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Would you like to talk about your favourite animal? (advices, experience...)
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modify delete 34135 - from Soriyah127 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2019-11-17 >> NEW
Dog - "I love dogs!"

I absolutely love dogs! They are cute and furry and they are so lovable. I have a small dog. She is a Feist (I think that's how you spell it.), and a mix. Although she is getting older, I really love her. I am looking for penpals that are around my age, and I would like someone who also loves dogs as much as I do.

modify delete 34133 - from cedric244 (Belgium) - 2019-11-15 >> NEW
Eagle - "aigle"

l'aigle est un oiseau magnifique

qui pour faire connaissance

modify delete 34131 - from Sanadi245 , 16 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2019-11-14 >> NEW
Dog - "Want a pen friend."

I am a girl. I am 16 years old. Love bts and exo.
I want a pen friend. I like long messages.
I want a Korean friend.

modify delete 34128 - from Marisol189 , 17 yrs (Mexico) - 2019-11-12 >> NEW
Horse - "Projet"

Salut mes amis!
Je m'appelle Mari, j'ai 17 ans et je suis mexicaine.
J'étudie à Tec de Monterrey, c'est un lycée au Mexique.
Je joue au volleyball, volleyball de plage et tennis, j'aime la biologie et la chimie, j'aime la musique et je joue du piano.
Je parle anglais, espagnol, catalan et allemand.
Je cherche un/e ami/e que ce soit francophone, je dois faire un travail pour ma classe de français.

34128 -
modify delete 34134 - Reply from cedric244 (Belgium) - 2019-11-15 >> NEW

moi si tu veux

modify delete 34127 - from Nathaly124 , 22 yrs (Paraguay) - 2019-11-11 >> NEW
Bird - "Hi"

Hi! I love Koalas, birds, cats, dogs :)

modify delete 34126 - from Robby11 , 24 yrs (Papua New Guinea) - 2019-11-11 >> NEW
Cat - "Game"

Great to here from you all, cat is everyone best friend

modify delete 34124 - from kirsten182 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2019-11-08
Horse - "Horses are amazing would love to talk to you!!"

Love to talk i'm into horses hoping for a pen pal!!???
I have 6 but I favor one named Dakota she is very playful! What about you how many do you have?

modify delete 34116 - from sierra153 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2019-11-06
Dog - "I love Puppies"

Hi I am looking for someone who has something in common with me. I you don’t worry we could still talk and get to know each other as long as you are nice. Also looking for someone who loves puppies or dogs

34116 -
modify delete 34132 - Reply from Selen133 , 36 yrs (Turkey) - 2019-11-15 >> NEW

Hello.I love all animals. Especially dogs and puppies. My favourite dog is Husky. I dont have a dog.

34116 -
modify delete 34123 - Reply from karin236 , 19 yrs (Japan) - 2019-11-08

Hallo!!I love dog too!

34116 -
modify delete 34119 - Reply from Arwen109 (USA) - 2019-11-06

34116 -
modify delete 34118 - Reply from Arwen109 (USA) - 2019-11-06

Hi Sierra, I'm Arwen and I love dogs. I am also your age.

34116 -
modify delete 34117 - Reply from Alexandra71 , 15 yrs (France) - 2019-11-06

M’y favorite annimal is lion but this annimal is afraid

modify delete 34114 - from hannah24 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2019-11-05
Dog - "I love all animals"

I love all animals but dogs and cats I like the most I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and they are all so cute and I love my 2 pit bulls and my 2 short hair and 1 long hair cat

34114 -
modify delete 34125 - Reply from Annabelle6 , 10 yrs (Ireland) - 2019-11-09 >> NEW

I have a Labrador \ Dalmatian \ springer spaniel doggo named Rocky and a British short hair named loco

modify delete 34113 - from Naomi119 , 21 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-11-05
Dog - "Calling All Dogs Lovers!"

I really, really love dogs. But i can't have them since my mom doesn't like it and there's no one at my home that could able to take care of them. I wish i can have them, tho

modify delete 34112 - from Arwen 109 (USA) - 2019-11-04
Dove - "Communication"

Has anyone else here communicated with doves? I grew up with doves and spoke with them.

modify delete 34108 - from sashi21 , 19 yrs (USA) - 2019-11-03
Polar bear - "Who need to know about polar bears?"

here u can read about polar bears.the largest member of bear fammily

modify delete 34107 - from lorena156 , 16 yrs (France) - 2019-11-02
Otter - "helloooo, i'm french, and i love korean"


modify delete 34106 - from Kerttu76 , 13 yrs (Finland) - 2019-11-02
Dog - "Kerttu"

Hello! I'm Kerttu and I'm from Finland😊 I want friends, that speak english 😄 I have three dogs and three guinea pigs 🐶I hobbies painting and jogging.

