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modify delete 43516 - from Harry5 , 20 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2020-11-23 >> NEW
Music - "Anyone With Similar Tastes?"

Hey! I’m Harry and I’m super into Indie/Alternative/Rock & Folk music!! My favourite bands are The Smiths, The 1975 & Bring Me The Horizon! But I listen to all sorts! Would love to chat with some of you!

modify delete 43509 - from Kendall 131 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-22 >> NEW
Music - "Emo/pop-punk music:)"

Hello! Is anybody else here (around my age), that is into bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Story Of The Year, Blink-182, MxPx, Good Charlotte, etc?
If you do, I'd love to be friends!:)

43509 -
modify delete 43514 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-11-23 >> NEW


modify delete 43508 - from Alexandra254 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-11-22 >> NEW
Computers - "Hi! I have a question."

Hi! I wanna edit my profile, but I don't know how? Can somebody tell me, please? Is there even a way?
Thanks! Bye and stay safe! 🏡

43508 -
modify delete 43511 - Reply from Nicolas17 (webmaster) - 2020-11-22 >> NEW

just click on your "modify" blue button on the top left page.

modify delete 43507 - from Nicole1 , 11 yrs (Jamaica) - 2020-11-22 >> NEW
Animals - "Hi!!"

I have 6 pets: 1 dog, 2 rabbits, 1 goat, 1 guinea pig and 1 cat.

My favourite breeds of rabbits are the Checkered Giant and the American Chinchilla.
I can tell all of you the breeds if you want.

43507 -
modify delete 43517 - Reply from Loujain98 , 10 yrs (United Arabs Emarits) - 2020-11-23 >> NEW

Your Lucky

modify delete 43503 - from Gema99 , 13 yrs (Spain) - 2020-11-20 >> NEW
Music - "Music"

I love music. I am dancing all the time and I play the bagpipe. My favourite band is Morat. If someone wants to be my friend , write me back , please

modify delete 43502 - from Gema99 , 13 yrs (Spain) - 2020-11-20 >> NEW
Sports - "Sports"

Hiii , my name is Gema and I love basketball and dancing. I have never go to a dance academy or to a basketball team , I play basketball with my friends in the playground and I dance at home with the radio (I also simg , but I am not very good😅)

modify delete 43489 - from Faizna215 , 12 yrs (France) - 2020-11-19 >> NEW
Video games - "Hi"

My favorite game is undertale because is so sad but is happy to and i like that. I like also honkai impact 3rd and genshin impact

modify delete 43477 - from Shafiqah153 (Malaysia) - 2020-11-18 >> NEW
Cooking - "Selamat sejahtera!"

Hello there, I'm from Malaysia and we have wholesome dishes which are easy to make. If you would like to exchange recipes, do messgae me.

modify delete 43474 - from Tatiana233 , 23 yrs (Peru) - 2020-11-18 >> NEW
Music - "Some songs to think and others just to shake the body"

I’ve been listening Mac Miller for a few years and his songs feel like home, I don’t know if anybody feels that ?
And the best songs to shake the body are reggaeton and merengue, I prefer old school reggaeton Daddy Yankee , Don Omar and others. Merengue is good too but I don’t know how to dance merengue unfortunately

modify delete 43472 - from Frida104 , 20 yrs (China) - 2020-11-17 >> NEW
Travels - "Welcome to China."

Hi,I come from China.I'm in northeast China now.If you want to understand the culture here,I can tell you.As you can see,my English is not very good.If you want to learn Chinese,we can learn form each other.I also know a little Korean.I would like to welcome English and Korean friends to communicate with me.

modify delete 43461 - from Leila ;p19 , 11 yrs (uk) - 2020-11-15
Video games - "FRENSSSSSS"

Hi Im leila and i absoloutely LOVE ice skating, drawing and quilling. I am now going to start a buisness where i make cards! It will be on etsy, and for prices around £4 or less. I am not a great drawer but i love to draw hair especially ;) If you are 10-12 and want a friend then msg me :D

modify delete 43453 - from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-11-11
Cooking - "Cooking"

Hi! I started cooking in covid 19 lockdown and it was amazing. If i hadn't i would even hold a saucepan. I would like to exchange recipes too.

modify delete 43449 - from Margot22 , 10 yrs (france) - 2020-11-10
Cinema - "pour ce qui aime le cinéma et le théâtre"

bonjour j'adore le cinéma et le théâtre si quelqu'un voudrais partager ses idées avec moi ce serais avec plaisir

modify delete 43440 - from Delaney37 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-09
Music - "Hello!"

