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modify delete 20411 - from SHAHRUKH PATHAAN60 , 25 yrs (Australia) - 2019-04-02
Physics - "General Studies"

Here I'm ready for all questions
I like physics and Biology
If you have any questions ask to me
I'm a teacher of a school

20411 -
modify delete 20558 - Reply from riemann64 , 100 yrs (germany) - 2019-11-24

hello could you help me how to resolve a bilan of energy with the equation of conservation ?

20411 -
modify delete 20473 - Reply from Simeon205 , 13 yrs (Nigeria) - 2019-08-03

My name is simeon please can you help me solve this question. Compute your average velocity in the following two cases: (a) You walk 73.2 m at a speed of 1.22 m/s and then run 73.2 m at a speed of 3.05 m/s along a straight track.(b) You walk for 1.00 min at a speed of 1.22 m/s and then run for 1.00 min at 3.05 m/s along a straight track.

20411 -
modify delete 20433 - Reply from Julia64 , 13 yrs (Poland) - 2019-05-29

Hi Charles Reiss, how can I help you? I learn this one mounth ago, so I'll be happy learn you.

20411 -
modify delete 20424 - Reply from Charles Reiss252 (England) - 2019-05-21

Hi there, can you please explain to which forms of energy can exist in

modify delete 20409 - from Erica114 (United States) - 2019-03-31
History - "Culture Swap"

Hi, If any of you want to exchange parcels filled with stuff that is from your country, than email me. I would be happy to send something to anyone, and you can request what you want. I dont care where you are from (except if your from the US, because that’s where I’m from). My email:

modify delete 20403 - from Léonie-Maxine89 , 16 yrs (Belgique) - 2019-03-26
Mathematics - "I need help"

hello I am very talented in all subjects except math
I need help please thanks in advance.

20403 -
modify delete 20594 - Reply from Rishabh36 (India) - 2020-03-23

Let me know the topics you need help with.

modify delete 20402 - from Eleni125 , 16 yrs (France) - 2019-03-24
Languages - "English"

Hello ! I search someone who can help me to ameliorate my english ^^

20402 -
modify delete 20498 - Reply from Ethan202 , 16 yrs (South Africa) - 2019-09-21

Hi Eleni,
My name is Ethan. I would be happy to help you with your English. Send me a message if you're interested.

20402 -
modify delete 20419 - Reply from Ahmed217 , 27 yrs (Morocco) - 2019-04-26

Hi i will help you

modify delete 20399 - from victoria69 (france) - 2019-03-18
Others - "Anxietyyy"

hey guys, im kinda nervous about an oral that i have to do, lot of anxiety, im scared about failing everything in front of everyone, does anyone have tips to give me?

modify delete 20395 - from Okei112 (Nigeria) - 2019-03-14
Languages - "German"

Hallo, please I would be pleased to a friend that will help me improve my German language. Thanks so kindly.


20395 -
modify delete 20404 - Reply from Erica114 , 13 yrs (United States) - 2019-03-30

Hi, I dont know much German, but i can help you learn English. We can email, but I would prefer to send letters in the mail. It’s up to you!

modify delete 20393 - from Kaidence44 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2019-03-11
Physics - "😎😎😎"

If anybody else loves since feel free to answer

modify delete 20392 - from Vivienne165 , 16 yrs (Germany) - 2019-03-10
Physics - "Physics"

Hey folks is there anyone else who loves physics too? Feel free to answer:)

modify delete 20391 - from School math done.com51 (India) - 2019-03-07
Mathematics - "School math homework and assignments"

For all your school math homework and assignments

modify delete 20390 - from José209 , 14 yrs (Mexico) - 2019-03-07
Languages - "Dystopian Short Story"

We just recently finished our dystopian short story unit and we are to write a dystopian story. It must include a few characteristics such as "Citizens are perceived to be under constant surveillance", however, I am just looking for a few ideas. This is the last assessment of our Honors class.

