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16763 -
modify delete 16950 - Reply from Fruzsi107 , 15 yrs (Hungary) - 2016-08-11

Hi! I'm from Hungary. I would be your friend! ^^

modify delete 16475 - from niamh167 , 12 yrs (Ireland) - 2016-05-18
Others - "postcards"

i love collecting postcards, check out my page!

modify delete 16331 - from Sakku183 , 14 yrs (Japan) - 2016-03-27
Others - "I want to join an Unicef."

I want to be an Unicef. Because I want to help world people. Especially poor country's children.
Malala is very clever. Do you know herH I want to be like her. I think I must study English and about world.

modify delete 16268 - from anna84 , 15 yrs (france) - 2016-02-14
Others - "dimanche"

Bon dimanche à tous les célibataires oubliés qui n'ont pas fêté la fête des célibataires en novembre!!!!

16268 -
modify delete 16279 - Reply from bachelor115 (EU) - 2016-02-24

Etre celibataire c'est tres COOL!

modify delete 16231 - from Winnie37 , 12 yrs (China) - 2016-01-21
Others - "hi there"

Hi~ o(*£þ¨Œ£þ*)¥ÖMy name is Wenjingping. I am come from China And I am 12 years old this year.I am a student. I am live in Shenzhen. I like Lu Han and Jay Chou. Now I'm studying in grade Six.My favourite subject is Chinese and English.But I don¡¯t good at English.I also like < harry potter>.I like Dramione.(Draco and Hermione)23333\(^o^)/~I want to make friends with you.

16231 -
modify delete 16527 - Reply from zhang151 , 24 yrs (China) - 2016-06-01

I come from China or I am from China,Don't use am and come at the same time.
I live in shenzhen,no am.
I am not good at ,not don't
keeping going!You can be better!

modify delete 16159 - from Cheaeun120 , 21 yrs (South korea) - 2015-12-01
Others - "Hello there!"

Hello! I'm cheaeun kim from south korea!
I'm looking for good friends in all around world!

16159 -
modify delete 16337 - Reply from Sakku183 , 14 yrs (Japan) - 2016-03-29

HelloI I'm from Japan. What do you know about JapanH My countriy is very beautiful. And Japanes food is very delicious. I want you to visit to my country.
Iwant to know your countryI

16159 -
modify delete 16230 - Reply from Winnie37 , 12 yrs (China) - 2016-01-21

Hi~ o(*£þ¨Œ£þ*)¥ÖMy name is Wenjingping. I am come from China And I am 12 years old this year.I am a student. I am live in Shenzhen. I like Lu Han and Jay Chou. I went to The Korea in 2014. It¡¯s very beautiful and tidy. Now I'm studying in grade Six.My favourite subject is Chinese and English.But I don¡¯t good at English.I also like < harry potter>.I like Dramione.(Draco and Hermione)23333\(^o^)/~I want to make friends with you.

modify delete 16071 - from Andrea49 , 17 yrs (Spain) - 2015-11-06
Others - "Survey"

Hi there! I want to do a survey specially with Asian people. I have many questions and I'd like to hear a lot of different opinions :)
If you are Asian and you would like to take part in this and answer my questions I'd be very pleased if you contact me^^
I use e-mail, Whatsapp and sometimes Wechat, but if you have Skype that would be perfect. Actually I'd like to carry this out as an interview so if I can see you(or at least hear your voice) while I ask you and I hear your answers it would be so nice! :D
Anyway if you are too shy for that I'll send you the questions by a written message and you can send me your answers back :)
I'll be waiting for volunteers! :)
Regards to everyone!