34106 -
modify delete 34110 - Reply from santika 215 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-11-04


modify delete 34105 - from Elly^-^139 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2019-11-01
Shark - "FIn Ban Now!"

I agree with everyone who says sharks are the best. Sharks don't deserve to be treated the way they do! Fins belong on sharks!!! FIN BAN NOW!

modify delete 34099 - from Katie168 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2019-10-27
Bird - "I'm getting parakeets, is two or three better?"

How many parakeets should I get I want two or three but idk. The cage im gonna get is big enough for three but I might only get two.

modify delete 34098 - from Katie168 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2019-10-27
Panda - "Pandas UwU"

I love pandas, especially red pandas they are soooo cute!!!!!!

34098 -
modify delete 34122 - Reply from Vellee232 , 7 yrs (USA) - 2019-11-08

Hi, Katie. :)

How are you? My name is Vellee (VEE-lee), and I live in the US.

I like pandas, too! :) My mom says I've seen red pandas before, but it was long ago, so I don't remember. But we looked them up online a while back, and they're adorable!!! :)

When you mentioned that you like to ski -- did you mean water skiing or snow skiing? Both types sound pretty fun!

Talk to you later,
Your new pen pal,

34098 -
modify delete 34120 - Reply from Arwen109 (USA) - 2019-11-06

You can email me in Chinese; I know Chinese and English and some Japanese. I am an animal lover and whisperer and an unofficial anime artist.

modify delete 34094 - from syadid105 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-10-22
Dinosaur - "Giganotosaur"

I very interest with Giganotosaur, because they are biger then T-Rex

modify delete 34093 - from Ruby127 (USA) - 2019-10-22
Fox - "Foxes🦊"

I love foxes. I have a space in my backyard reserved for wild life, there are foxes, coyotes, bobcats, owls, and hawk that live there. There is also prey like bunnies and rats that live there.

modify delete 34092 - from kaelen102 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2019-10-19
Bear - "bears, beets, battlestar galactica"

if you dont get the joke, im sorry. my favorite animal is the bear. my favorite kind of bear is the asian black bear. if anyone else likes bears or something contact me and we can chat!

modify delete 34088 - from PASCAL47 , 12 yrs (Poland) - 2019-10-17
Donkey - "ANIMAL"


modify delete 34087 - from Guillaume 174 (France) - 2019-10-15
Eagle - "Aigle"

Lors d'un entretien on me demande mon animal préféré. Je réponds l'aigle. On me dit que c'est une réponse d'officier x)
J'adore les aigles

modify delete 34086 - from Rose40 , 13 yrs (India) - 2019-10-11
Panda - "🐼"

I love pandas. They're soooooo soft,fluffy and cuteeee🐼🐼🐼🐼
I also love unicorns🦄🦄🦄🦄 ...sooo beautiful...

modify delete 34083 - from Cerena215 , 11 yrs (France) - 2019-10-09
Cat - "..."

hello ,my name is
french and im dont speak english

34083 -
modify delete 34104 - Reply from pablo50 , 11 yrs (Spain) - 2019-10-30


modify delete 34081 - from li204 , 16 yrs (China) - 2019-10-07
Dog - "红红火火恍恍惚惚"

I like dogs.

34081 -
modify delete 34111 - Reply from santika yolanda215 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-11-04

me too

modify delete 34079 - from li204 , 16 yrs (China) - 2019-10-07
Dog - "happy every day."

l love dog very family used to keep a dog.It is black.And it is so qute,but now the dog has been sold.Oh,now I really want to keep a pet dog.

modify delete 34074 - from Camille 224 , 13 yrs (France) - 2019-10-05
Cat - "Correspondant"

Salut tu cherche un correspondant français? Moi je cherche correspondant espagnol

34074 -
modify delete 34075 - Reply from Ellie154 , 11 yrs (Poland) - 2019-10-05

Hey you what your name is ? 😝

modify delete 34070 - from Seyeon182 (Korea) - 2019-09-26
Cat - "cats will rule the world"

cats are superior

34070 -
modify delete 34095 - Reply from Sam2 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2019-10-24

I agree!

modify delete 34069 - from Sebastien238 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2019-09-25
Fox - "FOXES"

Hi! i love foxes and i have only seen one but i still love them

modify delete 34067 - from Pranay34 , 17 yrs (India) - 2019-09-21
Dog - "Hey everyone !"

