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modify delete 24996 - from Igor , 12 y.o. (RUS) - 2017-03-10
Swimming : "Swim swim swim"

Hi, guys. How many meters can you swim without break. How long can you swim? Where do you swim? In a pool or in the sea or river? I live in a cold place so I get a chance to swim in the sea or river only in July and August. All the rest of the time I swim in a pool twice or once a week with my uncle Dima.

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modify delete 26405 - Reply from Ruslana , 12 y.o. (TCH) - 2019-05-22

Hello my name is Ruslana.What's your name?How are you?

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modify delete 25220 - Reply from Lena , 14 y.o. (GER) - 2017-06-25

Hi I live in Nordfriesland. It is in Germany but you probably do not know where that is. Me and my friends go swimming throughout the year except from winter when the sea gets so cold and the harbour even freezes over!

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modify delete 25219 - Reply from Nora , 14 y.o. (NOR) - 2017-06-25

I too live in a cold climate so I only swim in the sea at the very height of summer because it is too hot any other time. I don't have a pool but my neighbour does and she lets me jump in whenever I feel like it!

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modify delete 25207 - Reply from Chloe , 11 y.o. (NZL) - 2017-06-17

I can swim 3km/3000m without taking a break. I prefer swimming in a pool because the ocean is too cold for me!

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modify delete 25185 - Reply from Lena , 14 y.o. (GER) - 2017-06-04

I can swim 1200 meters!!!

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