16071 -
modify delete 16524 - Reply from lily1 (usa) - 2016-06-01

hi, why just asian people, I mean, I was born in china, so Im asian amirican but, why just asian people

16071 -
modify delete 16288 - Reply from keyan193 , 25 yrs (indian aka indian) - 2016-02-27


I am an asian. What type of survey you are doing. I'm ready to help with you being a person who got experienced with the social knowledge.

anticipating keyan

modify delete 16053 - from Régine193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2015-10-31
Others - "Wooooooo"

Happy Halloween !
This year I am the monster of the lake.

modify delete 16047 - from enzo de droite79 , 13 yrs (france) - 2015-10-31
Others - "force nucléaire"

comme vous le savais la france est en train de rénover tous sont arssenal nucléaire (nouveau missile nouveau sous marin) la france va passer de 300 missile a 650 tete nucléaire avec une porter deux 2 foie le tour du monde les usa n aime pas trop qu on rénove nos missile alors je vous pose la question tous les pays sont comme les usa ????

modify delete 15984 - from KK12 , 15 yrs (Japan) - 2015-10-07
Others - "In my opinion"

I love junior high school
But,My junior high school is oid
I thik don't fix my junior high school
Fix junior high school? or Don't fix junior high school?
What do you think

modify delete 15983 - from Mizuki12 , 15 yrs (Japan) - 2015-10-07
Others - "What do you think?"

I watch anime well.
But my friend said to me.
"Drama is better than anime"
What do you think?

15983 -
modify delete 15997 - Reply from Nora30 , 13 yrs (France) - 2015-10-18

I think that is the same. I like anime and drama, i don't choose. ^^

modify delete 15981 - from YA12 , 16 yrs (Japan) - 2015-10-07
Others - "Anime"

I like Anime.
But My friend says Manga is more interesting than Anime.
What do you think?

15981 -
modify delete 15998 - Reply from Nora30 , 13 yrs (France) - 2015-10-18

I read shojos/seinen and i look shonen. I think we both appreciate. :)

modify delete 15979 - from NMK12 , 15 yrs (JAPAN) - 2015-10-07
Others - "About english"

I don`t like English.
I`m Japanese. why do I have to study english?
My friend say. English is important in my future.
What do you think.

15979 -
modify delete 15999 - Reply from Nora30 , 13 yrs (France) - 2015-10-18

English is very important. It is an international language. I don't speak english very well but i learn this. :)

modify delete 15970 - from SS12 , 15 yrs (Japan) - 2015-10-06
Others - "Do you like game?"

I like playing game.
But mybrother says readeng book is better than playing game.
What do you think?

15970 -
modify delete 16000 - Reply from Nora30 , 13 yrs (France) - 2015-10-18

I think read book is better than play game because playing game is bad for your eyes. I know what i'm talking about.

15970 -
modify delete 15982 - Reply from AAA12 , 10 yrs (Japan) - 2015-10-07

I think playing game is very fun.
Because Playing game can move body.
But reading a book can be me clever.
BUt playing game is better than reading a book

modify delete 15969 - from AAA12 , 10 yrs (Japan) - 2015-10-06
Others - "What do you think?"

I think Arashi is the the best singer in Japan.
But my friend said Exile is better than Arashi.
What do you think?

15969 -
modify delete 15980 - Reply from Max12 , 32 yrs (America) - 2015-10-07

I am for Kai's idea.
Arashi can anything.
Talk,dance,sing and so on.
And very very cool.

modify delete 15952 - from Via2 , 12 yrs (Australia) - 2015-09-25
Others - "Marriage Equality for Australia"

I believe that Australia should change its marriage equality laws.
We don't need a plebiscite, what we need is a PM who has the courage to make this vital change.
How is it right that a woman cannot come and see her female partner as she dies in an ICU?
A civil union DOES NOT equal marriage!
Australia made laws for 10% of the population (Catholics) 114 years ago; why can't our progressive and open minded society make laws for 10% today? (LGBTIQAP)

15952 -
modify delete 16493 - Reply from Lina231 , 12 yrs (France) - 2016-05-26

Hello, sorry, I don't speak English very Well.

15952 -
modify delete 16009 - Reply from Citoyenne158 , 18 yrs (France) - 2015-10-20

I totally agree with Viki and Rodaïna, society have to evolve and to accept equality.
Furthermore, Danemark ratified civil union (which, in this country, gives the same rights than mariage) for same-sex persons in 1989. Netherlands was the first country to ratify mariage between same-sex persons in 2001. Since 1989, or 2001, none of these countries have derailed into debauchery, depravity, lewdness, or lust...

