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modify delete 20599 - from Shanice17 , 14 yrs (England) - 2020-03-28 >> NEW
Languages - "Please help me ;)"

Hello, I would like to learn Japanese or Italian. If anyone can help that would be great. I can help anyone who needs help with English.

modify delete 20595 - from Ritong Wang39 , 31 yrs (Australia) - 2020-03-26 >> NEW
Others - "Tuition Centre Melbourne"

Which is best tuition Center in Melbourne

modify delete 20592 - from Andrei114 , 14 yrs (Russia) - 2020-03-20
Languages - "I really need help with my english assignment so i can pass.Please help me :("

I. Read the following text and put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. 10 points Every time I visited him, he 1)...... (to sit) in an armchair almost on top of the gas fire, his white head down to his knees. A chair he hardly moved from, a chair that 2)........(become) a bed. The bulky black and white television, coated with dust 3) ..... (to murmur) to itself. Even the programmes looked old. The whole room was mean and dark, cluttered with the debris of life. “I 4)..... (to have) a bad heart, you know ”, he said, using a sweet-old-man’s voice.”No one to look after me since my wife 5) ......(to pass) away. That 6) ...... (to be) her, up there.” A large, framed, studio portrait on the sideboard. A woman in her mid – forties, taken about 1950 from the look of her hair and jacket. It seemed the photographer 7) ..... (to catch) the end of a smile. Or, maybe, I 8) ...(to think) then, maybe she couldn’t smile. I couldn’t get that look out of my head. What 9)........(to happen) to make her do that ? And all through the summer, as I 10) ....(to visit) him, the question grew in my head. II. Use the word given in brackets to form a word that fits in each sentence. 10 points 1. A local committee is finally taking action to do something about the (POLLUTE) ______ river that runs through our town. 2. The (PROTECT) ______ of the environment should be a top priority for everybody. 3. Most animals attack when they feel (THREAT) ______. 4. The (DESTROY) ______ of the rainforest is causing many problems to the local community and ecosystem. 5. I hate the adults’ (PATRON) ______ attitude towards teenagers. 6. You should help the poor and the (NEED) __________. 7. As it was very hot, she was wearing a (SLEEVE) __________ dress. 8. This is a very (PLEASE) __________way of spending your weekend. 9. I am surprised at the rapid (GROW) _____ of information. 10. The bankrupcy of this company is (AVOID) __________ in the next year or so. III. Read the following text and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits in each gap. 10 points Macaws are colourful tropical parrots. There are 17 different (1) _______ of macaws, most of which can be found in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. They (2) _______ on seeds, fruit and insects, as well as on small mammals and reptiles. They grab their (3) _______ using their toes and they also have very powerful beaks to help break open shells. Macaws have many (4) _______ including monkeys, eagles, lizards and snakes, which can be a great (5) _______ to them. There has been a decline in the macaw population mostly because their natural (6) ________ is being destroyed due to (7) _______. Many of the species, however, like the Indigo Macaw, are (8) _______ because they are hunted by local tribesmen for their brightly-coloured (9) _______. Another threat macaws face is poaching, because they have become increasingly popular in the pet bird trade. Two species, the Glaucous Macaw and Spix's Macaw, might already be (10) ________. 1. A. types B. ways C. kinds D. species 2. A. food B. feed C. feet D. feeds 3. A. prey B. victim C. brute D. pray 4. A. animal B. beast C. predators D. pet 5. A. danger B. threat C. menace D. fear 6. A. home B. habitat C. house D. shelter 7. A. forestation B. forested C. afforestation D. deforestation 8. A. harmed B. protected C. unprotected D. endangered 9. A. skin B. pillow C. feathers D. tan 10. A. alive B. extinct C. absent D. active

20592 -
modify delete 20598 - Reply from Shanice17 , 14 yrs (England) - 2020-03-28 >> NEW

hi, I don't know if you still need help but here is the answers I have




I live in England so I can speak English very well, but if anything is wrong sorry.

modify delete 20590 - from murali50 , 29 yrs (India) - 2020-03-19
Mathematics - "what is an angle?"

define what is an angle exactly and units of angle

modify delete 20584 - from Yolik193 , 17 yrs (Switzerland) - 2020-03-11
Languages - "English test tomorrow !"