modify delete 20385 - from Alexandra238 , 18 yrs (Perú) - 2019-03-01
Languages - "Quiero aprender inglés"

Hello, I am a Spanish speaker and for reasons of studies I have to learn English. I would like to talk about different topics with an English speaker, I do not care about the country of origin, if you like I can help you in your Spanish learning. If you are interested, write me :)

20385 -
modify delete 20405 - Reply from Erica114 , 13 yrs (United States) - 2019-03-30

I am taking Spanish class at school, so I would be happy to help. I would prefer to communicate by sending letters in the mail, instead of using the internet. It’s up to you!

modify delete 20384 - from alice5 , 17 yrs (France) - 2019-03-01
Languages - "I would like learn english"

Hello, I would like ameliorate my English

20384 -
modify delete 20406 - Reply from Erica114 , 13 yrs (United States) - 2019-03-30

Hi, I can help you learn English. I would prefer to send letters in the mail, instead of using the internet. If you are interested, than just shoot me an email with your address and everything that you want to learn (like verbs, adjectives, nouns, our culture, our currency, etc.).

modify delete 20383 - from jiraprapapond120 , 16 yrs (thailand) - 2019-02-24
History - "hi, nice to meet you"

hello, My name is Meiji . nice to meet you

20383 -
modify delete 20632 - Reply from Kaylene74 , 12 yrs (singapore) - 2020-05-13

hi.nice to meet all of you.i hope we can be friends

20383 -
modify delete 20417 - Reply from Aaron145 , 23 yrs (Malaysia) - 2019-04-13

Hello,nice to meet you too..

20383 -
modify delete 20400 - Reply from Noann172 , 15 yrs (France) - 2019-03-20

Hi ! I'm Noann ! Do you like history too ?

modify delete 20382 - from Merdika188 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-02-23
Others - "Hi ! Would you be my friend?"

Hi! My name is Merdika, I am a student, I am an Accounting Student. I want to make friendship with you,,,,

20382 -
modify delete 20398 - Reply from victoria69 (france) - 2019-03-18

hi im from france, lets be friends

modify delete 20381 - from Tanguy7 , 15 yrs (French) - 2019-02-22
Languages - "Help in russian"

Hi! I am a french people and I need help in russian because I learn it alone (it's difficult) and if you need help in french, english or Spanish I can help you. I'd like to learn english,spanich and french sign language too, feel free to send me a message, bye.

20381 -
modify delete 20407 - Reply from Erica114 , 13 yrs (United States) - 2019-03-30

Hi, I can help you learn English or Spanish. I would prefer to send letters in the mail, instead of using the internet. If you are interested, than just shoot me an email with your address and everything that you want to learn (like verbs, adjectives, nouns, our culture, our currency, etc.).

modify delete 20379 - from hsulca234 , 22 yrs (perú) - 2019-02-20
Languages - "Hi guys"

HI. I would like to learn english and chinese.

20379 -
modify delete 20408 - Reply from Erica114 , 13 yrs (United States) - 2019-03-30

Hi, I can help you learn English. I would prefer to send letters in the mail, instead of using the internet. If you are interested, than just shoot me an email with your address and everything that you want to learn (like verbs, adjectives, nouns, our culture, our currency, etc.).

modify delete 20378 - from jiraprapapond121 , 16 yrs (thailand) - 2019-02-20
Languages - "hi, nice to meet you"

My name is Meiji . nice to meet you

modify delete 20376 - from inari157 , 20 yrs (Peru) - 2019-02-17
Languages - "quiero aprender ingles"

hola me gustaría que alguien me enseñe ingles , yo se español puedo enseñarle

modify delete 20375 - from preet79 , 22 yrs (india) - 2019-02-16
Others - "please urgent reply it"

i wnat too do practice of email come into the german a1 exam of goethe]

modify delete 20374 - from Chen37 , 14 yrs (China) - 2019-02-14
Languages - "Italian"

I want a friend who speaks Italian and I can teach you Chinese:p

modify delete 20373 - from Ousmane64 (Mali) - 2019-02-13
Languages - "want to lear ARABE (veux apprendre l'arabe)"

hi guys ! i m Malian and want to lean arabic langage
salut à tous, je suis un malien qui veux apprendre l'arabe

modify delete 20371 - from Luke184 (Malaysia) - 2019-02-11
History - "The Second World War"

Does anyone study or like to look at WW2 if you do please reply. I am Very interested in the Australian and British military. I am so interested I even made some Lego troops based of WW2 soldiers.


