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modify delete 5973 - from Jaruwan (Thailand) - 2005-10-14
: "Nongkhai(Thailand)teacher looking for penpals for primary students"

I'm a 5th grade English teacher in Nongkhai,Thailand. I'm interested in having my students interact with other students from anywhere in the world in order to practice writing in English. Please let me know if you're interested,Thanks.

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modify delete 116703 - Reply from Joseph (USA) - 2017-07-11

Hello Jaruwan,

My Name is Joseph, and I am an English and Creative Writing tutor with a small class of around 11 kids ages 8-11 (grades 4th-5th). I am located in the state of Ohio, of the USA, and I am searching for a class interested in writing handwritten letters with my students (starting sometime in early September) to practice our English writing skills and how to format letters correctly.Email me back if you are interested in knowing more!


Joseph Matthews

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modify delete 115082 - Reply from Mr. Friesen (Canada) - 2017-01-13

Hi, I have a grade 3 class in Saskatoon, Canada. We are hoping to interact with students from Thailand and learn more about the country and its culture. I have 26 students who would each like to write a letter and correspond.

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modify delete 112104 - Reply from Jessica (China) - 2016-08-13

Dear Nongkhai teacher,
I am a 4th grade teacher at an international school in China, and I would love to have my students become penpals with you. We are learning about other cultures around the world, so would hope for our students to not only get to know each other, but share a bit bout their culture!

Could this work? By email, or letters?
I look forward to hearing back from you.

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modify delete 108720 - Reply from Natalie (USA) - 2015-10-22

Hi, I would love to help your students learn english. I have an after school program with students from 1st to 6th grade and we would love to write letters to your students and send drawings. :)

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modify delete 74559 - Reply from Margot (France) - 2013-05-27

Hello, My name is Margot i'm 20,
I work with children this summer, aged from 6 to 8 (they are 50)
We will play and work about the world, the other country, maybe also about their rights,
and we would like to exchange with other groups of children to open their minds.
They can maybe exchange drawings, are letters, i don't know when you're in holidays,
but if they can exchange during July it would be great !
Hope you understand, Thank you very much, hope you will ansmer.
have a good day !

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modify delete 34529 - Reply from Silver (Australia) - 2010-06-16

Hi, I have a class of 20, 7-8 year olds (Yr 3). We will be learning about Thailand soon and are looking for a class to participate in a travel buddy program where we would communicate via email and written letters and compile a scrapbook of fun and interesting facts about our schools, community and lives.

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modify delete 28271 - Reply from Lenah (USA) - 2008-12-15


I have a world cultures club with kids from 9 - 11 years old in Falls Church, Virginia, USA, and we will soon begin sending "cultural packets" through the mail to countries around the world. We will be reading the book "Flat Stanley" which is about a boy that gets flattened to half an inch thick and then travels the world through the mail. We'd then like to make our own cardboard "Stanleys" dressed in clothing from our community with a little story about our lives in Falls Church and send them to other groups of kids around the world. We would love for your class to participate. We would hope that we would get the dolls back from you dressed in clothes from your town and with a story about daily life there. Please let me know if you would have any interest in this exchange.

Lenah Geer
Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

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modify delete 16488 - Reply from marthe (Benin) - 2006-12-27

salut comment allez vous j'aimerais correspondre avec vous. pour savoir plus de moi visite ce site

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modify delete 16046 - Reply from Jennifer (USA) - 2006-11-29

I have a class of 23 9-10 year olds who would love to have pen pals. There are some students who would enjoy having more than one pen pal if needed. We are interested in learning about other cultures.

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modify delete 14564 - Reply from Sue (Canada) - 2006-10-25

Hi! I have a grade 6 class and would be interested in corresponding with your students. We are from Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. let me know if you are interested.

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modify delete 9281 - Reply from Jessica (Australia) - 2006-04-10

Hi Nongkhai! Are you still looking for penpals?
I have a class of 27 Year 5 students ( boys and girls aged 10-11) who would love penpals of a similar age to write to. We are going to be learning about Thailand next term and would love to set up a penpal program with a Thai class.

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modify delete 8819 - Reply from Tracy (USA) - 2006-03-06

I am teaching a small class (6 students) about Thailand for the next 8 weeks. I would be interested in working wih you so my students could learn more about Thailand. My students are in 4-6th grades. There are 3 boys and 3 girls.

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