Hello guys,

I'll have a test tomorrow and I've already seen the questions I will have to answer to. As you see, I'm very bad. For this reason I ask you to write a text for me about:

[b]You have just visited the Notting Hill Carnival in London. Describe your day there (what did you do? What did you see?) and give your impressions and opinion on this festival and its atmosphere. Use at least four relative clauses in your text and underline them.
Use at least four different quantifiers and circle them.
Write between 110-120 words[/b]

If you do it for me, you will save my life {-:

Thank you so much

modify delete 20583 - from Beara229 , 16 yrs (China) - 2020-03-05
Physics - "Hello"

hello. I am Beara ,a senior High school student from China. I think chemistry and physics. I hope someone who good at that. can help me. please. My English is not very good ,and I think whenI ask u some questions I can practice my Rnglish. ,too. And I hope to know the student all over the world how you study. :)If u can.,I hoe u can send mail to me. And we can talk about studying,too. :D

20583 -
modify delete 20597 - Reply from Sanu245 (Sri Lanka) - 2020-03-27 >> NEW

Hi! I'm also searching for soeone who is interested in physics. We'll work together.

modify delete 20582 - from Beara229 , 16 yrs (China) - 2020-03-05
Languages - "Hello"

hello. I am a student from China. And I want to find a pen pal to practice my English. I think I am a funny girl. And I hot to find a pen pal who are patientand like to think. If u are interested in music. That's so good. I am practicing guitar now. if u want help me with my English. Please u send mail to me.

modify delete 20580 - from nasi213 , 21 yrs (turkey) - 2020-02-25
Languages - "kakao group"

hi guys! ı have a kakao group for English practise. ıf you want to join please contact me on kakao. my id is "nasi1903" everyone is welcomed! thanks

modify delete 20577 - from Izabella243 , 11 yrs (Canada) - 2020-02-11
Mathematics - "Math help"

Hi. I'm in the 5th grade and I'm really bad at division. In my grade we have to know how to divide 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. Can someone help me?

modify delete 20576 - from Ricardos154 , 20 yrs (US) - 2020-02-04
Languages - "Differnce between dew and frost"

What is the difference between dew and frost? Any advice?

20576 -
modify delete 20581 - Reply from Lasdnaym175 , 16 yrs (US) - 2020-03-04

Dew are droplets of water. Frost is a thin layer of ice on a surface.

modify delete 20574 - from Willow160 (England) - 2020-01-22
Languages - "Languages"

Hi, I am writing here as I would like some help with learning French. Also I can help anyone wanting help with learning English.

20574 -
modify delete 20596 - Reply from Régine203 , 53 yrs (France) - 2020-03-27 >> NEW

Salut,je peux t'aider. J'ai 53 ans et j'habite le Sud de la France.
I am sad for B. Johnson. I hope you and your familly are all right.
Je suis confinée chez moi avec mes parents.
We could help each other.

modify delete 20570 - from Sol104 , 17 yrs (Paraguay) - 2020-01-10
Languages - ":3"

I need help to improve English & French, I offer ,help with Spanish

modify delete 20567 - from olaf236 , 15 yrs (Poland) - 2020-01-06
History - "Looking for interesting stories about medieval scotland"

So,like I said in the Title I'm looking for interesting stories about Medieval Scotland. I'll be glad if someone will send me a links to a lot of stoires about living in Scotland at middle age. Thanks for all the repplies

modify delete 20565 - from Paola65 , 21 yrs (Perú) - 2020-01-02
Languages - "Quisiera mejorar mi inglés"

Soy peruana, busco mejorar mi inglés a cambio puedo enseñar el español.

modify delete 20564 - from Mahmoud169 , 16 yrs (France) - 2019-12-28
Mathematics - "DNS de maths 1ereS"

