding to me the apocalypse will be an extraterrestrial invasion. God, in fact, would be an extraterrestrian and I also beleive in lost worlds and continents. Searchers have discovered in the Bermuda Triangle vestiges of a civilisation. The Atlants. After the cataclysm the survivors would have spread in the world especially in Egypt and Europe. Stonehenge in England and Carnac in France (rows of giganic menhirs, megaliths, would have been made by them for people to adorate them.
And extraterrestrians would have in my opinion created the religions. If there is a God who created him ? That's why I have a doubt about his existence.

16875 -
modify delete 16907 - Reply from Can54 , 18 yrs (Turkey) - 2016-07-29

I think maybe real all of that.
I believe in extraterrestrial. Because cosmos is too big for only us. I think we don't alone in the cosmos. Ufo's visits verifying. But i didn't believe happen real all of them. Namely i think some of those are supporting by CIA. It can various reason. If you want discuss this subject. I think CIA use this subject own plans.

If i talk extraterrestrial coming in the past subject;
I read "Chariots of the Gods". In the book, extraterrestrial's visits in the past. For example they visit South America domestic holy book. Also like that things experienced in various places of the world. This experiences are usually mentioning in traditional folk tales. In this folk tales mentioning "God's Flying Vehicle". Says: My Gods visited by flame hair vehicle in the past.
And a lot of same happening in various places in the world people...
As in Asian away, in South America, in North America Indýans, in Middle East, in African Deserts, in Scandinavia...

modify delete 16859 - from Régine113 , 49 yrs (France) - 2016-07-21
Philosophy - "At least !"

At least artificial wombs have been created in Japan ! Women who refuse pregnancy and overall confinement will have the possibility to use these artificial wombs if they want children this way. It's a fabulous revolution !!! For the moment the matter is with animals but I think it's a path to human artificial procreation. Of course religions will be against. But we must not obey them. Natural procreation is a TORTURE for women.

16859 -
modify delete 16864 - Reply from Régine113 , 49 yrs (France ) - 2016-07-24

If you accept natural birthgiving, it's your problem. Me I am not masochist. (I don't mean your are so, we have different views).

16859 -
modify delete 16862 - Reply from Lisa0 , 16 yrs (South Africa ) - 2016-07-23

This new invention can mean that women who cannot have babies the natural way can be mothers too,HOWEVER ,it wrong to say that the natural childbirth is torture. It has been around for millennia ,and it helps to develop a bond between mother and child.

modify delete 16761 - from Régine193 , 49 yrs (France) - 2016-07-07
Philosophy - "La science se trompe parfois."

La science dit qu'il ne peut y avoir de la vie dans l'univers que sur des planètes semblables à la nôtre. C'est faux ! Des extraterrestres peuvent très bien ne pas avoir besoin d'eau, ne pas respirer de l'oxygène, etc.
Qu'en pensez-vous ?

16761 -
modify delete 16762 - Reply from viki84 , 16 yrs (france) - 2016-07-07

La science ne dit pas ça, la science cherche la vie en priorité dans les planètes ressemblant à la Terre car ce sont les plus susceptibles de posséder une forme de vie

modify delete 16394 - from duhamel70 , 20 yrs (cameroun) - 2016-04-14
Philosophy - "philosophie africaine"

Quelle idée sur le terme "philosophie africaine"?

modify delete 16290 - from duh70 , 20 yrs (cameroun) - 2016-02-28
Philosophy - "phiosophie et aujourd'hui"

la philosophie nous donne de refléchir sur des questions existentielles, en fait comme dise les stoiciens, la philosophie est un style de vie, un chemin de vie. Plusieurs personnes dans notre entourage pensent que la philosophie c'est du pert temps or il se trompe. la philosophie est pour le bonheur de l'homme, elle aide l'homme dans un profond raisonnement à mieux reflechir maturement sur sa vie; la philosophie comme disait Socrate s'est d'abord le "connait-toi toi même"
a vous...

16290 -
modify delete 17615 - Reply from Julie205 , 13 yrs (France) - 2017-07-08

Ou tous simplement, elle(la philosophie) nous fais découvrir un monde

16290 -
modify delete 16367 - Reply from Emeline116 (france) - 2016-04-10

la philosophie c'est le chemin vers la sagesse et la béatitude, elle contribue à la santé de l'âme comme le dit Epicure, en nous libérant des troubles et des erreurs qui entravent notre bonheur.

modify delete 16225 - from M@®©U$54 (Brazil) - 2016-01-17
Philosophy - "Hey ya!"

What is your favorite quote ever?

16225 -
modify delete 18170 - Reply from Emmauel215 , 19 yrs (Ghana) - 2018-04-29

Whatever we are,we are not for ourselves but for the good of others to love healthy and strong to meet their own needs to also impact to generations.