Moreover, it's interseting to think that Protestant churchs ((Lutherans, Anglicans, and as far as I know, Calvinists) allow religious gay mariage. I think it proves that evoluting does not mean betraying its princips. Also princips are made to evolve...

15952 -
modify delete 15994 - Reply from Rodaïna243 , 19 yrs (France) - 2015-10-17

Christian, I think you are the perversion. And I pity you.
Et Viki, une parole intelligente, merci !
Via, it's definitely time for equality. Everyone deserves it.

15952 -
modify delete 15963 - Reply from viki219 , 15 yrs (france) - 2015-09-30

N'importe quoi! On est plus au Moyen-Âge, une société c'est fait pour évoluer et changer ce qui ne va pas là le mariage, l'égalité c'est pas juste la couleur de peau...

15952 -
modify delete 15953 - Reply from Christian229 (Australia) - 2015-09-25

Same-sex unions are just a perversion. The marriage is only for MAN and WOMAN.

modify delete 15738 - from CHEN176 , 22 yrs (CHINA) - 2015-07-20
Others - "find a friend"

Hello,everyone,i haven't a longtime to use English,so i forget almost .I want to find a penpal. I am from china and now i am in FRANCE. If you want to be a friend with me,please send me a message to my email. My email address is

modify delete 15663 - from Carlie239 (uk) - 2015-06-11
Others - "French penpal"

Bonjour tout le monde, je suis Anglais et j'adorais essayer utiliser ma langue francaise plus souvent. Quelquefois je ne peut pas dire que je voudrais dire parce que je ne sais completement pas le Francaise. Aussi, mes examens ont fini donc j'ai n'ai plus les matières Francaises. Je voudrais faire le francaise pour une matiere l'année prochaine, donc ce serai tres bien si je peut continuer utiliser mon Francaise. Si on voudrais parler avec moi, ensuite respondez s'il vous plait. Aussi, je suid désolée pour les erreurs, c'est certainement vrai dire que mon Francaise n'est pas parfait du tout!!!

15663 -
modify delete 17412 - Reply from Régine113 , 50 yrs (France) - 2017-04-02

Hello, I would like an English penfriend. I can help you much with your French that is not good at all. Si tu es intéressée email me. J'attends de tes nouvelles.

15663 -
modify delete 17287 - Reply from Lucie194 (Swizterland) - 2017-03-10

Hello i speak french and i want speak with english people for learning

15663 -
modify delete 15995 - Reply from Nora30 (France) - 2015-10-18

Hello :) i'm french and i want improve my english, i can help you for improve your french ^^.

15663 -
modify delete 15665 - Reply from Régine197 , 48 yrs (France) - 2015-06-12

Hello Carlie, it would b nice for me to have a new friend. I love England. I have a problem. I can receive e-mails but impossible to reply. I suggest you to send me an e-mail
with your address. So I will write and you will have mine. Et si tu es d'accord nous écrirons en Français et en Anglais.

modify delete 15660 - from Pamela42 , 16 yrs (Italy) - 2015-06-10
Others - "International Whatsapp group"

Hi everyone :) I'm Pamela and I'm 16 years old, I'd like to create an international whatsapp group with teenagers around my age :) If you would like to join send me an email at with a small introduction ^_^

modify delete 15617 - from Eva201 , 14 yrs (France) - 2015-05-28
Others - "Gluten free"

Bonjour tout le monde, Hi everybody,

I'm going to California( San francisco) thissummer for the first time.
I'm coeliac, that meansi can't eat gluten at allor i'mvery ill.
Do you know any restaurants in Sanfrancisco i can eat gluten free?
If someof you need, i know some nice places gluten free in Paris!
A bientôt

15617 -
modify delete 16679 - Reply from Achille Boris64 (Benin) - 2016-06-23

Bonjour ... moi je m'exprime en français

15617 -
modify delete 15636 - Reply from tourist119 (Taiwan) - 2015-05-31

If you're very ill, you should stay home and forget about any travels ))

modify delete 15600 - from Navodya134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka ) - 2015-05-24
Others - "ThE WoRd GaMe"

This is a nice game for improve your vocabulary. Start the words end letter.
Like this : Apple
End letter is " E " ( reply the word with " E " letter. )
Now start quickly !! ALL ARE WELCOME... !!

