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modify delete 19803 - from Megan , 15 y.o. (ALA) - 2012-12-22
Librarian : "*cries*WHERE HAS MY BRUNNY RABBIT GONE?!?"

where are you?!?i miss you and your randomness! plz come back! plz! i miss you so much! COME BACK BRUNNY!

19803 -
modify delete 19831 - Reply from Brunnhilde ❤ , 11 y.o. (USA) - 2012-12-27

STOP YOU'RE OVERREACTING AGAIN!! I'm here Megatron! I said I would not be able to get online for a week, so that happened, and then I got online again. Its not like I'm dead or anything! Sheesh! Anyway, I am here-
Commandos:*glomp hugs Brunny*BRUNNY!!! BRUNNY!!! BRUNNY, WHERE DID YOU GO?!?!
Me:*rolls eyes*Thinks:They're overreacting TOO?!
All Meg's characters(and Merida, Barbie, LB ans Hans):*glomp hugs Brunny*

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