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modify delete 43334 - from Kim251 (Korea) - 2020-09-21 >> NEW
Sports - "I think liverpool will win the league"

Watched the league match between chelsea and liverpool? Liverpool was f***king awesome. But there s a team that win this great team. It s AT madrid. AT madrid has the best defense in Europe.

modify delete 43333 - from Soo-Young136 , 15 yrs (Korea) - 2020-09-20 >> NEW
Music - "music is human culture's one of base, important and powerful."

Music was born in prehistoric by our ancestor to use to political and religion.
Nowaday music is use to more many parts. And music connect the World like us in this website .

modify delete 43331 - from Grace176 , 13 yrs (Britain) - 2020-09-20 >> NEW
Cinema - "Harry potter and ghibli"

I like harry potter and studio ghibli😊 if you do, maybe we can be penals?

modify delete 43328 - from Kat131 , 16 yrs (usa) - 2020-09-17 >> NEW
Music - "Looking for a music study-buddy"

I am looking for someone to study music with. I want to get better at playing by ear. My idea is that we could take turns recording short melodies and sending them to the other to practice with. You do not need to have expensive equipment because these recordings are just for practice. If you do have equipment, though, we might even collaborate on songs someday.
If you like this idea, send a message to my SOTW mail. See you soon!

*Ich kann auch Deutsch sprechen.
*Yo hablo un poco de Español.
*Je sais un petit de Francais.

modify delete 43326 - from Olivia30 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-09-17 >> NEW
Travels - "Hello!"

Hello! My name is Olivia and I love travelling to other places! The only other places I have ever travelled outside of the USA is Canada but I was a baby so I don't remember it, and Mexico. But I wish I could travel to Europe, Iceland, New York, Australia, Ireland, Africa, India, and China! If anyone lives in another country or would just like to talk about travelling please don't be afraid to message me! Please only people 9-12 years old. Thanks! :D

modify delete 43325 - from Goda15 , 15 yrs (Lithuania ) - 2020-09-16 >> NEW
Cooking - "Enjoy cooking"

I like cooking 😀
I can make very delicious spaghetti or the best apple cake in the world 😂
But also I have got not very good experience in cooking 😂😂
Anyway I just want to meet friendly personalities 😀
So don't be afraid to write me 😀

modify delete 43324 - from Goda15 , 15 yrs (Lithuania ) - 2020-09-16 >> NEW
Travels - "Love travelling"

I love travelling, meeting new people and cultures! It would be amazing to find a personality who also enjoy travelling, to discuss and maybe one day travel around the world together (haha I'm a a little dreamer girl 😂 but it's good to have dreams 😀)

modify delete 43315 - from Louie5 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-09-13 >> NEW
Travels - "Indonesia"

Hey Guys, Indonesia have many beautiful places. Raja Ampat (Papua) is the best dive site in the world. Bali is the most beautiful places in Indonesia. Indonesia have many private island. Indonesia have many natural paradise like: Mount Bromo, Toba lake, Labuan Bajo, Komodo island, The largest Tropical rain forsest number 2 in the world. Komodo dragons can only be found on Komodo Island. Ask to me if you don't understand

modify delete 43313 - from Jacqueline137 (United States) - 2020-09-09
Computers - "WARNING"

If any of you use Tik Tok or Twitter, then I have a warning for you. People are going around putting extremely graphic video clips into K-pop fancams and animal/car compilations. Do not click random links. Report and keep scrolling if you see a suspicious video. Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

modify delete 43312 - from Elise166 , 12 yrs (France) - 2020-09-09
Cooking - "I love cooking"

Hi, i love cooking but it's really interesting

modify delete 43311 - from Jessa0 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2020-09-08
Sports - "s p o r t s"

Hey, i personally throw discus and shotput, play volleyball, and basketball. But if anyone here likes football, lets just say i can have a converstaion on the topic. (i love football)!!

modify delete 43309 - from Elena15 , 19 yrs (Italy) - 2020-09-07
Music - "Hiii everyone"

Heyyyy people, is there someone still listening to emo music like mcr, fob and p!atd? they're my faves and I'd like to have someone to chat about them/with similar interests in music

43309 -
modify delete 43310 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-09-07

I do!

modify delete 43303 - from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-09-04
Animals - "I'm bored"

Tell me about the wildlife where you're from!

