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modify delete 6026 - from Peter (Thailand) - 2005-10-17
Middle school : "Thai students seek panpals."

I have a great number of Thai students who in spite of their curiosity about other countries find English as a language irrelevant. I have about 250 students from 14 to 15 years of age and 600 between 11 and 12. I hope some of you teachers from other countries can help me help me showing my students that English is indeed useful and still their appetite for other cultures.

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modify delete 118541 - Reply from Pinky (South Africa) - 2017-09-21

Hello Peter,

It is nice to meet you. My name is Pinky Wallace and I am from Portsmouth, UK. I currently live in South Africa, which has 11 official languages in our Constitution. We own an Online Language School called - and we could offer your students Conversation classes and learning from American Syllabus books such as Treasures. We offer a very cheap Group rate of $8 per hour session. We could teach 5 students per 1 hour lesson. We hope to encourage your students to learn English using interesting and fun topics that are relevant to their age group. For example, we could chat about international Singers, famous places in the world or international Sports clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester United etc. We hope to encourage your students to see the relevance of English in today's world!! Best Regards, Pinky

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modify delete 24659 - Reply from matty (USA) - 2008-04-18

hi, I'm Matty, I'm 10 and i'm looking for the pen pals ages 11-12. i could tell one (or a few) of your kids about the English laungauge and food (and maybe i could learn about Tailand) that would be great.

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modify delete 23973 - Reply from Narendra (Nepal) - 2008-02-22

I want a friend.

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modify delete 20159 - Reply from Gerald (Thailand) - 2007-07-29

The English language is not only useful, but in this day and age, I would say it is very important for foreign students to learn. The English language is also the international business language. From my experience in teaching English in Thailand, students in most schools, know little about countries outside of Thailand because their curricula doesn't include subjects such as geography (international) etc. Gerald Tench.

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modify delete 16486 - Reply from marthe (Benin) - 2006-12-27

salut comment allez vous j'aimerais correspondre avec vous. pour savoir plus de moi visite ce site

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modify delete 16202 - Reply from demet kara (Turkey) - 2006-12-07

I am Demet Kara, an English teacher from Turkey. I hope everything is OK in your teaching life.
I am writing this mail because I need your help. We are organising a New Year party for 6th, 7th and 8th graders ( ages between 12-15) in our school. Each class will celebrate New year as a different country. This is an activity for intercultural awareness as well as being a Community service project. But, my school is not an international school and almost all of the students are a part of the same culture (Turkish culture). We need some students from other countries who can get in touch/ mail with our students so that they will be aware of the cultural differences and understand each other better. This is also good for students to practise their English (pre-intermediate- intermediate). I hope you will help me. I am looking forward to receiving your answers. If you want your students to communicate with students from other cultures, send me mail as soon as possible.

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modify delete 9280 - Reply from Jessica (Australia) - 2006-04-10

I have a class of 27 Year 5 students ( boys and girls aged 10-11) who would love penpals of a similar age to write to. We are going to be learning about Thailand next term and would love to set up a penpal program with a Thai class.

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