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modify delete 6611 - from Louise (Ireland) - 2005-11-14
Primary school : "seeking penpals for primary school"

I am writing on behalf of the children in my school in Ireland who would love to start writing to penpals from all around the world. The children range in age from seven to twelve and there are about forty altogether. I would love to hear from anyone who is interested. They would send mail by post or internet.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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modify delete 126911 - Reply from Raffaella Martina (Italy) - 2019-11-05

Hello, I'm an English teacher at a language school in Italy.I would like my students to be able to participate in the pen-pal project to better develop their language skill,make new friends and get closer to Irish/English culture.Their age ranges from 8 to 12 years, both females and males. Thanks

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modify delete 100058 - Reply from Regan (USA) - 2014-08-27

Hi Louis I am a 10 year old girl who likes drawing and animals. I would love to have an Irish penpal . Please contact me soon !

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modify delete 47143 - Reply from Agata (Poland) - 2012-09-22

Hi! I'm an English teacher from Poland. I teach students age 9-12 and they'd love to write to other English learners. I want to do it during after school extra English lesson. There are about 10 students. If you are interested contact me
Regards, Agata

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modify delete 46078 - Reply from Denise (USA) - 2012-08-29

I am a 2nd grade teacher at a private school and would like to have pen pals for my class. We are an IB school. I would like for my students to communicate with other chidren around the world.

Thank you,
Mrs. Martinez

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modify delete 44788 - Reply from romina (Argentina) - 2012-06-25

Hi, I`m Romina from Argentina, I teach at a primary school in Buenos Aires, my students are third graders( 8 and 9 years old). They have been learning English for only three years so they know the basics. Most of them only have the opportunity to learn at school, just a few have the chance to learn at an institue or with a private teacher. It would be great if we could exchange mails or use Skype to chat. The only problem is that as they have little knowledge of the language I would have to intervene a lot so perhaps if we could think of a series of questions so as to guide the conversation and try to make the most of it ( and avoid misunderstandings or awkward moments when you don`t know what to say...) Ok, bye for now Tell me what you think of my idea

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modify delete 42138 - Reply from mark (Great Britain) - 2011-11-02

Hi, my name is Mark. I have a daughter whow is 8 and a son who is 5 I like horse riding, swimming, bike rides.

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modify delete 33427 - Reply from Mckaila (USA) - 2010-02-08

hi im mackaila i am from grand juction colorado i would like to have a pen pal from ireland i am into stuff like horse back riding and soccer (foot ball) as you call it

thank you in advance
Mckaila Ann Fallon

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modify delete 32954 - Reply from Colleen (USA) - 2010-01-05

Hi, I have a class of 21 students from PA. ,USA that will gladly write letters as penpals to your class. We are also interested in using either the internet or video conference a lesson. Looking forward to hearing from you and your class.


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modify delete 32691 - Reply from Kim (Canada) - 2009-12-03

I am a second grade teacher from Canada of 7-8 year olds. I have 27 kids. Would you be interested in having penpals from our class?

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modify delete 32093 - Reply from Lynne (USA) - 2009-10-19

I am a teacher of 4th grade at Hollywood Elementary school in beautiful southern Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay. I am interested in writing friendly letters with your class this year. I have a group of 24 students but may possibly be able to get another teacher to also write. Let me know if you are interested. I would like to write by post to start as my students would like to exchange coins, stamps and trading cards in their letters. We are ready to write!

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modify delete 31450 - Reply from McKaila (USA) - 2009-09-15

My name is McKaila, I am 10 Years old. I live in Grand Junction, Colorado USA. I am looking for a penpal to write to. I love to ride horses, play soccer (Football as you call it).

I hope someone will write me back soon.

Thank you in advance,

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modify delete 28472 - Reply from Tracy (USA) - 2008-12-31

I teach kindergarten at a Catholic School in New Hampshire and would love to start a penpal program with my class of twenty and the other Kindergarten at our school = 20, so a total of forty five/six year olds. They can share pictures/artwork, dictate sentences about a story or information they've learned, etc. Perhaps even create a story together between the two countries. Please let me know if you are interested!

Sincerely, Tracy

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modify delete 24146 - Reply from Laura (USA) - 2008-03-08

I am a mother of 3 girls who are wanting penpals. My oldest is 15. I have one that is 13 and my youngest is 9. If you have any students that are still looking for penpals we would love to have one for each of the girls.
Email me and let me know...we can then exchange information.

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modify delete 23057 - Reply from Mes (Turkey) - 2007-12-29

Hi Louise,

I teach English to 10-14 years kids in Turkey.I would like your students to correspond with mine.10-12 year-old-ones will be appropriate for your students.ýf you are interested,I will send you their addresses and names.I believe this will be a nice life experience and learning opportunity for them.Best wishes....Mes

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modify delete 19212 - Reply from sandra (Argentina) - 2007-05-19

I teach English as a second language in an Institute in Argentina. Would you like to exchange e-mails with us?

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modify delete 18147 - Reply from Suzi (USA) - 2007-03-23

Hi there! I am a first grade teacher (age 6-7) and we are learning about communicating with others around the world. We are from Chicago, IL. We would love individual or whole class pen pals from Ireland. Please contact me if you are interested! :)

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modify delete 17162 - Reply from shannon (USA) - 2007-02-01

my name is shannon i really want to have a penpal from irland because my grandparents are from there i really hope take my offer.