20371 -
modify delete 20571 - Reply from Joey215 (United States) - 2020-01-11

Do Americans count?

modify delete 20370 - from Mathys103 , 13 yrs (France) - 2019-02-10
Others - "Teste"

test sorry

modify delete 20369 - from Halimata245 , 16 yrs (France) - 2019-02-10
Languages - "penpal"

I'm looking for an english penpal.
A boy form 16 at 18 years old

modify delete 20367 - from Valerie89 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2019-02-09
History - "Anyone interested in a chat?"

Heyo! I have always been fascinated by the regency era, along with anything from the Middle Ages, and the 15-1800s. In fact.. just the other day, I turned to my mom asking, “Would you be mad if I bought myself a wax seal kit?” She supported it entirely, but then she brought up the fact that I hardly ever write letters due to the fact that I don’t particularly have anyone to write to, lol. I’m madly in love with historical/classical literature, my current read being “The Scarlet Pimpernel” by Baroness Orczy. I got so sad when I scrolled through the ‘Favorite Sport’ list and did not find Fencing to be an option. Alas, I was forced to choose my second favorite, figure skating. Is it odd that a slot on my bucket list is reserved for slapping someone across the face with a pair of leather gloves and challenging them to a duel? 😂 Anyways, if you are interested in a chat, please feel free to message me!

20367 -
modify delete 20377 - Reply from Cat 20 , 14 yrs (United States) - 2019-02-20

Hi, am an all-around history nerd looking for someone to chat with also.

20367 -
modify delete 20368 - Reply from Valerie89 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2019-02-09

This is me, just so you all know 😂

modify delete 20363 - from Ethan147 , 15 yrs (South Africa) - 2019-02-04
Languages - "Can you teach me French"

My name is Ethan. I live in South Africa. I would love to learn French... I don know why but I love this specific language. If you'd know French and would like to teach me that would be most appreciated.

20363 -
modify delete 20387 - Reply from Louise161 , 14 yrs (France) - 2019-03-06

No problem, I'm french and my name is Louise. I'do not mind at all to teach you my language if on your side you teach me a little more about your country.

20363 -
modify delete 20366 - Reply from Ethan253 , 15 yrs (South Africa) - 2019-02-07

Hi Luna,
Yes, I'm most interested in your offer.would it be ok if we chatted via S.T.O.W mail?

20363 -
modify delete 20364 - Reply from Luna185 , 16 yrs (France) - 2019-02-07

Hi! I'm French so I can try to teach you my langage :) let me know if you're interested

modify delete 20357 - from dany93 (usa) - 2019-01-23
Others - "help with this english please"

Which of the following is correct?

A) My favorite novel is “Les Miserable” by Victor Hugo.

B) My favorite children’s movie is “Finding Nemo” by Pixar.

C) My favorite song is “My Immortal” by Evanescence.

D) My favorite painting is “Garden Path at Giverny” by Claude Monet.

modify delete 20354 - from Gregory 111 , 20 yrs (USA) - 2019-01-18
History - "Student and lifehacks"

Hi! My name is Gregory. I am a student of faculty of history. I am looking for some lifehacks in my college studying.

20354 -
modify delete 20355 - Reply from Gregory 111 , 20 yrs (USA) - 2019-01-18

Also I am using some cool services as studentsoftheworld ( )

modify delete 20350 - from Mikayah210 , 11 yrs (Malta) - 2019-01-04
Others - "PEN PALS ??"

