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modify delete 456 - from Nattinee (Ann) (Thailand) - 2004-06-18
Middle school : "My students' d like to get penfriends (this will help them practice their Englis"

I'm now an English teacher of a secondary school students (grade 7). English is a foriegn language in Thailand and students study English as a subject in schools. At present, the lessom we learn is about how to write a letter to a new penfriends. If any of you have students of more or less the same age and would like to have a Thai penfriends, please contact me. Also, please kindly state if you want to send letters by e-mail or by post since some students may love to collect stamps.

My students' age is around 11-13 years old. Their English is at about beginner or elementary level for EFL students.

Thank you very much.

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modify delete 113533 - Reply from Mariana (USA) - 2016-09-29

Hello, my son Daniel Blas (11) is willing to exchange by e-mail with a pen-pal, we live in Colorado, USA.

His e-mail is

Thank you, Mariana

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modify delete 40866 - Reply from Betty (Senegal) - 2011-09-17

I'm miss Betty, am new here looking for true friend to share love and care with. I'm interested in your profile and I would like to know you better, hope you don't mind? please contact me with my email.( so that I will send you my pictures and tell you more about me. hope we can move from there. thanks

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modify delete 20031 - Reply from Nattinee (Ann) (Thailand) - 2007-07-21

Since the project is over, I then haven't had any chance to continue this.
Thanks for all your interest.

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modify delete 19102 - Reply from Emily (USA) - 2007-05-15

I am a ten year old girl who would love to recieve mail from oen pals in order to learn a different culture. have a teacher father in fith grade so I am great with interacting with students. I am looking forward to a responce.
Emily Marie Hunt

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modify delete 16370 - Reply from Sampath (Sri Lanka) - 2006-12-18

Hi Ann,

I like to introduce you as my true friend.I am 20 years old boy.I use english as my second language. I like to make strong relationship with you.
Take Care,


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modify delete 3753 - Reply from Daniel (Japan) - 2005-05-23

Oops! Haha, sorry: of course I meant THAILAND in my earlier message, not China.

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modify delete 3751 - Reply from Daniel (Japan) - 2005-05-23

Greetings, Nattinee! It appears as though I'm just the latest in a long line of solicitors for your cooperation, but I'm happy to join the crowd. My name is Daniel and I'm an assistant English teacher in a Junior High School in Japan. My third year elective class (28 students; 13-14 years old) would like to link up with another classroom of similar age students from China for intercultural exchange and to practice reading and writing English. We would primarily like to use email but are also interested in letter exchange. Please get in touch if you're interested!! Thanks, Daniel

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modify delete 3598 - Reply from Erica (Sweden) - 2005-05-03

Hello! I am 12 years old and live in Sweden in the town Skövde. I love animals and hopes to be a vet. How are you tere in thailand?

hugs from ERICA

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modify delete 2049 - Reply from ozlm (Turkey) - 2004-10-25

I am an English teacher from Turkiye. I have got 25 students at the age of 12-13. their at the beginner level, and I believe that having penpals will develop their writing skill and also their English. they can just write letters not e-mails since they dont have e-mail addresses. If you have students at the same level and age I would like to hear from you soon. learning about other countries and cultures will be a great experince for all of them.

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modify delete 1891 - Reply from Kristen (USA) - 2004-10-10

I will be willing to help you with your students

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modify delete 496 - Reply from MOSES ATEM BESONG (Cameroon) - 2004-06-23

I am a high school teacher in cameroon.I hold a bachelors degree in law and a post graduate diploma in Law.I also hold a bachelors degree in education.I will be interested in a cultural exchange program in Thailand with your institution.
I will be in Thailand in SEptember and will be glad to work with you or volunteer.I love teaching English..

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