Hi! Does anyone one here listen to music like Imagine Dragons or Fall out boy? I listen to music all the time and these are my favorite bands. If you like them too what's your favorite of their songs?

43440 -
modify delete 43510 - Reply from Kendall 131 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-22 >> NEW

Hi! Yes, I love FOB, and I listen to a lil Imagine Dragons. I also listen to bands like My Chemical Romance, Story Of The Year, Good Charlotte,MxPx, Blink-182, etc. I'd love to be friends if you would like to:)

modify delete 43436 - from Patricia5 , 24 yrs (Peru) - 2020-11-09
Travels - "Travelling soon"

Hi there! This is Patricia. I'm really into travelling but due to covid I've postponed my plans and I'm just having a wind-down time here in Peru, my country. The following year I'm moving to London as I'm starting my master in fashion. I've always been fascinated by this city and its fashion culture. I'd like to get to know anyone who's living as a student there or maybe an expat. I'm keen on listening to Britpop music especially from the '90s, movies and dancing. I'd really appreciate any suggestions for students acommodation.

modify delete 43434 - from Kato224 , 23 yrs (Uganda) - 2020-11-08
Travels - "Travel and know the world"

Hello am very passionate about traveling.. in like to know many cultures and people.. I respect ever one.. regardless of what they're.... you can hit my inbox and tell me about the exciting things in your country..I may come there And visit.. those who want to visit my country we can be friends... maybe you could be my travel partner.

modify delete 43433 - from Grace143 , 13 yrs (Britain) - 2020-11-07
Cinema - "Kdramas?"

Does anyone have any high school k drama recommendations?

43433 -
modify delete 43470 - Reply from Grace143 (Britain) - 2020-11-16

I am currently watching Cinderella and four knights, i would like to watch some similar to that😊

43433 -
modify delete 43459 - Reply from Kunza76 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-11-13

Have you watched The Heirs, or Cinderella and The Four Knights?? It depends on what kind of k-dramas you like, I've got tons of recommendations.

modify delete 43432 - from Grace143 , 13 yrs (Britain) - 2020-11-07
Cinema - "Anime"

i love kimetsu no yaiba (demon slayer) and im excited for the movie!

43432 -
modify delete 43471 - Reply from Grace143 , 13 yrs (Britain) - 2020-11-16

My favourite characters is shinobu the insect pillar!

43432 -
modify delete 43435 - Reply from Pauline119 , 18 yrs (France) - 2020-11-08

Demon Slayere ! Who is your fav character ?
(love your profil pic)

modify delete 43431 - from Lucero239 , 23 yrs (Perú) - 2020-11-05
Travels - "Looking for friendships around the world"

Hi, my name is Lucero I'm from Peru
I am new to this site, I would like to get to know cultures and improve my English language skills and learn many more.
If you want to know about Peru don't hesitate to write me.

modify delete 43428 - from Alexandra251 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-11-02
Video games - "The games I play and like"

Hi! I am 10 years old and I like Minecraft and Among us. I have WII and I like playing on it. If you have Minecraft or Among us or just wanna be friend, feel free to type me! And even one day, we can play!

modify delete 43426 - from Alexandra251 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-11-02
Video games - "Hi! I like Minecraft! Wanna be friends?"

Hi! I like Minecraft and I will be happy if we can be friends! Type me if you wanna be friends! Bye! 🙂

43426 -
modify delete 43496 - Reply from Alex_254 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-11-20 >> NEW

Hi! I will be happy to be friends!Sooooo... What are we going to type about?

43426 -
modify delete 43491 - Reply from Faizna215 , 12 yrs (France) - 2020-11-19 >> NEW

Hi. I like minecraft. Its a beautiful game with skin and community incredible. I w1nt to know if you wanna be friend

modify delete 43425 - from Alexandra251 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-11-02
Animals - "Hi! I like wolves and cats! Do you like them too?"