Bonjour, je suis en classe de 1ereS
pouvez-vous m'aider pour cet exercice de maths svp?
g est la fonction définie sur ]-1;0] par : g(x)=(1-x)/(1+xpuissance3)
1) Calculer g ' (x), puis montrer que g'(x) est du signe d'une fonction polynôme que l'on notera f.
2)a) calculer f'(x) pour tout x appartenant à ]0;1] et dresser le tableau de variation de f sur ]0;1]
b) en déduire le signe de f sur ]0;1]
3) en déduire les variations de la fonction g sur ]0;1]
merci d'avance

modify delete 20562 - from niklas198 , 17 yrs (United States) - 2019-12-23
Others - "Binary to decimal help"

So this may seems simple to most of you but i need a good explanation of covering this format of binary to decimal "0110 1010". Im having trouble finding a good tutorial. I would like a detailed explanation of method of how to translate it. Thank you.

20562 -
modify delete 20563 - Reply from Nicolas126 (France) - 2019-12-24

Hello Niklas,

first of all, you need to understand how our numbers are coded.
When you see "8604", you have:
- 8 x1000
- 6 x100
- 0 x10
- 4 x1
Because we use the base "10".
so 8000 + 600 + 0 + 4 = 8604

In binary (base 2), with 0110 1010, you have:
- 0 x128
- 1 x64
- 1 x32
- 0 x16
- 1 x8
- 0 x4
- 1 x2
- 0 x1
Total = 64+32+8+2 = 106 in decimal.

modify delete 20561 - from Andrew113 , 13 yrs (United States) - 2019-12-19
Physics - "Hess' Law Question: Chemistry"

Hello, I had my AP Chemistry midterm recently, and there was one question that seemed actually impossible. It probably isn't, and I wanted to see if any of you could solve it. (It seemed like it was impossible to combine the two last equations into the first.) This is the question.

Use Hess' Law to calculate the enthalpy of this reaction in kJ/mol:
4PCl3 => P4 + 6Cl2

Use these two equations and their respective enthalpies:
4PCl5 => P4 + 10Cl2 (1528 kJ/mol)
PCl3 + Cl2 => PCl5 (-111 kJ/mol)

modify delete 20557 - from riemann64 , 100 yrs (germany) - 2019-11-24
Physics - "Riemann hypothesis"

Hello everyone i search a man or a woman who has resolve the Riemann hypothesis because that very important !


modify delete 20556 - from Beli34 , 22 yrs (Nepal) - 2019-11-21
Languages - "Language"

Hello Everyone,

I am interested in learning German and if anyone wants to have a conversation with me that would be of great help.

I have decent English if you guys want to learn English feel free to leave me a message.

modify delete 20505 - from swapnil snigdh42 , 14 yrs (india) - 2019-11-09
Languages - "Deutsch als Fremdsprache"

Hai I am learning German very nicely and know more about Germany and German language. Please can any one help me out.

modify delete 20503 - from Jossy6 , 35 yrs (Perú) - 2019-10-22
Languages - "Help English"

I want to learn English, please help. Thanks.

20503 -
modify delete 20585 - Reply from alex33 , 28 yrs (china) - 2020-03-13

Hi guys, this is Alex from China and am currently learning Turkce. Is there anyone can help me out with turkish learning? I can teach you Chinese in return. Cheers!

20503 -
modify delete 20554 - Reply from Manish34 , 21 yrs (Nepal) - 2019-11-21


It would love to teach english to you feel free to email me at

modify delete 20502 - from yun163 (france) - 2019-10-12
Languages - "help"

korean or english or spain

modify delete 20499 - from Sally136 , 20 yrs (China) - 2019-09-23
Languages - "English usage"

Hello,my teacher told me to improve my spoken English to pass the CET6,but to be honest, I don't know how to carry out. Thanks for your help!

20499 -
modify delete 20501 - Reply from Emmanuel70 (Kenya) - 2019-10-05

Hey, I can help you with that. Send a message to

modify delete 20495 - from Amy135 , 23 yrs (USA) - 2019-09-12
Others - "Hello everyone!"

