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modify delete 33710 - from Penélope , 16 y.o. (AUS) - 2017-03-02
Fashion designer : "Penélope's day!!"

Hey girls!
So today I'm setting up my art studioooo < 3
I just love the feeling of new pencils in packets, it's my favorite.
There will be coloring books, paper, paint and heaps of other art supplies :)
Yesterday I brought a mini green pastel crop top, 2 new nail polish in pink and orange.
I also visted the art store and got heaps of new supplies.

I'm making it up to you by designing a new collection based on your likes!!
So for example if you like daises and peacocks i would be drawing up all new designs.
How exciting yay ! I'm going to be very busy soon, and i might not be online, because it's a big secret, i might post a few sneak peaks at that;s it for now.

Stay tuned with me Penélope xo

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