Hi! I like wolves. They are my favourite animals.And I like cats. I even have one. If you like wolves and cats too or just wanna be friends... I will be happy if you type me. Bye! 🙂🐺

43425 -
modify delete 43522 - Reply from Loujain98 , 10 yrs (United Arab Emarits) - 2020-11-24 >> NEW

hi AlexandraI
I love cats . honestly I Love ALL ANIMALS

43425 -
modify delete 43429 - Reply from Olivia118 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-03

Hi! :) I like wolves and I have a cat! Would you like to be friends?? Bye! :)

43425 -
modify delete 43427 - Reply from Sára91 , 12 yrs (Slovakia) - 2020-11-02

Hi,I also like wolves.Wanna be friends?:-)

modify delete 43424 - from Vera32 , 17 yrs (Philippines) - 2020-11-02
Video games - "Games"

Hi! The games I like to play are Among Us, Persona 5, Stardew Valley, Mystic Messenger, Roblox and Identity V.

modify delete 43420 - from LINYA135 , 12 yrs (SRI LANKA) - 2020-11-01
Others - "DEAR DREAMERS :)"



modify delete 43418 - from karan chaudhar167 , 19 yrs (india) - 2020-10-30
Travels - "#welcome to Indian"

Hello travellers! I'm Karan chahar. I'm looking for you. I respect to all of you plesase visit my beautiful country. you will be looking many kinds of exatraordinary Arts.

modify delete 43417 - from Aisha149 (Philippines) - 2020-10-29
Travels - "Cultures and Languages"

I want to learn the culture of other countries, and their languages, too. This is what I want to do before I travel around. Do you have any tips?

modify delete 43414 - from Aiden208 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2020-10-26
Video games - "Non-mobile games I play (because mobile games are the worst)"

Other than Among Us I don’t really play anything on mobile, other than that I play Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Cattails (not online but I thought I’d just put that out there), Animal Crossing New Leaf (because I don’t have a switch or ACNH), and I put Tomodachi Life on my Christmas list since I have a 3DS. And yea that’s about it.

modify delete 43410 - from Fourven153 , 16 yrs (China ) - 2020-10-24
Music - "music---a song"

Recently , Justin bieber had a new song called ¡¶lonely¡·. Everytime I hear it I feel upset. Did you hear the song£¿

43410 -
modify delete 43464 - Reply from Sougat223 (India) - 2020-11-16

Have you guys heard One more light by Linkin Park? Its also a sad but great song!

43410 -
modify delete 43460 - Reply from erik27 , 16 yrs (United States) - 2020-11-14

yes i have it's a great but sad song

modify delete 43408 - from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-10-22
Music - "Jay Park"

Does anybody else here listen to Jay Park? If so, perhaps we can become penpals to talk about his music and stuff.

43408 -
modify delete 43515 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-11-23 >> NEW

I also listen to K-pop/K-hip hop artists like BTS, iKON, Keith Ape, Monsta X, and Loco. What about you?

43408 -
modify delete 43444 - Reply from Nathanael167 (France) - 2020-11-10

oh yeah, i'm found of jay park !i find his lusic so good !!

modify delete 43404 - from Ava84 , 14 yrs (Canada) - 2020-10-21
Music - "Britpop/Post-britpop"

Britpop and post-britpop seem to be unknown genres amongst my generation and in my friend group. Does anyone listen to Oasis, Blur, Travis, Keane, Coldplay, or any other bands of the sort? I'd love to speak to someone close to my age who does 😊

43404 -
modify delete 43407 - Reply from Kendall 137 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-10-22

Hi! Yes, I do🙋 I love Oasis, and I listen to some Coldplay and Blur as well:) I'd love to be friends with you if u want😁

modify delete 43402 - from ILIES228 , 13 yrs (france) - 2020-10-21
Video games - "fortnite"

hello i play fortnite and i want to now ich any one plays at this video games

modify delete 43400 - from Abby 28 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-10-20
Music - "NCTzens unite"

Any NCTzens? If so, who’s your bias and favorite song? It can be from any unit.