modify delete 43298 - from Flo173 , 25 yrs (France) - 2020-08-31
Travels - "Road trip"

Hey everyone, i dream of doing a road trip around the world, i have done a small one in europe this summer but only for 3 weeks (netherland, danemark, germany and tchek republic). Wich contry have you done ? :)

modify delete 43293 - from david 70 , 27 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2020-08-28
Collections - "flag collection"

hello everybody

my name is David and I am 27 years old and live in England I have been collecting flags for many years now and always looking to expand to the collection I have contacted most of the embassies to ask if they would send me a small flag but sadly most haven't got back to me apart from Germany.

if you would like to help me with my collection I would love to help you with your collections to return the favor just contact me by e mail and i will get back to you ASP. my e mail is

modify delete 43290 - from Melanie179 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2020-08-24
Cinema - "to descendents fans"

Hey if you like descendents and are 7-10 then we can be penpals

modify delete 43284 - from William88 , 24 yrs (Zimbabwe) - 2020-08-21
Music - "Searching For Inspiration"

Hello Peolple, I am looking for music that's different from my usual. I am mainly a hip hop listener and where I am from it is performed in various languages such as Shona, Ndebele, and English ofcourse. We have other genres too such as tsungura, Zim-Danehall, Afro Pop and Kwaito to name a few. I am looking for some inspiration to diversify my ear and compositions since I am also a Music Producer. If you sing too, I would love to hear that too.
Especially if its Spanish as I am learning the language.

43284 -
modify delete 43327 - Reply from Kat131 (usa) - 2020-09-17 >> NEW

If you want interesting and unusual music check out the band "Spiral Dance". They sing in English but their songs cover all the kinds of weird and wonderful you could hope for.

43284 -
modify delete 43300 - Reply from oshin239 , 23 yrs (Perú) - 2020-09-02

I love singing and I speak spanish.

modify delete 43281 - from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-08-20
Travels - "Travel around the world"

I love travelling. I've going to all corners of sri lanka except for jaffna

modify delete 43280 - from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (Sri lanka) - 2020-08-20
Animals - "pets"

Hi I like to have a pet but my parents always say that i can't have one because no one will be there to care for it while i am at middle school. Can you tell me a pet that wants food once a day. i did have one fish but they die withing one month

43280 -
modify delete 43299 - Reply from Mary198 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-09-01

Hi! So there are actually many different choices of lets, but it does get quite difficult when you have to work around a school schedule. If allowed, you could get chickens, turkeys kr ducks, for they can be fed once a day (make sure they have water!). If you aren't scared of reptiles, maybe consider one of those, for you could feed it before and after you get home from school. Really, you'd want something smaller and contained where you wouldn't have to let it out to go to the bathroom. Hope you find a pet for you!

modify delete 43279 - from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (Sri lanka) - 2020-08-20
Cooking - "Cooking"

I didn't like cooking at all but once the virus started spreading i thought of trying cooking and it turned out great. I would like to know more recipes from other countries.

43279 -
modify delete 43294 - Reply from mona145 , 18 yrs (benin) - 2020-08-29

Hello l am orphène but you can call me mona from benin l have 18 years old wanna make friend and your profile interest me so this is my you can write to me there or add me on facebook:monalisa orphène thanks !

modify delete 43278 - from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (Sri lanka) - 2020-08-20
Sports - "Sports"

Hi everybody, I play basketball and i go for swimming. I have 4 gold cups and 2 silver cups for swimming. I just began doing basketball

modify delete 43277 - from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-08-20
Collections - "Collections"

Hi everybody i love stamp and i would like some stamps from other countries too. Also i don't know why but i really like toilet paper rolls and i collect them

modify delete 43276 - from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-08-20
Cinema - "Magic"

Who likes harry potter

modify delete 43273 - from Annalisse160 (USA) - 2020-08-18
Cooking - "Recipes"

I'd like to find new dishes from different cultures and places. If you could please leave one or all of the following, I would be very thankful:

•Your favorite dish
•A common dish in your area or home
•A traditional dish specific to your region
•A dish that you enjoy making
•A dish or food that is unique to your family or you (family recipe and such)

Thank you so much for your help in my journey to learn about other cultures and food around the world.