I am happy to meet you and if you need any help with the English language, essay writing or something similar, you can write to me :)

20495 -
modify delete 20497 - Reply from Nour111 , 27 yrs (Algeria) - 2019-09-13

Hello,i want to improve my English please

modify delete 20493 - from Vera165 (Russia) - 2019-09-07
Languages - "German, English"

Hi everyone! I'm writing here because I want to improve my German and English! Please, who can help me? I also can help you with Russian!

20493 -
modify delete 20555 - Reply from Beli34 , 21 yrs (Nepal) - 2019-11-21

Hey, nice to talk to you, I too am learning german and I have a decent English.

I can help you with English and it would be great if we share our ideas for learning german too.
feel free to email me at

20493 -
modify delete 20494 - Reply from Ethan202 , 16 yrs (South Africa ) - 2019-09-07

Hi Vera,
I'd be more than happy to help you with your English. If you'd like to chat, feel free to send me a message
Hope to hear from you soon

modify delete 20491 - from soongmin163 (france) - 2019-09-02
Languages - "hello!"

hoooo! please! i need help to learn korean! it's really important for me.. i hope someone good learn this message. :)

modify delete 20488 - from Wenyuan40 , 14 yrs (China) - 2019-08-29
Languages - "Need help in Chinese?"

Hello! I am Wenyuan and you can call me Catherine. I am a native Chinese speaker and know Chinese culture and history very well. If you are interested in China, I can help! I want to hear from you as well.

20488 -
modify delete 20566 - Reply from Piper7 , 12 yrs (England) - 2020-01-03

Hi Catherine, I'm from England and am trying to learn Mandarin Chinese. I would really appreciate it if you could help and maybe I could help you with English or Spanish? My REF number is:1445845

20488 -
modify delete 20489 - Reply from Wenyuan40 , 14 yrs (China) - 2019-08-29

I wont reply to people who are over 17, please understand.

modify delete 20486 - from Tina61 , 20 yrs (Ireland) - 2019-08-23
Languages - "Would really appreciate if someone taught me French"

Hi, I am looking for someone to teach me French over the course of the next eight to
nine months. I am not that great at it and really need a lot of improvement. I want someone that even if I try to speak English with them, they'll say no and continue with French. I would appreciate any help

20486 -
modify delete 20487 - Reply from Clément174 , 22 yrs (France) - 2019-08-26

Bonsoir, je peux t'aider à apprendre le Français. Tu as besoin d'aide pour l'écrire ou le parler ?
Good evening, I can help you to learn french. Do you need help about writing in french or speaking it?

modify delete 20485 - from Lihini134 , 16 yrs (Sri Lamka) - 2019-08-22
Languages - "1432043"

Hey. Im willing to improve my language and writing.Im doing English Literature.

20485 -
modify delete 20500 - Reply from Emmanuel70 (Kenya) - 2019-10-05

Hey, I can help with your English. Send a message to

modify delete 20484 - from kato0 , 22 yrs (Uganda) - 2019-08-14
Others - "youth"

what is so affecting the youth today? is it being broke or the negative exposure to the internent..or anything?

modify delete 20483 - from kato0 , 22 yrs (Uganda) - 2019-08-14
History - "COLD WAR"

any one interested in the coldwar...the tensions between the capitalists and communists...the rise of the satellites..the GNSS...i hope am the right person...

modify delete 20482 - from BEWBA188 (MAURITANIA) - 2019-08-10
Languages - "STUDY ENGLISH"


20482 -
modify delete 20496 - Reply from Amy135 , 23 yrs (USA) - 2019-09-12

You can write to me and I`ll gladly help.

modify delete 20475 - from Chira169 , 25 yrs (France) - 2019-08-06
Languages - "Learning the Korean language"

Hi everyone, I'd like to learn korean and japanese if someone of you is willing to teach me. I speak many languages as French, English, Arabic and I also understand and speak spanish about 80/90% (but I'm not confident enough to teach it ^^).

20475 -
modify delete 20478 - Reply from Chira194 , 25 yrs (France) - 2019-08-08

Thank you Jin ^^. I just sent you an email.

