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modify delete 13870 - from Chloé , 15 y.o. (BEL) - 2014-02-18
Athletics, Track and fields : "Help me if you can!"

I'm looking for someone which could to help me to learn and talk english more easy. I'm belgian and I'm 15. I pratice athletic since 6 years. I'm a sprinter and I particularly like the hurdles

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modify delete 14349 - Reply from AC , 15 y.o. (USA) - 2014-06-18

Hey (: I do hurdles too, and the high jump and pole vaulting. I'd love to help you with your english, if you need it! Email me

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modify delete 14285 - Reply from Kaitlyn , 15 y.o. (USA) - 2014-05-31

Hey I am into track to im not the best but I enjoy sprinting and long jumping. I can try and help you with your English if you would want. Please e-mail me thanks!

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modify delete 14227 - Reply from Barbora , 13 y.o. (TCH) - 2014-05-09

Hi I also like obstacles, but I do not running much, because my best to go long distances. You can write with me, if you want. I'd like to improve my English too.

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