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modify delete 22254 - from Jessie , 16 y.o. (GBR) - 2013-10-13
Chemist : "Chemistry"

I think I would like to be a material scientist when I'm older. It's related to chemistry so if that fails I'd like to be a chemist. I really want to know more about material science, does anyone know anything about it??

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modify delete 26368 - Reply from Sserumaga , 21 y.o. (UGA) - 2014-05-18

Hello, Am Sserumaga Gaster still amedical laboratory student in my first year, i need support and knowledge to how to be succusfull in my medical studies, thanks.

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modify delete 25311 - Reply from Noemi , 20 y.o. (ITA) - 2013-11-27

Hello! I wrote in the same forum.. I'm studying chemistral ingeneering, and I have a base course titled "Material's sciences and technologies".. I love it, I think theese are the best lessons! We talk about material's properties and utilisation: polymers, metals, ceramics, glasses and composites. It is a very practical subject and very interesting because you understand something about things, object you use everydays. In our university there is also a specifical engineering: materials engineering, and they'll have other courses that are specificall for each type of materials! Very interesting!

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