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modify delete 23674 - from Alina , 16 y.o. (KOR) - 2015-11-19
Volleyball : "BE Agressive"

Hi! My name is Alina. I'm from Korea but I study in the US. I'm in Volleyball team here. I just started it so I'm not really good, but I really enjoy it!

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modify delete 25365 - Reply from Destiny , 14 y.o. (AUS) - 2017-09-06

Hi, I love volleyball. I play two games every Tuesday night (division 2 and then division 1) and I train in the junior squad on a Thursday night for two hours and train with the women’s squad on a Sunday for four hours.

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modify delete 24372 - Reply from Isau , 15 y.o. (USA) - 2016-06-04

Hello! I too also started playing volleyball this year and it was my first year on a school team. I really love it but, I'm just not that good yet haha. Practice makes perfect right? Haha :)

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modify delete 23689 - Reply from Zarina , 23 y.o. (USA) - 2015-11-23

Hi Alina! I think it's really cool that you're over here in the US playing volleyball, how did you happen to get into the sport and what position do you play? I played volleyball for many years. So it really is awesome to see how international the sport is. Are you enjoying it?

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