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modify delete 5439 - from Friendsinfinland (Finland) - 2005-09-24

Hello everyone!!

This coming December my husband and I are visiting Morocco/Agadir for 2 weeks
and we would be so happy to meet a friendly family there.

We´ll be very glad to meet new
friends(especially married couples/families) who are ready to share with us the
main attractions of the city, their interesting culture and traditions.

If you like more info about us, just drop a longer and shorter e-mail.

We´ll answer back all honest families/married couples who wish to know us
better and believe in sincere friendship.

Hope we can become friends soon
lots of greetings from Finland in Northern Europe

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modify delete 111826 - Reply from Nader (Tunisia) - 2016-07-27

We currently have a nursery school for levels ranging from elementary to college and we opt for the launch of a primary and secondary private school in a European educational system for that I come to you with the idea that your advertisement feen m ' attracted and it seems interesting .
Pending read you I wish you good reception.
Nous disposons actuellement d'une garderie scolaire pour les niveaux allant du primaire au collége et nous optons pour le lancement d'une école primaire et secondaire privée selon un systéme éducatif européen pour cela je viens vers vous par cette idée vû que ton annonce m'a attiré et elle me semble interessante .
Dans l'attente de vous lire je vous souhaite une bonne réception.

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modify delete 98973 - Reply from abdul (Indonesia) - 2014-07-05

Hi there ... im abdul 35 yo. im a teacher from Indonesia. i read about your country and know that Finland has the best education in the world. I hope i can have friends from Finland so i can know more about your culture, education system and about ur country. oh btw .... i speak english. thank you.

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modify delete 35061 - Reply from Micel (Uganda) - 2010-07-24

I am 18 yrs old from Uganda.
I am the president of the IPC (penpal club in Uganda) and I need more members worldwide.The club is so interesting for everyone but membership fee is required as little as $2.
So i need your respond and if it is too much for your country,we can reduce it so that everyone can afford.We register members from schools, and also link different schools, this is for the safety of our members, you will love it.
1584 Gulu
East Africa

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modify delete 34570 - Reply from george (Kenya) - 2010-06-19





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modify delete 28653 - Reply from youssef (Morocco) - 2009-01-16

welcome i'm from morocco and i live in agadir i love your country i hope one day visits it i have two uncles working there in narpese i want really to chang informationwith you and many friends in your country

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modify delete 26697 - Reply from darko (Ghana) - 2008-09-11

iam samuel darko and a teacher whose pupil want penpals from ur class. hoping to co operate with u. reply soon mr/mrs

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modify delete 24796 - Reply from abderrahman (Morocco) - 2008-05-02

hi, my name is abderrahman i am from morocco and i can help in your holiday okay so this is my adress you can contact me friendly abdou

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modify delete 23354 - Reply from ndongwa (Cameroon) - 2008-01-12

This coming December my husband and I are visiting Morocco/Agadir for 2 weeks
and we would be so happy to meet a friendly family there.

We´ll be very glad to meet new
friends(especially married couples/families) who are ready to share with us the
main attractions of the city, their interesting culture and traditions.

i will like more info about you,

i will like to have friend in finlad .
families/married couples better and believe in sincere friendship.

i am in cameroon

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modify delete 19761 - Reply from chakir (Finland) - 2007-07-01

I have just found your mail, and I will be very happy to read from you, by the way if you are still interessted in freindship. Me I'm a Moroccan who is married t a finnish wife. I live in Helsinki.
waiting to read from you
see you soon

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modify delete 18509 - Reply from Adnan (Turkey) - 2007-04-14

How are you?
I was read your mail and I decided to writting somethings for you..I am a teacher in a school in wife is a teacher like me too..we want to meet with couples in first time and we want to friend with them..if you want or think like us,we will wait your answer sooner..
take care

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modify delete 17196 - Reply from diallo (Burkina Faso) - 2007-02-03

je m'appelle diallo je suis un eleve desirant corespondre avec vous pour que vous m'aidiez pour continuer mes etude dans votre pays car chez nous se sont des mauvais lyceé.
je conte sur vous beaucoup.
j'espere vous lire tes bientôt et merci.

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modify delete 16761 - Reply from pat (Togo) - 2007-01-13


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modify delete 16440 - Reply from Ahmet (Turkey) - 2006-12-24

how are you?
I am a teacher in turkey and I want to correspond with a teacher in finland..if you want,I will wait your answer..
take care

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modify delete 14180 - Reply from hassan (Morocco) - 2006-10-12

Hi guys
i'm a teacher of english in middle school (Morocco).Actually I don't live in agadir but not so far from this city.I wanna have friends grom finland and i wanna also show you fascinating places in souss region but the problem is that i'm single and as I have mentioned i do'nt live exactly in agadir.So if you wanna help,as I can,just contact me on :

N.B:Plz let know when u will come cos i work in a town that is 240 KMs away from from agadir.So just contact me before u come.


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modify delete 13640 - Reply from cyrille (Cameroon) - 2006-09-18

Good evening.
I am Cameronian and I would like to visit Finland, because it is the country of my dreams, I would like to make your knowledge and to correspond with you, I would like to go on a journey in Finland. My greetings with your husband and you. my email:

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modify delete 13571 - Reply from Carolyn (USA) - 2006-09-16


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modify delete 11923 - Reply from omar (Morocco) - 2006-08-20

hello i have seen ur message here first of all just wanna tell that am from agadir morocco and i was born in this city and i know everything about it and its culture i will be glad to help u so if u wanna my help pleez contact me

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modify delete 8290 - Reply from chafika (Canada) - 2006-02-05

I'm Algerian live in canda since 7 years, i'm married with two children, when i was in Algeria i had a friend from Finland named camilla and her sister michaela, i leaved Algeria and i lost her adresse, so now i 'm looking for her but no way, i named my babie camilia like her, i'm sorry to write to you, but i need help to find this person, i want to know you too, i travel to algria, i'm buildind a house near the sea, so if you like the north of Africa,i can send you to my mother there, but i have to know you before. so plaese if you ca help me to find my friend camilla, i'll be verry happy. she have juste a sister, no brother, her sister name michaela.
so thank you very much

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modify delete 7797 - Reply from Rowland (Ghana) - 2006-01-10

Hi Madam
i am a boy of 14yrs and from Ghana and i will like to have penfriends from your school because i want to have penpals in that country so that i can have friendship with them and i am in grade7 and my school is bethel High school.
i hope you will accept my proposal.
hope to hear from you soon.

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modify delete 7101 - Reply from MUSTAPHA (Morocco) - 2005-12-04

It is a pity that I read your message this evening(December 3rd). If you read this message , I would like you to tell me your age, your profesion and if you are accompanied by children or not. Have you been to Agadir before? When is your arrival date? Can you come to my class to converse with my students? Phone 0021268604022 .
Yours sincerely

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