Hey I am trying to find a pen pal about my age. I didn't find exetly my age but I was wondering if you be intrseted in me. Please I wish that we can meet someday since we live at the same country. What do you say? Are you up? Please Reply to my message.

modify delete 20348 - from Wei 104 , 18 yrs (China ) - 2018-12-27
History - "About hitory"

History is a book that precipitates the trace of the years, turning over those times, those past, is never to go back to memories.

modify delete 20346 - from Gyungmin115 , 16 yrs (South Korea) - 2018-12-27
Mathematics - "Need help with Math?"

Hi, I'm a high school junior student in Korea. I can do

The equation of higher degree
Things including imaginative numbers(also known as 'i')
Permutation & Combination
Quadratic Equation / inequality / function

I'm currently learning exponential function & logarithm function
I may not know a lot of Mathematical Terms, but I can solve the problems(If you can search some of the terms in Korean(use the google translator), it would help me a lot).

If you want help, send me a message or leave a comment on this post.

20346 -
modify delete 20380 - Reply from Kimmora77 , 10 yrs (U.S) - 2019-02-20

Hi my teacher is not making long division understandable. So can you please help me

modify delete 20345 - from Emina41 , 15 yrs (Zimbabwe) - 2018-12-27
Mathematics - "Homework help"

Please help me with Quadratic Equations

20345 -
modify delete 20347 - Reply from Gyungmin115 , 16 yrs (South Korea) - 2018-12-27

Hello, if you want help with a specific problem, I might be able to help you.
Send me a message if you want help :D

modify delete 20340 - from Rishabh 9 , 20 yrs (India) - 2018-12-25
Physics - "Finding buddies"

Hey there, I am rishabh and I am finding buddies to study chemistry. I know English because all my textbooks are in English. Thanks in advance.

modify delete 20336 - from adam164 , 11 yrs (malaysia) - 2018-12-23
History - "Hello"

Hello, I want to know about your history and culture.And I would like to be your friend.

modify delete 20334 - from lokesh38 (India) - 2018-12-16
History - "history"

am history student from india. would like to know more of world history and culture

20334 -
modify delete 20480 - Reply from Sandali135 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2019-08-09

I'm also interested in learning world History

modify delete 20332 - from Alain154 , 19 yrs (Côté d'Ivoire) - 2018-12-15
Others - "Sciences physiques, chimiques et biologiques"

Salut ! Moi, je m'intéresse à la science en général. C'est un sujet qui m'a toujours fasciné ; c'est pourquoi j'essaie toujours d'en apprendre plus. Aussi j'aimerais bien correspondre avec des amoureux de la science car "plus on est de fou, plus on rit"😁

modify delete 20331 - from Lizzy107 (Northern ) - 2018-12-15
Others - "Hii"

I'm interested culture, history and languages....,i like to share knowledge

modify delete 20329 - from Chloe36 , 13 yrs (Australia) - 2018-12-09
Languages - "Japanese"

Hello, I need help with my Japanese. I need to have a speech about myself. It has to include my:
Where do I live
Eye/Hair colour

modify delete 20327 - from Jorge65 , 16 yrs (France) - 2018-12-03
Languages - "Intered to make some english speaker friends"

Hello everyone!
I’m looking for English speaker people with who I can talk to to improve my English speaking skills. I can also teach French if you guys are interested.
I leave my insta if you want to contact me: sluchii

20327 -
modify delete 20330 - Reply from Chloe36 , 13 yrs (Australia) - 2018-12-09

Hey, I would be interested to help u with your English since I am an English speaker. I am studying French at school so I do need help as well, If it's okay

modify delete 20323 - from Someone37 , 13 yrs (uae) - 2018-11-26
Languages - "English Homework Help"

Hello I need to write about 300 to 350 words describing the place I love the most using figurative language. Please help me bcuz I suck at creative writing