modify delete 43266 - from Manon23 , 18 yrs (France) - 2020-08-17
Music - "kpop music"

i love kpop pls anyone who stan kpop pls @zkimth on twitter ! DM ME

43266 -
modify delete 43274 - Reply from Ellen45 , 18 yrs (England) - 2020-08-19

Heyyy I'm a huge kpop stan! I'm a multi so stan many groups/artists like bts, stray kids, nct, twice, blackpink, dreamcatcher, exo, shinee, snsd, got7, chung ha etc... I'll follow you on twitter and dm you. x

modify delete 43265 - from Anna160 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2020-08-17
Music - "Expression"

Music is powerful. Music is also expression. We cling to music, poems, and quotes because we don't want to feel alone. We want someone or something that can express or say the things we can't always say. We want to know that others go through the same things. To feel their pain or joy or love. We want to feel. To know that other understand how we feel. Music is an outlet, but music is so much more. Music is everything. Music is expression.

43265 -
modify delete 43289 - Reply from William88 , 24 yrs (Zimbabwe) - 2020-08-21

The accuracy in this..... Every with it comes an emotion. that's why piano even has an expression pedal and is also velocity sensitive. how hard or soft you hit certain notes and chords can tell you enough how much emotion is put to the song

modify delete 43264 - from Megan 135 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-08-17
Animals - ""

Hey y’all
Hola como esta
I love horses and dogs if u like the same let’s talk

modify delete 43262 - from Harriet154 (France) - 2020-08-15
Sports - "Danse classique"

Si vous êtes fan de danse classique manifestez vous !

Est-ce que vous l'aimer ou non ?

J'attends vos réponses !

modify delete 43261 - from Louis66 , 15 yrs (Belgique) - 2020-08-15
Video games - "Minecraft"

Is there anyone here which plays red stone in MCPE

modify delete 43260 - from Anania222 , 12 yrs (India) - 2020-08-13
Music - "music"

i just heard aishite aishite aishite cover by miyasita yuu and want to to get into jpop any recommendations for me

43260 -
modify delete 43332 - Reply from Grace176 , 13 yrs (Britain) - 2020-09-20 >> NEW

Yume no Mata Yume by Mafumafu is my favourite! I definitely recommend it!

43260 -
modify delete 43302 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-09-04

Perhaps BABYMETAL or Silent Siren?

modify delete 43254 - from Izzy228 , 15 yrs (Canada) - 2020-08-13
Travels - "Hello!"

I love to travel! I've been interested in learning about different countries from around the world since I was very young. While I surf the internet, I love to search up a few random facts and other things up about different countries, which is a good way that I pass the time. I'm a huge history and geography nerd, so I love learning about different time periods and how I can connect them to what idfferent countries are like today, and I love looking up places that aren't really that well known. My grandmother has an encyclopedia from the 90s, so I like looking at that too! I love chatting with people from different countries so I can get a different perspective of certain things. I've only been to the USA and Aruba before. I really wish I could go to more countries when I'm older!

43254 -
modify delete 43255 - Reply from Izzy228 , 15 yrs (Canada) - 2020-08-13

I meant 'different', haha! Sorry, there was a spelling mistake!😅

modify delete 43253 - from Izzy228 , 15 yrs (Canada) - 2020-08-12
Music - "Hello!"

I love music, and a musician is one of the things that I aspire to be when I grow older! My music taste is extremely diverse, but my favourite genre is indie, and any subgenre that falls under the indie category. Some of my favourite artists are Mac DeMarco, Conan Gray, Rex Orange County, Clairo, Joji, and Cavetown. I love songs that are sensual, slow, carefree, and chill, with a very deep meaning behind them.

43253 -
modify delete 43270 - Reply from Andy87 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2020-08-18

I've briefly listened to Mac DeMarco, but I've yet to explore more of his songs. So far, I've heard Freaking Out the Neighborhood, Chamber of Reflection, and My Kind of Woman. Cavetown is another artist I have listening to on and off throughout the years.

I used to watch Cone (Conan) on youtube before he signed his music contract and became big! Also, love Rex's recent album -- PONY. What are your favorite songs from both artists?

43253 -
modify delete 43258 - Reply from Izzy228 , 15 yrs (Canada) - 2020-08-13

Also, I forgot to mention, I love Eurovision, and I've been into that for about 3 years now! ;)

modify delete 43251 - from Yurim167 , 12 yrs (South Korea) - 2020-08-12
Travels - "A country you want to visit?"

