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modify delete 15660 - from Anabel , 12 y.o. (ITA) - 2015-05-06
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Hi guys,
my name's Anabel and I'm 1 yyrs old. I absolutely LOVE athletics n my Athletics'school is really famous in Italy!
I'm actually doing long jump (I am the best in Italy, with 4.74m)but I run fast (60m - 8.3s) and I won a lot of important awards.
Please contact me if u wont to chat! (by 10 to 3 yrs old olny please)

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modify delete 23300 - Reply from Lorraine , 17 y.o. (FRA) - 2015-08-05

Ciao ! cavoli sei bravissima ! I think that this is the best sport of the world! i practice it since 10 years i'm a little good. 60m in 7.75 and 100m in 12.72
Continua così !

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modify delete 15692 - Reply from Ellen (GHA) - 2015-05-16

Are you sure of your awards? If so then you are pretty good. Continue like that for the sky is limit. Bless

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