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modify delete 34590 - from Ana , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2017-08-10
Fashion designer : "I'm ready to do this"

My name is Ana and I'm 12 💁I've been designing A LOT for many years and people actually like my designs and for graduation for 8th grade (next year) I will design my own designer dress and look for a career in freshman year ;freshman year is alway the hardest thing about being a teen and I need to decide what I need to do with my life it either that lawyer (very recommended) president maybe even CIA , FBI or SWAT or a secret agent I'm so ready to take on anything that ready for me 😉😤😾

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modify delete 34628 - Reply from jayde , 14 y.o. (ALA) - 2017-08-15


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modify delete 34593 - Reply from Penélope , 16 y.o. (AUS) - 2017-08-10

Dear Ana!
I'm Penélope and you have made my night! I usually post on this fash forum daily and not many girls post on here as they use to but I am new aswell to this forum you should post more things here daily like me too? Also that's so amazing what have you designed your dress to be so far ?? TELL ME EVERY DETAIL IM A VERY GOOD LISTENER..!! ❥
I have designed soooooo many dresses for school Debs, proms, formals etc and even weddings!I just talk about fashion like almost, everyday!
I look at magazines, design cute sketches, look in websites, learn some fashion tip, and lot's more! I'm working on a fab new collection called itsss barbie full of fabulous pink fluffy materials, shiny tulles, princess silks, and for finishing touches big statement bows and sequins lots and lots of sparkles i just love glitter don't you Ana? I was inspired by my VICTORIA SECRET collection I have handbags, perfumes and many moree!

Anyways my dream is to become a Fashion Designer/Artist but basically I already am in my town every one asks me where do I get my clothes I smile and I say I made them so I make clothes for anyone who requests me to ღ I'm very good at it too! Penélope ♛

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