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modify delete 4963 - from Marine , 23 y.o. (FRA) - 2011-01-16
Geologist : "Where are geologists?!!?"

If you are here, if you are intresting by the geology and you can stop one minute to hit rocks, don't hesitate to hit your keyboard to speak with me.
I'm French and I will finish my geology studies in 1 years.
If you're looking about a training period in France or just to have information about university or just to speak about geology or anything else, you can send me an e-mail and I gonna be try to help you!

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modify delete 28910 - Reply from Lorenzo , 23 y.o. (ITA) - 2015-07-15

hey there, i'm an italian geology student, actually in late with exams :P
it seems great to me to establish a community on this corner of the web

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modify delete 26476 - Reply from Farida , 19 y.o. (TZA) - 2014-06-05

Am really determined to be one among the best geologist in world.I do love "GEOLOGIST"

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modify delete 21356 - Reply from DEVI , 27 y.o. (IDN) - 2013-06-18


i'm geologist...,i have more 3 years experience in geology field...
if you have any question about geology. maybe i can help

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modify delete 19986 - Reply from KADAFI , 19 y.o. (CAM) - 2013-01-07

SALUT je suis debutant en geologie et j'aimerais correspondre avec tous les geologues de part le monde mm vous

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modify delete 13616 - Reply from jacques claude (CAM) - 2011-11-25

Hello... i'm a young cameroonian student of the yaounde 1 university and i'm looking for a person who can help me in some more explanations about what concerns geology because i want to be an geologist. thank

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modify delete 10744 - Reply from Anda , 20 y.o. (LAT) - 2011-08-03

Hi, I'm studying geology. I would like to chat about geology.

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modify delete 8851 - Reply from jeremie , 23 y.o. (ZAI) - 2011-05-27

la geologie etant la mere de toute science il nya de mieux au mond que faire la geologie

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modify delete 8302 - Reply from Jérémie , 23 y.o. (ZAI) - 2011-05-09

i am a geologist too

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