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modify delete 47846 - from Margaret (Ireland) - 2012-10-22
High school : "Penpals"

Secondary School students in Cork, Ireland (12-18 years) would love to have contact with students in Spain to exchange emails etc.

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modify delete 122094 - Reply from Reme (Ireland) - 2018-06-13

My name is Reme and I am a Deputy Headteacher and English teacher at an Spanish High School located in Málaga (Andalucía, south of Spain). Our school has got about 800 students from 12 to 17 years old.
We are really interested in initiating a linguistic exchange with an Irish school for next course. The idea is to visit our schools and countries, learning more about our citizenship, natural environment and background, artistic and history heritage. We can already offer host families for 20 students(aged 14-15) , so the cost of the project would not be so expensive if we can exchange host families among students enjoying this project . In case you think about a different age profile we can discuss. They can improve their fluency in the second language.
We are experienced in eTwinning and Erasmus + projects. I carried out former projects with a Vittra school in Goteborg and a Comenius project with a Danish school. In fact, we are also interested in finding a partner school for a ready Erasmus + project based on youth culture and the differences and similarities in our countries.
If you are interested in any of these projects, please let me know.
Email Contact:

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modify delete 121479 - Reply from Reme Vera (Spain) - 2018-05-19

Hi,Margaret. I know you got a lot of messages but I have to try... My school is located in Málaga (south coast of Spain) and we are looking for an Irish school to carry out an exchange of students. We are pleased to offer nice host families, motivating teachers, excited students, sun, lovely beaches and a ready Erasmus project. Let me know if you are interested.Regards.

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modify delete 115360 - Reply from Carolina (Spain) - 2017-02-04

Hi!!! I'm an English teacher in La Oliva, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) my students who are 15/16 years old may be delghted to keep intouch with you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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modify delete 113812 - Reply from Elena (Spain) - 2016-10-10

Hello there,
I am the Coordinator of the bilingual program in my secondary school in a small town near Madrid city centre. I am really looking forward to contacting students from Ireland and having pen-pals for my 12-18 year old students learning English. If you are interested please let me know.
Thank you so much!

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modify delete 113716 - Reply from Miriam (Spain) - 2016-10-06

Hi! I'm a secondary school teacher in Madrid. I'm looking for exactly the same for my students of English: someone to write to and practise the language with. If you're interested in an exchange, please let me know.

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modify delete 111761 - Reply from Nieves (Spain) - 2016-07-21

Hello! I'm an English Teacher in a nearby Madrid town. We are trying to open contacto with a high school un Ireland and maybe organise and exchange. Would you be intereses? If so, pleaae contacto me at

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modify delete 109336 - Reply from Susana (Spain) - 2015-11-22


i' m an English teacher in Andalusia, Spain . i have 64 students aged 13 interested in writing to Irish students

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modify delete 108886 - Reply from Rocío (Spain) - 2015-10-30

Dear Margaret,
My students are 16-17 year old. We are a high school located near Barcelona.Please let me know if you re interested in setting up some kind of project.

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modify delete 106635 - Reply from Assumpta (Spain) - 2015-08-17

We are a school from Valencia, Spain. We are 15-15 years old. We would like an exchange with students from an Enslish-speaking country. Still interested in that too? Do not hesitate to contact us here:

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modify delete 103558 - Reply from nelly valette (France) - 2015-04-26


as an english teacher in a high school in the south of france (BEZIERS) I have a few students (15 to 18 years old ) who would really like to communicate with english natives and help them improve in french.
please answer to my email address so that I can help you get into contact with them.
we have already made exchanges with our class and are also looking for a class exchange in Ireland for november 2015

Looking forward to your answer

nelly valette :

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modify delete 102948 - Reply from Jennie (USA) - 2015-02-11

I would love to have a Skype session with you kids I have 12-13 year old students

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modify delete 102042 - Reply from Mónica (Spain) - 2014-11-15

To whom it may concern
Good morning:
This is Mónica Medina from Spain. Let me introduce myself. I am an English teacher from a Spanish highschool called IES “BLAS DE PRADO”, located in the centre of Spain so close to Madrid. We are in a Bilingual project and we are taking part in two Comenius projects with other countries. Our aim is to interchange our students with an Irish highschool. I and other teachers from my school have been in Ireland several times, and we want our students can know not only your language but also your culture, customs, your music that it is fabulous!!!
I would like to know if it is possible to reach an agreement with your school.
I am looking forward hearing from you,

Thanks in advance

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modify delete 101721 - Reply from Carlos (Spain) - 2014-10-29

Hello Margaret, I am looking for school in an English speaking country to organise a student exchange. My students are the same agae as yours. My school is in southern Spain, very close (5 kilometres from Granada) to Granada. The whole province is very atractive, mountain to ski, beaches in a subtropical climate, high mountain historical villages and towns, and the historical and monumental city of Granada. I love Ireland and I have visited it several times. Well Margaret, I will be waiting for your answer.