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modify delete 17086 - Reply from JoAnne (Canada) - 2007-01-28

HI Louise, I would be interested. I am teaching several classes of students between the ages of 6-9. Drop me a line and we can discuss this further. Cheers, JoANne

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modify delete 16520 - Reply from noel (Angola) - 2006-12-30

je cherche des amis(es)pour echange d´idé suis enseignant dans un
lycée où j´enseigne le français.Dans ma prochaine je serai plus bavard.

A bientot

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modify delete 15854 - Reply from sean (Australia) - 2006-11-20

hello im shaun from australia i was just wondering if u had any students who speak gaelic because im currently learning it and i need someone wo i could write letters to so i know if my gaelic is undertsandable, if ur interested email me plz

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modify delete 15145 - Reply from Sherrie (USA) - 2006-10-29

Hi. I teach students in grades 4,5, & 6. This year's theme is "Around the World in 180 Days." Our first stop is Ireland since my daughter and grandson just returned from a trip there. I would be excited to add a pen-pal writing component to our theme. We would communicate via the internet and regular mail. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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modify delete 13780 - Reply from Charla (Canada) - 2006-09-23

I teach 12 students in a grade 3/4 split class (8-9 year-olds). I would love for them to write letters to penpals through the regular post. Email me at the address above if you are interested! Thanks!

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modify delete 12535 - Reply from Cori (USA) - 2006-09-09

Hi! I am a sixth grade teacher in New York looking for pen pals for my students. My social studies curriculum this year is the eastern hemisphere so I thought my students my learn better through communicating with students living there. I teach 4 classes of 20-25 students each so can accomodate as few or as many classes as you have interested.

Thank you for your time,

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modify delete 12421 - Reply from Tina (South Africa) - 2006-09-05


My 8yr old daughter is 2nd year in a Montessori School and would like to be a penpal with an English Speaking girl of the same age. Please respond if you have a suitable match

Thank you

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modify delete 12340 - Reply from Yaming (China) - 2006-09-03

Hello Louis:
This is Yaming From Inner Mongolia China. I am looking for an Irish School to be penpals with.Because all our students are being taught by an Irish teacher.And They are eager to know Iraland so much.and They all want to go to Ireland and invite Irish students to China someday,if it's possible!! What do you think? Do you still look for penpals for your students? Please feel free to ask any questions!
Thank you for your time! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes!

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modify delete 11637 - Reply from Rita (USA) - 2006-08-05

Hi! I am a fifth grade teacher near Chicago. I will have about 25 10-11 yr. olds this year that would love penpals. Interested?

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modify delete 10323 - Reply from Anna (Poland) - 2006-06-02

I'm also an English teacher and I'm looking for penpals for my students. We are from Poland. My students have been studying English for 4 years now. They are in their four and five grade so they are 10-12. I'm looking for a quick reply

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modify delete 10143 - Reply from Elizabeth (USA) - 2006-05-26

Our school is on summer break and I realize that yours probably is too, but I am a 16 year old and from America, and I would love to correspond with your class. However, if you are looking for classes to correspond with, I understand.


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modify delete 9735 - Reply from Erika (USA) - 2006-05-06

Hello!!! I would love to be a help in finding a penpal!!! I would absolutely LOVE to be a penpal over email for one of your students!! I am twelve, I am a girl, and I live in the USA. You can email me for more information.

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modify delete 8600 - Reply from Mirela (Poland) - 2006-02-24

I'm an English teacher from Poland. I'm looking for 21 peer pen friends for my students. There are 13 girls and 8 boys aged 12. I thought about exchanging postcards written in English, as they have a great cultural content - our home town, capital city, places of our country worth visiting. Later on, it could be also letters about family, free time etc.
Are you interested? Where are you from?
I'm looking forward to a message from you.
Please, email me -
Best wishes,
Mirela Rewerska

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modify delete 8449 - Reply from hie (Ivory Coast) - 2006-02-16

I think you for this exceptional initiation and then I WANT TO KNOW IF It's possible for me to be good speaker of english language

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modify delete 8373 - Reply from Maria (USA) - 2006-02-10

My name is Maria and I am 12 years old.
I would love to write letters to your students. (mostly "snail mail")
Please let me know!!


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modify delete 8349 - Reply from Ferhat BUGDAYLI (Turkey) - 2006-02-09

My name is Ferhat BUGDAYLI and english teacher in Corum,Turkey.I would like to help our students to have penpals from other cultures.
If you are interested please write me soon.I think I can find penpals at any age you are looking for.
Thank you.
My personal web-page is:

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modify delete 7999 - Reply from Pam (USA) - 2006-01-23

Hello. I am a Girl Scout leader from western Massachusetts (USA). Our troop of 24 girls (ages 7 to 12) are learning about Ireland for Thinking Day and would love to exchange letters with some girls from Ireland, snail mail is preferred. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you!

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modify delete 7895 - Reply from valérie (France) - 2006-01-15

I teach English to children aged 7 to 10 (14)in a twinning committee in France (Brittany) and would also like to be in touch with a primary school.The children are willing to exchange and to know more about your country.
I do hope you'll be interested.

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modify delete 7814 - Reply from christina (India) - 2006-01-11

I have a son aged 15 yrs and a daughter aged 9 yrs. They are eager to make new friends esp. from Ireland.

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modify delete 7020 - Reply from Emily (USA) - 2005-11-28

I would like to set up a penpal situation with a few Irish students. I teach 5th grade (9-11 year olds) in an Elementary School in Florida. I am trying to set up a "Snail Mail" correspondence with as many different countries as possible. Please let me know if you are interested.

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