H! I'm Yurim! I'm just here to ask a question. Where do you want to visit for a travel/trip? If it's not a country, which region do you want to visit?
( For me, I want to visit somewhere in Europe since I've never been to Europe😂)

43251 -
modify delete 43316 - Reply from Louie5 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-09-13 >> NEW

Hey Yurim, Have you been to Indonesia? Indonesia is the most beautiful country in South east Asian.

43251 -
modify delete 43307 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-09-06

I would like to visit Japan, France, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, and Rwanda.

43251 -
modify delete 43296 - Reply from Yurim167 , 12 yrs (South Korea) - 2020-08-31

Well... to be specific, I wanna visit Norway!

43251 -
modify delete 43292 - Reply from Wenhao1 , 17 yrs (China) - 2020-08-28

I want to travel to North Pole,what about you?

modify delete 43244 - from Kat30 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2020-08-09
Music - "Let's talk about music!"

I love Wiccan, Celtic, and Latvian folk music. I also play music and I am learning to record.

If you have similar interests you can message me with my SOTW mail.

43244 -
modify delete 43250 - Reply from leonardo95 (usa) - 2020-08-11


43244 -
modify delete 43245 - Reply from Ella210 , 22 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2020-08-10

Omg yes finally a fellow pagan,folk music lover. Have you heard of omnia or faun I love their music.

modify delete 43242 - from Kimberley49 , 26 yrs (Guadeloupe) - 2020-08-09
Cinema - "TV séries and Kdrama"

I love watching police TV series as Hawaii 5-0, Mentalist, NCIS (all of them), Magnum P.I. etc..
I also love Kdrama, (especially police, crime, suspense), my favorites are: School 2013, Hello Monster, Switch, Oh the Mysterious, Entertainer.
I watch Japanese and Chinese drama too.
I don't really watch movies but when I do, I watch action (Fast and Furious, Sniper, etc.)

43242 -
modify delete 43308 - Reply from Sekar194 , 19 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-09-07

Hi Kimberley! Me too, I also love Kdrama like police, crime or detective. I recommend you to watch tell me what you saw, it's a great Kdrama.Do you have any other suggestion for Japanese drama? I want to watch, but I'm still looking for the good jdrama.

modify delete 43241 - from Ella210 , 22 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2020-08-09
Music - "Music 🎵🎶"

Hey does anyone on here like heavy metal or industrial metal??

modify delete 43239 - from Nayla137 , 14 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-08-07
Sports - "Soccer/football friends"

Hey so I'm looking for friends that love soccer/football. I'm a Manchester United and FC Bayern Munich supporter. But I'm also open for other club's fans. Feel free to talk football with me. Just message me okayyy;)

modify delete 43238 - from Kaitlyn 180 , 15 yrs (Canada) - 2020-08-06
Video games - "Games"

Does anyone play Last day on earth, I can’t stop play that game it’s so fun.

modify delete 43237 - from Eliza155 (Mexico) - 2020-08-06
Others - "Primera vez por aquí!"

Hola! Les saludo desde Quintana Roo, Mexico :) me recomendaron esta página y apenas estoy entendiendo cómo funciona cada sección! Que emocionante leer gente de diferentes lugares 😃

modify delete 43229 - from Jacqueline137 (United States) - 2020-08-04
Music - "i broke my elbow . Any songs that you guys recommend?"

S2o earlier today I fell off of a skateboard and broke my elbow. I also sprained my wrist and had a panic attack due to the pain. I would like some suggestions for songs to listen to while I heal, ideally something cheery and upbeat like "A Hundred Bad Days" by AJR or "Cha Cha" by DRAM.

43229 -
modify delete 43301 - Reply from Jacqueline137 (United States) - 2020-09-04

Oh and I forgot to tell you guys, but it turns out that it was just a really bad sprain. I'm better now, but it still hurt a lot.

43229 -
modify delete 43288 - Reply from William88 , 24 yrs (Zimbabwe) - 2020-08-21

I don't know which music to prescribe you at this point. bad listen to Jay-Z's Album 4:44.especially the song called "smile".

43229 -
modify delete 43231 - Reply from Jacqueline137 (United States) - 2020-08-04

Thank you!

