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modify delete 7853 - from william firewalker (Luxembourg) - 2006-01-13
Others school : "american indian teacher"

im a american indian teacher in luxemburg europe
willing to make freinds

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modify delete 30730 - Reply from Monalisa (France) - 2009-07-29

I am an Indian now based in France finished my PhD in chemistry from Germany. Now I am looking for chemistry teacher job in any International school. Can you kindly give me some tips for finding a job.

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modify delete 19720 - Reply from Sylvie (Luxembourg) - 2007-06-27


Can you tell me a bit more about you and your experiences?
I teach luxembourgish at Inlingua and I know that we are looking for English Teachers on Freelancer basis.
Don't hesitate to contact me:

Best Regards,


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modify delete 18329 - Reply from yves (Ivory Coast) - 2007-04-01

hello i'm writing from west africa.

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modify delete 17718 - Reply from firewalker (Luxembourg) - 2007-03-02

email me directly

yes im american indian teacher

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modify delete 17714 - Reply from pamtaba (Burkina Faso) - 2007-03-01

bonjour j'ai lu votre message . je connai des gens qui enseigne au luxembour

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modify delete 12444 - Reply from Cedric (France) - 2006-09-06

Hi there Will,

I am very much interrested in the teachings of the Native American Peoples. Would be interested in getting more info about what you are doing. Have you got a website, I would love to see it.

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modify delete 11596 - Reply from Brigitte (Luxembourg) - 2006-08-03

Are you still in Luxembourg??
Which school do you teach at??
What are the branches you are teaching??

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modify delete 9351 - Reply from papi (Cameroon) - 2006-04-14

i would like to know u pls thans

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