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modify delete 33965 - from welile maphalala , 13 y.o. (SAF) - 2017-04-18
Fashion designer : "fashion designer"

hi everyone,my name is Welile i am 13 yrs old i live in south Africa in the city called Durban. Since i was 7 yrs old i loved designing,my dream is to be a fashion designer.i know how to design and sew but i do not have support.i love designing but mom doesn't love it as much as i do.i know that am good but no one trust me but i want to show them that am good please help.

yours truely:
welile maphalala

33965 -
modify delete 34559 - Reply from Penélope , 16 y.o. (AUS) - 2017-08-05

Hello Welile
My names Penélope and I have two things in common with you that is Fashion and my dream is also to become a fashion designer, a famous one :)
I would love to see some of the sketches you have done send me an email with the sketches or you could make a blog and I will have a look at them and I can tell you what I think, I can tell you how to improve but there is no right or wrong way to fashion you just have to express yourself and your own style I love designing clothes I'm not very good at sewing but I have made quite a few things using a sewing machine. You Have my support, so keep designing girl!!

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