43229 -
modify delete 43230 - Reply from Kaitlyn180 , 15 yrs (Canada) - 2020-08-04

I hope you feel better you must be in a lot of pain. I have some songs, can’t stop the feeling, don’t stop me now. Those are some songs that are good, and I hope those will make you feel better.

modify delete 43226 - from Louise148 , 15 yrs (France) - 2020-08-03
Cinema - "Film ideas"

Hi ! I enjoy so much watching films and talk about it
If you have any recommendation of films which would be nice to watch, feel free to answer this message !

43226 -
modify delete 43228 - Reply from Kaitlyn180 , 15 yrs (Canada ) - 2020-08-03

I love films, I like horror, romance, action and comedy’s but I can try new things too. I would love if you would tell me some of your favouriteS and I will look to them.

modify delete 43225 - from Anna23 (United States) - 2020-08-02
Music - "Music"

I'm weird, I love listening to all sorts of genres of music. I like listening to everything from soft piano music to rock and dub-step! I often listen to international artists, like Celtic Woman who has songs in Irish Gaelic, and other artists from all around the world. I can't say that I am incredibly fond of jazz, though there are some jazz songs out there that are a lot of fun to listen to.

43225 -
modify delete 43287 - Reply from William88 , 24 yrs (Zimbabwe) - 2020-08-21

we have a legendary Jazzy artist in Zimbabwe he is late now and even though he sings in our local language (Shona), you will appreciate the instrumentation and arrangement of the compositions. his name is Oliver Mtukudzi.

modify delete 43223 - from paola j'adore NARUTO13 , 11 yrs (France) - 2020-07-31
Computers - "j'adore SASUKE"


modify delete 43222 - from Kendall 77 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-07-30
Collections - "Music collection!"

So I collect CDs, records, and cassettes, and will even pick up a few 8-tracks here and there. Specifically I usually stick to the genre of all types of rock/punk/metal type stuff. I go to thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales to get most of my collection. If any of you have the same interests as me, hmu, id love to talk to you! (Preferably around my age pls).

modify delete 43214 - from Ivy203 , 12 yrs (Korea) - 2020-07-25
Animals - "Dogs"

My family adopted a dog 'bout 3 weeks ago, she's still a baby... but she is SO cute! The breed is a Maltese, pure white and soo fluffy(?)! Who else has a dog? I'm betting lots!

modify delete 43209 - from Kim236 , 24 yrs (Perú) - 2020-07-23
Cinema - "Top Movies and series"

Hello everyone, I'm a fan of the world of Marvel, DC and Netflix series like Orphan Black, Gossip Girl, Stranger Thing and others. The last one I saw and recommend is Cursed with Katherine Langford.

modify delete 43207 - from Abhiraj198 (India) - 2020-07-21
Computers - "Java"

Honestly, I love how interconnected java is, and with the time you can actually really understand the pattern behind how everything's working. Yesterday, it just struck my mind why the do we have int and Integer as separate. And I've never really paid attention to that until now.

modify delete 43202 - from Daniela 234 (Perú ) - 2020-07-19
Music - "Music"

Indie music is amazing, i feel that i forget for a moment bad situations.

43202 -
modify delete 43282 - Reply from William88 , 24 yrs (Zimbabwe) - 2020-08-21

I will give it a listen. And would love some voice notes with Spanish accent because I am a music producer. We can write rhymes for each other, You sing in English and I sing in Spanish.

43202 -
modify delete 43221 - Reply from victoria173 , 20 yrs (argentina) - 2020-07-29

omg i totally agree!

modify delete 43198 - from Elisa66 , 19 yrs (Peru) - 2020-07-18
Video games - "Hello !! Im new here"

Hi, Im new here so I am still learning how it works , well I like video games , are You playing some ???

modify delete 43191 - from Waraphorn183 , 22 yrs (Thailand) - 2020-07-16
Video games - "Hi"

Did anyone play Human Fall Flat, VR chat, or GMOD?
Or anyone wants to add on Steam?

Here's my ID: allofweasleyx

Looking forward to playing with you guys!

43191 -
modify delete 43195 - Reply from Mackenzie233 , 13 yrs (GBT) - 2020-07-16

My Steam username is MDTDMEAD

43191 -
modify delete 43194 - Reply from Mackenzie233 , 13 yrs (GBT) - 2020-07-16

I play Gmod!Yet I am a noob at it.

modify delete 43187 - from Sahan134 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-07-16
Collections - "My collections"

I have a small collection of foreign and local stamps. I collect coins too.

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