My bias is Lucas, and I like the song BOOM. I

43400 -
modify delete 43445 - Reply from Nathanael167 (France) - 2020-11-10

my favortite song is the 7th sense, i think, and my bias is jaehyun

43400 -
modify delete 43406 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-10-21

I think NCT is pretty cool, but I'm just getting into their music, so I don't have a favorite song yet. Are there any in particular that you recommend? My bias is probably Yuta.

modify delete 43398 - from Ellena43 (Ireland) - 2020-10-18
Music - "Directioner and Limelight"

Hey I'm looking for any Directioners and/or Limelights < 3

modify delete 43396 - from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-10-18
Travels - "travels"

I simply love travelling. I mostly like safari's & camping because it's outdoors. Because of covid 19 we had a small camping night at home and it was great.

43396 -
modify delete 43478 - Reply from Delaney37 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-18 >> NEW

I love camping! I haven't really done it lately though because most of my family hates it and coronavirus.

43396 -
modify delete 43399 - Reply from Olivia215 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-10-18

Hello! My name is Olivia :) Would you like to talk?

modify delete 43394 - from Andrea42 , 16 yrs (Peru) - 2020-10-17
Music - "Indie/alternative music"

Hi, I'm looking for some pals who like indie/alternative music
in my circle of friends there is no one who listens to it
i like arctic monkeys, the strokes, the neighbourhood, oasis, cage the elephant, the smiths
and if you want to recommend more artists, i would appreciate :D

43394 -
modify delete 43465 - Reply from Xiomara66 , 16 yrs (Peru) - 2020-11-16

Hi, I Like oasis, and I would like to know about alternative music like arctic monkeys, so if you can recommend me songs it would be great

43394 -
modify delete 43403 - Reply from Ava84 (Canada ) - 2020-10-21

Hi! I love Oasis, but haven't really gotten into listening to other bands you've mentioned. I like more of the Britpop and alternative sound.

modify delete 43392 - from Liu22 , 20 yrs (China) - 2020-10-16
Others - "Do you know bitter gourd as a vegetable? Let's feel the charm and philosophy of"

White Jade Cup (Lin Qingxuan)