15600 -
modify delete 17538 - Reply from Edith15 (Germany) - 2017-06-09

Heart < 3

15600 -
modify delete 15689 - Reply from Régine193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2015-07-04


15600 -
modify delete 15606 - Reply from Navodya134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka ) - 2015-05-26


15600 -
modify delete 15605 - Reply from Dona10 (Bulgaria) - 2015-05-26


15600 -
modify delete 15604 - Reply from Navodya134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2015-05-25

( Thank you Nicolas ! )

15600 -
modify delete 15603 - Reply from Nicolas51 (France) - 2015-05-25


15600 -
modify delete 15601 - Reply from Navodya134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka ) - 2015-05-24


modify delete 15594 - from Winnie25 , 11 yrs (China,Shenzhen) - 2015-05-18
Others - "hi everyone"

hi! My name is winnie, I come from China, I this year 11 years old. I like playing the piano, playing tennis. I want to find a pencil friend.I have a Kakao Talk ID:zghdbi,I want to find a pencil friend from South Korea.Please contact me!☀

modify delete 15592 - from Winnie153 , 11 yrs (China,Shenzhen) - 2015-05-15
Others - "I want to find a pencil friend."

hi~everyone~My name is Winnie.I am come from China.Maybe..I am a little shy.My Chinese name is Wenjingping.I want to find a pencil friend.I want to find a South Korea's pen Pal.Maybe,I also welcome the friends from Europe and the United States.OK£¬i will wait reply~☀

modify delete 15589 - from lauragpe@hotmail.fr12 , 16 yrs (France) - 2015-05-09
Others - "need advice"

I do not often argue with my father because we have a symbiotic relationship over yet tonight it was arguing and he told me he did not care about me ... if you want you can give me your email address to us to discuss more seriously

modify delete 15469 - from tlaia107 , 17 yrs (australia) - 2015-03-02
Others - "holding the man"

has any one read the book holding the man

modify delete 15448 - from Tessie51 , 17 yrs (France) - 2015-02-19
Others - "search"

Hello my name is Tessie ans I search a person who could talk spanish with me because I love this language ( and because, as you can see I don't talk english perfectly). Also I can talk about all of subjects. If you are this person send me a message !!

modify delete 15270 - from sunkyung227 , 19 yrs (korea) - 2014-12-31
Others - "hihihihihihihihihi"

Hello, i'm korean.
i want to exchange language and culture of the own country.
English is still hard for me. but, i will do my best.
i prefer snail mail :)

15270 -
modify delete 16289 - Reply from keyan193 , 25 yrs (india aka india) - 2016-02-27


How have you been. saarange

15270 -
modify delete 15650 - Reply from Camille62 (Switzerland) - 2015-06-04

Hi ! How are you ? I'm searching a pen pal friend too! I can practice English and French> it's my mother tongue Please reply me:)

modify delete 15217 - from Peggy127 , 17 yrs (Taiwan) - 2014-12-16
Others - "School"

Hello,I'm from Taiwan. I want to meet someone from another country.

15217 -
modify delete 15651 - Reply from Camille62 , 16 yrs (Switzerland) - 2015-06-04

Hello ! I'm searching a pen pal:) I can use English or French to talk I'd like to exchange about cultures I like that so much:) Please reply me back

modify delete 15157 - from Régine197 , 48 yrs (France) - 2014-11-26
Others - "The comet"

the drill made by the little robot on the comet has given the proof of ADN presence !!!
It's probably a comet who has brought life.But who created them ? Do they have a little bit of conscience ? Quite everybody think that have conscience only animals and humans.
They forget vegetation, trees, flowers... and I It's not an evidence for minerals, LIKE A COMET NOT TO LIVE...

modify delete 15132 - from Régine193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2014-11-19
Others - "Today"

Today I'm 48. Who else ?

