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modify delete 27985 - from Sang Eun , 12 y.o. (KOR) - 2015-02-06
Geologist : "Please solve my problem!"

I have two dreams. First one is geologist. I like geographic because l like to study about world and other counties. Also l read the magazine 'National Geographic'. And the second is physicist. I lke physics and l like to read books about physics.
Two jobs are so differnt, so l can't choose one easily. But l think l like physics more.

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modify delete 35612 - Reply from Meggy , 12 y.o. (ITA) - 2018-05-04

I think that is geologist very nice yob. Also physicist!
Geology is the science that studies the origin, history, morphology and formation of the Earth.
Phisics is the Science that studies and describes natural phenomena, replaying them, whenever possible, with experiments, observing them and measuring the variables that determine them, in order to identify the relationships between these and the laws which govern them.

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modify delete 28375 - Reply from Sang Eun , 12 y.o. (KOR) - 2015-03-29

Thank you for your reply.
I think I confuse geology and geopgraphy. I think I want to be a geographer. I like geographic so I think most suitable job is geographer.
I think geophysics is interesting, but I think it's not my type.
Thank you for your reply...
P.S. Are you university student? What is your major? After graduate university, what will you do?

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modify delete 28373 - Reply from Kereyne , 23 y.o. (FRA) - 2015-03-29

I think you confuse geography and geology.
Geography is the study of the country, the geology is the study of the Earth.

If it's really geology that you want to do, I understand your problem, I had somewhat the same.
So I decided to become a geophysicist.
Geophysics is to put the physical principles in the geology department to better understand the Earth. It's exciting. There are several different types of geophysics.

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