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modify delete 77497 - from Jane (Greece) - 2013-10-11
: "looking for pen pals for my students"

hello everybody!
have a great new school year filled with creativity and love!

I run a small private language school in Thessaloniki Greece.
I am looking for pen pals pals for my English class students.
There are 18 7-8 year old ones (who have just started learning English)
8 8-9 year old ones
20 9-10 year old ones
18 10 -11 year old ones
16 11-12 year old ones
6 13-14 year old ones who have already registered for a pen pal project
I do believe that letter writing does not only improve language skills but gives the chance to children to meet people from other cultures and create friendly bonds for life.
Snail mail serves our educational purposes better.Most of the times it turns to e -mails (when the kids get to friendly terms)but snail mail is good for the beginning .
Thank you in advance
Jane mela

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modify delete 103029 - Reply from Yamil (USA) - 2015-02-19

I am a home day care teacher and have several children that would like to exchange letters and learn about your culture. please reply if you are interrese.

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modify delete 102512 - Reply from nurbanu (Turkey) - 2014-12-24

Hi Iam looking for penfriend for a 10 year old girl.Iam an English teacher in Zonguldak Turkiye please write me soon.

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modify delete 98606 - Reply from clizia (Italy) - 2014-06-02

I'm an italian teacher with two classes aged 9 and looking for schools around the world fon any kind of exchange.

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modify delete 96892 - Reply from Bev (Philippines) - 2013-11-20

Hi. If you still in need of another snail mail pal, email me please. Got a couple of kids ages 8 year olds (beginner), 9 year olds (intermediate and advance, almost fluent), and maybe 10 year old (intermediate). I can help them with their letters.
Please email me for the address. Thanks.

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modify delete 77834 - Reply from aline (France) - 2013-11-01

Hi everyone! My colleague Claire and I teach English to about 100 students aged 10 to 12 years old in a French high school situated on an island on the Atlantic coast.
We've had a letter exchange (snailmail) with a school in the north of Britain, but wish to move on to a new project with people learning English as a second language around the world.We've called that "learning together".We are open to all sorts of communication, snail or Email,audio files, posters.. whatever suits you. Our pupils are really eager to learn about other people and countries.The project can include different countries and/or schools /classes.
hope to hear from you soon!

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modify delete 77598 - Reply from Chuck (USA) - 2013-10-15

Hello. My name is Chuck Ragland. I teach 6th grade students in East Texas, USA. Their ages average 11-years-old. We would like to exchange letters with your students. About 15 to 20 students can write to your students who are the same age as ours. In our letters we will share our culture in the United States. We would like to learn about your culture in Greece. Let me know if you are interested.

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modify delete 77534 - Reply from LANDISOA MAMINIAINA (Madagascar) - 2013-10-13

we are interested in your project.
we are a college located 17km North West to the Mahajanga Malagasy capital.
Hope to read you soon.

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modify delete 77509 - Reply from Ludmila (Slovakia) - 2013-10-11

Hello Jane,
is your ad stil actual?
I am a primary teacher at a quite big school and we learn english as a second language.I teach different age groups.
My students would like to learn about different culture.
If you want, please contact me.

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