15132 -
modify delete 15148 - Reply from Régine193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2014-11-24

Merci. C'était le 19, mais c'est gentil quand même. Et toi, quelle est la date de ton anniversaire ?

15132 -
modify delete 15147 - Reply from Régine193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2014-11-24

Merci ! et toi, quelle est ta date d'anniversaire ?

15132 -
modify delete 15141 - Reply from Raphaël162 , 10 yrs (Canada) - 2014-11-24

Happy birthday!

modify delete 15015 - from Anna183 , 17 yrs (Germany) - 2014-11-10
Others - "Summer job"

Hey guys,
I want to make a summer job as German in the UK. I´m 17 and I´ve already tried to find a job. I want that it doesn`t costs very much (with the hotel, flight,...). Does anybody knows where I can find a job? I can make the job for three weeks.

modify delete 14958 - from Régine197 , 47 yrs (France) - 2014-10-31
Others - "wooooooooo"

happy halloween ! From me, the evil ghost of the forest.

14958 -
modify delete 15027 - Reply from Alex5 (France) - 2014-11-10

ahah, i'm too the fxcking evil..
happy halloween.

modify delete 14930 - from vera29 , 27 yrs (China) - 2014-10-03
Others - "Would you be my friend?"

We can talk about any topics, history, culture, languages, music,pets,movies,nature,sport,etc.
Would you be my friend?

14930 -
modify delete 15494 - Reply from chris145 , 18 yrs (kenya) - 2015-04-02

i would love to be your friend

modify delete 14870 - from Adwoa215 , 14 yrs (Ghana) - 2014-08-23
Others - "friend wanted"

Hi there! I am looking for a friend on this site from from ages 12-16 . I like reading, the sims, thinking about heaven(I am a christian). I also like to watch movies. Please reply if you are interested. I really hope we do become the best of friends.

14870 -
modify delete 15996 - Reply from Nora30 , 13 yrs (France) - 2015-10-18

Hi ! I'm french and i want to be yor friend. I'm 13. ^^

modify delete 14855 - from Tatiana178 , 15 yrs (Ukraine) - 2014-08-03
Others - "Hello!"

Hello everybody! I'm 15 years old girl from wonderful Ukraine! I want to meet new friends all over the world and have email messages at first, and to send each other a postcards or letters later.
I like to watch "Doctor Who", "Sherlock", "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Charade" etc.
I like to read books, listen to music and to dream too))
It you learn Ukranian or Russian I can help you)
Also I very want to do my English better!
Well, I wait for your message!)
Be Happy!

14855 -
modify delete 14926 - Reply from Lydie145 (Benin) - 2014-09-30

Hello dear.Ok let's be friend.You can email me

modify delete 14837 - from Amyrose152 , 15 yrs (England) - 2014-07-14
Others - "Hey ❤"

Hey I'm a 15 year old girl from England. I'm interested in having a pen pal any offers?

14837 -
modify delete 15680 - Reply from Régine193 , 48 yrs (France) - 2015-06-18

Hi Amyrose, I had received your message. Impossible to reply becaue of a malfunction of my computer. So, if you e-mail me your address,I will send you a letter.

14837 -
modify delete 14848 - Reply from Régine197 , 47 yrs (France) - 2014-07-27

Hello Amyrose, I'm interested. I have just sent you a message. Greetings.

modify delete 14832 - from Adrian229 (Slovenia) - 2014-07-10
Others - "Female smoking"

Should female smoking be banned or restricted in some specially organized way? Your arguments.

14832 -
modify delete 14863 - Reply from Jazmin 207 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2014-08-16

I think smoking shouldn't be allowed for either male or female

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