20475 -
modify delete 20476 - Reply from Jin189 (Korea) - 2019-08-06

Hi,I'm Jin from Korea. I could teach you Korean and Japanese! Contact me freely if you want:)

modify delete 20474 - from Simeon205 , 13 yrs (Nigeria) - 2019-08-03
Physics - "physics problem"

Please help me solve this question. An abrupt slowdown in concentrated traffic can travel as a pulse,termed a shock wave, along the line of cars, either downstream (in the traffic direction) or upstream, or it can be stationary. Figure 2-25 shows a uniformly spaced line of cars moving at speed v " 25.0 m/s toward a uniformly spaced line of slow cars moving at speed vs " 5.00 m/s. Assume that each faster car adds length L " 12.0 m (car length plus buffer zone) to the line of slow cars when it joins the line,and assume it slows abruptly at the last instant.(a) For what separation distance d between the faster cars does the shock wave remain stationary? If the separation is twice that amount, what are the (b) speed and (c) direction (upstream or downstream) of the shock wave?

modify delete 20469 - from Emily64 (France) - 2019-07-20
Languages - "English / french learning"


I'm a bilingual art student in french/english (native english, studied 11 years in France). I'd love to help you learn either English or French :3 I'm looking to work on my Japanese and Korean ^^ I have Line and KakaoTalk, so we can chat regularly and become friends :3

20469 -
modify delete 20569 - Reply from Sol104 , 17 yrs (Paraguay) - 2020-01-10

hello :) if you want help with Spanish you can count on me, in return you help me with English

20469 -
modify delete 20477 - Reply from Jin189 (Korea) - 2019-08-06

Hi,I'm Jin from Korea. I could teach you Korean and Japanese! Contact me freely if you want:)

modify delete 20468 - from Lily43 , 12 yrs (Great Britain) - 2019-07-19
Languages - "English!"

Hey guys! My name is Lily. I'm here to offer help for anybody who wants to learn more English. I can speak with you in English or maybe French (apart from translating words of course). Please only contact me if you are 14 or younger, I am only 12 myself. Don't be afraid to contact me! Bye!

Salut! Je m'appelle Lily. Je peux t'aider à apprendre l'anglais. Je peux parle en Anglais ou en Francais, peut-etre. S'il vous plait me tchatter si vous avez 14 ans ou moins, moi, j'ai 12 ans. Au revoir!

modify delete 20466 - from Florencia Guillem 169 , 32 yrs (España) - 2019-07-17
Languages - "learn English and teach Spanish"

Hello I would like to learn English, in exchange I teach Spanish

modify delete 20463 - from NUNO MIGUEL4 , 38 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2019-07-14

I am Nuno, Portuguese, 38, living and working in the United Kingdom. I am looking for honest genuine, trustworthy people for a great friendship. I love reading books about Literature, History. watch documentaries.

modify delete 20461 - from Carmen Luisa239 (Peru) - 2019-07-12
Languages - "Intercambio de idiomas"

Hola quisiera aprender y mejorar mi ingles para seguir viajando y conocer muchos lugares :D

modify delete 20460 - from WENDOLIN76 , 25 yrs (SPAIN) - 2019-07-12
Languages - "HELP ME!! ENGLISH"


I would like to learn English for my future job.

I want to practice english conversation to improve it.

You' re welcome !

20460 -
modify delete 20490 - Reply from Ania241 , 38 yrs (Poland) - 2019-09-01

Hello, Send me your e-mail.

modify delete 20459 - from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2019-07-11
Languages - "LANGUAGE HELP"

I can help in French.

modify delete 20458 - from RIME81 (FRANCE) - 2019-07-10
Languages - "learning english conversation"


I would like to learn English for my future job.

I want to practice english conversation to improve it.