16225 -
modify delete 16233 - Reply from Citoyenne159 (France) - 2016-01-23

I made a typing mistake : in fact Marie-France Garaud said "I tought he was made in the marble of statues, in fact he is made in faience of urinal", not "I"

16225 -
modify delete 16232 - Reply from Citoyenne159 , 18 yrs (France) - 2016-01-23

"The disadvantage of the quotes of the Internet, it's that you can't never be certain of their authenticity" (Napoléon Bonaparte)
More seriously, I believe, like Voltaire that « L'art de la citation est l'art de ceux qui ne savent pas réfléchir par eux-mêmes. » (Voltaire) ("The art of quote is the art of those who aren't able to think by themselves"). So I like just stupid quotes, because humor, unlike politic, must be used, reused and recycled.
So : "Typhoïd fever is a terrible disease. Whether it makes you die, whether it lets you idiot. And I know what I am talking about, I have had it!" -Patrice de Mac-Mahon (French politic of 19 century)
"Only idiots never change their minds. That's what I've always said!"-Jacques Chirac (French president from 1995 to 2007)
"So you made some crap? It doesn't matter! Look at me! Look at all all the crap I made, and yet I'm here! Come on, you will make some more..."-Jacques Chirac, trying to reassure Pierre Moscovici.
"I tought I was made in the marble of statues, in fact he is made in faience of urinal" -Marie-France Garaud about Jacques Chirac
"Nothing is more boring that an election rally. Once, I felt asleep during my own speech"-Simone Veil, French politic
"Us, communists we have a clear stand,it has never changed, it will never change, we will never change : we are for change!"-Georges Marchais, French politic (1920-1977)
"The large majority of our exportations are from outside the country"_Georges W.Bush
"Even when I don't say nothing, it makes noise" Segolène ROYAL, French minister

modify delete 16200 - from Josie 149 (United States) - 2015-12-14
Philosophy - "Quote of the Day"

"I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended."
-Nelson Mandela

modify delete 16179 - from Corentin7 , 17 yrs (France) - 2015-12-05
Philosophy - "L'erreur"

Selon Bachelard, la connaissance est un retour sur elle même dans un constant repentir intellectuel; Vous en pensez quoi ?

16179 -
modify delete 16222 - Reply from duhamel205 , 20 yrs (cameroun) - 2016-01-09

la connaissance est un retour sur elle même dans un constant repentir intellectuel.
en philosophie aucune réponse ou alors soit disant vérité n'est absolue. de ce principe fondamentale la connaissance se questionne chaque jour sur ce qu'elle percoit comme reponse, remet en doute pour pousser la barre plus haute, en d'autre terme elle se repend, se retourne vers sa réponse pour la remettre sur table

16179 -
modify delete 16201 - Reply from sidarta103 , 45 yrs (algérie) - 2015-12-15

la connaissance est sur le point de se corriger elle même pour les erreurs qu'elle a fait
est c'est tout a fait normal ses on passant par le faut qu'on obtient le juste.

16179 -
modify delete 16186 - Reply from Jorge92 , 46 yrs (Portugal) - 2015-12-07

La connaissance est ce que vous voulez qu'il soit . Cela dépend de votre volonté .

16179 -
modify delete 16180 - Reply from Régine193 , 49 yrs (France) - 2015-12-06

J'en pense qu'il y a toujours des choses à connaitre, mais en ce qui concerne la science par exemple on fait souvent des erreurs et il y a des choses, des théories qui se révèlent souvent fausses car nous ne savons pratiquement rien ou peu.

modify delete 16054 - from Régine193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2015-10-31
Philosophy - "Powers of he brain"

How can you explain that we use only 10% of the possibilities of our brain ?

16054 -
modify delete 16680 - Reply from Felicity9 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2016-06-23

We use our entire brain! That's why we have our entire brain!
However, there used to be an epilepsy treatment where a person would have the wire of neurons separating the left and right hemispheres of the brain cut. You can learn more about that in this video: https://ww

16054 -
modify delete 16243 - Reply from Jim226 (China) - 2016-02-05

That's actually not true. That's one of the most common "lies we all believe". We use all of our brain. OTOH, we can't use all of our brain at the same time. If every neuron fired at the same time, a seizure would certainly be the result.

modify delete 15954 - from Régine193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2015-09-25
Philosophy - "The dream I made"

Not long ago I made a strange dream, with the feeling it was the reality. I dreamed that
somewhere in the universe a constellation unknown yet was hiding the sideral government.
what is your opinion ? We are all citizen of the universe. For me it's enterelly

15954 -
modify delete 17233 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-02-17

You know, when we dream we don't know where we are going exactly. THE SPEED OF THOUGHT IS FASTER THAN LIGHT (it has been proved)so it's possible that a dream is a travel of the soul in space time for instance.

