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modify delete 25780 - from Helen , 13 y.o. (GRE) - 2018-03-20
Athletics, Track and fields : "Hiya"

Hiya, the name's Helen. I'm a competitive swimmer and runner. I run/swim mostly speed, not endurance (60-100-200m). It would be cool if there are any other competitive athletes here :) Message me if you wanna!

25780 -
modify delete 25860 - Reply from Izzy (GBR) - 2018-05-18

Hi, I'd love to talk about running with you! I love running as well and I mostly do short distances like 100m, 200m and 300m. I plan on going to an athletics club because of how much fun I get from running and I want to improve. I have done a few competitions in school but I want to do some outside of school to really learn about competitive athletics. Do you do many athletic competitions?

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