Carlos Nieto

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modify delete 101059 - Reply from amparo (Spain) - 2014-09-24

Hello I'm a secondary school teacher and we would be interested let me know if you are still interested

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modify delete 100253 - Reply from Marta (Spain) - 2014-08-31

We are a high school in Menorca (the Balearic Islands). Our students are between 13-16 years old. We would be really interested in working with you!

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modify delete 98389 - Reply from enric (Spain) - 2014-04-27

Hi Im a studient of spain I can help your studients with spansh If you want send me a Email :D

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modify delete 97365 - Reply from Maria (Spain) - 2014-01-09

Hi Margaret,
I'm an English teacher in a secondary school in the north of Spain and I'm interested in organizing a school exchange. My students are 12-16 years old. We could also exchange letters, e-mails, etc... I have already had contacts with other schools in Ireland and we had a great experience. Let me know if you are still interested.

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modify delete 76874 - Reply from Ana (Spain) - 2013-09-18

I'm an English teacher in Logroño (La rioja- North of Spain), and I'd like to start a mail change with Irish students in English and in Spanish. Let me know if you are interested.

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modify delete 74368 - Reply from Begoña (Spain) - 2013-05-08

Hi, I work in a Secondary School in Madrid and it will be great if our students could exchange emails. We are also interested in setting a school twinning with an english-speaking school, which will give us the opportunity not only to exchange e-mails but also to prepare visits or videoconferences.

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modify delete 73837 - Reply from Yazmina (Spain) - 2013-03-25

Hi there!!
I work in a Spanish school here in Gran Canaria. we would like to establish maybe an exchange programme or maybe just to bring Irish students to a summer camp, here in The Canaries. Would you be interested?


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modify delete 73424 - Reply from juana (Spain) - 2013-02-12

I'm an English teacher at a high school in Pozoblanco, Córdoba, Andalucia. I teach to students over 12-15 years old, who are eager to contact other students in Ireland and exchange mails, twits, and learn more English. It might be also nice to organize some exchanges. If you want more information about me, send me an e-mail or look for my blog:

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modify delete 73297 - Reply from Sara (Spain) - 2013-01-29

I'm interested in a penpal correspondence between my students and yours. I teach English to teenagers from 13 to 16 in a high school in Motril, in the south of Spain. My email is Please, contact me if you are still interested.

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modify delete 73156 - Reply from assumpta (Spain) - 2013-01-18

Are you still interested in that? I' d like to share a similar experience. We are from Valencia, Spain. It would be great if my students aged 12-16 could write emails to English speaking teens.

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modify delete 72811 - Reply from aneza (Spain) - 2012-12-14

Hi Margaret, our school is very keen on having contacts with your school in exchanging emails and letters. My email address is Thank you. P.S we are based in the Region of Murcia.

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modify delete 48235 - Reply from Sagrario (Spain) - 2012-11-13

We are a Spanish bilingual high school (English-Spanish) in Madrid really interested in a penpal exchange. Our students (aged 12-18) are very motivated in improving their English and get to know more deeply your customs, traditions,etc. If you want your students can answer in Spanish and our students in English.
Sagrario Ranera

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modify delete 48173 - Reply from NOELIA (Spain) - 2012-11-09

Hello my name is Noelia I am from Spain, Malaga, a city in the south of the country.
I am teaching English in a compensatory school which means their level is a little bit low but I consider this way an excellent activity to motivate then to learn English.

Waiting your answer.


Noelia Oliver

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modify delete 48066 - Reply from Carolina Castro (Spain) - 2012-11-02

We are a private secondary school in Seville, Spain and I have students from 12-18, just like you. They would love to exchange emails with your students, but also, if you have a computer room, I'd love them or just some of them to talk in person via Skype. What do you think?

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modify delete 48003 - Reply from Teresa Crespo (Spain) - 2012-10-30

Hello ;my students would be interested in writing and getting in touch with your students in cork,ireland.if this works,would you be interested in an exchange??? we would love it! keep in touch,

Teresa Crespo

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modify delete 47906 - Reply from Sheila (Spain) - 2012-10-26

We're a language school form the North of Spain, Basque Country, and I'm looking for another school interested in starting a penpal project. I have 20 students.

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