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modify delete 72645 - from Jennifer (Ireland) - 2012-12-02
Primary school : "Teddy Bear Exchange"

Hi, I am currently teaching a class of 30 Senior Infants (5/6 year olds). We have another very special member of our class - Charlie the travelling teddy bear! Charlie visits two children per week and his travels are recorded both in a travel diary and on our class blog where photos of his travels are uploaded.

When each child has been given the opportunity to have Charlie we are hoping to set up a teddy bear exhange where Charlie will travel to a different country somewhere in the world and we receive a bear in return. I am hoping to set up correspondence during this time so we can track Charlie's travels.

If anyone is interested please let me know!

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modify delete 127769 - Reply from Nancy (USA) - 2020-04-27

My granddaughter is 5 years old. We are interested in finding a pen pal from Ireland. She will start kindergarten in August I can help her with correspondence because she is just now learning to read. We thought this would be both interesting and educational
Let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

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modify delete 115002 - Reply from Antoinette (USA) - 2017-01-05

I've done two teddy bear exchanges with my kindergarten classes. I would love to exchange a bear with another kindergarten class.

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modify delete 114422 - Reply from ozgur (Turkey) - 2016-11-12

Hi Jen What a coincidence, my name is Ozgur Kurt I am actually Azize s mum she used to be your student.
I am now in Turkey and I am teaching English in a private school :)
ı was looking for an exchange with my 14/16 years old I came across your ad.
Let me know if you wpuld be interested for an exchange with our school I can put you in touch with our primary teacher. Take care

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modify delete 99230 - Reply from Kathy (USA) - 2014-07-20

Good evening,

I am wondering if you still do the teddy bear exchange with your class? I would love to do this with your students. I am a second grade (7-8 year olds) teacher and looking for a class to for my students to be pen pals with.

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modify delete 98665 - Reply from Marie (France) - 2014-06-09

Cool idea, I'm irish living in France, contact me on September and I'm sure i can help you out.


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modify delete 98016 - Reply from Nancy (USA) - 2014-03-11

I have a pre-k class of 4/5 year olds and I am looking for snail mail pen pals in Ireland to exchange with. They are all very excited to share experiances and get to know new friends. I hope to hear from you soon ! Nancy Davis

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modify delete 97376 - Reply from JOHNMARY (Uganda) - 2014-01-10


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modify delete 78162 - Reply from Nicole (USA) - 2013-11-17

Hi I am interested in your Teddy Bear Exchange program! I am a kindergarten teacher in southern New York. We would be interested in communicating via snail mail or email. I think the idea of a Teddy Bear Exchange would be amazing :) I look forward to hearing from you.

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modify delete 73054 - Reply from Ashley (USA) - 2013-01-09

We would be interested in the teddy bear exchange project. We are a 1st grade class of students aged 5-7 in rural Illinois. We are interested in communicating via email, snail mail, twitter, and skype to learn about other cultures. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you!

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modify delete 73010 - Reply from Laurence (France) - 2013-01-04


I'm teacher in a class of 5-6 childrens in France near Royan. I'm interested in your project.I was looking for a class for a pen-pal. I will do a training period at dublin in april 2013 to learn to teach english to young pupils ! Contact me as soon as possible, this is my mail : Laurence

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modify delete 72731 - Reply from Deborah (New Zealand) - 2012-12-08

I am at a primary school in Auckland, New Zealand. My class has a small bear named Shackleton. I am in a year 5 class (8 and 9 year olds) and can also share our experiences with a class of 5 and 6 year olds at school. Please let me know if you are interested.

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