20323 -
modify delete 20324 - Reply from Yumi242 (I Speak English.) - 2018-12-02

Do you still need help? Because if so, I totally can help you right now?

modify delete 20321 - from Sophie15 , 15 yrs (England) - 2018-11-24
Languages - "English and Spanish language exchange"

Hello, I am an English schoolgirl and am learning Spanish. I would like to make some friends from all around the world, especially Spain! I want to improve my Spanish and would love to meet a Spanish teenager (around 12-16) who is learning English! I could help you learn English and you could help me with Spanish! If you are interested please message me on "pen pals of the world". See you soon!
Hola, soy una chica inglesa y estoy aprendiendo español. !Me gustaría hacer amigos de todo el mundo, especialmente España! Quiero mejorar mi español y me encantaría hablar con un adoloscente español (12-16) que está aprendiendo inglés. !Yo podría ayudarte a aprender inglés y tú me podrías ayudar con español! Si estás interesado por favor me mensaje en "amigos por correo del mundo". !Hasta pronto!

20321 -
modify delete 20325 - Reply from Yumi242 (I Speak English.) - 2018-12-02

(And Spanish, too. Don't get it? Look at my "country". Hey, I can totally help you out. I come from a Mexican and Honduran Family so I can teach you Spanish. Thought I don't know every single word, I can still absolutely help.

modify delete 20315 - from Romey120 , 11 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2018-11-12
Geography - "Wanna be my friend, I'm very interested in Ancient Egypt!!!"

Hi, I'm Romey.
I live in Hastings on the South Coast of England and I love reading techno-thrillers by James Rollins. I love running and have run a couple of half-marathons and currently I go to two track sessions week and run 20km a week inluding parkrun on Saturdays. I just started yoga this week and I enjoyed it.
I'm vegan and I enjoy cooking especially baking and I can do a pretty good shortbread.
I'm fascinated by quantum physics and other sciences but partiularly anything space-related.
I am Jewish so I observe the Jewish festivals and it is Hanukkah soon which I love, and I want to learn Hebrew.
I'm homeschooled and I dyed my hair green, and now black! And I would love some penfriends from all around the world.
I would love to hear from you. I love Geography!!

20315 -
modify delete 20630 - Reply from Maci249 , 9 yrs (USA (maine)) - 2020-05-10

Yes! I loooooooooooooooooove geography too! And yes i want to be your penpal!

20315 -
modify delete 20319 - Reply from Shamaheri220 (Uganda) - 2018-11-19

Hullo, i love Geography too. i have studied much geography and still feel there is still more knowledge out there.

modify delete 20314 - from Eminah41 , 16 yrs (Zimbabwe) - 2018-11-11
Physics - "Looking for buddies who are studying Chemistry."

Hey everyone. i'm doing Chemistry in High school.Anyone interested in Chemistru feel free to talk to mr.

20314 -
modify delete 20579 - Reply from Chetan Arya47 , 17 yrs (India) - 2020-02-23

I do care of ot.Maybe you can be my future assistant for Hope to see you and some other guys there.

20314 -
modify delete 20328 - Reply from Marek34 , 14 yrs (Netherlands) - 2018-12-03

Hey I'm also in high school and I love chemistry so when do you want to talk about it?

modify delete 20313 - from Martin249 , 17 yrs (Denmark) - 2018-11-07
Others - "Study of prehistoric life"

Is anyone else interested in Palaeontology? 'cause I can't seem to find that many people who even know what it is.

modify delete 20309 - from Sezen9 , 16 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2018-11-02
Physics - "Study Buddy?"


I'm currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics at A-Level! Anyone studying similar subjects or just has a genuine interest in STEM, don't be afraid to drop a message! :)

20309 -
modify delete 20479 - Reply from Sandali135 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2019-08-09

I'm also studying Physics and Chemistry and Biology. Actually they are very enthusiastic subjects.

20309 -
modify delete 20360 - Reply from Sam181 (Germany) - 2019-01-30

Hey, I am interested. :)

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