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modify delete 33688 - from Penélope , 16 y.o. (AUS) - 2017-02-28
Fashion designer : "Your all invited to Penélope's pool party!!"

HEY!! I'M SO EXCITED YAY !! TO TELL YOU I'M CURRENTLY HAVING A POOL PARTY WITH MY GIRLS!Anyways it just wouldn't be fair without any of you not to be invited. So lets pretend your here isn't that fun!! So I will tell you how i decorated my pool party and some diy snacks and drinks and outfit of the day, oh and i'm going to be saying giy which stands for glam it yourself!!

So i have a really big pool and an indoor spa i have put pink balloons in my pool and really big flamingo balloons you can sit on and unicorns too, jellyfish pinatas blue noodles for the pool and theirs beach chairs and a mini emergency bar with everything you need for a pool party like sunscreen, leopard print hats, pink sunshades plus moree!

GIY ~ SNACKS and DRINKS galoree!!
I made jelly in pink lemonade, blueberry and lime and put into a cup with a chocco frog and a mini umbrella with a mini spoon. I also brought some glow in the dark wine glasses and poured some lemonade in it with some blue food dye to make mermaid blue lagoon drink i also made watermelon cordial with little fish that float around in the cup (not real fish) I also made a cheese platter with crackers and dips and mini hot dogs and for dessert yum i made Milo ice-cream in cute little tubs that i have decorated in shiny mermaid scales.

My outfit consists of a hot pink fringe bikini with leopard print that i have actually made myself, shell jewelry and a watermelon beach towel. In my bag that i made myself which i used yellow polka dot fabrics with a mint green fabric with a blue bow, is my body shop lotions in frosted berries, my nail polish kit, water balloons, tanning lotion and heaps of girly magazines.

All my lovely friends are here to join me !! Why not join too !
Tell me all the things you'd bring and wear and even make for a pool party?!!
Stay tuned for more with the Princess Penélope xo

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