   Among all vegetables, bitter gourd is the most beautiful.
The beauty of bitter gourd is indescribable. It is crystalline and transparent. In the sun, it looks like white jade. Even its long oval wart-like protrusions grow so delicately. It feels cool and smooth to the touch. It also feels like jade. I feel that the most representative of the beauty of bitter gourd is the Qing Dynasty jade "white jade bitter gourd". The white jade bitter gourd is the representative work of realist jade carvings in the Qing Dynasty. I have only seen the beauty of its carvings in detail and realism. I think the most touching thing is carving this The nameless artisan of this piece, his combination of "white jade" and "bitter gourd" is indeed an amazing inspiration.
   In comparison, although the reputation of "Jade Jade Chinese Cabbage" is far above that of "White Jade Bitter Gourd", I think bitter gourd has a texture that is closer to jade than Chinese cabbage, not only visual, tactile, or sensory.
   Bitter gourd is commonly known as "jin lychee" and "leopard grape". The white jade bitter gourd expresses the beauty of appearance, but I think it cannot fully express the content of bitter gourd and the taste of bitter gourd. The cut bitter gourd is also beautiful. Its interior and seeds are bright red, like living blood. Once I placed the cut bitter gourd on a white porcelain plate. The red and white mirrored each other, almost impossible to express with the brush. . When people stand in front of bitter gourd, especially in summer, there is a chill in the heart, which is just a feeling.
   No matter how beautiful bitter gourd is, it is still used for eating. If you have not eaten bitter gourd, no one would have imagined that such a beautiful appearance would have such a bitter heart. When I was young, I was most afraid of eating bitter gourd, because it reminded me of the traditional Chinese medicine cooked on the stove corner. I always feel that I don’t want to eat good and delicious vegetables. Why do I have to eat such bitter melon? There are a few bitter gourds in my family. Sometimes the protest is invalid, and my mother is often told to eat bitter gourd with a bitter face, saying that bitter gourd can anneal, but it is actually because of the overproduction of bitter gourd in the family.
I am addicted to bitter gourd in the past few years. Perhaps it is because I am older and have experienced a lot of bitterness, bitter gourd does not think it is bitter; perhaps it is the beauty of bitter melon that makes me forget its bitterness when I eat it; I think the most The main reason should be that I discovered that the bitterness of bitter gourd is not bitter, not vulgar, but has a sweet taste in it. It seems that when people in middle age remember the melancholy past of their youth, the bitterness and joy are mixed and difficult to distinguish. .
There are many ways to eat bitter gourd. One of my favorites is the "bitter gourd" in restaurants in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The bitter gourd is cut into transparent slices and dipped in a sauce made of soy sauce, vinegar and minced garlic. It is very strange. It is not bitter when eaten raw, but it is fragrant and crispy. In the greasy table full, it is unique, and no dish can match it. Once dining with the painter Wang Lan, he was also the most addicted to bitter gourd. A person can eat a large plate of bitter gourd, just like eating sugar, not bitter at all.
   There is an ingenuity in a Jiangsu and Zhejiang restaurant. This dish is called "white jade eaten raw", which reminds people of the taste of white jade in the mouth. Eating it naturally reminds of the white jade bitter gourd of the Forbidden City, which is full of beautiful associations.
Painter Xi Dejin also loved bitter gourd during his lifetime. Not only did he know how to eat it, he could also cook it himself; his best dish was bitter gourd filled with meat, and he cooked this dish personally every time he went to the market to choose the best bitter gourd. Good tendon meat, after carefully mashing the meat, stuffed it in the hollowed bitter gourd, stuffed it until full and firm, or steamed or boiled, it has a unique flavor. Once, the painter was in a treat. I saw him chop meat in the kitchen and carefully stuff it into bitter gourd. When eating bitter gourd with meat, I really feel that life is no more enjoyable. We jokingly named the painter's specialty dish "White Jade Cup". Now the painter has gone, and his expert white jade cup has also followed him. I have eaten this dish several times, but I can't taste the taste of the past.
   Bitter gourd is really a strange vegetable. It is the most beautiful and bitter combination. This combination is probably the creator’s "beautiful mistake". There used to be a sweet and sour drink. The ad word was "the taste of first love." I think bitter gourd can be said to be "the taste of broken love." Love is beautiful, and loss is bitter, but when there is love, there is loss. There is suffering. If one cannot taste suffering, then one cannot appreciate the beauty of suffering.
   We have all eaten bitter gourd, but few people have seen bitter gourd trees. When I was in the south last year, I saw numerous bitter gourds growing in a large bitter gourd field. The farmers were harvesting. They unwrapped the bitter gourd paper and picked them, just like taking white jade from a tree. Standing on the edge of the field, looking at the basket full of bitter gourds, I was suddenly moved. I thought that the beauty of real bitter gourd in life is far more touching than the bitter gourd in the window of the Forbidden City.
I bought a bitter gourd that I just picked from the field and put it at home. I couldn’t bear to eat it. After a few days, the bitter gourd wilted and lost its white jade-like brilliance and transparency. It tasted without any bitterness and lost its flavor. . This reminds me of many things in the human world. Beauty and suffering go hand in hand. People cannot just want beauty and not suffering. The creation of Bitter Gourd cannot be said to be a beautiful mistake, it is a small shadow of life.

modify delete 43388 - from Mellody Ximena237 , 18 yrs (Peru) - 2020-10-14
Travels - "Travel"

hi i'm mellody! I have never left Peru and I would love to visit another country before March 2021 because I will start university, I have always dreamed of going to England and knowing its culture or typical dishes and you? What country would you like to travel to?
Did you know that Peru is the king of food? Cause, Cebiche; grilled chicken, Pisco, Lomo saltado and more ... I love my Country.

