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modify delete 26858 - from mmm (USA) - 2020-05-02

Hi can someone please answer the questions below? Thanks. Fyi I translated this from my native language.
How long are swimming pools?
What swimming disciplines are there?
What swimming techniques are there?
In which disciplines do swimmers do as teams? (I really don't know how to translate that one right)

26858 -
modify delete 27026 - Reply from Oneli , 13 y.o. (SRI) - 2020-08-10

Hi i can answer some of your questions.

1.a swimming pool is 25 meters minimum and maximum 100.
2.there are many disciplines according to the techniques you do.
3.There are 4 main techniques. Freestyle,Backstroke,Breaststroke,Butterfly/dolphin

And BTW i didn't understand the last question clearly

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