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modify delete 25427 - from Camille , 10 y.o. (FRA) - 2017-10-04
Swimming : "Help me please!!!!!"

Hi everybody! The swimming scares me. If you have any advice for me, go for it!!!!

Help me please!
Camille ;)

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modify delete 25825 - Reply from lydia , 11 y.o. (USA) - 2018-04-23

Hi my firs time swimming my sister tryed to get on the floting thing while I was on it and I fell off and I drowned but my brother saved me:)and the second time I was in a lake and I went to far in and sliped and drowned but my brother saved me my bros nice sometimes:)so after those 2 times I toke swimming lessons and my first lesson I couldent even swim like pick my legs up but my class when I moved on to the deep end off the pool I was so scared but my teacher saidto sit down under the water with gogels on and look in to the deep end a just stare just take your time after I was done I went in the deep end and I wasent even scared:)try that:)

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modify delete 25815 - Reply from Camille (FRA) - 2018-04-18

Thank you elise, damia, calma, fozila and the other for your help!

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modify delete 25814 - Reply from Camille (FRA) - 2018-04-18

Hi fozila sorry for the later. But i'd Love to be your pen pal my reference is 1300504

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modify delete 25643 - Reply from Fozila , 10 y.o. (UZB) - 2018-01-16

Hi 🙋 Camille and Damia! Camille, do you want to friend me? And Damia, do you like swimming? Damia friend, I hope you hadn't drowned before in the water. 👀

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modify delete 25642 - Reply from Fozila , 10 y.o. (UZB) - 2018-01-16

Bonjour Camile! The swimming scares me too. I have to take my goggles off! It feels like I sm drowning snd becoming blind! 😠😭 You actually kinda have the same feelings as me. 😊 Can we be friends and SOTW mail each other, Camille? 😏

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modify delete 25624 - Reply from Elise , 12 y.o. (GBR) - 2018-01-03

Hi Camille,
I have used to have the same thing but these excises really helped!

1.At the shallow end of the pool, sit across the pool edge and let your legs dangle in the water, sweeping back and forth. Take your time to enjoy the sensation of the water flowing around your legs.

2.Scoop up water with your hands and apply it to your face, as if to wash it. This is to get used to having your face being in contact with water.

3.Scoop up water with your hands again, hold your breath and then splash the water into your face. As you are wearing swim goggles, your eyes are protected and you can try to keep them open. As you are holding your breath and sitting upright, you should notice that the water can’t get into your nose and mouth. Enjoy the refreshing sensation of the water on your face.
4.Slowly get into the water via the steps or ladder in the shallow area of the pool. Make sure that the water doesn’t get above your chest. Walk around for some time, staying in the shallow area of the pool. Enjoy the sensation of the water flowing around your body.

Elise xoxo

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modify delete 25578 - Reply from Calma , 13 y.o. (ESP) - 2017-12-10

Hey Camille! just go bit by bit, you know? first you have to get use to the water so in shallow water first until you get used to that, then go a little deeper, and while you've got your whole body in the water that's when you should start getting your
buoyancy stabilized, haver you can float without getting nervous then that's when you start learning to swim by kicking your legs a bit.
all that little by little.

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modify delete 25491 - Reply from Camille (FRA) - 2017-11-04

Hi damia!!!! thanks for your help, it's very nice.
See you soon

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modify delete 25490 - Reply from Damia , 10 y.o. (MLS) - 2017-11-04

Hi Camille and everybody. I know how your feeling Camille. When I was six, I was afraid too. I think you need a coach to teach you how to swim step by step. (sorry, my english is not very good. Please correct me. huhuhuhu)

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modify delete 25483 - Reply from Camille (FRA) - 2017-10-29

Hi!!! Thanks for your very nice message and your strategy.
See you!

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modify delete 25482 - Reply from Mishca , 12 y.o. (AUS) - 2017-10-29

Hi Camille,
Don't rush into swimming, just do little bits and pieces until you feel more confident and get to know what you can do in the water. This strategy worked for my little cousin.

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modify delete 25437 - Reply from Camille (FRA) - 2017-10-10

Hi Chan! Thank you for your nice message. Yes I do but I can not. I did not trust me.
See you, ;)

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modify delete 25431 - Reply from Chan , 15 y.o. (KOR) - 2017-10-08

You don't have to worry about it. Just do it!:)

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