15954 -
modify delete 17208 - Reply from Ibrahim164 , 19 yrs (England) - 2017-02-10

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

I think that explains everything ever.

modify delete 15937 - from Camilia162 , 13 yrs (France) - 2015-09-16
Philosophy - "Je pense donc je suis"

je ne comprend pas celons le philosophe ,il serai obliger de penser .Mais pour temps l'on peu très bien arrêter de penser je suis moi même obliger de me " vider la tête" avant un concours ...

15937 -
modify delete 16181 - Reply from Eglantine198 , 15 yrs (France) - 2015-12-06

S'arrêter de penser est quelque chose d'impossible, car même quand l'on pense arrêter de penser, on pense au fait qu'on s'arrête de penser, notre esprit n'est jamais "vide".

15937 -
modify delete 15948 - Reply from Céline160 , 18 yrs (France) - 2015-09-20

Pitié Camilia ! Relis-toi ! Concentre toi d'abord sur ton orthographe avant de philosopher. S'il-te-plaît‚ ne massacre pas notre langue comme ça. Ce sont justement des gens dotés d'un grand raisonnement qui ont mis en place toute la grammaire et le vocabulaire de notre langue.
Pour répondre à ta question‚ tout d'abord‚ la citation de Descartes "Je pense donc je suis" n'a pas de rapport avec ce que tu dis. Ce philosophe doutait de toutes ces connaissances et de l'existence de beaucoup de choses. Il a alors cherché une vérité que l'on ne pouvait pas remettre en question. Descartes se demandait si lui-même était bien réel. Cependant‚ puisqu'il se posait cette question‚ qu'il émettait un raisonnement‚ cette " animation psychique " (je ne trouve plus mes mots) lui prouvait qu'il existait‚ ainsi "Je pense donc je suis". Donc Camilia‚ le fait de penser nous montre que nous existons ! Nous prenons conscience de nous par le biais de la pensée. Bien sûr‚ tu peux faire le vide‚ bien que cela soit tout de même difficile. Et oui‚ tout homme pense‚ et quasiment en permanence !
Si tu es intéressée par la philosophie‚ je te conseille de regarder le Coup de Phil sur YouTube ;)

modify delete 15899 - from Felicity9 (USA) - 2015-08-30
Philosophy - "Is this a philosophy? If so, it's mine."

I just want to know, could this possibly be a philosophy?
Mermaids and magic are real, every mirror is a gateway to another world and the only thing that's stopping you from entering the dimension is your alternate self reaching out at the exact same time, Last-Thursdayism and Solipsism are insane and Equestria is somewhere out there.
No shame for liking MLP.

modify delete 15868 - from Régine193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2015-08-07
Philosophy - "Tortured animals"

I'm against vivisecion. Who else ?

modify delete 15867 - from Ethan35 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2015-08-06
Philosophy - "Government size"

I believe James Madison summed it up best when he said this: "If Men were Angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary". I believe what he is saying is that men aren't perfect so we need government, but government isn't made f angels, so they need limits. When is a big government too big? When is a small government too small? You don't want the goerent I become Big Brother, but you don't want complete anarchy. It requires the perfect amount. In the US, we have a constitution we abide by. It grants the state power yet it seems the big government is taking over that power. They are monopolizing industries. I think more power should go to the state so there is still a government while the federal government is not overreaching. What are your thoughts on government size?

modify delete 15703 - from chabrol devos205 , 23 yrs (cameroun) - 2015-07-11
Philosophy - "la verité"

la vie est un profond sommeil (un rêve) donc la mort marque le réveil: je pense que l'homme n'est qu'une illusion, un vraisemblable de lui même.

15703 -
modify delete 16369 - Reply from Régine193 , 49 yrs (France) - 2016-04-10

La mort est une illusion puisqu'il y a un au-delà. Je l'ai expérimenté en mars 2000.
J'ai créé un blog sur ce sujet, dans science. J'ai aussi créé un autre blog dans ma famille et mes amis. La-haut, c'est étrange.

15703 -
modify delete 16187 - Reply from Jorge92 , 46 yrs (Portugal) - 2015-12-07

La vie peut également être un travail et la souffrance . La mort peut aussi être une illusion , parce qu'il n'y a pas d'expérience comme l'a dit .

15703 -
modify delete 15843 - Reply from Régne193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2015-08-01

Tout-à-fait ! Aux Indes les gens pensent que le rêve est une seconde vie. Moi, j'ajoute un proverbe : le rêve est le cousin de la mort.

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