43388 -
modify delete 43391 - Reply from Liu78 , 20 yrs (China) - 2020-10-16

China is also a very attractive country. If you have the opportunity to come, I can be your tour guide for free. Welcome to China.

modify delete 43387 - from Mellody Ximena237 , 18 yrs (Peru) - 2020-10-13
Music - "The music"

The music make you relax all the time , you can listen in everywhere and understand you when you feel happy ; sad or maybe ..the music is music

modify delete 43384 - from Louise139 , 17 yrs (France ) - 2020-10-11
Music - "Harry styles"

Hi I'm looking for harry styles fans because in my circle of friends no one is in love with him as much as I am

43384 -
modify delete 43466 - Reply from Xiomara66 , 16 yrs (Peru) - 2020-11-16

Hi!, I am not a fan of Harry Styles but I would like to know about him, so it would be cool if you recommend me songs and talk to me about him

43384 -
modify delete 43389 - Reply from Jacob215 , 16 yrs (Ghana) - 2020-10-14

Hi I also love harry styles. Can we be friends

modify delete 43382 - from Ridwane28 , 12 yrs (Burkina FASO) - 2020-10-11
Others - "Salue"


modify delete 43381 - from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-10-11
Animals - "I got a rat today!!!"

His name is Mickey. He is a young hooded rat. He was very shy at first, but he is adjusting very well now.

modify delete 43380 - from Olivia118 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-10-10
Sports - "Hello!"

Hello, my name is Olivia and I like soccer! I have played soccer since I was 4 and I was playing but covid cancelled it. If there is anyone who is 10-12 years old and would like to talk about soccer message me!

modify delete 43363 - from ladasha156 , 16 yrs (Kenya ) - 2020-10-02
Others - "love modeling ..."

Hey.... I am ladasha and am into modeling most especially runway modeling I know a few runway poses as well as turns.
Can we be friends with someone interested in exchange of ideas someone whom I can learn from and also someone who can learn from me...
Looking forward to hooking up with you...

modify delete 43362 - from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-10-02
Collections - "postcards"

I would like to start collecting postcards from around the world. I already have about four.

modify delete 43360 - from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-10-01
Cinema - "Sci fi K-dramas/J-dramas"

I am looking for some good science fiction dramas from Japan or South Korea. I would prefer something that is available on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I already watch shows like Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Stargate if that helps.

modify delete 43358 - from Shivaanshi49 (India) - 2020-09-30
Cooking - "Exchange of recipes"

Hey guys! I love cooking and baking vegetarian dishes and so if you'd like to exchange recipes with me mail me. Also I have a good amount in Instagram called foodismood2020.

modify delete 43354 - from Lindi22 , 16 yrs (France) - 2020-09-28
Music - "Kpop"

Hi, i'm Lindi, I'm french and i like kpop mostly bts, straykids, mamamoo and dreamcatcher but i like all the others group

43354 -
modify delete 43446 - Reply from Nathanael167 (France) - 2020-11-10

heyy, i'm also found of kpop ! i saw bts in paris on the 7th june 2019 !!

43354 -
modify delete 43385 - Reply from Park154 , 12 yrs (France) - 2020-10-12

Salut ! Moi aussi je suis française et fan de k-pop ! Je veux être Idole k-pop ! Je prends des cours de danse comtemporaine et hip-hop et aussi des cours de chant !

Voici mon numéro de référence : 1476529

Envoies-moi un message !

43354 -
modify delete 43368 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-10-04


modify delete 43353 - from Gréta 157 , 14 yrs (Hungary ) - 2020-09-27
Video games - "Play with me?"

Hello! I play games alone and I'd like to have someone to play with. I play Overwatch (on PC). I play other games too but I don't play with them these days. So if you're intrested you can send me a message.

modify delete 43347 - from Dani16 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-09-23
Music - "HEY"

Hi, I'm Dani, and a huge fan of music. Some of my favorite artists are Lil Peep, Ghostmane, Pouya, Night Lovell, Hotel Books, Hobo Johnson, Melanie Martinez,$uicideboy$, and a bunch more. I'm looking to explore more wonderful artists. Something fast and emotional. Also, I love poems. And if you have any poems that you'd like to share with me then go right ahead.

43347 -
modify delete 43467 - Reply from Xiomara66 , 16 yrs (Peru) - 2020-11-16

Hi Dani, i really like Melanie Martinez too, I am also fan of twenty one pilots, they
are so cool, and I recommend you to hear their music

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