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modify delete 25132 - from Mica , 9 y.o. (PHL) - 2017-05-12
Swimming : "Swimming is My Life!"

Hello! My name is Mica, I love swimming too much! I am nine, put my penpal acc. has not updated yet. I'm not on a swim team, but I do take swimming classes. I love freestyle! :D Wanna be friends? Please SOTM mail me, and thank you :D

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modify delete 25303 - Reply from Lily , 15 y.o. (ALA) - 2017-08-12

If you want to be my friends, reply me. if not ,still hope u have a nice day
. And I am a girl who is 16.

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modify delete 25218 - Reply from Nora , 14 y.o. (NOR) - 2017-06-25

Hi I can't believe you're in the Philippines , that's at the other side of the world! What's it like there? How hot is it because I am from Norway and it never really gets hot over here.

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modify delete 25173 - Reply from anna , 11 y.o. (SUI) - 2017-05-29

Hello,I²am Anna.I search a Penfriend

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modify delete 25135 - Reply from jim brain , 16 y.o. (CHN) - 2017-05-13

Aha,i do love swimming,i swam for ten years,i feel free when i siwm.would wanna to be my penpal?haha

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