You' re welcome !


modify delete 20457 - from Fannie173 , 13 yrs (France) - 2019-07-07
Languages - "langue"

salut je peux vous aidez avec le français et sa culture mais je voudrais que vous m'aidiez aussi en anglais ou en italien,bien sûr je serais ravi de vous aidez même
si vous m'apprenez pas l'anglais ou l'italien je serais contente d'apprendre votre langue,quelle qu'elle soit.:)

20457 -
modify delete 20464 - Reply from Charlotte242 , 19 yrs (France) - 2019-07-16

Hey ! Je viens de voir ton message à propos de l'anglais. Comme tu t'en doutes je suis franaise... Mais j'ai l'impression que personne ne répond sur ce site ! Je suis à l'université, je peux t'aider en anglais si tu veux (et en français, haha) !

modify delete 20455 - from Christina76 , 24 yrs (Espagne) - 2019-07-04
Languages - "Quis mihi litteras mittet latinas?"

Quis vestrum studet lingua latina? Velim litteras mittere atque accipere.

modify delete 20453 - from Esther88 , 14 yrs (New Zealand) - 2019-07-04
Languages - "English for Japanese"

hey there, I can teach English if some one can teach me Japanese hiragana or katakana as long as you don't mind me using google translate:)
message me on SOTW mail if you want

modify delete 20451 - from Albany137 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2019-07-03
Mathematics - "I need help"

Hi I'm a 2 grader and I need
Help Subtracting

20451 -
modify delete 20593 - Reply from Maci78 (USA) - 2020-03-20

Hi, I can help you. I am in the 3rd grade, what do you need help with in subtracting?

20451 -
modify delete 20559 - Reply from Georgia70 , 10 yrs (Greece) - 2019-11-28

I can help you l'm in 5th grade so..

modify delete 20447 - from Abir89 , 25 yrs (Bangladesh) - 2019-06-26
Languages - "Want to learn german"

Hi. I am from Bangladesh. I am going to study in Germany this winter. I need to learn basic German language. I speaks in English and Bengali.

modify delete 20445 - from Liu152 , 16 yrs (China) - 2019-06-14
Languages - "JUST HAVE FUN"

Waiting for you to help me with my English,I could teach you Chinese in return.It could be a great fun if we exchange what we know about the world around us.I am so eager to hear from anyone.Chinese is interesting.For example,the Chinese character"田"means the field where crops grow.

modify delete 20444 - from Liu152 , 16 yrs (China) - 2019-06-14
Languages - "JUST HAVE FUN"

Waiting for you to help me with my English,I could teach you Chinese in return.It could be a great fun if we exchange what we know about the world around us.I am so eager to hear from anyone.Chinese is interesting.For example,the Chinese character"田"means the field where crops grow.

modify delete 20443 - from Liu152 , 16 yrs (China) - 2019-06-14
Languages - "JUST HAVE FUN"

Waiting for you to help me with my English,I could teach you Chinese in return.It could be a great fun if we exchange what we know about the world around us.I am so eager to hear from anyone.Chinese is interesting.For example,the Chinese character"田"means the field where crops grow.

20443 -
modify delete 20452 - Reply from Esther88 , 14 yrs (New Zealand) - 2019-07-04

Hi there I could teach you English. I am learning Mandarin so Iif you could help that would be nice Contact me if you want

modify delete 20441 - from Leah122 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2019-06-12
Languages - "Hey!"

Hello! I can help anyone with English! View my profile, and message me!

20441 -
modify delete 20600 - Reply from Priscila102 , 22 yrs (Peru) - 2020-04-02 >> NEW

que tal soy peruana me gustaria perfeccionarme en el idioma ingles a cambio podria ayudar con español .

20441 -
modify delete 20465 - Reply from Charlotte242 , 19 yrs (France) - 2019-07-16

Heyy ! I am Charlie, i'am 19. You said you can help anyone with english so... I am here !

20441 -
modify delete 20446 - Reply from Liu152 , 16 yrs (China) - 2019-06-15

Hey!I wannna to make your acquaintance!

modify delete 20437 - from David10 (United States) - 2019-06-02
History - "Everlasting Flower: A History of Korea"

I am reading a book by Keith Pratt called "Everlasting Flower: A History of Korea and am looking for people that would like to discuss the book or the history of Korea. I will also be studying Japan, China, and Mongolia.

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