Hey ! I love dogs very much , I have a way with stray dogs as well and I love them the same way as any other dog .
I used to have a Labrador named Cairo .

modify delete 34066 - from Mari21 , 11 yrs (Georgia) - 2019-09-20
Cat - "Cats"

Cats are super cute! I love gray cats with blue eyes.

34066 -
modify delete 34101 - Reply from Valli208 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2019-10-27

I totally agree! I have a gray cat but he has green/yellow eyes

modify delete 34065 - from fdrther11 , 17 yrs (Australia) - 2019-09-19
Monkey - "LONG LIVE X"

Date 9/19/2019
Dear Tyler,

My name is Miguel, and I’m 17 years old and I’m in High School. I found your name on Facebook and learned from your profile that you are a graphic artist in France. I have a new job as a Music artist. I thought being in contact with you would broaden my horizons and inspire my artistic abilities.

I love art and most of my portfolio is filled with brightly colored examples of design using basic shapes and sans serif font. I have enclosed a small example of what I do. It’s one of my favorite samples from my work in High school and would appreciate your opinion.

What type of design do you love? Do you include traditional French design in your work? I would enjoy discussing design with you and learning new things. Hopefully, my work and ideas can inspire you too.

Let me know what you think and, if possible, send me a sample of your work. Maybe together our creations will be much better than they would have been alone.

Hope to hear from you soon.

modify delete 34063 - from Maria Quagmires116 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2019-09-17
Cat - "Black Kitten Or Not Bad"

Wow. I like cat but I like black kitten more. Kitten are one of nature best animal.
You may think black cats are unluckily, but some country are even think black cats is lucky. In Indian, they think black cats are God and made a stone of it.
So, don't feel bad for them, Bye!

modify delete 34060 - from Mika112 (USA) - 2019-09-14
Walrus - "Weird"

This is an odd topic to have a forum on.

modify delete 34059 - from Jessica112 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2019-09-11
Cat - "Animals are the Best"

I have two cats and one dog my cats names are Ember and Hobo my dogs mane is Baby Girl my dog is vary sweet even tho she thinks shes is a lap dog and likes to jump on people LOL my cat on the other hand are vary sweet and playful plus lazy LMAO but I love them all and I have more fav animals and I want to learn about all animals

modify delete 34054 - from Becky20 , 17 yrs (Australia) - 2019-09-06
Fox - "foxes!"

HIYA!! I like foxes because they are cute and so very clever. I don't see many where i live
but they are still my fav animal, anime foxes are cool too. foxs seem to have a secretive air about them to me anyway!

I'm happy to make friends with others who like foxes!!

modify delete 34053 - from silvana79 (USA) - 2019-09-04
Dog - "My dog"

Hi I have. A Chihuahua his name is Habibi hes 2.5 years old.
Hes my baby I love him so much cos hes so loving and protective with me.

modify delete 34047 - from Elizabeth172 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2019-09-01
Seal - "Favorite Animal by Heart"

On my 13th birthday, the most wonderful person in my life gave me a seal. Since then, I have adored seals. I fell in love with them even more when I went on a band trip to San Fran. I went to Pier 39 and i saw cute sea lions. I couldn't stop looking at them. So not only are seals cute, but they also remind me of someone special in my life.

Feel free to message me :).

modify delete 34045 - from Mihini134 , 10 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2019-08-27
Cat - "My favorite animal 🐈 cat"

Hi, I am Mihini. I love cats very much. They are so sweet. They have been domesticated for about 4 thousand years. They understand there name love sweets and smell is super 👌. 14 times greater than the average of a human being. I also have a pet cat named LUCY 😁😁 😁. Would also like a pen pal who likes cat.

34045 -
modify delete 34058 - Reply from Jessica112 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2019-09-11

I also love cats and my other fav animal is a dog I have two cats one is named Ember and the other is named Hobo and the I have a dog her name is Baby Girl. My dog is vary sweet and the cats are lazy LOL but I still love them all

modify delete 34038 - from Oliver67 , 28 yrs (USA) - 2019-08-23
Dog - "My dog"

I have a small, black dog. He is a pomeranian. I love him very much!! He loves to chew on pig ears. I can show a picture of him later.

