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modify delete 24056 - from Lily (AUS) - 2016-02-25
Swimming : "Swimming"

I love swimming,I am a club swimmer in trasition squad and train 6 times a week for an hour and a half.My fave stroke is backstroke which i recently got a state time in.Reply if you love swimming.Also i swim for sspw

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modify delete 24291 - Reply from Greta , 16 y.o. (ITA) - 2016-05-05

Hi! I love swimming! I swim in a club, not at school because here in Italy we don't do lots of sports like in the high school of other countries. My favourite stroke is freestyle, but since last september I really like butterfly too. You said that you swim for sspw, but what is this? Bye!|!

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modify delete 24246 - Reply from markus (USA) - 2016-04-19

I have been swimming since I was 9 on and off of competitiveness. I'm 17 now. My favorite stroke is freestyle. My record time for a 25 is 16 seconds, for a 50, is about 54 seconds, for a 100, its about 1 minute and 22 seconds.

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modify delete 24125 - Reply from Maurice , 16 y.o. (GER) - 2016-03-20

Hey guys! I am from Germany and I am a swimmer too, I´ve swam since 2005, and as "professional", since 2012. When i was 12 I moved to Berlin( in the west of Germany) to do my sport more intensive. And it worked. And i consider to move in the USA,after my Abiture.

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modify delete 24062 - Reply from Claudine , 12 y.o. (KEN) - 2016-02-26

Hello I love to swim. I normally swim in school but i have not participated in the country organized events. My best stroke is Breast and Free style i have several medals for Swimming. What is your secret for swimming FAST

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