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modify delete 38113 - from Roja , 15 y.o. (BNG) - 2020-08-22
Secret agent : "Want a job as a secret agent"

I would like to state that I am a student of class 10. But in this age I want to do something exception something different .So I choose to be a secret agent or a spy because I have a great interest in it.I have the courage and obstinacy to do anything and also I don't loose my hope at any cost.So it's just not a work for me it's my dream.I will do my best and I have that ability to be a spy.

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modify delete 38919 - Reply from Divyanshi , 13 y.o. (IND) - 2020-12-07

I like spy job for me please

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modify delete 38126 - Reply from Sethreen Ilagan , 11 y.o. (PHL) - 2020-08-25

yes i would like to

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