34038 -
modify delete 34044 - Reply from Milagros191 , 28 yrs (Peru) - 2019-08-27

Sii, foto

modify delete 34033 - from Rio87 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2019-08-18
Chameleon - "Chameleons dont change their colors to match their surroundings"

Chameleons change their colors not to blend in because their natural color scheme is dark greens to dark browns. The reason they change colors is due to their mood. if they are sad (in my opinion it is weird that they can get sad, but thats science), they turn blue, if they feel threatened, they turn yellow and black, if its sick, it turns white, if its happy (weird) it turns a variety of vibrant colors, and if its hungry, it turns a violent red. How i know all of this is because i had three veiled chameleons when i was ten. if you want to know more about any other animal come to my page and email me.

modify delete 34031 - from tess87 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2019-08-17
Dinosaur - "dino dude"

do you have one i don't there cool skaly

34031 -
modify delete 34034 - Reply from bob87 , 15 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2019-08-18

you are creepy. and you also smell bad

modify delete 34029 - from pepa la cerda 69 , 10 yrs (Argentina) - 2019-08-15
Wolf - "i love e ¡WOLF!"

hi i am pepea la cerda and i love the wolf because he is similar of the dogs :-).

modify delete 34028 - from mamerto el paperto69 , 10 yrs (Argentina) - 2019-08-15
Crocodile - "mamerto crocodile"

hello i am mamerto el paperto. Mamerto is a cocodrile of the reserve. It very funny and friendly and very kind.

modify delete 34027 - from pepa la cerda 69 , 10 yrs (Argentina) - 2019-08-15
Wolf - "i love e ¡WOLF!"

hi i am pepea la cerda and i love the wolf because he is similar of the dogs he is very fine:-).

modify delete 34026 - from dogaso69 , 11 yrs (Argentina) - 2019-08-15
Dog - "dogs"

Hello,my name is Dogaso.My favorite animal is dogs,i like the small dogs.¿Do you like the dogs?I have one dog and it name is Max.

modify delete 34025 - from tupak69 , 10 yrs (Argentina) - 2019-08-15
Panther - "the panther"

hello mi neme is de tupak.i like the panther .he is cute.

modify delete 34024 - from Laura69 , 10 yrs (Argentina) - 2019-08-15
Cat - "I Love cats!!!!!!!!"

Hello i am Laura i love cats.I have one cat and the cat called Ron. He has 6 years old.Thecats are one of my favorite animals.He has black hair and its so so cute and pretty.

modify delete 34023 - from peppa pig69 , 10 yrs (Argentina) - 2019-08-15
Dog - "dogs"

I am peppa pig-I love dogs-You read some dog book.

modify delete 34022 - from Panda69 , 10 yrs (Argentina) - 2019-08-15
Butterfly - "Butterflies"

hello I am Panda. I like butterflies. We read a book and the name of the book was "the very hungry caterpíllar". This book tells the life of caterpillar and how it becaomes a butterfly.

modify delete 34020 - from Olivia255 , 9 yrs (Malaysia) - 2019-08-14
Cat - "My cats"

I have 4 cats and their siblings and 1 is a girl and the rest are boys 2 of the cats are 1 year old but I love them so much ❤️

modify delete 34014 - from Ruby99 (Great Britain) - 2019-08-10
Dog - "French Bulldogs"

Hi i'm getting a boy french bulldog called frank very soon. Has anyone got any tips on about how to look after a french bulldog.
Kind Regards
Ruby Wood

modify delete 34011 - from Win234 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2019-08-07
Crab - "Crustacean As Pet"

Crabs are cute, but I think crayfish are better. I keep crayfish as pet.

modify delete 34010 - from Tobie91 (USA) - 2019-08-06
Hamster - "Hamsters"

I have had 4 hamster and they have all been amazing

modify delete 34005 - from acar88 (Turkey) - 2019-07-27
Cat - "hund oder katze"

hallo Ich habe kein katze und Ich mag hund

34005 -
modify delete 34015 - Reply from Clémence125 (France) - 2019-08-10

Katze oder kitten sind schlanker als Hunde für ich.

modify delete 34001 - from yu149 , 15 yrs (China) - 2019-07-24
Panda - "panda"

I come from China. Panda is the national treasure of China.

34001 -
modify delete 34017 - Reply from Ishmael44 , 23 yrs (Ghana) - 2019-08-13

hello there

modify delete 34000 - from Sofia202 , 15 yrs (Norway) - 2019-07-24
Cat - "I love cats"

I just love cats so much! I like dogs, but I just can't get a deep connection to them as much as cats

34000 -
modify delete 34042 - Reply from ÖYKÜ33 , 15 yrs (Turkey) - 2019-08-26


34000 -
modify delete 34006 - Reply from Li 6 , 15 yrs (China) - 2019-07-29

Yeah ,I like cat very much ,I feed cats 1 ago ,but it die .

modify delete 33999 - from rehan48 , 14 yrs (Pakistan) - 2019-07-24
Chinchilla - "be my friend"

hello how are you would you be friend we all are pakistani and we are all brother and sister

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