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modify delete 7135 - from niamh (Ireland) - 2005-12-05
Primary school : "penpals for children in primary school"

I work with 30 children which range from seven to nine. I would love to find penpals for each of them. It would be a great for them to learn about communicating with others.

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modify delete 37425 - Reply from Estelle (France) - 2010-11-20


I am a french student of 19 years old and I would like to find a welcoming family in Ireland for next summer to improve my english. I could give freely french lessons in a school. Moreover I have a french Diploma for youth leaders and workers (“Bafa” diploma).
Yours faithfully.

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modify delete 34092 - Reply from Jozef (Poland) - 2010-04-19

I work with a group of 15 11-year-old students from Le¿ajsk, Poland. They have been learning English for three years. Now, they have three 45-minutes lessons per week. They are all interested in improving their communication skills ( and so am I). Perhaps your students can exchange emails with mine.

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modify delete 33858 - Reply from conor (conks) (Great Britain) - 2010-03-24

Dear Emel,
yes I am Interested in having one of your students as a penpal


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modify delete 32690 - Reply from Kim (Canada) - 2009-12-03

I am from Alberta Canada and am looking for penpals for my second grade students. They are 7-8 year olds. Would you be interested?

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modify delete 32186 - Reply from Emel (Turkey) - 2009-10-24

Hello there,

Im interested in your message. Im an English teacher at primary school in Turkey Istanbul. My students range 10 to 12 years olds. They really like English and would be so excited to have pen pals around the world. Their English is good enough to communicate. If you are interested, let me know. Thank you.


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modify delete 24727 - Reply from karen (Great Britain) - 2008-04-24

hi Niamh
i have a group of 9 7 and 8 year olds who are looking for penpals to write to from any country.We are doing a project on schools from other countries and want to write as soon as possible. if you are interested let me know. We are from a school in Coventry, England.
best wishes

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modify delete 18255 - Reply from Jennifer (USA) - 2007-03-29


I am a children's librarian in Virginia. I run a pen pal group for children at my library. We meet every month to learn about a different country through stories, crafts, and games. I have 9 girls between the ages of 7-9 who need pen pals. If you are interested, please email me as soon as possible! The children will exchange letters through the mail. Thank you!

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modify delete 18146 - Reply from Suzi (USA) - 2007-03-23

Hi there!
I am a first grade (age 6-7) teacher in Chicago, IL. We are learning about communicating with other children from different countries. We would love to have penpals from Ireland. I visited there this past summer and talk about it all the time to my students! I have 22 kids, but we could arrange something. Even if we could do one "whole class" email to eachother once a week or something.... :) Thanks!

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modify delete 17085 - Reply from JoAnne (Canada) - 2007-01-28

Hi, I am just starting to teach some prep classes in an elementary school. The grades range between grade 1-4. I am looking for a penpal project that we can get involved in. If you are interested in a penpalship with one of my classes that would be fabulous. Let me know. Cheers, JoANne

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modify delete 16839 - Reply from Zoe (Great Britain) - 2007-01-15

Hi, if anyone gets this message - I have a class of 23 7-8 yaer olds who would love to have a penpal anywhere overseas

If your interested in getting something set up just email me please!

Many Thanks!

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modify delete 13659 - Reply from Sandy (USA) - 2006-09-19

My 37 grade 3 students (ages 8-9) are in a Gifted program in New York.Last year my students enjoyed penpals in Ireland and I'd like my current students to participate again -through snail mail, e-mail, exchange photos, a stuffed animal "buddy" mascot, and local tourist brochures, in order to understand the culture.Maybe even a video!(Did it last year)From approximately March- June 2007.

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modify delete 13598 - Reply from Sharon (USA) - 2006-09-17

Hello! I am a troop leader of (10) 6-7 year old girls. We would like to exchange letters and pictures with children from around the world. Please email me!

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modify delete 10671 - Reply from chantal (France) - 2006-06-22

Dans mon établissement, nous sommes plusieurs à enseigner l'anglais en primaire (CM1 et CM2) et en collège. Pour l'année prochaine, nous serions intéressés pour établir une correspondance, nous aurons beaucoup de candidats. Merci de nous recontacter, nous sommes au collège St-Joseph à Sète (34, Hérault) sur la côte méditerranéenne.

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modify delete 10146 - Reply from Sharon (Australia) - 2006-05-26

I have a group of students aged 8-12 wishing to swap letters with other students from different countries around the world. If you are interested please contact me and we shall take it from there.

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modify delete 9734 - Reply from Erika (USA) - 2006-05-06

I live in the united states....I hope that is OK. I would love to be an email penpal wiht one of your students!!!I am, however, twelve years of age. I live in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Feel free to contact me for more info. I am a girl, by the way.
Hope to talk to you soon,
Erika LaCarney(I am half Irish)

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modify delete 8492 - Reply from Ela (Poland) - 2006-02-18

Hi, I am English teacher from Poland. I would like to open the penpal club in my school.I have pupils aged 10-13. We are looking for new friends from other countries.The correspondence in English and German. Anyone interested, please contact me. Ela

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modify delete 8140 - Reply from Jana (Germany) - 2006-01-29

Ich bin Jana, 22 Jahre alt und lebe in Berlin, Deutschland. Ich habe Ihre Anzeige gelesen und ich bin sehr interessiert an einer irischen Brieffreundschaft!
Falls noch Interesse besteht, würde ich mich sehr freuen, etwas von Euch zu hören!

Viele Grüße

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modify delete 8100 - Reply from sandrine (France) - 2006-01-27

My children are in a primary school in France in the suburbs of Paris. We are looking for the children aged from 6 to 11 years old to exchange some email to practice their english and also to be able to send some email. let us know if you are interested in.

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modify delete 7599 - Reply from Katy (Great Britain) - 2005-12-29

Hi Niamh,
I work in a school in North Devon and my class are going to be learning to send e-mails and we would love a class to send e-mails too. Would this be possible?

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modify delete 7214 - Reply from souad (Morocco) - 2005-12-10

I'm souad from morocco, a teacher of french langage in a private scool in morocco.i'd like realy to have friends for my students of 10/11 years old from foreing countries.
here is my e-mail adress and also my phon number +212064605892
you're welcom to morocco

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