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modify delete 74543 - from Choralies (Ireland) - 2013-05-26
: "Echange pour des 3èmes"

Professeur dans la région des châteaux de la Loire, je recherche un échange par email, par skype et dans les familles, avec un collège irlandais pour l'année 2013-2014.
Mes élèves seront en 3ème, âgés de 13-15 ans.
N'hésitez pas à me contacter...
Au plaisir de faire votre connaissance !

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modify delete 124159 - Reply from Paula Wright (Turkey) - 2018-10-07

Pourquoi pas une echange avec des eleves de 2e en Turquie!,,

I teach in a French school in Turkey, but my students speak very good Englısh. This is the French embassy school . We would gladly write to you, but what we REALLY want ro do is come to Ireland ın Mıd April or early May and vısıt! we would love to do homestays, and your students would aleays be welcome to stay with us in Turkey. These bright teenagers ( ages 14-16 live in a huge city and have never seen a farm or a pig. I want to give them the chance to ride horses and hike and see a castle. I am in a hurry to arrange this, as the plane reservatıons made eRly will save us money! Please help! Thank you so much for responding to my email.

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modify delete 74789 - Reply from Cédric (Benin) - 2013-06-17

Hello, how I go you I go very well. I have just read your announcement and without lying to you I am deeply interested in your message. We have several years of experience(experiment) damage my pupils and I will be very satisfied to read you in return here is our e-mail:

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